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Introducing J2Solutions; A Philadelphia Area Business

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We are so please to have connected with Vijay Khatnani recently who shared information about his business, offered tips to other business owners as well as how his company depends on FiOS services.  





Celebrating Small Businesses In Philly May 13-17

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SBW-logo4.gifSmall businesses are the backbone of our country, and Verizon is joining with the Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce  to present the region’s inaugural Small Business Week May 13-17.  Over these five days, we will be celebrating and recognizing the critical contributions of the region’s more than 150,000 small businesses.


Small Business Week in Philadelphia will feature a series of events allowing small business owners to gain insights to better run their business and opportunities to network.  While most of the activities will take place in or near Philadelphia, there is a webinar next Thursday, May 16, that anyone with a broadband connection can join.


Highlights of Small Business Week in Philadelphia include:


small biz shopper.jpgGuest post by Chase Paymentech, providing thousands of Verizon customers’ best-in-class debit and credit card processing through Verizon Merchant Services.


The global payments landscape is constantly evolving and so is the way your customers pay for their purchases. Technologically savvy and constantly on the go, today’s consumer is more likely to tap and go than to swipe and sign. So what does this mean to the long-standing card-present and card-not-present concepts we have always used as our dominant payment differentiator? A lot!


Money Rules for Small Business Success

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Jean.jpgGuest post by Jean Chatzky, a nationally known personal finance expert, author and frequent guest on The View, Morning Joe and The Oprah Winfrey Show.  In the latest free webinar presented by Verizon Small Business, Ms. Chatzky shared tips for small business owners to find the right financial balance.



Small Business Owners are among the most optimistic people on the planet – I think you have to be to do what you do. But according to recent research, you aren’t feeling particularly great right now. In March, the National Federation of Small Business Index of Small Business Optimism turned downward. That’s not good for the overall US economy (you and others like you are responsible for half of private GDP and half of private sector hiring), but it’s not particularly good for your own business or your own life. Because in my experience when you’re not feeling optimistic, you’re not doing enough to take control of your own financial lives – and your own financial futures. 


Having some Money Rules can help. Rules not only save us from societal chaos; they make our lives easier. Rules provide us with a filter. A means of looking at most of the money decisions we’re asked to make and enabling us to simply say: Yes. Or, just as importantly, no. Here are the ones I like best, and can help you make financial decisions for your business and for yourself:


What’s In The Cloud May Be Good For Your Business

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VZ Webinar Series ICON.jpgCheck out this webinar with entrepreneur Robby Hill, president and CEO of HiLLSouth, an information technology consulting firm. 


In this webinar, Robby discussed how cloud applications apply to your small business and he explains some of the complexities and amazing features that the technology offers.


Robby discussed the shift from just selling PCs to focusing on the many cloud computing products that are flooding the marketplace and understand what to look for to meet your needs.


To view this free webinar go to:


Ignorance Can Be Bliss in Business

by Employee on ‎03-26-2013 07:34 AM

Kevin Johnson.jpgGuest post from Kevin D. Johnson, president of Johnson Media Inc. Johnson is also a serial entrepreneur with several years of experience leading his multimillion-dollar marketing and communications company that now serves many of the most notable Fortune 100 businesses. As an innovative leader, he has appeared on ABC’s Good Morning America, CBS, Oprah Radio, and in The New York Times and The Wall Street Journal. Moreover, he has appeared on CNN frequently. He is author of the new book The Entrepreneur Mind: 100 Essential Beliefs, Characteristics, and Habits of Elite Entrepreneurs.




Pete Kight has a success story that is simply amazing. The company he founded, CheckFree, was acquired in 2007 by Fiserve for approximately $4.4 billion in cash. In many ways, his story sounds like other millionaire success stories that include dropping out of school, being ridiculed for pursuing a big idea, receiving rejection after rejection from prospective customers, having little money to fund his dream, and so on. But one aspect of his story is truly inspiring, and it serves as a profound lesson in entrepreneurship.


