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HBO GO,Max GO and Epix

Status: In Progress
by Chitchatjf on ‎09-10-2011 10:59 PM

The on demand libraires on the STB pale to the on demand libraires on the web


Since IPTV is sued to transmit on demand programming why not just offer the HBO GO MAX GO and libratries on the STBs?



Ditto with showtime and starz

Status: In Progress
they'll match soon enough...

Tennis Channel

Status: Acknowledged
by CharlesBowers on ‎09-10-2011 08:01 PM

Please bring back the Tennis Channel.  Those of us who subscribe, pay a premium.  VZ has ddropped the TC from its lineup without any warning.  This shows little regard for its customers.  While I have seen posts which suggests VZ did notify customers in some locations, I was not notified in Maryland.  When I called to question VZ message appearing on channel 303 and 592, I received response ranging from the channel has been dropped to it will be back tomorrow.  I am a long time FIOS customer and I am very upset.  VERIZON, BRING BACK THE TENNIS CHANNEL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Status: Acknowledged
If we have an email address for you that's how you would have been personally notified. Please make sure your profile includes an email address you check regularly. We continue to negotiate with TC.

Local Content

Status: In Progress
by virtualbelinda on ‎09-10-2011 03:32 PM

I love my FIOS, but I am considering switching back to Time Warner because you have no local coverage. Time Warner has News 12 for Westchester and Long Island. They also have NY1 for NYC. We have one major newspaper for this large, densely populated complicated area that is Westchester County. A secondary news source like News 12 is more than a luxury, it is practically essential. Please consider either making a deal to bring these channels to Westchester and NYC residents or create your own news stations. I cannot continue to be in the dark in this area where even as I type sitting in my home uncomfortably close to both Indian Point and NYC, we are under threat of a terrorist attack, of what type we do not know. The citizens of Westchester need a News 12 type station and a NY1 type station.

Status: In Progress

Emergency System for Westchester

Status: New Idea
by virtualbelinda on ‎09-10-2011 03:24 PM

I live in Mount Vernon, NY. I noticed that when you do emergency system testing, the counties listed for coverage are all in NYC. I live 18 miles away from Time Square. I am in a potential danger zone in a catastrophic event in this area. My TV in Mount Vernon needs to be connected to the area that covers me which is Westchester County. I do not understand how you can take our Westchester money and not plan on providing us with information in the event of a disaster. Please fix this.


Motorola FIOS Box should output two channel PCM

Status: New Idea
by LennyM on ‎09-10-2011 10:20 AM - last edited on ‎09-21-2011 08:32 AM by Admin Emeritus

My OTA set top box and my summer home Time Warner cable box both permit a two channel PCM signal that can be converted to two channel analog sound by my home theater DAC.  Verizon technician said that Verizon removes that capability from the Motorola box and my home theater set up doesn't work with FIOS as my DAC does not accept the Dolby 5.1 data signal.  This complaint is being made in many forums where I have searched for advice.  I'm not on a contract and will cancel soon if I cannot restore my beautiful home theater sound.

 My billing was wrong so I tried to find the number to contact the customer service, it is impossible to find the contact number. I found it from a customer complain.  Anyway I get call and get  the agent.


1. I am calling from home phone but agent asks long account number why can't the agent find the account number from the phone number.

2. Agent adjust the bill but tells me to pay the full what is stated in the bill. Why can the agent tell me I have adjusted the bill you and I pay the adjusted amount.

3. Why can't the agent or the system email me the adjustment details.

4. Make the contact number more easily available on your web site.

5. Web site has to much useless information


At best I grade the customer service as C- for this interaction with the agent and the Website.

Status: Acknowledged

Channels Line Up

Status: New Idea
by TCruz on ‎09-10-2011 07:22 AM - last edited on ‎09-13-2011 01:08 PM by Admin Emeritus


How come that Verizon doesn't line up channels according to their subjects. I have the Spanish channels for my mother and they are all over the place instead of just placing them let’s say from 1500 to 1550 then she doesn’t have to go from 1506 to 1705 or go to a channel in the hundreds because it is there. Most learning channels are in the hundres. The science, History and many others are found in that range and are easy to surf them because they are group together.


Another thing is I signed up for the sport channel and I don’t even have a clue as to what are the added channels from that package. I am paying for something that I haven’t enjoyed yet. There is not listing or anything in their site to point to the channels I can watch.


