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DVR slow motion playback

Status: Already Exists
by BCarey on ‎05-05-2012 03:43 PM

I've just switched from Cablevision/Optimum Online to verizon FIOS.  Unless I'm mistaken, it appears that my FIOS MultiRoom DVR lacks ability to play back a recording or portion thereof in slow motion.  


This is a capability  that I often used on my Cablevision DVR to watch slow-mo  replays of portions of a show, especially sporting events (e.g. to see if the ball really crossed the goal line or touched the out-of-bounds line, to analyze the player movement that led to a really good play, to see better a really good dive or gymnastics performance, ... ).  With the Cablevision support, slow motion is activated on the remote by simply pressing the Play button when the DVR is already in Play mode.


I'd like to suggest that this capability be added to FIOS DVRs, hopefully via a firmware update to current boxes.   Frankly I quite surprised it  seemingly isn't already available.  It's something that was available on at least some  VCRs 30 years ago.

Status: Already Exists

Request Form for On Demand TV Content

Status: Acknowledged
by -Standards ‎05-04-2012 09:52 AM - edited ‎05-04-2012 09:56 AM

I want to know if Verizon will add to FiOS TV the option to fill out a request to add a TV show to it's On Demand content?  I want to be able to watch previous seasons of Breaking Bad, but the series is not on FiOS.  This form for request would be good to add directly onto the interface maybe connecting it to the TV channel link, (e.g. FX).  That is all.  :smileyhappy:

Status: Acknowledged
Thank you for your suggestion- I'll make sure this gets in front of the proper team within Verizon.

VCA - verizon call assistant

Status: Acknowledged
by vz-123 on ‎05-04-2012 08:45 AM

If VZ is not going to:


1 - make it compatible with Windows 7


2 - correct functionality so as it works




i feel better by venting - - i attempted to use VCA several years ago and it was putrid at that time.

Things have not gotten any better....REMOVE IT OR MAKE IT WORK - - STUPID

Status: Acknowledged
Thank you for your suggestion- I'll make sure it gets in front of the proper team within Verizon. If you're having specific issues, please feel free to create a case in our forums: http;//
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Syxchronize Your Watches!

Status: Acknowledged
by jscooper22 on ‎05-04-2012 05:50 AM

Can the networks, affiliates and carriers PLEASE start using the same Time Server so you're sychronized with each other so the only time we need to extend recoding is if there's a presidental press conference or s game runs long? Thanks.

Status: Acknowledged

If extending a show creates a conflict with another recording, rather than not-recording the lower ranked show, chop off the end or beginning of it. Often, we want to be sure we see the end of a show but if we miss the beginning of a show we can usually catch up with the story. Better yet, when this type of conflict occurs, prompt the user to ask if he'd rather lose the beginning of one show or the end of another.

Status: Acknowledged
Thank you for your suggestion. I'll pass it along to the proper team within Verizon.
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Bounce TV WWOR 9.3

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎05-03-2012 07:15 PM

Will you please add Bounce TV to the NYC area channels.  Thanks

Status: Acknowledged

Support managing Favorites from the Guide

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎05-03-2012 01:15 PM

It would be nice if the Guide would show the favorite status of each channel and let me change it right in the guide. By the time I navigate through the settings, I sometimes forget the channel I was on. Each channel would just show a small 1, 2, both, or none. Then, a button press could turn on or off the 1 or 2 indicator. Not a big issue, but it would make it so much easier to set up my favorites.

Status: Acknowledged

DVR Issues

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎05-03-2012 04:04 AM

I have several issues with my DVR that usually get fixed by the In Home Agent, but that in it self is an issue.


These inculde - DVR auto reboot, can't get past a recorded program spot while viewing it, paused program and recording same program gets stuck, etc.


This issue is WHY do any of this things happen in the first place??? Can't the muti-room DVR just work?


Please consider getting the software to work consistently. Thanks

Status: Acknowledged
I'm sorry you're having these issues. Please create a new thread on the forums ( and outline your issues. Perhaps one of your peers can help you and, if not, one of our support agents should be able to. Good luck!

Fios on Demand needs much improvement.  I have seen Charter and DirectV on demand and any TV program can be caught up on but not on FIOS.  Generally most programs are not free.  For the cost we pay every month you should be able to catch up on any normal programming?  Are we ever going to change this or at least offer it online?