I was fortunate to hear Pete relate his fascinating accomplishments in person and in his own words just a few months before his company was acquired. He began telling his story before a crowd of students, entrepreneurs, and dignitaries: “I didn’t do well in school. In fact, I dedicated most of my time and energy to sports. I was a decathlete. After getting injured and becoming frustrated with college, I dropped out. . . .” His delivery was unimpressive, marked by monotony and an awkward cadence, but everyone was still riveted. The nontraditional path he took to success held everyone’s attention. He didn’t need the swagger or panache of a Donald Trump or the enlightenment of a Warren Buffett.


Easy Access To Your Verizon Small Biz Rewards

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MyBiz welcome screenshot.JPGConsistently, we strive to improve your experience when you are on  We want to make you happy and we want to ensure it’s a breeze for you to access your account information so you can focus on running your business. 


We are so pleased to announce that now when you log into My Business Account you can view your Verizon Small Biz Rewards information. Now you can login from either site using your My Business Account user ID and password to review your points balance, redeem your points for rewards and more.  You can also navigate between the Small Biz Rewards area and the account area without the need to login again.  This is one of our ongoing initiatives to make your online experience with Verizon more convenient.


If you are not familiar with the Verizon Small Biz Rewards program, it was developed especially for our business customers. If you are already a Verizon business customer and haven’t enrolled in the Verizon Small Biz Rewards program sign up now!  Members earn points every month when they use qualifying Verizon services. 


If you are a member tell us how you use your rewards points and what item(s) you love to redeem. 



Are you Self-Employed or thinking about starting your own business?

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Guest blog by Steve Strauss:                                                    Headshot for web.JPG Steve Strauss.JPG

USA TODAY Senior Small Business Columnist

AuthorThe Small Business Bible, 3rd ed.




I have a question for you: Let’s say that you have been out of work for a while and you have no real prospects of finding a job? What do you do? Or what if you are a single mom and need the flexibility of making your own hours but your boss dosen't’t quite see things that way? Or what if you have simply have had it working for someone else and what you really long for is to be your own boss? What do you do?


You join the ranks of the self-employed, that’s what.


It is no secret that the nature of work is changing rapidly right now, and my friends here at Verizon are helping to power that change. Not only are more people working outside of an office, outside the traditional 9 to 5 job, and not only are companies finding that they can get by hiring freelancers instead of employees, but a whole new generation of workers are similarly discovering that they don’t need that job that they once thought was so indispensable.


It’s a revolution, a self-employment revolution.


There are many things that have coalesced to create this self-employment revolution, and not the least of which has been the challenging economy the past few years which has forced more than a few people to become entrepreneurs . . . Whether they wanted to or not.


And fortunately, technology has made that doable. Not long ago, becoming self-employed may have seemed daunting – where would you find the work, how would you do the work, did you have the resources to do a good job?


All that has changed in the blink of an eye.


Week #5 of Share Your Small Business Story for a Chance to Win $$$

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Welcome to week 5 of our 5 week “Tell us your Small Business Story” campaign…..


This is your last opportunity to share a story about your business for a chance to win a $250 AMEX gift card, courtesy of American Express. 


Every week during this campaign we have had a different topic.


For our final week we want to hear : How are you using Mobile Broadband for your business?


Where were we before mobile broadband?  Not very long ago “Hotspots” were used and inevitably you knew by just walking by a coffee shop, book store or another similar retail establishment that offered seating areas and people where on their laptops, they were in a “Hotspot” area.  It seemed as if people would stay in designated “Hotspots” for hours and I often wondered how retailers remained profitable.  Many people still use “Hotspots” or Wifi to access the internet while on the go.  However with the launch mobile broadband and mobile broadband embedded devices, the coffee shops are not as crowded as they once were.  Now with the entrance of 4G mobile broadband…. Speed is king. 


