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Customer Appreciation

Status: Acknowledged
by Ttoo on ‎03-05-2011 05:31 PM

My sister has Dish TV. To show their appreciation of her being a customer for so long they're giving her a premium channel for free for a year! I've been a Verizon customer longer than she's been a Dish subscriber and I get TV and Internet through Verizon where as she only gets TV from Dish. It would be nice if Verizon did something like that for us.

Status: Acknowledged

FiOS CPE Link Qualification

Status: Already Exists
by kspinka on ‎03-05-2011 04:03 PM

The technical support is non-technical, including the "network escalation group".  I'm sure that somewhere at Verizon, the people who designed this network know what nominal ranges are achievable and expected.  Considering that Verizon deploys heavily customized CPE devices, there is no excuse for not having auto-selftest functionality to qualify a new install and then continuously monitor the quality of service that is being delivered.  This would eliminate at least 50% of the truck rolls, and I can't imagine why it's not being done.


To give you some examples, I have techs here working on Internet issues whose managers think that 50ms of latency to the first hop aggregation router is acceptable.  I wonder how the chief engineer/architect of the FiOS service would feel if he knew that the service delivery was so far below design-spec and capability of the technology.



Status: Already Exists
VZ In Home Agent software on your computer and set top does more and more every month.around this realm...

It might seem like a good advertising gimmick to say that you pass channels through unaltered to customers, but from a customer perspective, we shouldn't have to worry about the varying saturation, brightness, etc. between content provider feeds.  They should be normalized at the VHO to give us consistent levels across channels.

Status: Not Likely
we are not permitted to make changes to the signals as described...but we do work with the content partners to make corrections on their end. What channels are offending in your opinion?
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It's just one thing after another, constantly incorrect bills, bad service, web page suddenly not taking my payments, etc., etc., etc. cannot wait to lose Verizon forever in about 8 months

Status: Clarification Needed
Sorry to hear about your support issues...if you can be more specific as to what you need, I can get someone to help you. In the meantime, if it helps, here's the direct link to Residential Support: Here are links with all means to contact Verizon: The Chat link will load after the page is fully loaded. Finally, the Verizon Troubleshooter has a number of resources that allow you to try and fix your issue, if that's the way you'd like to go: You can also post any questions in the appropriate forums here, and a peer will try to help.

Sorting or Moving Channels

Status: Under Review
by zangoking on ‎03-05-2011 08:01 AM

I would like to move some channels like fox deportees and Gol Tv to sport group and many others. There should be moving channels option. I can't use favorite because there is only two favorites and I would like to move hundreds of channels. Thanks

Status: Under Review
Love, love, love this idea... and it is totally feasible... think this one goes to the top of the list for our 3rd gen guide (IMG 2.0)

instant bank draft

Status: Acknowledged
by newbirth6411 on ‎03-05-2011 12:55 AM


I pay our bill online every month and every month verizon is the last company to deduct payment from my bank account which I find MOST annoying as we live on a budget.  What can be done so the payment can be deducted within the 2-3 day period like everybody else?  I'd prefer they deduct it as soon as I pay.


Thank you

Status: Acknowledged
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Status: Already Exists
by abovedarim on ‎03-04-2011 04:41 PM

With Comcast, when setting a recording for something like basketball that always runs late, I could set the DVR to record and extra 30 minutes.  I cannont do that now with Verizon and end up missing the end of games unless I record the next show.


Also, 30 second reverse skip was 15 seconds with Comcast which is better.  Create option for either.

Status: Already Exists
hit record button twice (double click gives record options). Go to dvr settings and you pick skip ahead and instant replay durations

new customers

Status: Acknowledged
by skifernie on ‎03-04-2011 04:28 PM

There are 500,000 potential customers in Brookhaven, Long Island, NY yet we can't get FIOS TV. This is the only thong preventing me from switching from Cablevision. My town government is blaming Verizon for the delay. Please let me know what's going on??

