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Status: Acknowledged
by jld10017 on ‎10-01-2011 05:46 PM

I was present at my mother-in-laws house, when two workers arrived to install her new service.  The one gentleman was nice, but the other was rude, nasty, and a horrible human being.  I have never seen a person who hated his job more than this individual.  He ignored my mother-in-law on numerous occasions, was short with answers and unprofessional.  He left for dinner and returned ruder than before.  I am outraged at the treatment, and would like to suggest that a worker leave a, work order form that list the names of the people performing the work, when a problem occurs the individual can be reported by his/her name rather then, "pathetic excuse for a VERIZON worker".  Lucky, for Verizon, our building isn't Timer Warner Serviced.

Status: Acknowledged

DVR Rescheduling of conflict.

Status: Acknowledged
by drooplug on ‎10-01-2011 01:15 PM

I would like to see an option in the DVR schedule that would allow you to reschedule a conflict by finding an alternate time that the same episode is being broadcast.  It is quite common for new episodes on the cable networks to be rebroadcast a few hours later.  Having the option right there in the schedule would make it so much easier than exiting and finding the show in the guide.

Status: Acknowledged

I like IMG 1.9.  Well done.


A few features I would like to see:


The ability to adjust the opacity / transparancy of all of the on screen guides.


a DVR feature that automaticically resolves conflict recordings to record the next showing of the episode in question.


Pandora widget.

Status: Acknowledged
Pandora widget will be on everyone's boxes this week (so completed) DVR feature is a duplicate and has been accepted Maybe later on the transparency one

IMG 1.9 Guide Improvement

Status: New Idea
by drooplug on ‎09-30-2011 06:49 PM

When sycling through the guide, it should loop like the old one did.  For example: When you are scrolling down through the guide and hit the last channel then hit the down arrow again, the guide should go to the first channel in the list, not stop and require you to scroll up.


Add Hallmark Movie channel please!!

Status: Not Likely
by awalkerm on ‎09-30-2011 10:23 AM

Hallmark Movie Channel needs to be added to all of the packages!! its so silly that to get just the one channel I have to go down a package but sacrafice other channels we do watch!! exspecially since we get the channels around it.

 It is the one channel verizon needs to add since hallmark has changed it line up so much in recent months, and the parts we like the best the movies are not shown very offten. Thank you.

Status: Not Likely

Response to current SPAM trends...

Status: Acknowledged
by GForce on ‎09-30-2011 06:30 AM

SPAMMERS have figured out how to thwart SPAM Filters by using extremely long server/domain names with several extensions,if you will, as represented by the number of periods in the server/domain name.  Therefore I suggest that a Filter be created to count the length of the server/domain and/or the number of periods it contains and move messages that go beyond reasonable to SPAM Folders...

Status: Acknowledged

Please update the widgets so that they now show in widescreen like everything else in 1.9.


Also some of the apps on the initial widget screen cannot be removed.  I would like the ability to remove the ones that I never use.


Better menu speed would be nice

Status: Acknowledged
by NickB on ‎09-29-2011 10:33 AM

I have been using FIOS for 2 months now after being with Comcast for years.  My biggest issue (besides color/font which is in another post) is the speed of the menu.  Scrolling through it is painfully slow.  Not unusable, but certainly annoying and something I have to mention when people ask me about the switch.


Oh, and add "FIOS" to your spell checker's default dictionary on this forum :smileyhappy:  And Comcast too.

Status: Acknowledged


Looking over my firewall log I see countless UDP and TCP attempts to get through.

Strangely enough, many are from Verizon customers!

That is according to:

Some of these may be script kiddies, some may be Verizon customers with infected machines. In any case there should be a link in place where a Verizon customer should be able to report these with a copy of firewall logs and Verizon should do something about it. 


All it takes is some coding to make a web page that could accept router firewall logs and cross check that the submitting IP address is a Verizon address. Otherwise reject it saying this service is only for Verizon customers.


Or the "service" could be only made available if logged in to "My Verizon.



IPv6 Trails,

Status: New Idea
by MVP dslr595148 MVP on ‎09-28-2011 01:48 PM

#1 Comcast has IPv6 Trails going on.


#2 TWC  ( ), has IPv6 Trails.


#3 I find it odd that Verizon does not have IPv6 Trails, for consumer(s) / business(es).


Please allow users to sign-up for IPv6 Trails.





Status: New Idea
by lindab1650 on ‎09-27-2011 04:23 PM

How about updating the dvrs/boxes so we can record and receive 1080P?  It's ridiculous that I have a 1080P tv and the best quality I can get with the FIOS dvrs/boxes is 1080i.  Before I switched to FIOS, I was able to view my programs in 1080P and I had my own Sharp dvr recording programs at 1080P.


