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I realize this issue was brought up last year, but the names of packages have changed since then and I thought I'd add a couple more suggestions.


I think I understand the frustration people have voiced about losing channels between packages. When cable first was introduced there really wasn't a lot of choice. I remember the only packages was basic cable or premium channels such as HBO and Showtime.  Over time the amount of networks has increased and with the advent of Dish Networks have increased the value of certain networks based on their demand.


I don't think it's unreasonable for customers to assume when they upgrade to the next tier of service that they retain the channels they started with. What I don't know is what channels that were added that caused the need to eliminate channels to compensate to cost of the upgrade package. 


As of May 2104 the difference between the Select HD and the Preferred HD (formerly called Prime) is 50 new channels and 12 eliminated channels.


Among the eliminated channels, BBC America and Boomerang which many have voiced a concern about. My question, are there any new channels added that equal the cost of these two networks? From the list of the additional channels when upgrading to Preferred HD there seems to be more sports, government news sites and specialty networks such as Comedy Central and SyFy Channel. I think most customers want the added specialty networks, but Select HD went from zero sports and government news sites to three instances of C-Span and half a dozen sports networks. All great additions, but do we need to lose Boomerang and BBC America in the process?


Unique stations like BBC America offer some of the most innovative programming in the world so treating it like a throwaway network while adding more duplicate networks doesn't seem equitable. However I have no knowledge of how network agreements work. I would assume you have 3 versions of C-Spans because that's they way they are bundled for the market. All I know is that bumping up to Extreme HD just to get back BBC America and Boomerang doesn't make any sense when I'm be asked to pay for over 200 channels I really don't want.


If I had one more pitch, it would be to separate sports from basic entertainment packages and use it like an al carte addition. That would eliminate around 8 networks from the Preferred HD package.  Lets say that bundle costs $5 to $10 then Preferred HD should get more programming unless returning of the 12 eliminated stations uses up that savings. Sports fans can pay the extra $5 to $10 for Preferred HD plus sports. If you haven't guessed I'm not really a sports fan, but I don't think of this suggestion as penalizing sports fans. I'm just saying to go from zero sports with Select HD to adding 8 sports related networks with Preferred HD. Sports is clearly taking up the lion's share of additional programming. If you're not into sports, you're in the situation of losing what you like in lieu of what you don't. If most sports fans aren't into the specialty networks like Animal Planet or Oxygen, they should be able to get this sports package with the Select HD package which would end up saving them money.

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I am pretty much 100% disgusted that subscribers like myself who do not watch TV have no options for reduced monthly fees to remove the Fios TV service. I also have just about no need for the landline phone either. Why is the TriplePlay the same price as Internet-only? It's ridiculous. 

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Let good customers upgrade equipment --- for FREE

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by ahc11 on ‎08-03-2012 09:23 PM - last edited on ‎08-04-2012 06:26 AM by Moderator

I've been a customer of fios for over 3 years. I've never been delinquent on a bill. I hardly call customer service for anything. I heard that there is a new fios router that is GigE and 802.11N, whereas my current router is 10/100 and 802.11G...


I called to speak with a csr and was told that she could not guarantee which router was sent from the garage and that it was the V3 that I wanted. She told me that if she could, she would... But instead to try the Verizon plus store near my house and that they would swap out my old 802.11G box for the new v3 --- and would do it for free. 


So I called the Verizon store near my place... They were nice and said that unfortunately they don't have these new v3 boxes yet and that I should try calling Verizon fios directly because they can help me. 


So I called. He person I spoke with told me I was mistaken and that I was given bad information. That they can only swap like equipment. 


Seems like each department is given different information...


Which brings me to my idea.


a) train all staff equally


B) allow your good customers... Those that have recommended your service to many many many people... Those that pay their bills. To upgrade to the latest equipment...


Why would you penalize EARLY ADOPTERS?

Why would you alienate the same people who help your NPS?


It doesn't make sense. You have a better chance of retaining me longer and having me remain a promoter much longer - which will lead to a higher ARPU.


But instead you risk losing a customer and converting me to a Detractor.

It just ticks me off that new customers get better rates than old customers get.  How do you reward old customers?  Well of course we charge them higher rates.  This will drive me to your competition because they also give better rates to their new customers.  Wouldn't it be easier to retain customers that you have ?

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Allow 75MB clients to get the new N routers without the upgrade fee.

Status: Acknowledged
by as2higpark ‎02-21-2013 11:22 AM - edited ‎02-21-2013 11:24 AM

I am a long standing FIOS customer and supporter, but I was disappointed to know that when I recently upgraded to the 75MB download speed, I was not able to get the new "N" router without a large upgrade fee.


