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Add Channel

Status: Acknowledged
by pati246 on ‎03-26-2011 02:44 PM

It is a bit incredible that you determine what is local & what is not. You are offering local channels that are a couple of hours away from us. We live in central FL. We get local corverage (news, weather) from Tampa Bay to Venice. We are 10 min from Disney & about 30 from Orlando. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, start carrying WESH 2 out of Orlando. I would very much like to hear what the weather will be like where I am, not someplace that is 2 hours or more away from me.


Also, so you know, your customer service on these matters is a bit lacking. The email I received was more of an ad for programing to buy, did not really specifically address my request, & gave me a link to follow to request a channel that didn't exist & this thread is long to search for a specific request.


Please carry WESH 2 out of Orlando, FL


Thank you.

Status: Acknowledged
We don't determine... the content provider determines their market area.

Here's something that has come to mind for pretty much any company that still sells DSL today. While I'm sure Verizon will toss the idea away as it breaks established network managing policies, it would be pretty cool to see a company such as Verizon implement the ability for people to change speeds on the fly, even on residential accounts if they wished to have more speed, regardless of the equipment they are going through but still within the physical limits of the equipment (eg; DSL technology and sync rates, edge router profiles). In an area such as mine that has been rejected for first-stage FiOS built-outs, it would mean keeping the DSL network in some form of competitive positiion now that Cable is pretty much scooping up people left and right.


I've outlined my idea in my blog since it's pretty wordy, so here's the link to it if you want details on what I've got to share. It's simply an open thought to consider for the company for the DSL service while they hopefully consider expanding FiOS out to areas such as mine full of people willing to pay for it.


My Blog Entry (


So to wrap this idea up, yeah, I know it isn't practical and it's going to cause some headaches for anyone reading the idea, but it's about time we try something new and actually innovative. Many people I'm sure would love this ability, and as defined in the last section of my post, we would rather pay for a cheap, best effort service that has the occasional slow-down than to fork up a couple hundred thousand dollars just to get a service that can be delivered to us already through conventional means.

Status: Acknowledged

Please tell us what you mean by Acknowledged, and how long it should take for a response to an Acknowledged Idea.


I quiet frequently use the links on the side bar. But this has become a mess. Other users should follow up on their Ideas and check if Clarification is needed.


219 dupes

399 acknowledged. What does Acknowledged mean? Perhaps a link to Idea Statuses defined. Most are self explanatory, but does acknowledged mean yes we here you, but don't have an answer. Perhaps Change Acknowledged to something else.


Status: Already Exists

Bring Fios to Albany ny

Status: In Progress
by Lawrenced78 on ‎03-25-2011 05:37 PM

Hey there you expanded into albany ny but not my area  I live on delaware avenue in albany ny would love to switch to fiber-optic verizon Fios instead of Time warner cable.

Status: In Progress
We continue to build more and more FiOS homes... hopefully not too long before it comes to you.
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New look for set top boxes

Status: Already Exists
by Teezmom on ‎03-25-2011 04:27 PM
We need the option of a set top box with a black faceplate. The old-school silver face doesn't match our newer components and sticks out like a sore thumb. Please offer a sleeker looking box in all black.
Status: Already Exists
Boxes that we introduced in 2008 are black

Add 3net to Verizon FiOS channel lineup

Status: Acknowledged
by Goldfrapp on ‎03-25-2011 11:26 AM

I wish Verizon would provide more 3D programming for people who don't watch sports. I don't think I could justify $9.99 for 3D content I would never watch (i.e. ESPN 3D).

Status: Acknowledged
That one is on the list... queued for addition to the service

During freeviews both VOD and remote DVR scheduling should be enabled.


Went to try and remotely schedule (during the freeview period) a couple of movies on EPIX for the March "freeview" (during the freeview period) only to go through the whole process and get an error message saying I am not subscribed.  Also have tried in the past to use VOD with a simialr error message from the STB.

Status: Clarification Needed
What do you mean about VOD... get the DVR reference.... but not the VOD... do you mean bookmarks?

DVR /2nd TV / Control

Status: Launched
by PeterPalpin on ‎03-24-2011 02:09 PM

Since I can watch programs recorded on a DVR on a second TV and also choose to record shows from the 2nd TV, It sure would be great if I could delete programs on the DVR after watching them on the second TV, from the second TV.



