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I've had FIOS phone/internet for 2 years now, and have been waiting that long to get the tv service. From what I've heard from others, they never finished my town and from what I hear, the city won't give a franchise agreement unless they do. It would be nice if I could bundle satellite with my fios plan to get a discount on it like you can with dsl if verizon is never going to finish what they began.

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Would it be possible to offer the latest wireless N router with an upgrade fee or purchase?

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by on ‎12-17-2011 09:20 AM - last edited on ‎12-17-2011 03:24 PM by Moderator

I know many have wanted wireless N for their home network use, but Verizon continues the policy that they only support wireless at the WAN speed provided to the customer. Even then it is not guaranteed do to so many factors. A path to the latest gigabit and wireless N router would be nice for customers that don't have 150/35. Even if no one chooses to pay, it would provide an option.


Would it be possible for Verizon to offer the latest wireless N router with an upgrade fee? To perhaps split the cost or cover the entire cost? This could perhaps cause more issues than it is worth, but would also allow customers that do not have 150/35, to get the latest router available. Many customers have just added hardware to the Actiontec to get faster wireless speeds, but many have just continued to complain, and would probably complain more if you offered it with a fee. It would provide options for those who want it. I thought I will throw this out here, but will also post it as an idea if it has already not been done. It may be a duplicate idea, but I do not believe the idea has been posted with an offer to pay.:smileywink:



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Less spam

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by STOPTHESPAM on ‎12-17-2011 05:17 AM - last edited on ‎12-17-2011 10:24 AM by Moderator

Stop sending Verizon spam. Now. I mean it. I get a lot after I've checked for you to stop sending me. I set preferences after signing in so I know that I am doing it correctly. Make it easier to unsubscribe from your "perks. {please keep your posts courteous}

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Dear Verizon folks,

I have been a long-time CableCard user, even before I (happily) switched to FIOS service. I'd like to request something that I believe will both reduce load on your customer support representatives and frustration for those of us who are using CableCards with your service. 


Please add the ability to request a refresh of the conditional access information for CableCards to the Verizon In-Home Agent. I realize that it doesn't have direct LAN connectivity to the device in the manner that it does to your set-top boxes (e.g. via the MoCA link) but it obviously talks to your bank end operation support systems for other things, so this should not be impossible. 


By way of example, I recently needed a refresh of one of my devices equipped with a CableCard. I decided to try Live Chat. I entered all of my information (name, phone, etc) into the Live Chat page in order to open the session. When the first rep came online, he asked for all of that again. I also entered my question/request into that initial screen. It was apparent that the rep either couldn't see it or didn't look at it. The first rep also pasted a big block of text asking me to download and install the Verizon In-Home Agent, which I did, again. It was completely useless for purposes of requesting a refresh of a CableCard as they don't show up on the list of provisioned devices for the account. The first rep assured me I wouldn't have to provide all of my account information again to the next rep.


When I mentioned I had CableCards, he apologized, and told me he had to transfer the chat to another department. The estimated wait time was 26 minutes, but the other rep thankfully appeared sooner than that. Of course, he asked for all of my account/address information yet again. He was able to send the refresh messages to my CableCards and like the first rep was polite and helpful, but I was left wondering why I needed to do any of this. Apparently FIOS is supporting initial activation of CableCards via an online portal, so it seems to me that some of the back-end infrastructure is there. Please follow-through and allow existing customers to take advantage of it. 


Whether it's the In-Home Agent or a web page is immaterial. Please provide some mechanism for users to request an automated refresh if we have CableCards. 


Thank you. 


P.S. We CableCard users have generally had to expend an inordinate amount of time to use the navigation devices we prefer, and acknowledge that there are revenue imperatives that service providers may have that don't put this Federally-mandated functionality high on the priority list. I want to say that I don't assume any bad faith on the part of Verizon. On the contrary, FIOS is by far the most CableCard-friendly service out there on several levels. I know that building and maintaining operations support systems takes time and money, I'm just hoping you can throw an admittedly minority user population a bone with this small piece of functionality. Thank you for your consideration. 