SNY HD in Massachusetts

Status: Acknowledged
by ksb729 on ‎09-10-2011 06:17 AM

SNY seems to be one of the only channels that has an HD version but it is not offered in MA. Please add SNY HD in MA, it seems like all the other areas that have SNY have both.

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by chicagonick on ‎09-09-2011 03:13 PM

I live in Chicago, have a landline in Florida. I am trying to view my statement NOW, not tomorrow - Today. You must put in a pin number and the only way to get the pin number is via the US Mail - in 5-10 working days or via the phone which is a Landline....WHY cant they sent this precious pin number via the email that is connected to the bill, no to easy... Why cant you call someone and get a pin number  No Again to easy...Why cant they send it to my cell (because its not a verison cell phone) This system sucks..and it should be made easier - get with the times Verison...

Status: Acknowledged

This is very annoying indeed. Why does our 7232 return to the live action of a show currently recording when you hit 'STOP'?!? Regardless if you were on another channel prior to hitting play of show in progress/recording. (This happens during use of only 1 tuner, with our D* HR24 HD-DVRs this doesn't happen.  It just returns you to the show/channel that you were previously watching.  It will do it if both tuners are active, but that's understandable.)

This causes "Spoilers"! I don't want to see the current score or punchline to a movie.


C'mon FIOS get this corrected as it's really creating some major wifey aggro  }8^)

Verizon's World Plan 300 and World Plan 500 are very attractive but limited to 118 countries.


Maybe Verizon can implement  a World Plan that would include the rest of the countries of the world not covered in WorldPlan 300 or WorldPlan 500 - a plan similiar to Optimum World call. This could have higher pricing or less minutes or a combo so that is feasible.


This may bring back people who have switched to Optimum because of that feature.





Status: Acknowledged
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Remove all of the taxes

Status: Acknowledged
by kim1 on ‎09-07-2011 10:08 PM

I belive that it is unfare to pay all of theses stupid taxes when it should be voted on by everone who uses this servas. Also lower you plan rated even if the agreement is over or not.

Status: Acknowledged

First: Your customer service phone numbers such as 888-591-6075, 888-244-4440, 800-837-4966 all use the same answering system. In the first place save your customers some time by not making a fool of them and getting rid of those multiple numbers or use those numbers to directly connect to sales / tech support / business service. You say it does, but call and see: they dont do that. 


Second: Make your system a little simpler. We need to be rocket scientists to use your system. Ask for thousand information and takes to the wront place all the time. For example I entered by account number (need not to say you people assign million different account numbers to the same account/bill) and then asks for zip code and takes me to Dallas TX when i need a DC office and they put me back to the system and then call goes to FL. I have ner been able to get to the DC service without screaming at one and asking them to stay on the phone and then make the transfer.


Three: Your website is simply full of **bleep**. There are a million of un-necessary information. I am a business owner and your site provides so much information on how social media and blog articles and bla bla which is useless and those can be found anywhere on the web from more reliable sources. BUT if I try to add a service to my account or change the contact address of my account or something very simple, it is IMPOSSIBLE to do. 

I have a fios internet account and just tried to add fios tv. Gave me a fancy interface with prices, but when i try to add it asked me whether i am a customer or not. Selected existing customer and put my username and password to login which i use to pay my bill. Doesnt log in. Then put my phone number. Then that dont work. I put my address. Then takes me to verizon mobile site, which dont have jack about fios.



Status: Acknowledged

Get on the IPv6 Hall of Fame

Status: Acknowledged
by Gold Contributor VII on ‎09-07-2011 05:16 PM

Since I know that Verizon Business offers IPv6, why don't you register on


and get on that Hall of fame?




PS. Then please don't forget to offer IPv6 to regular customers, too....



Status: Acknowledged
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I am an old fashion guy who likes to have a paper bill in hand every month. However I think I might be willing to move ahead with technology if there was an incentive. For example if you would offer a choice of one premium channel like HBO in exchange for giving up the paper bill and signing up for online bill option.


Status: Not Likely
How about saving a few trees as an incentive :smileyhappy:

When I watch a 'live' game e.g. an NFL Football game on FOX, it is listed as 'New' on the program guide. When that same game is broadcast on NFL Channel a day later, it's still listed as 'New' on the program guide because you are broadcasting it for the first time on the NFL Channel. Consider making this small but highly important change in FiOS TV program guide: label the ongoing game as 'Live' e.g.. MNF on Monday night and label the same game 'New' when it's re-broadcast on NFL Channel.