Support Portal

Status: Acknowledged
by ncahill on ‎09-27-2011 03:51 PM

The support portal for tracking incidents is as close to worthless as I've ever seen.  We reported a phone outage and were told a technician would be here Monday, he came Sunday (that's a good thing).  I looked at our ticket today, Tuesday, and it tells me that we will see a technician Monday.  there's nothing in there about what he found and the next step, which we were told was a cable crew to fix the break. 


I run a Service Desk, it's vitally important to let folks see up-to-date information and where the incident stands.  This needs to be done in real time.  If not I have to call the support number and tie up a support person for a ticket update which has to be costly to Verizon.  I would suggest that you take a look at the Service Desk component of the IT Infrastructure Library.  You'd save a considerable amount of money and provide timely information to your customers instead of frustrating them with old and stale information.

Status: Acknowledged

Political Fairness in Base Plan

Status: New Idea
by Met00 on ‎09-27-2011 12:58 PM

When you look at the base service plan for FIOS TV you can't help but notice that the non-news "news" cable shows are Fox News and MSNBC. Now while many people would say that this represents the political spectrum, it does not.


Recent events at MSNBC show that MSNBC's new corporate parent is tinkering with the programming and what was once a "balanced day" in terms of political opinion shows is making a slow shift to the right. Now I won't get on a soapbox and scream about freedom of speech since I am well aware that private companies have every right to pick and choose whom they wish to put on the air and we have the choice of changing the channels. The Constitution protects their right to do that, no my right to force them to give me what I want.:-)


I will say that forcing people that want to listen to the talking heads of the left to pay for the privilege by purchasing the top their of service, while providing the talking heads of the right as part of the standard package is somewhat unfair. Not illegal or unconstitutional, but unfair to those customers none-the-less.


In this case, those talking heads on the left that have abandoned the corporate forces of MSNBC all seem to be landing at Current TV. As their voices go silent across screens that you carry as part of the basic service, their opinions become part of the lost message to those who would choose to hear it unless they are willing to pay what amounts to a "tax" for the right to listen to the talking heads that frame the issues of the day in their voice.


Now, I know that any number of people will claim that Fox is "news", and that MSNBC is "news", but Bill O'Reily and Joe Scarboro are no more news shows that Keith Olberman is. In your current lineup a basic subscriber can see the first to very right-wing talking heads, but cannot see the last named.


While MSNBC may internally seek to achieve what they consider balance (Joe in the morning for three hours and Rachel at night for one) they have done a rather poor job at it (notice the recent ratings for the old Olberman slot has dropped considerably since, well, he's not all that good in comparison).


So, may I be so bold as to request that FIOS seek to achieve a balance in provided programming. Let call MSNBC the "center" as they attempt to achieve balance with their talking heads throughout their daily broadcast. The options to have FIOS balanced would then be to either (a) Remove Faux News (the right wing talking heads) or (b) add Current TV (the left wing talking heads) from/to their basic subscription lineup.


Now, I could go all flag waving tea-bagger on you and demand that as a constitutional right, but really, unlike the foaming at the mouth right-wing most of those of us on the left can actually read and understand the Constitution and realize that going rabid on our service provider isn't going to do much but **bleep** them off and work against our best interests, which is to see a small bit of fairness in the channel lineup


I do hope that FIOS will consider making the change that will allow us lefties/liberals/progressives (whatever you want to call us these days) a chance to hear from the talking heads that frame the political debate in this country more along the lines we think in rather than those of the O'Reilly's and Scarboro's who seem to dominate the fiber we get as part of our basic subscription.


THank you in advance for your kind consideration of this request for a bit of equal time (think of it as your contribution to the Fairness Doctrine :-) )



It would be awesome if there were more channels that were transmitted in ClearQAM (unencrypted). Most of the unencrypted channels are just the local channels. With Time Warner Cable all the basic channel package is in ClearQAM and you can watch them on any tv with a QAM tuner. They even have premium channels in ClearQAM like MGM HD. My main reason for suggesting this is because I record tv shows on my computer using a hauppauge tv tuner connected to my cable line. The main channel I recorded was TBS HD because I love sitcoms. It would be awesome to switch channels like TBS and TBS HD to ClearQAM. I had 2 DVRs with Time Warner and I'm getting one with Fios so there's no loss to either party in regards to revenue for recording content. I just like having things recorded on my pc so I can take them with me on my laptop. The unavailability of TBS HD in ClearQAM is one reason I was hesitant to switch to Fios. TBS is also available in all the FIos channel packages so there would be no harm in having it unencrypted.

Status: Not Likely
We only encrypt what we are required to by the content owner.

new feature emails

Status: Acknowledged
by whocares on ‎09-27-2011 09:48 AM - last edited on ‎09-28-2011 10:36 AM by Admin Emeritus

Here's an idea: Stop emailing me about features that aren't available yet.  