Status: Acknowledged
We are building new network as fast as possible.
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At a previous provider they had an option under the Search Category to see a list of Movies in order of their start time. For example: If it’s 12:00pm and you go to this list, it would show you all the movies starting between 12:00 – 12:30 in order by channel, then as you scroll down, all the movies that start between 12:30 – 1:00 would be shown. And so on and so on. This way you could scroll through movies that were due to start over the next few hours instead of scrolling through all the movies that have already started.  My family found this option very useful when we wanted to see what was starting in the next hour, instead of catching a movie already starting.

Status: Already Exists
slightly different than described. while watching tv... hit the right arrow and select a "mode" (i.e. movies). Hit guide and you'll see only the programs that are movies...
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I had the Verizon triple play and ended up on the phone EVERY MONTH with customer service because it is the worse billing system any company ever put together. I almost had a nervous breakdown dealing with them over my final bill - they overcharged me $175 one month for installations that never took place. THE WORSE COMPANY EVER!!!! + Billing customer service is dumb as hell. While I 'de-enrolled' 3 times from autopay, it still appears that I am on, and now that my account is cancelled, they supposedly 'can't make any changes to my account' - what a %@*#$@%^#$@^@! stupid system. After hours spent on the phone waiting and being transferred endlessly - I can say that the one year I was with Verizon was the most stressful year of my life.



Status: Clarification Needed
Were you able to get your issues resolved? If not, please let me know and we'll try to get someone to help you.


Status: Acknowledged
by chupacabra444 on ‎03-04-2011 06:41 AM

I think Verizon should do a joint venture with Geico Car Insurance.  Their latest commercial shows that not knowing Geico can save you money is like living under a rock.  The commercial continues on to show a couple guys living under a rock next to the road and they lift up the rock and see the Geico billboard.  Verizon should then have their verizon guy pop up from underneath a rock next to them and call Geico Insurance and ask them "Can you hear me now?  Good!".

Status: Acknowledged
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So I recently moved my set top box to a different place and I unplugged everything one by one and connected it back just like it was before but than once I plugged it back in it showed me 8888 and than showed me that last channel it was on than it showed me --:-- and is still like this what can I do?!

Status: Acknowledged
this is not a good place to seek support... try

I live in Troy Pennsylvania (16947) its a small town but everyone uses Verizon Wireless and we are all stuck with crappy Frontier Communications for our ISP, who even after talking with them on the phone about slowing internet speeds said that there was nothing they could do and even suggested we "should look for a new ISP because they wont increase speeds" Yet there isn't another ISP available and everyone would be more than happy to switch to Verizon PLease Please. Its living HELL waiting for a Netflix to load for hours and hours.

Status: Not Likely
as you mentioned this you live in Frontier Territory where VZ does not serve

Advertising FiOS

Status: Already Exists
by yasminye on ‎03-03-2011 06:30 PM

Stop advertising FiOS in areas where it isn't available. We want it, we really do, but it's very frustrating to see advertisements and commercials lauding it over and over when we can't have it. It doesn't breed good favor with Verizon on the whole.

Status: Already Exists

Our Marketing department has a process in place that will advertise to qualified areas. If you are getting direct mail in error, please send me a personal message on the forum.


Caller ID

Status: Already Exists
by MelHud on ‎03-03-2011 02:17 PM

Since there's a bundle with phone, tv and internet, it would help if the caller id was also displayed on the computer in addition to the phone and tv.


Also, the font on the tv caller could be larger and have a 'scroll' feature.

Status: Already Exists

fios for local churches

Status: Already Exists
by jesus1me on ‎03-03-2011 05:38 AM - last edited on ‎03-07-2011 09:42 AM by Admin Emeritus

Lets see Verizon FIOS dicount ser vice to local churches in there local  community also have a customer appreciation day with a cookout etc... or maybe go toa local hospital with toys for sick children

Status: Already Exists
Several ideas in one post... so I go with VZ already does lots of charity. The Verizon Foundation donates dollars to support lots of non-profits. VZ employees donate thousands of hours volunteering for charity. I just walked by a book drive in my building's lobby yesterday. We also do things like sponsor customer TV viewing parties... see the Super Bowl parties from last month.