Status: Clarification Needed
Could you please explain more what you mean? I want to make sure I can point you in the right direction and need further clarification to do so. Thanks!

PBS on demand

Status: Acknowledged
by PirateJenny on ‎05-02-2012 01:29 PM

I know I'm not the first to request this, but you really should add PBS on demand. I know it's available--I had it with Cablevision. And with the popularity of Sherlock, it would make a lot of sense. Not everyone is able to stay up late enough to watch the Masterpiece shows live.

Status: Acknowledged
Thank you for your suggestion- I'll make sure it gets in front of the proper people in Verizon.

Add TV Listing Filter

Status: Already Exists
by ChiChi-Muggins on ‎05-02-2012 10:00 AM

Instead of just things like fav1, fav2, hd, how about adding show only movies, sports, children's, etc? At 400+ chans the guide is somewhat unwieldy.

Status: Already Exists
While watching live TV... hit right arrow ("modes")... set your mode and away you go! Good luck!

The Actiontec router can respond to SNMP requests. It would be nice if this was opened up so that my network management software could check the status of the Actiontec.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for your input- I'll make sure it gets in front of the proper team within Verizon.

Work with Actiontec and the DD-WRT team to develop a DD-WRT version of the router software. This software is far more functional than the base software in most routers. There is work on DD-WRT version but they have not addressed the COA interface yet. Doing this would probably save considerable effort on the development of the router software.

Status: Acknowledged

A number of shows are extending into the next time slot by a minute  or two which causes a conflict when follow on show are schedule to record.  Since the DVR allows the extension of record times,  also allow the shortening of record times to avoid the conflict.  Maybe just allow a choice to end on the hour or half hour.


I have used the manual record to overcome some of these conflicts, but there is no way to identify the show being recorded.  I noted another suggestion to be able to name a manual record which would also help.

Status: Acknowledged
Thank you for your suggestion- I'll make sure it gets in front of the proper people within Verizon.

Eliminate this rule, as  there is no reason to not allow notification on calls and also allow blocking capability.  


"You have requested to turn the Call Notification Always feature On, but currently the Incoming Call Block - Reject Calls from Certain Numbers feature is turned On. You may not have these two services On at the same time. Do you want to: Turn Call Notification Always Onand turn Incoming Call Block - Reject Calls from Certain Numbers Off?"

Status: Maybe Later
We are looking into removing this restriction in a future enhancement. Thanks for the suggestion.

Built in Linux Web Browser for STB and DVR. Plus new remote option.

Status: Acknowledged
by ‎04-30-2012 06:44 PM - edited ‎04-30-2012 06:52 PM

Email and Web at your TV? I believe someone tried Web TV and it did not go well. But this could be different.


Now if Verizon were to have a browser in the STB which is possible since it is Linux based. I would go for that, and a slide out keyboard on the remote, with a mouse that would move based on positioning of the remote. Not like the TiVO remote but different. Don't want anymore time in court. There are many open source browsers that could be used. Sell the remote as an option, but don't charge for the browser use. Verizon would have a feature that other providers don't. Now let's see if Verizon can do it before Tivo or someone else. I don't think anyone has it in a STB or DVR.


Perhaps this could be a Widget Plug in, so a new img would not be required?

Status: Acknowledged
I'll make sure this idea gets in front of the proper team within Verizon.

Home Monitoring Energy Reader

Status: Acknowledged
by mick7722 on ‎04-30-2012 07:52 AM

The energy reader should have more functionality. You should be able to enter the rates of your electric provider and be able to see

usage in dollars and cents. Like other energy readers on the market which provide this application. This allows you to estimate monthly billing.

Status: Acknowledged
Thank you for your suggestion. I'll make sure it gets shown to the proper team within Verizon.
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Status: Already Exists
by kajen4 on ‎04-29-2012 05:50 PM

It would be VERY helpful if the guide told if a program was new (first viewing) without having to press info to find the show daComcast simply shows the word NEW if it is a programs first viewing.

Status: Already Exists

Voice mail notification texts

Status: Launched
by datman on ‎04-29-2012 12:26 PM

Modify the text messages sent to notify of a fios voice mail to include the # to call to check your voice mail.

Status: Launched
We haev updated the text message script to include 888-234-6786. Thanks for your suggestion. You should be seeing the number now.
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