Status: Launched

Cricket Sport Pay per view

Status: Acknowledged
by zihva on ‎03-24-2011 11:59 AM


Currently, Cricket( sport) world cup is going on and it would really great if you offer it is as pay per view. Even if it is 15$/match, Everyone would pay... take my word for it. if not, i will pay for 100 guys !!


Please get it before next Wednesday as India vs Pakistan is on Wednesday Mar 30 (5AM EST).





Status: Acknowledged

Channel 1952

Status: Under Review
by topcapt on ‎03-24-2011 10:47 AM

I don't think it is very useful to "airdrop" someone into 1952 if they enter an invalid TV channel. I expect most users don't know why they got there, how they got there, or what a presentation on SEARCH, ON DEMAND, or FLEX VIEW et al has to do with changing channels.


Better simply to display "????" and leave them where they are.

Status: Under Review
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On Demand

Status: Acknowledged
by thelosers96 on ‎03-23-2011 06:44 PM

I strongly suggest and plead that The Losers is put available for On Demand. Please respond soon if you can!

Status: Acknowledged

Why does it take an act of GOD to get your email transferred if you move????

Status: Under Review
by koksincerity75 on ‎03-23-2011 06:21 PM - last edited on ‎03-30-2011 03:29 PM by Admin Emeritus

It is not in the best interest of the customer to require technical support just because you relocate.  I had to call 7 times over a 24hr period to get my email transferred to my new account after moving into my first home.  After going thru the annoying prompts to only be connected to someone who then puts me on hold for 20 minutes is not increasing my loyalty to Verizon.  After my call was dropped, I called back for the 2nd time tonight only to be connected to someone who says they don't handle this but will transfer me to email tech support only to sit in silence for 10min before giving up.  Call number 3 I reached someone named Anthony and explained to him my frustration only to be put on hold again for about 20min before my call was again dropped.  Call number 4 I immediately asked for the manager.  This time I was helped after 41 minutes of reloading and registering for Verizon DSL (which was already installed on my computer since I ONLY MOVED).  Although the last tech seemed to help resolve the issue (still waiting out the 15min he told me I would have to wait before his manager could re-direct my email) I still never was allowed to speak to a manager.  Overall- this process needs to be much smoother and your focus on good customer service needs to be greatly improved on.  In this day and age no one can afford to be without email for 2 days because Verizon can't link one account with another in a smooth manner.  I take customer reviews very seriously when deciding which companies I will give my business to.  I can assure you- this experience with Verizon will be posted on every website I visit that allows customer reviews of Verizon. 

Status: Under Review
I apologize for the inconvenience you experienced in your move and transfer of emails. We will investigate this issue further and work to close the gap that caused the problem. Thank you for your candid feedback.
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the subject really explains it, i understand verizon doesn't completely own verizonwireless but still you guys should just buy out vzw so the websites the same and change the facebook page to just "Verizon" not "Verizon Wireless" so you guys only have to communicate to us through one page

Status: Acknowledged

I have referred 10 people to Fios over the past few years and never gotten credit.  I found out about the referral program last year, after a friend had gotten fios and was too late to get credit on that too.  Three weeks ago, I referred a friend to Fios and went to the rewards site and put in her info to make sure I got credit.  She had some questions and called CS.  They told her that I would get credit and placed the order.  There was an error on Verizon's part and the install didn't happen yesterday so I went over to help her.  The CS rep told us that the only way for me to get credit would be to have her cancel the order and then re-order online using the referral code that I generated, but that would push her install back a few weeks, so I told her to forget it.  Please make the referral process easier because people don't want to order online, they want to speak to someone about the different packages and after they get the info, they aren't going to hang up and then order online, especially of the rep is telling them that a freiend will get credit.  Thanks

Status: Under Review
I have to dig in here... I have gotten several pieces of feedback on Share the Network... but the piece about ordering online will remain... I am sure.