Carrying Universal Sports in more areas

Status: Acknowledged
by Yarotsky on ‎03-02-2011 12:15 PM

I go on the Universal Sports website and type in my zip code, and it says Universal Sports is carried here (in Catonsville, MD) on channel 464, but there is no channel 464 on my box. I'd really like to be able to get this channel, because there's so much they show that I don't get to see. Other places near here have it.

Status: Acknowledged

I have Five great Ideas

Status: Acknowledged
by SCARFACE on ‎03-02-2011 11:16 AM

1. While watching a On Demand Show allow for a play all option so if I wanted to watch all the Sopranos episodes you have back to back with out having to select the next episode.  So when the one episode ends the next one begins.  This would also be nice for DVR recordings but allow to watch all episodes of one show or all DVR recordings or playlist.


2. Put a rating system on movies/ TV shows so people can avoid bad movies.  Either put someone in charge of rating them, I will gladly do the job for you or have a community rating system.  Have a number system 1-10 and let people vote or use IMDB/ Metacritic rating


3. While watching a DVR program allow the info bar to show upcoming shows of that program or movie as you are watching.


4. Netflix Widget or as that a bad business idea because people would watch Netflix sometimes and not you?


5. Your DVR manager App for Iphone works great but your FiOS Mobile remote not so great.  Allow the FiOS mobile remote App for Iphone to work on my router with other internet provider not just Verizon router.  I don't understand how the DVR manager App works on my network yet the FiOS mobile remote app does not they seem to be similar?


Thanks for your reply ahead of  time if any are duplicates I am sorry.  I noticed one guy mentioned 1 before but he did not say VOD as well.  If you could answer all of them it would be greatly appreciated.

Status: Acknowledged

Multiple submissions in 1 post make the status tough to set....


Play all option for DVR is in progress, but VOD is not and maybe later.


Ratings system is duplicate and in progress.


#3 is interesting.  Think it already exists on the info page... watching the show and click info (twice for full screen info) - see "upcoming episodes"


#4 Netflix is duplicate.  If you were willing to pay a bit more for Netflix through FiOS TV, then this become something to discuss further... 


#5 already exists... you just have to know how to configure you network (probably an issue with port settings).... we don't prohibit, but we also cannot help make DIY home networking go (check the forums plenty of customers have this working). DVR Manager works over 3G, so it's not on your home network. Mobile remote works over Wifi.

The three options for the guide are All Channels, Favorites 1 and Favorites 2.  I never use All Channels simply because it contains too many channels that I do not receive.  For instance, why would I want to scroll through what is on Cinemax or any of the sports subscriptions when I do not subscribe to those channels? 


Years ago I was a DirecTV customer and the guide had this option and I found it quite useful.


A subset of this idea would be to allow for more Favorite Sets and even be able to name them..."Kids Channels", "Movie Channels", etc.

Status: Not Likely
Not likely that we would remove "all channels"... but adding more favorites is always on the list... you may want to check out modes as another way to filter content (right arrow) and then the guide shows content that matches the mode at the program level - not channel.

Add placeshifting to the iPad app

Status: In Progress
by basenji500 on ‎03-02-2011 04:07 AM

Currently the iPad app is nothing more than an overblown remote control for the FIOS service. The real innovation would allow the customer to access live television via the iPad app.

Status: In Progress
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WiFi Hotspots iPad

Status: Not Likely
by basenji500 on ‎03-02-2011 04:05 AM

The Boingo hotspots are not accessible for use with the iPad.  Boingo does have an iPad app for access but apparantly the login information is different for FIOS customers.


Add the hotspot access to the FIOS mobile app to centralize all the features and perks.