The "G" router supports a Max of 54Mbps speed, so for wireless connections (for me 9 out of 10 possible devices), I am losing 30% of my speed right off the top.


When I asked a Fios sales person, they could not explain why customers who get the 150MB package get the "N" router free of charge, but the 75MB customers do not. We are both above the limit.


Please, someone from Verizon make this better and offer the new routers to customers who are losing speed without it.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks, I understand your point. I will pass this on to the appropriate team. Keep posting.


Don't give new customers old equipment !!!

Status: Acknowledged
by KenWVT on ‎06-14-2011 09:13 AM

As a new customer I was shocked when the installer went to give me an old Motorola silver dvr box instead of the new black dvr boxes with 500 gb storage. This is made even worse by the fact that Verizon wants 39.99 to upgrade an old customer to the larger hardware.  The installer was nice enough to go back to the shop and get me the black moto box.


The older silver boxes should only be given to old customers to replace a device, a new customer should never be given this old inferior hardware !!!


Same goes for routers.

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Public Notifcation

Status: Acknowledged
by Bearrr on ‎05-19-2014 04:55 PM

i'm a frstrated person in Connecicut, why am i frustrated you may ask?

Well, we get all of the Verison Fios commericals, but no one in the state can get it the product.

Does this make since? No it doesnt!

I've heard a great deal about it from friends living in the selling areas and your commericals!

Please either stop showing the commericals in this area or tell us why we cannot have it it 'really why', maybe we can rally to get something changed if thats what it is.


Thank you.


Status: Acknowledged

Would it be possible to offer the latest wireless N router with an upgrade fee or purchase?

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎12-17-2011 09:20 AM - last edited on ‎12-17-2011 03:24 PM by Moderator

I know many have wanted wireless N for their home network use, but Verizon continues the policy that they only support wireless at the WAN speed provided to the customer. Even then it is not guaranteed do to so many factors. A path to the latest gigabit and wireless N router would be nice for customers that don't have 150/35. Even if no one chooses to pay, it would provide an option.


Would it be possible for Verizon to offer the latest wireless N router with an upgrade fee? To perhaps split the cost or cover the entire cost? This could perhaps cause more issues than it is worth, but would also allow customers that do not have 150/35, to get the latest router available. Many customers have just added hardware to the Actiontec to get faster wireless speeds, but many have just continued to complain, and would probably complain more if you offered it with a fee. It would provide options for those who want it. I thought I will throw this out here, but will also post it as an idea if it has already not been done. It may be a duplicate idea, but I do not believe the idea has been posted with an offer to pay.:smileywink:



Status: Acknowledged

Fios Quantum

Status: Acknowledged
by Hush on ‎03-20-2013 11:41 AM

I was told that Fios would cost no more than my DSl (and phone), and there were no installation charges.

They then billed me 60$ for Activation - which is throwing a switch. 

I objected, they relented.

I upgraded to 50/25 Quantum, but never got that speed Sometime 9, sometimes 17. They tried and tried.  Hours of tech support. A technician visit. Three remote sesions. Finally we plugged the new laptop into the ethernet and got 50mbps.  "Oh we don't garuntee wireless speeds of 50". 

How come the desktop PC doesn't get 50? 

No telling.  must be slow hardware.

No, the NIC is optimized at 100.  It's plugged into the same router.


Here's the Idea.


Tell people that 50/25 requires a direct ethernet connection.

Tell people Activation and Installation are different things.

Don't have the customer spend hours on a problem.

Status: Acknowledged
Glad to hear that you reached the the 50mps! I completely understand the need for more detailed information. Your suggestions are warranted and will be passed on to the appropriate team. Thanks for posting.

Bring FIOS to Charlotte, NC!!

Status: Not Likely
by mlack4 ‎03-16-2013 06:12 PM - edited ‎03-16-2013 06:17 PM

Verizon, please bring the FIOS services to Charlotte, NC. The benefit for the city as well as your company is undeniable! Charlotte is one of the nation's fastest growing cities and 2nd largest banking hub, as well as home to 3 universities, one of which specializing in cutting edge mechanical and electrical research innovations. Not to mention the over 750,000 people in the city alone that would be greatly appreciative of the added option for tv and internet services. The only real competition in the area is Time Warner Cable who makes no effort to improve lackluster customer service and monopolizes the vast market in the area. Please consider expansion to North Carolina Verizon!!!

Status: Not Likely
Currently, there are no plans to offer residential service in Charlotte, NC. Thanks so much for inquiring about FiOS.

Votes for Washington DC Metro Area.

If you want it, vote for it!

Speeds like 150/65 or Faster!


Please add your vote by clicking on the up arrow to the left. The one with the plus sign. It may be obvious to most, but for someone that may never have voted it may not be.


