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Caller ID with media server

Status: Acknowledged
by Sofies2ndChoice on ‎08-08-2014 09:42 AM

It seems as if having caller ID information appear on my television is no longer an option with the meida server? (yet another reason why it's going back).

Maybe, someone should like, get this not-so-new technology at least on par with the old system?

I wish I was notified of everything I'd be losing before I paid $25 to upgrade to an inferior service.

Status: Acknowledged

Surge Protection / Damaged Equipment

Status: Acknowledged
by EvaB on ‎08-02-2014 08:16 AM

Hello there.  I live in the Tampa Bay area in Florida, and have been a Verizon customer for at least a dozen years.  Over those years, I have had problems with Verizon equipment in the house going 'bad'.  The Tampa Bay area is the lightning capital of the U.S. (if not the world).  I have also lived in NY state, and it's obvious to me that in Tampa Bay, we have a much greater problem with power surges.  I think Verizon equipment is going 'bad' because of this.  I protect my equipment with surge protectors.  I think that Verizon could save a lot of money on technical support and replaing of 'bad' hardware if they simply added a surge protector on the Verizon box outside the house, and they shouldn't charge customers for this additional equipment in states/counties where there is a high incidence of lightning strikes and power surges.  Thanks for letting me provide my suggestions.  I am a software developer/problem solver by nature so I have an infinite number of ideas for simple soutions.

Status: Acknowledged

Vacation home price pain.

Status: Acknowledged
by jeffrodude on ‎08-05-2014 12:40 PM

Why not allow customers to add a second home to the bundle at a reasoonable rate. I have a weekend place and need internet service only but have to pay through the nose for either internet or TV bundles. Directv offers that, if you have a second dish, they only charge you for the extra reciever for TV service. Please offer something like that for TV and or internet to us loyal customers.

Status: Acknowledged

Payment difficulty

Status: Acknowledged
by fireball12 on ‎07-02-2014 12:14 PM

You closed all of the payment offices without notifying anyone! That was a stupid mistake that caused me grief. Your Verizon Wireless Stores are open, but will not accept payment because it is a "sister" company-like I care! Paying by phone costs $3.50-understandable but not nice SINCE YOU CLOSED THE PAYMENT OFFICES WITHOUT NOTIFICATION. I have now registered online to make payments and have even enrolled in auto-pay, but here's a suggestion: LET PEOPLE KNOW BEFORE THEY ARE SURPRISED! You could have pulled the records of everyone who had paid at the local office/store and put in a billing insert or taken out advertising in national newpapers/magazines to let people know.


If I am charged a late fee for my bill you will have seen my last day of land-line, FIOS t.v. and FIOS internet, and I've been a customer since 1972. You are not the only company that can provide these services to me...have you heard of that little company based in Dallas, TX where I live? It's called AT&T. Maybe they would like to provide these services and accept my payments according to MY CONVENIENCE, if Verizon doesn't wish to do so...

Status: Acknowledged

I hate snail mail, especially snail mail that I didn't ask for.


However, after signing up for paperless billing, I was still receiving a monthly "magazine" and other promotional snail mail from Fios.


Since I could not find a way to OPT OUT under account settings, I used the chat help.  I waited 7 minutes for a rep and stayed with him for 20+ minutes so that he could verify a bunch of information and then take over my screen to change the settings.


I could have saved 30 minutes and you could have saved 20+ min pay if you:


1) Offer a button for opting out of paper mailing under account settings


2) If this truly can't be separated from opting out of both paper and electronic marketing simultaneously, then the setting should reflect that you are opting out of BOTH. right now, the only way to do it is opting out of both by opting out of marketing EMAILS under "Email preferences". It's neither clear nor intuitive.


Please implement these changes. You will save money, make customers happy (like me), and save trees.





Status: Acknowledged
Thanks so much for that input. This willbe shared with the proper teams within Verizon. Keep your ideas coming.

Dear Verizon,


Thank you for sending a new, working DSL modem to replace the one which was no longer working. I ask you to consider this green option: a mailing label that can be taped to the box which the new modem came in and is then shipped back to your warehouse or recycling center. Many companies are using this recycling method already, such as Amazon, BUymyTronics, and Zappos. The cost to return the old modem to your recycling center/warehouse is negligible compared to the cost of putting a modem in the trashcan.


Thanks for your consideration

Status: Acknowledged
Thank you so much for the "Green" Idea! Your suggestion will be passed on to the appropriate team. Keep posting!

The grinding mill for recycled electronic components. QIP-6xxx and QIP-2500 hardware.

Status: Maybe Later
by on ‎12-26-2011 10:06 AM - last edited on ‎12-26-2011 01:45 PM by Moderator

The 6xxx boxes MUST GO. IMHO they should go to the recycle grinding mill along with all the QIP-2500. That would get them out of circulation! 


Verizon Go Greener campaign? Phase our the oldest hardware QIP-6xxx, QIP-2500, and send them to the electronics recycle grinding mill. After those are gone target the QIP-7xxx that are not Energy Star. Verizon could combine this with their new what ever percent of Energy Star boxes in use that was posted by them on You Tube. I think the percentage is a bit inflated.

Status: Maybe Later
Inevitable we will do this in time...

Wireless Remotes

Status: Acknowledged
by Funkdaddy on ‎07-10-2012 04:49 AM - last edited on ‎07-10-2012 03:03 PM by Moderator


I think that you should start offering remotes that use the wireless system. Remotes that use the wireless do not need a direct path to the cablebox and would use less energy also.