Status: Not Likely
no plans at this time to add

Christian Channels

Status: Acknowledged
by butlerjohnson on ‎03-01-2011 10:42 PM - last edited on ‎03-23-2011 03:27 PM by Admin Emeritus

Just wondering when Verizon is going begin carrying Daystar, God TV or both? Maybe we can cut out one or more of the zillion sports or music channels to make room for one or more christian channels.

Status: Acknowledged
We can't remove channels... but adding new ones is an option.

Today I called Verizon because my line needed to be repaired.  It has been  running through my neighbor’s yard for some time and they are now renovating their house and keep disconnecting it.  I needed a repair person to come out and fix the line so that it is no longer in my neighbor’s yard.  It was not a complicated request, but because you have the most cumbersome and unhelpful customer service on the planet, it took an hour and a half to finally get a person on the phone who could help me and schedule the repair.  First, I had to go through about 20 minutes of voice prompts, messages about rebooting my system, problems in Topeka, Kansas or someplace that was not where I lived nor relevant to my situation, and on hold.  I finally maneuvered past that to discover that despite pushing the button for high speed internet that I was connected with a FIOS operator who could not help me.  Not only could she not help me, but she couldn’t connect me with someone who could.  Instead she put me back into the system where I had to spend another 20 minutes going through voice prompts, messages about problems in Topeka, Kansas, and on hold to reach another operator who told me that she could not help me because my account was handled by Frontier.  I again asked if she could connect me with a person and not voice prompts.  She didn’t even tell me no before she sent me into another 20 minutes of voice prompts.  The guy at Frontier was wonderful.  Unfortunately, my account is not with Frontier so he could not actually help.  In recognition of my frustration, rather than make me go through voice prompts and ridiculous messages again, he put me on hold for close to ten minutes while he maneuvered through the voice prompts and connected me to a person who finally was able to schedule the repair.  In order to make this phone call, I had to take an hour and a half off work because I get paid by the hour. 


I cannot imagine anything more inconsiderate than how you treat your customers.  It would be one thing if this was an anomaly, but in the four plus years that I have had Verizon DSL this has been exactly what has happened every time I needed to call with a service request.  I don’t call for petty problems like needing to reboot my computer.  I have called once because I was moving and I wanted to transfer my account to my house.  Not only did it take me over an hour to reach an operator and ultimately a manager who could help me, but then they cancelled the service at my apartment and turned it on at the house before I moved so I was without  internet for a week.  The next time I called it was because the cable to the house had become disconnected.  Again, because it is running through the neighbor’s yard.  That time it also took me over an hour to reach an operator to help me.


How much is your time worth?  As a lawyer I bill about $300 an hour for my time.  Thus, in total over the years, you have cost me over $1000.  Yet I keep paying you every month.  I’ve continued using your DSL service because generally it has proven reliable, but I can’t help but feel that you have no respect for my time whatsoever when it takes me an hour and a half to get through your system to talk to an actual person who then proceeds to ask me a lot of unnecessary questions about my computer and my router.  At this point, I am going to begin exploring other possibilities to provide me with DSL service.  Unless you can assure me that you are planning to improve your access to customer service and make up to me the fact that I just gave up one and a half hours of my day just to get my line repaired, you can plan on saying goodbye to me as a customer.

Status: Acknowledged

Verizon Packages including Wireless

Status: Acknowledged
by Chadman618 on ‎03-01-2011 02:25 PM

As subscriber to a Verizon package deal which includes the big three, why not add the fourth as an option.  I am looking to switch my wireless service as I type, and have looked for a plan that rewards/recognizes/anything for being a subscriber to Fios, the residential phone and internet.  Is this something I am missing?  Is this not the most natural additional revenue source for Verizon?  It should make very loyal Verizon fans even more so.  It would be a great thing to make available to add and maintain customers.  Am I missing something?