I got an email earlier this year saying I could expand my DVR with an eSATA hard drive. After verifying that my DVR had an eSATA port as the website recommended, I ran out and bought a nice fat 1TB hard drive, eager to try out this new feature.  Well it turns out that I have to wait for the 1.9 upgrade to come out and it hadn't yet in my area.  I wish the email had said that, or better yet, not have been sent out at all until this feature actually existed.  

The price of hard drives keeps dropping, and the money I spent on mine was wasted as it collects dust, still waiting for the upgrade.  Then last night I got another email telling me about all the great features I don't have.  I thought maybe that meant they finally rolled 1.9 out to my DVR, so I checked it this morning.... nope!  Meanwhile my DVR is over 90% full, glitching out and shows are being half recorded.  


tl;dr: Please stop emailing me about expanding my DVR until you upgrade my DVR to be able to do it.

Status: Acknowledged

Ex. DirecTv subscriber's suggestion

Status: New Idea
by PajamaGuy on ‎09-27-2011 03:42 AM
  1. Allow me to SKIP and/or REPLAY from any TV in the setup, not just from the DVR where it is recorded.
  2. Increase the range of the remote.  For all 3 installations, I have to actually AIM the remote at the STB, not jus point in the general direction.





OnDemand - FOX not there? add it plz

Status: Launched
by gcville on ‎09-26-2011 08:38 PM

Please add FOX to onDemand. Why is it not part of it?????  you have cbs,nbc,abc there.  I missed the first week of xfactor so i can never see it????  why? can anyone answer this?

Status: Launched

Local news stations

Status: New Idea
by Tlandherr on ‎09-26-2011 06:57 PM
I think it's would be really cool to be able to select local news from around the country. For instance the ability to watch the local 11 pm news in San Diego. Especially if you move to a new area it is always nice to catch the local news of the old neighborhood. I am sure this can be done in some way with today technology.

When I became a FiOS customer many years ago it was possible to delete channels. Sadly, this feature was later removed, but it needs to be restored. I'm talking about a proper delete function whereby removing a channel would remove it from the OSG and everywhere else. The lame, confusing, and labor-intensive workaround with Favorites is not an acceptable substitute for a proper delete function. If you must (the keep the nervous happy), you can add a button somewhere that says "Restore all deleted channels."


I would very much like a TV viewing experience that I can configure to completely avoid interaction with all forms of sport, foreign languages, minority "lifestyles," real estate, home improvement, home shopping, "reality" shows, movie channels I don't subscribe to, and other programming curses. A proper delete function would permit this.


Showtime Anytime

Status: In Progress
by mac122383 on ‎09-26-2011 04:43 PM

Showtime Anytime (showtime's online viewing website, similar to HBO GO) just recently launched but is currently only available for AT&T and Comcast users. When will it be available to Fios users who subscribe to Showtime, just like we have access to HBO GO? Thanks.

Status: In Progress

FiOS in Hershey

Status: Maybe Later
by Apokalypto on ‎09-26-2011 04:22 PM

On what depends the availability of FiOS or high speed internet?

I will be moving to Hershey next week and according to this site, none of this seems to be available, what I can barely believe, because Hershey isn't located far away of any civilization.


So I want to know what requirements you guys from Verizon set to get access to this.

Status: Maybe Later
We are focused on finishing the cities / towns that already have FiOS... then we'll see about new locations.

Recording Series

Status: New Idea
by murfnbish on ‎09-26-2011 03:10 PM

When recording series, we used to be able to select "first run only." Now the only option is "first run and repeats." Please restore the option for "first run only." The option "no duplicates" doesn't cover it when you watch and delete a first run episode, because a repeat after that point will not show as a "duplicate" and will record. I know this can be done because many series I have recording still have the "first run only" option and it's still working.



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I have one suggestion! Right now you guys in international programing packages offering Balkan package with two channels in that package (NTV Hayat and BN TV). These TV stations now sign deal with IPTV service called BosnaTV and they give them rights to offer these channels through their service together with other station from Bosnia in USA. I was wondering if you guys can get in touch with that company and get those channels in Balkan package and offer it to Verizon Fios customers. That company offering around 30 channels from Bosnia on Bosnian language. A lot of people getting it directly from that company but I think is little bit inconvenient for people that already have Fios in their home because you have to pay two bills for Fios and that company and you have to get one more receiver from them that you have to put somewhere around your or on you TV. I personally and most of my friends witch have Fios will like to get these channels from you guys directly so what I'm asking is can you please get in touch with these people and get us these channels in Balkan Package.


Here is some info about that company:

Name is "BosnaTV" web site is

Address is

350 N. LaSalle Street
10th Floor
Chicago, IL 60654
Fax: 1-312-380-4611
Phone: 1-800-771-0790

If I can help you in any way with these or to translate something please just let me know.

Thank you.


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