Looking at mobile broadband for business, it has enabled businesses large and small to conduct business while on the go.  You no longer have to wait until you are back in your office or look for the nearest "Hotspot" to conduct business.  With the surge of start ups, mobile broadband is a must.  One major benefit of mobile broadband to an owner is you no longer have to be concerned or bogged down with loss of productivity and finding the time to complete paperwork once you are back in your office.  I found a few great tips for “How to use Mobile Broadband in your Small Business” by Blake Sanders.  Mobile broadband allows businesses to focus on what they do best, driving their business.       


Mobile Broadband for Business.jpg



VZ Webinar Series ICON.jpgIn the first live free webinar of 2013 presented by Verizon’s small business team you’ll hear from Damien and Derek Hoffman, co-founders of Wall Street Cheat Sheet, a leading financial media company, providing top insights specifically for investors, business professionals, and entrepreneurs.  The company was named the #1 Social Media Influencer on Wall Street according to Forbes, a finalist for Forbes List of America’s Most Promising Companies in 2011, as well as a top financial outlet according to the Wall Street Journal.


In this one hour live webinar learn secrets to their success from the Hoffman brothers. Learn how launched during a recession yet it grew and flourished. 


If you can’t join us live this Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET, all of our webinars are available for on-demand replay (just go to 


We hope you'll join us for this live free webinar this Wednesday at 2 p.m. ET, to register:


Week #4 of Share Your Small Business Story for a Chance to Win $$$

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Welcome to week 4 of our 5 week “Tell us your Small Business Story” campaign….. For the next 2 weeks share a story about your business for a chance to win a $250 AMEX gift card, courtesy of American Express. 


Every week during this campaign we’ll have a different topic.


For this week we want to hear How are you using social media to market/grow your business?


Social media has taken on a life of its own.   Initially what started out as a vehicle to stay in touch with family and friends have grown to now include businesses, organizations, schools….. you name it; chances are they are using some form of social media.  As a business owner using social media to market your business is time and effort worth spent.  Many businesses are so pressed for time; they do not devote the time needed to get started the right way.  Utilizing social media to market & grow your business should not be used as you are using it in your personal life.   With so many to choose from, businesses must look at which social media forums fit their business.  In addition knowing if their targeted audience uses that specific platform.  The beauty of have a multitude to choose from also allows businesses to explore and land on the few that meet their needs.  Yes, businesses can and many are using several social media forums, however the caveat is to effectively manage the content and on varies forums appropriately. 

There a multitude of ways as a business you can utilize social media to market and grow your business.  If you are only using social media for one aspect of your business, make sure you have your seat belt on and explore the many ways social media can assist accelerating your business.  I found an article by Steve Nichols entitled Social Media Applications Guide, which is worth reading on the many ways businesses can and have used social media for the business.





Got a Big Idea? It Could Be Worth Millions

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Power Answers.pngGuest post by Raymond McConville with Verizon corporate media relations’ team.


With great power, comes great responsibility. As the operator of some of the most advanced wireless and broadband networks in the world, Verizon has the power to transform lives, and the responsibility to make the world we live in a better place.


It’s with that mindset that we launched the Powerful Answers Award at the International CES this week in Las Vegas.  With $10 million total in prize money, the Powerful Answers Award will be a year-long competition to challenge the best technology minds in the industry to develop wireless, wireline, or cloud-based solutions that address issues in health care, education and sustainability.


Welcome to week 3 of our 5 week “Tell us your Small Business Story” campaign….. For the next 3 weeks share a story about your business for a chance to win a $250 AMEX gift card, courtesy of American Express. 


 Every week during this campaign we’ll have a different topic.


For this week we want to hear How are you utilizing Tablets in your business?


As we look at how mobile technology trends for businesses and mobile business apps, it would be remiss of me if I didn’t bring up tablets.  Tablets started out as consumer product and quickly moved into the business world.  Business owners see the value of having a tablet and have turned in their laptops.  The mobility factor alone for having a tablet that can do everything your laptop and desktop can is immeasurable……. Many businesses utilize their tablets to conduct business while on the go along with increasing their productivity whether on email, editing/sharing of documents, presentations, social media, managing expenses, banking and much more…. I found an insightful article on “Why Isn’t Your Business Using Tablets?



