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Leads, Leads, Leads!

by Monte_Beck on ‎11-22-2010 03:22 PM

newcustomerroundup.jpgThese days we here it said that the recovering economy is all about jobs, jobs, jobs – and it’s absolutely true for anyone seeking employment.  For an entrepreneur, however, the mantra is more one of leads, leads, leads – and that’s because leads are the bread and butter of expanding an enterprise of any size.


You may need to look at your lead generation from a non-traditional perspective or you may simply need to devote more time to the blocking-and-tackling required to build your business. Small business marketing expert Jon Jantsch of DuctTape Marketing  talked about how to attract customers and generate referrals earlier this year on “Teach Your Business to Market Itself,” a Verizon Small Business webinar. 


But leads come in all shapes and sizes and sometimes in the strangest ways according to this take on lead generation.  The important point is that leads are the lifeblood of an expanding business and you need to be creative in your approach.  While the Internet and social media aren’t the end-all for lead generation, they have become much more the be-all.


Google AdWords is a destination for many who want to develop that online optimized lead generation capability and Facebook fan pages are also becoming another rich source for building leads. Here’s a simple tutorial on how to build a fan page.


So whatever size your business may be and wherever it’s located – home, storefront, office or elsewhere, you’ll need the basics to compete.  That is, a way for people to connect with you personally (phone/email/in person), a description of your products, services and location (website) and, finally, a business plan to attract and interact with customers in multiple venues - on site, online, by phone, etc.. 


After that, it’s up to you to provide the best service to support a good reputation that will be the source of leads for many years to come!

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