On Demand more orginized

Status: Already Exists
by nbannon123 on ‎03-23-2011 01:50 PM

Items should be listed alphabetical so i can find them easily in the first few menus

there should be sections like "tv shows" and "movies" "free movies" 

and view all the tv series on demand by series( have a list of series alphabetically so i can browse them easily)

if a movie is part of a series show them at the bottom or something


Status: Already Exists
I am going to go out a limb and say this already exists... try using search (keyword as well as categorized)... it slices and dices content in many of the ways you described... all based on Internet search engine technology.

User friendly - NOT

Status: Acknowledged
by deedeeleo on ‎03-23-2011 10:35 AM really need to make things a bit more user friendly. I recently switched from Comcast, just to save some bucks, and maybe I'm sorry. Comcast navigation was so much simpler...when I wanted an on demand TV program they were all in one spot, click and I was watching the show. For as much as I've scanned the tutorials, I've yet to discover the secret to getting a regular broadcast channel program on demand. And forget about trying to reset my password to gain access to my account. Please, this is not a fortune 500 endeavor here...every password combo I came up was deemed to be weak...I finally entered a vulgarity plus some like Flynn. And don't ask about my experience with Verizon Enterprise Center at work...

Status: Acknowledged

I just had a neighbor tell me that Verizon is switching FiOS remotes from being able to control 4 devices (STB, TV, DVD, AUX) to a simpler remote that controls just the STB and the TV. Why would we do this? It doesn't make any sense. The 4 device control is simple and it works well. Unless there is a on-remote work around, this makes for bad customer service.  


Please switch back to the 4 device control remote.

Status: Maybe Later
Simple. We take more support calls for the previous version compared the the new units with less functions. So while I agree for some customers the change was sub-optimal... but for most customers it makes things easier.

Remove Promotional Garbage from web pages!

Status: Acknowledged
by DisgruntledWeb on ‎03-23-2011 07:51 AM - last edited on ‎03-31-2011 01:01 PM by Admin Emeritus

{word filter avoidance} I try to get on the website to pay my bill and I have to wait for 4 different fields of huge-data-file pictures of promotional **bleep** to load before I can even see the fields that will let me get logged in, THEN wait for another pile-o-promotional crap to load before the payment fields show up. CRIMINY! DOES EVERY %$#@! WEB PAGE HERE HAVE TO BE 20GB and 80% PROMOTIONAL SALES CRAP???? Can ANY page on this site EVER just get down to the business at hand?? Are you so upset that your only getting $420 a month from me that you totally PANIC if I won't spend $8 to watch Christina Agulera and Cher on my cell phone?? Who on God's green earth thinks we want to see all that crap you're foisting on us???


Status: Acknowledged

Similar to my "recent calls" list on my cell phone, I'd like to see FiOS generate a favorites list of the last 20 (or more) channels I've actually watched. Over time, this could develop into a REAL favorites list as well, like the way iTunes tracks your favorite songs by the number of times they've been played.


Personalization is key. An automatically updated list of my last 20 watched channels and another list of my top 20 channels ranked by viewing habits would be a great addition to a static list of preselected Favorites.

Status: Accepted
Dig the idea...


Status: Maybe Later
by itzjudi on ‎03-22-2011 12:35 PM

Is there any way you can have more favorites?? (I am used to having 5 on the "other" plan I was on.). and we had the ability to name each one..

Status: Maybe Later
We always strive to have more of everything... on this topic we need to do some more work to get beyond the current limit of 3.

Parental Controls - by Day/Time

Status: Launched
by RonnieTheGreeki on ‎03-22-2011 10:34 AM

Currently I can use parental controls by program rating.  I would like to be able to set start and end times for television viewing via the set top boxes, as well as by program rating.  I would like the box to black out the screen at 9:00 PM (for example) on school nights and it can only be overridden by a parent with the password.  Likewise, I want the ability to only allow TV viewing from 5 PM to 9 PM except on Fridays, where it can be 4 PM to 11 PM.....I think you get the idea.  Thanks.

Status: Launched
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I am a long time customer and stockholder.  I have to wonder how many problems or issues like health care could 18.1 million dollars would buy.  As reported in today's newspaper, that was Verizon’s CEO's compensation for 2010, and that was just the CEO.  Executive compensation must be one of the biggest problems for corporate America.  The gap between rank and file employees and the executives has grown to obscene proportions.  How does the Board justify the unconscionably high salaries and other compensation to executives?  Just one mans opinion.