Get Your Emergency Preparedness Plan On

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Resolve-to-be-ready-133x300px.jpgGuest post by Faizun Kamal, public affairs director for Verzion.


It’s a brand new year, so why not take the time now to ensure your small business is protected before, during and after an emergency or disaster?  The Federal Emergency Management Agency’s Resolve to be Ready campaign is not only about protecting individuals and providing resources for them, it also has a wealth of preparedness information for businesses.    


As we have seen, extreme weather is a matter of “when,” not “if.”  Does your business have an emergency response plan?  A business continuity plan?


It doesn’t take much time to develop a plan to protect your business if disaster strikes.  A preparedness program includes five steps:


Week #2 of Share Your Small Business Story For a Chance to Win $$$

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Welcome to week 2 of our 5 week “Tell us your Small Business Story” campaign….. For the next 4 weeks share a story about your business for a chance to win a $250 AMEX gift card, courtesy of American Express. 


 Every week during this campaign we’ll have a different topic.


For this week we want to hear What is your favorite business app and why?


In the day of modern technology, apps are a way a life for many if not everyone who owns any type of mobile device i.e. smartphone/tablet/laptop.  With the convenience of mobile apps we are more productive, with apps that you can download and share important documents to banking to video conferencing to taking mobile payments plus many more…. Also many people find themselves addictive to their favorite past time; playing their favorite game on their mobile devices.  I have often found myself while waiting at the doctor’s office or on the train commuting to the city, playing one or two games and even getting the latest update on my favorite football teams on my Smartphone. 

I am often reminded of a commercial that ran a year or two ago… “There Is An App for That”!  Whatever you wanted to accomplish on your mobile device there is an app for that…..   According to an article I found on the Business Insider, based on their survey, they have comprised a list (by category) of the 100 best a...




Share Your Small Business Story For A Chance To Win $$$

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For the next 5 weeks share a story about your business for a chance to win a $250 AMEX gift card, courtesy of American Express.  Every week during our  “Tell Us Your Small Business Story” campaign we’ll have a different topic. (Due to the holidays, you have until midnight 12/29 for this week's response)


To kick off our campaign we want to hear how Mobile Technology has changed, improved, and/or enhanced your business!


As a business owner, business happens wherever you are…  Gone are the days of transacting business in an office.  Business owners today take advantage of every opportunity to market/promote their business and sell their products or services. 

Mobile Technology.png


Analyze Your Customers’ Purchases To Find Shopping Trends

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pulse_graph small.jpgGuest post by Marcie Wiehagen of Chase Paymentech.



This year, you can track how the holiday spending is trending.




Chase launched the 2012 Chase Holiday Pulse, a comprehensive and near-real-time tracker of consumer shopping trends during the holiday season.


For the seventh consecutive year, Pulse will provide data tracking online sales volume, payment transactions and average ticket value from 50 of its largest ecommerce retailers.  For the first time, Pulse provides aggregated Chase card retail spending data at brick-and-mortar merchants. Together, the data offers a comprehensive, one-of-a kind insight into both online and in-store holiday shopping habits. 


Join Thought Leaders on Dec. 10 to Learn Innovative Ways to Boost Profits, Reduce Environmental Impact. 

We have organized a special event on Monday to bring thought leaders together to provide insights and tips to help your business grow while being green.

VZ small_biz_info ICON.png


It is the end of another week – and that means we have some great articles to help you run your business better.

VZ small_biz_info ICON.png



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diaster 2.pngIf small business is the backbone of America’s economy, we’ve taken a couple of jolts to our spine with Hurricane Sandy and the subsequent nor’easter.  Recovery in the wake of these back-to-back storms is especially important to Verizon because the entrepreneurs that own these businesses are, in many cases, both residential and commercial customers of ours.  With that in mind, we want to share the following information resources to aid your recovery throughout the stricken area – while Verizon continues to work round-the-clock to restore services to our customers and assist those affected by the storms.