Status: Maybe Later
"new" means first time ever on that channel. So the game in your example would be "new" on Fox and "new" on NFL Channel. "new" would be removed the 2nd time it was played on Fox or NFL channel. "Live" as in being broadcasted right now as it happens in real life... could be an interesting addition.

It would be much more convenient if there were the ability to modify the start or end time when scheduling a recording.  Now, to record a show and modify the start or end time requires first selecting the show to be recorded.  Then going into the DVR schedule.  Then finding the show you just recorded among the other scheduled recordings.  Then selecting the show and modifying the start or end time.


I had a DirecTv Tivo DVR for years and a comcast DVR briefly and both offered the ability to modigy the start or end time when selecting a show to record.

Status: Already Exists
Double click the record button... and you get record with options. Many customers wanted a one click record option.

Map of fios availability

Status: Maybe Later
by Topher64 on ‎09-06-2011 02:39 PM

I wish Verizon had a map of fios availability in my county.  I am looking to buy a house & would like to know where fios is available without having to type every individual address in to check.

Status: Maybe Later

Please add West coast feed of Disney Channel

Status: Not Likely
by on ‎09-05-2011 11:37 AM

Could you please add the West coast feed of the Disney Channel (SD) in addition to the East coast feeds.  You have both feeds of Nick (East & West).  DirecTv carries both Disney Channel feeds (East & West) as well as the 2 Nick feeds.  This would allow the little ones in my house more options.

Status: Not Likely

When an appointment confirmation Email is sent, there is a link to reschedule or confirm. When confirming an appointment it would be nice to have an acknowledgment that the appointment has been confirmed. Perhaps another Email saying the appointment has been confirmed.

Status: Acknowledged

Clean up the account information displayed on the web, so it matches the user account.

Status: New Idea
by ‎09-05-2011 06:15 AM - edited ‎09-05-2011 06:25 AM

FiOS has not had Analog for years. Plus it looks like duplicates are shown. None of my STBs or DVR shows activated, so can I get them for free? I am not saying use my account as a clean up test bed, but perhaps look into it on a test account and not an actual users account. All is working, so it is more of a cosmetic thing, perhaps.




Local News

Status: In Progress
by Jezziye on ‎09-04-2011 08:51 PM
Please add a 24hour local news channel, I want to know what is going on in my own actual neighborhood (Brooklyn, NY) Fios only offers channel 1 for local news which is based only Long Island. Fios you do know that you have customers in other locations right???? Accommodate them!!!!!!
Status: In Progress

Fios TV

Status: Acknowledged
by bootsie on ‎09-04-2011 06:53 PM

I got Fios because it was going to be so much less expensive than Comcast was.  Now, I'm considering getting rid of it when my 2 year contract is up because I feel you need to add more channels to the basic HD service.  It is rediculous that you don't offer more as part of the basic package.  The few channels that show movies, show the same ones over and over.  I recently got rid of the movie channels that I subscribed to because they showed the same things over and over again and was charged $24.99 for the package (and not even notified it would happen after my 1st year was up)  Some people are on fixed incomes and cannot afford such luxuries.  You need to 'get with it', or you will be losing more and more customers.

Status: Acknowledged
The channels offered in each package are really intended to meet a price point to your post... more channels = higher price of the package....

HBO for christmas!

Status: Maybe Later
by croseboom on ‎09-04-2011 06:41 PM

i thought of a simple marketing idea which is a win-win for everyone.  seeing as the holidays are coming, how about making it possible to GIFT someone a years worth of a premium channel upgrade.  i bet it would become a popular gift and it would be easily renewable year to year.  it came to me when i recieved a magazine subscription from my mom last christmas.  just one thing, if you use my idea, how about gifting me one for making you millions?  merry christmas!

Status: Maybe Later
Every year we look at the gifting options... and it never seems to pan out when you dive into the details. But we'll keep trying to find the angle here...

Tennis Channel

Status: Launched
by adicecream on ‎09-04-2011 03:35 PM

FIOS just dropped Tennis Channel.  Therefore, I will drop FIOS.  Seems fair.


(Yes, I know Verizon and Cablevision and possibly other cable companies have an issue with which packages will cover TC.  I don't care.)

Status: Launched
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