Status: Acknowledged

Verizon Home Page

Status: Acknowledged
by Trelea on ‎03-21-2011 05:08 PM - last edited on ‎03-22-2011 07:44 AM by Admin Emeritus

It seems that the current Verizon web page is a recent redesign and improvement over an earlier version that I have never seem.  I'd like to suggest that more work needs to be done.  In particular, the page needs to be more user-friendly for persons who are older or with more limited vision.  Even with the zoom set to 150% on a 23" LED monitor, it is impossible to read much of the text, particularly that in light blue font.  (Making the screen any larger is not the solution as it means having to scroll horizontally to view an entire page -- in addition to the vertical scrolling that one expects.)

Status: Acknowledged

I don't know if this has been brought up before, and if it has, I would appreciate a link to the answer...


As an example, I don't understand Verizon's decision to offer the Hallmark Movie Channel in the Prime and Ultimate Packages but not the Extreme Package.  I have never been with a cable company where channels that were offered in a lower tier weren't offered in a higher tier.  Why would the Hallmark Movie Channel be offered in a lower tier (Prime) but not offered in a higher tier (Extreme)?  That makes absolutely no sense.  If I want this channel, I either have to move to the lower tier and lose other channels, or pay for the highest tier.


If I pay more money each month for a higher package, I should get all of the channels offered in the lower tier plus additional channels.


So, my idea is simple: if you pay for a higher tier, you should get all the channels offered in the lower tier, whether it be the Hallmark Movie Channel or other channels.

Status: Acknowledged
It will take some time before the product manager has a chance to review this. I'm sure he'll respond when he can, as he is quite active in the idea exchange.
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Status: Not Likely
by nbannon123 on ‎03-20-2011 07:35 AM

When i type in it takes me to, when i type in, it take me to

is there even a if not why does the email have .net at the end?

Status: Not Likely
This is a fairly common complaint, and as Prisaz points out, each site is caching in your browser. This is not likely to change in the near future.

Make the reset of the DVR acutally re-enable all the features the customers should have.

Status: In Progress
by ‎03-20-2011 06:27 AM - edited ‎03-20-2011 06:29 AM

Make the reset of the STB or DVR acutally re-enable all the features the customes should have. The web site and in home agent is totally worthless in this area. Remote DVR is part of my services, and no where on the web site is there a place to turn this service on. Tech support can not even do it. A work order must be created, and the issue must be excalated to the "Web Remote DVR Group". The web site will say you don't have the feature when you should, and the site will not let you add it. All it says is your service is not activated. Well it is. The DVR will say the same. Not the first time this happens.


Caller ID on the STB is not much better. There should be a place to reset the feature from the web site. Not wait days or weeks after toggling it on the STB only to require yet another call to support. Make the online tools or In Home Agent do this. You know enable required port forwards and tell the system you want this on.

Status: In Progress

Let people pick and choose what level of the three services they want.

Status: Acknowledged
by ‎03-20-2011 06:17 AM - edited ‎03-20-2011 06:35 AM

Let people pick and choose what level of the three services they want. Create your own bundle on the web site does not work. It only lets you get all or nothing.



Phone , Extreme HD , 35/35 or

Phone , Ultimate , 25/25

Phone , Ultimate , 15/2

Phone , Prime , 35/35

Ultimate , 15/2

Extreme , 35/35


Currently there is no flexibility



Status: Acknowledged

Put all the HD back into Extreme.

Status: Maybe Later
by ‎03-20-2011 06:15 AM - edited ‎03-20-2011 06:31 AM

The few channels that were removed from the Extreme package should be put back. Leave Sports in the Ultimate tier.


Status: Maybe Later

Your internet is SLOW

Status: Acknowledged
by bert0mac on ‎03-20-2011 12:17 AM

I used to have comcast. They had wonderful, fast internet. I switched to Verizon, now we have terrible, slow internet.. You should make your internet more like comcast, whose internet does not suck. The reason for this is....Our internet is the worst available.

fix it now or start giving out discounts on your discount services

Status: Acknowledged
Please run Speed Test on your service, Then run the Speed Optimizer if needed, Make sure you reboot your PC, turn all the way off when you have finished optimizing. If this does not correct your problem please contact tech support at 1-800-837-4966
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