To be helpful, please add a comment on your location, such as county, town, or city, not your address, or other personal information. This will let Verizon know where people are, that want faster Internet. FASTER QUANTUM!

Status: Acknowledged

I have noticed that when a customer enrolls in Automatic Bill Payment (AutoPay), the customer is also automatically enrolled in paper-free billing.  This change is not specifically stated or spelled out during the process, and the customer may not (and probably will not) realize the change until it occurs.


I've also noticed that the automatic change to paper-free billing occurs when any changes are made to this service, such as  entering a new charge card, updating an existing card, etc.  I observed this change because it just happened when I updated the expiration date on one of my existing cards.  Personally I think this practice is slightly deceptive, because the customer is not specifically advised of the change to paper-free.  When the customer learns about it later, ill will is generated.


Verizon would be well advised to change this practice and make paper-free billing entirely optional rather than automatic.  This change makes it easier for the customer to become accustomed to automatic payments, and that would be helpful to both Verizon and to the customer.

Status: Acknowledged

I do not understand why Verizon refuses to offer existing customers the same good deals they offer to new customers when it's time for existing customers to renew their contracts.  Since this is the case, I plan to get rid of FiOS TV and FiOS home phone services and only have internet.

Status: Maybe Later
The deeper discount for new customers is primarily intended to compensate for the effort involved with switching from another provider... installation, etc...

I just went through the process of renewing my 2 year Fios triple play agreement on line and once again, I had a patient on line customer service rep walk me through the process.  Verizon Fios is a very complete and reliable product, far superior to cable and I am definitely not complaining.  The downside, though, is that it takes an hour to go through the process of renewing my agreement on line with assistance from customer serivce and I just think the process could be a lot more efficient if the on line instructions were more self-explanatory in layman's terms.  I always need to renew my agreement along with assistance from customer service for that reason, so that someone who knows the verbiage can translate everything into more user friendly language and so I don't click on the wrong thing.  When I renewed my agreement 2 years ago, it was a similar thing. 


Here are some examples of how this would have been confusing without a live consultant:

When starting the process on line, the customer is presented with 2 choices: renew existing agreement or upgrade services.  Hmmm...can I renew my existing agreement and keep everything exactly the same or am I required to make certain upgrades on my plan to lock in the same monthly bill for the next two years?  The customer service person had to clarify that.  And then I was faced with the confusion of which services to upgrade while keeping the price the same: TV, phone, or Internet?  That had to be discussed as well and it was like a process of elimination.  We started by trying to keep the services the same but in the end, I had to upgrade to the quantum Internet speed which is fine.  It's always a good deal in the end when I come away with certain upgrades and discounts while keeping my monthly bill the same. 


On my screen, there was a clear message in the right hand margin that I would get a $15 discount on my monthly bill.  But then when I got to the bonus rewards page, I was back to being confused and the patient customer serivce rep had to translate that as well.  What's a $15 agreement incentive or a $10 agreement incentive?  Is that the same thing as the $15 discount on the first page, is it an addition, or does it negate the original statement of that $15 discount?  The customer service rep had to explain to me that it's an additional discount for my monthly bill. 


Basically I am saying that if the on line instructions were presented in clearer language that a customer could understand, the process for renewing my agreement on line without a customer service rep would probably go a lot quicker.  It's not that I don't want to contact customer service and certainly I don't want to be doing this the wrong way but we all have busy lives and it's hard sometimes when I have to do this at night after work while I have other things to do.  To me, the language seems more geared toward a Verizon employee who is familiar with the terminology and uses it all the time.  The process can get complicated quickly without understanding all of the instructions properly. 

Status: Acknowledged

Do not assume Cell Phone is desired as primary phone contact

Status: Acknowledged
by Silver Contributor V ‎08-05-2012 03:13 AM - edited ‎08-05-2012 03:15 AM

I recently discovered that you assume that a Cell phone is the primary number desired for contact on regular FIOS residential accounts.  Not sure if this is also true for other types of Verizon accounts.  Definitely wasn't always so.


In my case I just did a FIOS upgrade, and was surprised to find the calls about the upgrade kept coming to my Cell phone.  I am retired, and no longer use my cell phone much, even keeping it off for long periods of time.  I almost missed the calls having to go fetch my cell phone when I heard it ringing.


The way the customer profile is setup you push for the cell phone to be entered, even assume that it supports SMS (mine is blocked for SMS).  And if the cell phone is entered you use that for primary contact.  You no longer have a space for primary or home phone, and only use the alternate number, if entered, for secondary contact.  Only way I appear to have to get my home phone called, is to enter NONE for cell phone and my home phone as alternate phone number.

Status: Acknowledged
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