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need to add more French Channels

Status: Acknowledged
by rtejiram on ‎06-04-2011 07:10 PM


Status: Acknowledged

Search VOD while watching live tv

Status: Already Exists
by bstmstrxellos on ‎06-04-2011 01:58 PM

I would like to be able to browse the Video on Demand content while the widow is showing live tv (similar to how the full screen guide works) instead of the VOD advertisments.  

Status: Already Exists
You can use Search instead of On Demand from main menu... not exactly what is being requested... but pretty close.

Auto-rescan media folders in Media Manager

Status: Accepted
by pghnow on ‎06-03-2011 08:43 AM

I noticed that Media Manager does not rescan currently scanned folders for new subfolders unless a new scan is manually requested or the app is restarted. This would be a great feature to add to Media Manager, and likely would not take long to implement

Status: Accepted

.MKV support in Media Manager

Status: Maybe Later
by pghnow on ‎06-03-2011 08:40 AM

I'm fairly new to this obscure video format, but ~80% of all the TV episodes I find online to load into Media Manager are in this format, so I have to convert them all before being able to stream them. It would be great if Media Manager supported the .MKV format.

Status: Maybe Later

I find it dumb that you have a great app for phones to schedule recordings and same with online.  But why can't you manage the series from there as-well?  Optimum gives the option to record first run, anytime in this time slot, anytime on this channel and one time.  You should be able to do the same from anywhere not just your set-top box.  DUMB!

Status: In Progress


Status: In Progress
by daqween on ‎06-02-2011 09:45 PM

tv shows should have a VOD tab when u hit the info button. For example, I am watching As Good As Dead but I can't finish it right now. So, I hit the Info button 2x. I see Watch Now, Record, and Upcoming shows but no VOD. Please add VOD. Thanks

Status: In Progress
Link the live TV show / channel to its associated VOD content... agreed.
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Okay, here's the deal: I check an e-mail in my sent folder and  to the left of the address header is a grey generic male avatar. However, there is no way to actually upload your own. What the Sam Hill is the purpose of having this in the first place. ALLOW USERS TO UPLOAD THEIR OWN AVATARS, WILL YA!

Status: Already Exists

Channel addition

Status: Acknowledged
by JHoss on ‎06-02-2011 04:23 PM

We would really like to see Canada's Sci-Fi offering "Space". It is surperior in it's Science Fiction offerings. If you need to cancel a station in favor of it, I would recommend "Chiller" or "Fearnet" or both if need be. Do Not eliminate SyFy though. They still have a few decent shows left........FOR NOW!

Status: Acknowledged

Add more popular content to VOD

Status: Acknowledged
by garsham on ‎06-01-2011 07:59 PM

We just signed up for FIOS TV and noticed that our two favorite shows are not available on demand (Ghost Hunters on SyFy and Mythbusters on Discovery).  These were both available from our previous cable provider, so we were just wondering what determines what shows are available on demand?

Status: Acknowledged
which provider... in general the content is supposed to be the same.

Verizon jingle/song

Status: Acknowledged
by Kaeyoband on ‎05-31-2011 07:39 PM - last edited on ‎05-31-2011 08:00 PM by Moderator

The band Kaeyo has a song titled "We Are All One Under The Sun". The chorus is very catchy and goes "There's only my horizon". This should be changed to "My phones made by Verizon". Every time I hear the song I think of this idea and how great it would be. The tune is very commercial worthy. People will be singing this jingle all day! Go Kaeyo.





Status: Acknowledged

Remove/update eSata FAQ

Status: In Progress
by on ‎05-31-2011 01:22 PM

The eSata FAQ found here...


...vontains numerous errors or omissions. The main one being that nowhere does it say IMG 1.9 is REQUIRED for you to hook an eSata drive to your DVR. Please delete or fix the FAQ, which (I hope unintentionally) deceives your customers.Thanks.


Status: In Progress

Add Mega TV channel / Florida

Status: Acknowledged
by TampaRay on ‎05-30-2011 01:38 PM

I would like see Mega Tv to be added to La Conexion spanish package For Florida/Tampa bay area market. To my understanding, this channel has been already added to the NYC market, and is growing very rapidly among the Latino audience here in Florida.

This channel is advertised as available thru local free air antennas 36.2 in Tampa, channel 22 in Miami area, but for whatever reason I can't find a way to tune in with my regular cheap and tiny antenna.





Status: Acknowledged
We just added 5 channels to La Conexion... with some more to come
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Cell tower advertising

Status: Acknowledged
by splat36 on ‎05-30-2011 10:51 AM

Businesses could target customers according to cell tower position. When a customer is within the the cell tower zone customers would receive ads from these companies. Customers could get a lower cost on cell phone bills by allowing ads. Customers could also pick the types of ads they would like to receive for example coffee shops,sporting good sales etc. With driving situations the ads could be put out via the speaker phone setting or ear piece.

Status: Acknowledged

Internet phone conversations

Status: Acknowledged
by peterighos on ‎05-30-2011 10:31 AM - last edited on ‎06-17-2011 09:53 AM by Admin Emeritus

I want to be able to place and recieve incoming phone calls on my home p.c. I have verizon fios internet, t.v. and digital voice. Is there any way to make and recieve calls on my p.c. without using skype?

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Under Review
by RHumphries on ‎05-30-2011 04:57 AM

Other than I get the make money concept, why doesn't Verizon make smaller TV. packages at a lesser price for those who watch very little TV.? Why can't they make a specialized senior citizen package where they can get their basic local channels plus an additional choice of say 15 or 20 channels that they can add to that for about half the cost of what they are paying for the basic service Verizon offers? My wife and I probably only watch a dozen channels outside of the basic local channels and yet we receive how many hundreds of channels. We don't watch any sports channels, music channels, movie channels, so why pay for all of that for nothing? Perhaps what Verizon could make on two customers living side by side paying what one would pay, they might even pick up more business from those who refuse to pay what Verizon wants for the basic service. A smaller bundle where people could pick and choose might just give Verizon a market place for those who are not using their service. Anyone else like to chime in?

Status: Under Review
Valid point.
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