Status: Acknowledged
Looking for a menu tree diagram of the STB menu with all the options below each branch.  Having this would help the folks on the forums site needing TV assistance.  We can properly instruct folks to run stb menu commands without having to go to our own STB.  Many times we are not home in front of the STB to figure out the proper menu buttons to hit.  Having this in either JPG or PDF format would be great.
Status: Acknowledged
I see the benefit of this request, but I also see some potential issues.... need to think on this one a bit.

Widen Fios service

Status: Acknowledged
by matthews76 on ‎03-01-2011 09:17 AM

Been waiting for some time now for service to be available at my home. When will fios be available to Delta?

Status: Acknowledged
If FiOS is available in your town already, then it is not much longer of a wait to get it to your house in most cases... but if it is not we are currently focused on finishing building FiOS in towns / cities we already started before adding new markets to the network

Create a Filter Category

Status: Under Review
by Deepwater on ‎03-01-2011 06:47 AM

I receive spam where the subject contains a long string of words without any spaces.  Is it possible to create a filter that identifies alpha numeric strings greater than X number to allow disposing of these unwanted emails?

Status: Under Review
We would very much like to enhance our Verizon Email filters to accomodate these type of requests. However, please know that many confirmation emails have subject lines that may contain a long string of alphanumeric characters without spaces. Thank you for the suggestion.

recording a program

Status: Launched
by wbj on ‎02-28-2011 09:34 PM

i would love to be able to have the option to alter the end time on a program that i am recording while it is recording. some shows run over and i miss the end unless i record the show coming on after it.

Status: Launched

copy to vcr or dvd feature

Status: Maybe Later
by wbj on ‎02-28-2011 09:26 PM

i would love to be able to have the option to record my shows that i wish to keep on video tape or dvd,that way i can free up disk space.

Status: Maybe Later
We are just adding more disk space... new DVR and the option to add external storage
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Dear Verizon,



    I used to be a Verizon customer in the state of Pennslyvania for few years. I really enjoyed your FIOS service both cable and internet. It was the best service I ever had. Since I have moved to Colorado two years, I was not enjoying the services provided by Comcast and Qwest. I am at the point that I would love to have Verizon start servicing Colorado to give the customers more options for cable and internet services. I am requesting that Verizon to consider expanding their market to Colorado. When Verizon decides to service Colorado one day, I will be a very happy customer!!!


Thank you for considering my suggestive request.



Thank you,



Status: Not Likely
We have alot of network to build in existing states, which we need to handle first... you might want to consider Verizon Wireless 4G for Internet...?

Pandora Widget Duplicate requests.

Status: Duplicate
by on ‎02-28-2011 06:49 PM

Please combine the duplicate requests for a Pandora Widget. Some are marked duplicate but not locked and some are locked. There are a total of 27 requests for this great idea. Can we total all the votes under one idea? Although some might be duplicate votes, I think they should all count because Pandora smokes under Tivo, which I gave up. Pandora Pandora Pandora!


Joe I know you like this one. The free version does not allow you to do as much and is partially supported through restrictions on the number of songs you can skip, thus promoting the various artist's music from the studio labels. Also has a commercial or two now and then if I recall. But there is a subscription version that allows the user to do so much more. Verizon would probably be able to get part of the subscription fee if it were available. More revenue, but I would not charge more than what the other providers charge for the subscription version. It may be regulated by Pandora and you would just get a cut.


I just wish the clock would stay up unless I was changing channels.

Status: Already Exists
by ‎02-28-2011 06:29 PM - edited ‎02-28-2011 07:22 PM

It does stay up unless changing channels. I did notice when paused it goes to the channel. Yesterday it seemed different, but today this seems like everything works as it should. Mark this as already exists.

Status: Already Exists

Part of the Energy Star. Save a milli amp or two with a dimming feature based on room conditions. Sort of like the radio or display on a car dash board dims when it is dark out. Perhaps a display room brightness sensitivity setting.

Status: Under Review
Definitely hardware and OS API dependent...