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by SamuelPZ on ‎12-16-2011 02:09 PM - last edited on ‎12-16-2011 02:43 PM by Moderator

I got a crazy idea folks, lets have it free to call verizon customer service for verizon wireless members! It would be so nice not to waste my precious minutes that I have to save for making doctors apointments for my son, calling daycare, calling work, emergencies, etc.


Crazy idea huh? I know right.





{please keep your posts courteous}



Calendar Event Types

Status: Acknowledged
by cfran on ‎12-16-2011 11:29 AM

I like the new feature - Calendar.  However, (1) "Vacation" is not a type on the drop-down list of event types.  People DO go on vacation and that is an important event to note on the calendar.  When I am setting up an appt of any kind (doctor, dentist, friend, etc), I would like to see that the date for the appointment is NOT when I am on vacation (that happened to me recently)

(2) Another suggestion:  why limit the "Appointment" to "Doctor Appointment" on the drop-down list?  Just list "Appointment" and allow the user to "add detail" so the user can state - doctor, dentist, job interview, graduation, friend's funeral, whatever.  That gives the user much greater flexibility.

(3) Better yet, maybe allow the user to add to the list of event types, but the added type should only be visible to the user that added the event type.  I do not want to see strange event types useful only to the user that added it (I can't be bothered with strange ideas!)

Status: Acknowledged

Our company has been the victim of a large scale spam campaign.  Spammers are spoofing our email domain sending out huge amounts of spam.  Although we have a valid SPF and DKIM record on file with DNS, not everybody checks for these, so spam gets delivered in our name, even though we are not sending it out.  Unfortunately, you seem to be blocking emails based solely on domain name, and without regard for DKIM or SPF.  Our email server is not on any RBLs, but for some reason you are still blocking emails from us.  I am a verizon customer, but if I weren't, your customer service agents wouldn't even talk to me, because the first thing they always ask me is my phone number, email address, account info.  I spent FOUR HOURS talking to various different Verizon CS agents the last time this happened, but there does not seem to be a way for even YOUR people to get in touch with the engineers who handle spam for your organization.  They all just kept trying to get me to adjust my account's spam filter settings, and did not seem to be able to think outside their scripts. 

 What If I weren't a Verizon customer, but instead someone who's company's emails are just getting blocked?  None of your people would even take my call.

What I suggest is having one more categary of support request, and having some people behind it who understand email.  Basically have a call number that deals with the subject: "Verizon is not accepting my company's emails, and for no good reason, how do I fix that?"

 Last time I tried fixing it, the last person's attitude was basically, "We don't have to accept your email, and if there is any reason at all why we shouldn't, we won't, so if you happen to be on some RBL erroneously, that's what you have to fix, and we can't really do anything more for you"  Which is unacceptable in this day of e-commerce.  There needs to be a valid and efficient means to fix this kind of problem moving forward.

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Televise Broncos vs Patriots game

Status: Acknowledged
by ini on ‎12-15-2011 09:54 PM

hi verizon t.v , i think it would be a mistake not to televise the Broncos vs Patriots game as i think this will be the game that everyone will be looking forward to see. the ratings will be off the charts and it will be a shame if fans can't watch it .you only have one game scheduled for 4.15 i.e jets at eagles local but why have more than one televised games at 1p.m. i kindly ask the powers that be to listen to your viewers for once. i think if you were to honour my request and i believe there are a lot of us who would love to see this game would be more than happy to say verizon fios t.v is the best as they listen to what there viewers want.


Status: Acknowledged

I understand that at the time you sign up for your services with Verizon that you are made fully aware of the length of the promotion. But time goes on and life happens and I (and I would guess most people) don't remember when the promotions end and if you are like me, you find out when you go online to pay your next bill to see that it has doubled. I think it would be nice if Verizon gave their customers a courtesy notification via mail or email. I am paperless so I don't get mail of any sort from Verizon and I was not notified via email either. I spoke with customer service and they informed me that this is a service that they do not provide and that many customers share the same concerns as I have. Hello Verizon! Your customers are saying something. Can you hear us now :smileyhappy: .

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Say NO Permanently to Adobe Flash

Status: New Idea
by jb1 on ‎12-15-2011 10:02 AM

I do not know if this forum is correct because every submission is for TV and related. It is like there is no other Verizon but the TV station Verizon.