{edited for privacy}

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by Sparky2011 on ‎01-13-2013 12:03 PM

I just now tried to renew my bundle via Live Chat.  After 30 minutes of going back and forth, the agent suggested I call Customer Service.  I would have done that to begin with had I known it would take so long.  I then called the number on a notice I had received indicating that my service agreement was about to expire.  The agent I spoke to was very nice, very helpful, and renewed my bundle at a lower monthly payment!  However, the notice very specifically included this statement:  "Plus, as a special thanks for renewing, you can choose your bonus gift:"  When I asked the agent about this, she said no, that didn't apply to me, because it was only if you upgraded or had more expensive services.  I pointed out that it didn't say anything like that in the notice, and she rather sheepishly agreed that it was confusing.  My idea is actually three:  1) improve the website; 2) avoid fraud and deception (aka "bait-and-switch") in notifications such as the one I received; and 3) increase training for Live Chat agents.

Status: Acknowledged

On Demand Menu - more continuity

Status: Acknowledged
by RevSBL on ‎06-30-2013 11:55 AM
  • When I go to TCM On Demand, I do not see a picture of the movie, only the TCM logo.  I see seven offerings across.
  • When I go HD Net Moviews, I see the pictures of the movies and seven offerings across.
  • When I go to The Movie Channel, All Movies, it scrolls.  I do not see seven offerings across.

Did you survey customers?  What do they prefer?


I liked to see pictures of the movies and seven offerings across.


I did chat online about this and they said that nothing could be done.  I disagree.  A decision was made on how things look on the screen.  Programming can change outcome.  Please make the look of the offerings more consistent.


Thank you.

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by go-granny-go on ‎03-05-2013 12:21 PM

In January I needed to return a set-top-box that was mailed to me and I had not even opened the box it came it. I was told to take it to UPS for a free return. When I got there the UPS agent opened the box, unpacked it and threw everything but the unit away, including the old cardboard box. I was upset about the waste and asked the agent why he couldn't just put a new label on the old package to return it. He said that wasn't policy of the agreement with verizon. He said he couldn't use any of the old packaging and wasn't allowed to return the unused unopened wires and cables that were enclosed.


Suggestion No 1

                                     Reuse cables and other connecting devices and power cords from returned or unused equipment. 

                                     I have a 24"x24"x30" box full of unused cables from previous equipment. Most of it still

                                     in the plastic packages I received it in. And, I know of many others who have the same and

                                     other people that just throw them away.  THIS IS A TOTAL WASTE OF PRECIOUS RESOURCES!

                                      (this also includes phone cables, jacks, dsl filters. So much waste.)

Suggestion No 2

                                     Outsource with some company or self-sponsor a program to receive and reuse these unused

                                      cables and power cords. (and telephone cables too)

Suggestion No 3

                                      Re-use the packaging from the old equipment.  (This has already been proposed

                                      by another customer and it is a very good idea.)






Status: Acknowledged
You suggestion is appreciated. I will take your idea to the appropriate team within Verizon.

My Account / Account Actions - PLEASE ADD / Order History and Repair History.

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎10-27-2012 04:30 AM - last edited on ‎10-27-2012 06:05 AM by Moderator

My Account / Account Actions, there is order status and repair status.


Add Order History, and Repair History, so we can track when account changes were made, or service repairs were ordered.


I realize repair history may be more difficult, but anything with a repair order number, or account order number for changes, should be accessible to display from a database for the customer.


I am not sure if tech support can see these, or who internally to Verizon can see these, but the customer should be able to see their history, without having to go though months or years of old bills. Perhaps a link to payment history can also be added here, since it is an account action. I know payment history can be found under the Billing, but it would be nice if the account history could be found all in one place for the customer. Depending on how those items are tracked, it may also help Verizon internally.



These changes may even lead more people to paperless billing if they can see their account history more efficiently online, other than going through bills. It would provide more confidence that Verizon has these items tracked in their database, other than just on the monthy bill.



I once had to talk to billing and show one month, and then the following month's bill just to prove that, yes it was there and now it has changed. So I still shy from paperless billing, even though a paper PDF can be downloaded.


Promote that in addition to the ability for downloading an electronic copy of your bill for archiving, account and repair order history is now availible online, and more easily found. Stop your paper, it is no longer required. You can now see a history of any change to your account.

Status: Acknowledged
The telephone switch box at the corner of my block is always being covered by ugly graffiti no matter how often it is painted over. My suggestion is to collaborate with Philadelphia Mural Arts program and have mural artists paint these boxes. This would discourage the vandals and beautify neighborhoods where Verizon's customers live.
Status: Acknowledged

Promotional products provided free upon request.

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎04-05-2013 11:07 AM - last edited on ‎04-05-2013 07:24 PM by Moderator

I want Verizon FiOS Quantum bumper stickers? You know a good one, that is not made of paper. Something that will not fade. I believe Verizon should send out promptional products that are useful, and not bill stuffers that waist paper for things customers already have, but for things you have, and like? Perhaps a small yard sign like the alarm companies have. Alarm companies only charge about $4 for extras, I think they would be better given out at the stores, than the free bags, or if customers want promotional products provide them for free upon request. Made out of recycled products of course.

Status: Acknowledged

Auto-reboot TV after planned power down?

Status: Acknowledged
by skyeblue on ‎07-25-2013 01:02 PM

We would love to power down our cable box when not in use.  We do not use DVR (for taping) or TV between midnight and 4pm on weekdays - there are exceptions like the World Cup, but these are very rare.   I can put the box on a power strip with a timer, but what I need is a way to get the system to bootup on its own when power comes back to it - that way when we turn the TV on, it will be ready to go.   At 25W a day, this will save about 4000W per home over a year's time.    


We would keep router on all day as that is in use.  



Status: Acknowledged
Hmm, that's an interesting concept. Your focus on saving energy is admirable. This will be shared with the team responsible for Set Top boxes. Thanks for your post.
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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