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verizon need a device to stop somebody who are using a tracking device to change my password.

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by jabodj on ‎03-31-2012 12:25 PM

somebody is using a tracking device to watch me on my desktop pc !they change my password accounts all the time ! verizon need a device to stop this a security rundll.exe securirty virus was puy on my desktop pc.when i first got my dsl router box no verizon security was download on my desktop pc !this security rundll.exe trojan had took over my pc! i use norton security it destroy the trojan security virus !i am using an open wireless internet now no verizon dsl for it verizon security suite was never no good

Status: Acknowledged
by mpoter187 on ‎03-31-2012 03:03 PM

Sounds like you still have part of the trojan or rootkit on the PC, nothing the ISP can do.  Here's the way I would resolve the issue.  


First disconnect your PC from the internet or power it down completely.  Go to a computer at another location (friends house, work etc)  and change all your passwords, you also want to check your bank, credit cards, and credit report to look for unauthorized changes. 


 Second back up all your data on the PC to a flash drive, dvd etc, then either take the PC to professional to have them clean it, or use the system recovery disk / or partition to bring it back to a clean slate.  Also call Verizon and have them walk you through doing a reset on your router and setup a new WPA2 key for the wireless


Once the PC is back and clean when you reconnect it immediately install new security software, and then run windows update, then update all your other software, then copy data back etc.


Keep a close eye on your PC after it is cleaned, I would avoid any account that has anything to do with money (banks paypal etc) for a week to make sure your pc is safe.  You will also want to keep your eye on your credit report, credit cards, and bank account for at least a year.

by Moderator on ‎06-21-2012 05:34 PM
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