My complaint is that SO MANY news stories I click on are NOT really news stories but videos.  Repeatedly I am asked


Flash is required to view this content. Please install the Adobe Flash Player


I WILL NEVER install Adobe Flash. There are SO MANY problems with it and with its security holes.  So, why not allow me to chech a box, NEVER ask me this question again.  The answer is ALWAYS going to be NO!!!!!!!!!! 


Even if I did click YES, I am at work.  The IT department (Information Technology) automatically blocks all loading of software, and BESIDES, automatically blocks all Flash from coming into the company because it is SO DANGEROUS.


SO, just stop driving me crazy with that hated Flash demand to install Flash.

I am currently trying FIOS TV after using one of the satellite providers.  The FIOS TV DVR has relatively limited recording time for TV shows ( about 10 hours?)  I discovered that buried in the VOD menu, under all of the PPV offerings is a selection of OTA and Cable network shows that have recently aired.  Does someone in "Verizon" know which shows are available, and can they provide a list of what these shows are.  It would enable watching these shows through VOD, and supplement the DVR capacity.  I have tried tech support and billing and they seem to not know how to find this - other than tediously mapping the offerings myself.  How repeatable/ reliable are these recent network show offerings.   ( I realize not all providers allow their shows to be available for VOD - which seems strange in this era of DVR's).  ( I am on the list for a larger DVR)

Thank you

Many years ago, Dish Network allowed you to skip 'back' when you overran a show - like when fast-forwarding near the end. Should be simple to implement and save a lot of hassle.


Btw, this got a *lot* worse with 1.9. Before that, fast-forwards would stop near the end of the show, and you had to skip forward. Kind of a pain, but *much* less hassle than running over the end and then having to go back and fast-forward through the *whole* show, and then having to be careful to not overrun again. On occasion, I've had to do this several times to see content very close to the end of a recording <sigh> ...

Status: Acknowledged
this issue is definitely on our radar: we have gotten a lot of feedback about it.

I have seen on more than one occasion, that moderators have marked an idea as a duplicate. When you read the post, it does not match the one that was posted.

Or, there may be a work around that could be posted to original poster to help them with the issue.

Would be nice to be able to provide comments.

I do uinderstand that items are closed to help keep all the comments in one thread. Maybe some button that could be selected to flag item for reconsideration.

Status: Acknowledged

Keep Fox

Status: New Idea
by tdroller on ‎12-13-2011 07:08 PM

I understand Fox is going to be dropped from the Fios line up.  It's one of my favorite channels, and I will be very upset if this happens.  I have to say I will be looking to change my provider if this goes ahead.  


Automatic DVR Time Shift

Status: Maybe Later
by RalphTomaccio on ‎12-11-2011 02:30 PM

How about a SMART DVR that will automatically adjust the recording time of a show that has been delayed, or may even start early, due to such prior events as sports games being televised that never end on time. As it stands now, we have to set the DVR to record one or two, or more, programs both before and after the desired program to make sure the one we want gets recorded.


Then, to view it, we have to fast forward through those unwanted programs to find the beginning of the one we really want to view.


Verizon's current level of experise should certainly allow for such a feature.

Status: Maybe Later
Actually, the first commenter is pretty close to the truth. In television broadcast today schedules are set well in advance. Our system downloads these schedules so you can plan your viewing. On the day of broadcast, if there are changes, for instance as a result of a late game, there is no signal in the broadcast that we receive that indictaes that. It might be possible to change the program listings and re-download them with updates, but today the system is not set up to do that. As a result, what you are asking for can not be done within the scope of the system today. we will be updating our method of schedule delivery in the next release cycle, which may allow us in the future to update more frequently. When this occurs, we may be able to provide the reasonable functionality you are asking for.

Changing channels

Status: Acknowledged
by wimpy5236 on ‎12-11-2011 02:00 PM

P;ease provide the availability to set the time that the blue information box apprears at the bottom of the screen when changing channels. Five seconds is entirely too long and interfears with the content on the screen.

Status: Acknowledged
we've gotten a lot of feedback about that bar and how it should work

Switch to Tribune Media Service

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎12-11-2011 07:35 AM

Switch to Tribune Media Services for your guide data. Everyone else uses it, do you think FYI and your data providers are better, or just cheaper and more profitable?

Status: Acknowledged
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