Status: Acknowledged
by Quasimotor on ‎02-28-2011 05:55 PM

When calling Verizon, the phonebot asks for a phone number, which users input with the phone.  When the Verizon representative answers, he/she asks again for the phone number.  Then he/she asks for the alternative phone number.  Then the representative passes the user on to one or more further representatives, EACH OF WHICH ASKS FOR THE SAME PHONE NUMBERS.  At 20 seconds per ask, Verizon wastes millions of man-hours a year asking the same questions over and over, not to mention annoying customers.  Have the numbers on your computer screen.  If the customer must verify information for security purposes- verify ONCE!  We'll all be happier and more profitable.

Status: Acknowledged

I would like to see FiOS TV drop the SD version of any stations that are available in HD. It is a waste of coax bandwidth to have both SD and HD versions of the same station. As for customers that still have SD displays, in my experience I have not had issues viewing the HD channels on an SD display.

Status: Maybe Later
The highest volume boxes out there are 2500's... so while I concur.... there are a couple million viewers that wouldn't at this point

Please add OWN HD (formerly Discovery Health) which used to be available in HD.

Status: Acknowledged

FiOS Issue Widget

Status: In Progress
by trickybrkn on ‎02-28-2011 10:48 AM

I was enjoying the Carling Cup final and the early game of FSC. But there seems to be a constant sync issue. Even when they where in the studio.  That is annoying. You see a ball being kicked and hear it a second latter. 


But my idea is, what about an issue widget, where you can log an issue from the TV without going trying to get the laptop from the kids or wife. Or even worse calling. And even if you did call or email or whatever, you could check the status via the widget. 


and if you could fix that sync issue with FSC, maybe add it in HD :smileywink:

Status: In Progress
In Home Agent (which you can find from the main menu) is getting an enhancement just as you describe...

we need service here

Status: Acknowledged
by bmcook69 on ‎02-27-2011 10:57 PM

we get phone and internet service here in cumberland md 21502 but know tv or wireless service what is up with that yopu offer to but not the rest what happen you only brought half the company here with you 

Status: Acknowledged

Your marketroids should love it. You can collect marketing info on which offers fail to get an interest. Log the selections per user, and offer something else, that the user has not seen, and has not dismissed. Your customers will be happier, not seeing stuff they've already seen and don't want. Your marketroids gain valuable feedback on which offers flat out lose interest.

Status: Acknowledged
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More international/ foreign channels

Status: In Progress
by wordz5th on ‎02-27-2011 02:55 PM

Hi, I do not have cable TV or any other television service at this time, but I am looking at getting my television service from your fine company because I have internet and wireless with you. I would just like to know will you be adding on more foreign language channels, because my wife is Japanese and I am a student of languages, so I like to watch foreign language channels, particularly Asian languages. Also will any of these channels be in HD?


  Thanks for your time.


Status: In Progress
More foreign language channels are being added.

Verizon Call Assistant Enhancement

Status: Maybe Later
by on ‎02-27-2011 09:45 AM

Call Logging of "Outgoing Calls" would be a nice addition to the Verizon Call Assistant. There are times when I need to verify/prove that certain calls were made. No way of doing that as it stands now.

Status: Maybe Later
Good idea! We'll consider doing in the future.

Update MyVerizon to provide new STB types and Model Numbers.


Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for clarifying.

Make more than 9 days of guide data available on the DVR.

Status: Acknowledged
by ‎02-27-2011 05:31 AM - edited ‎02-27-2011 05:33 AM

Make more than 9 days of guide data available on the DVR. I see a commercial about a new series starting on say March 12th, ok it is Feb. 27th. I do a search to record the new Series and it shows up, but will not allow me to schedule the recording or anything else. I get an error that there is a problem with my connection. Which I know is false. I run diagnostic and it says no error. Fix this in 1.9 and also fix your back end where it gives the correct error messages when it does not know what to do. One reason I had Tivo, but I am waiting for 1.9 and playing the game. Perhaps I should reactivate my Tivo until 1.9 in April or June.

Status: Acknowledged
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