Verizon Small Biz Rewards Customers Can Earn 250 Bonus Points Easily Thru Nov. 15

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VZ Small Biz Rewards.jpg 




Blog post by Jane McCarthy and Mary Pociask, Verizon’s job share team managing the Verizon Small Biz Rewards program.


If you are a Verizon small business customer then it’s easy to enroll in the Verizon Small Biz Rewards program where you can earn points and redeem it for gift cards, merchandise and more!


We are excited to announce that through November 15th, Verizon business customers can earn 250 bonus points in the new Verizon Small Biz Rewards program just for logging in and visiting the new My Business Account area (limit one bonus per account).  Our customers will not only see all of the enhancements for the My Business Account ( but also will be able to earn valuable credits in our new loyalty program.


Use Social Media To Grow Your Business; Another Must See Webinar from Verizon

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VZ Webinar Series ICON.jpgThis post is by Mark Adams, director of Verizon's small business marketing team.


Join our next live webinar tomorrow, November 7th featuring guest presenter Chris Dessi, CEO of Silverback Social. Learn how to use social media to grow your business. Please click here to register or visit


Chris is an award winning digital thinker, television & radio commentator, author, blogger, and public speaker. Throughout his career in New York and London Chris has worked with Fortune 500 businesses and start-ups alike. He’s is a regular social media expert contributor on Fox Evening News, Good Day New York, and FOX BUSINESS Varney & Co. His first book “Your World is Exploding: How Social Media is changing Everything and How You Need to Change With It”, shot to #1 on’s hot release in its first two weeks of publication.


We took the liberty of abbreviating his title for our webinar, “How Social Media is Changing Everything and How You Need to Change with It.”  So if you haven’t had a chance to purchase or download a copy of Chris’ book, this is your chance to join us for some fascinating tips and Chris’ take on the impact that social media is having on business.


Chris recently blogged, “social media is dead because everything is social media now...we’re surrounded by social media every day in every way. Either proactively engage in this phenomenon – or become obsolete. You’ve been warned.”


Maybe you still don’t have a website for your company.  Maybe you’re still avoiding Facebook like the plague.  Maybe you’re still studying the actual features of your smart phone and you haven’t had time to learn how to start texting or tweeting with it.  And, maybe you’re still stuck in the old way of marketing—telling people about your product in a weekly newspaper ad—hoping they’re your target audience and hoping that they’ll buy from you.  (You should also be hoping that the newspaper’s circulation does not decrease, so it will be around next month or next year for you).


Dessi.pngTo Chris, social media has changed everything.  Today’s successful brands, businesses and sales forces understand that social media enables them to find out how people engage around or connect with others regarding products and services.  How?  By listening to them.  By finding new or innovative ways to service them.  By using the input from social media channels to actually change products or services to make them better.  Join our webinar to learn more on how you can use social media to reach your customers and grow your business!


To all Verizon Small Business customers in the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic states, we have compiled a list of steps you should consider taking to ensure business continuity as Hurricane Sandy approaches.


Based on your feedback, the most effective service option for many business owners affected by last July’s storm and flooding was our Remote Call Forwarding feature.  This allowed business owners to reroute their calls even if they could not physically access their brick and mortar locations.  Additional tips include the following.


Webinar photo.jpgDo you know what steps to take to incorporate your new business?


John Meyer of the Company Corporation does, and he shared a lot of great information with us on Wednesday (Oct. 24) during the latest installment of the Verizon Business Owners Webinar Series.


In the webinar replay, John not only discusses the step-by-step mechanics of how to incorporate, but also provides many detailed insights on why you might choose one option over another.


Webinar photo.jpgThis post is by Mark Adams, director of Verizon's small business marketing team.


In addition to getting your version of “the American Dream” off the ground, small business owners are faced with wearing many hats on a daily basis.  There’s the marketing of your business, or maybe you’ve had concerns about inventory and/or finding vendors for your products or services.  You may also be faced with the challenges of bookkeeping and payroll, and then there’s a constant need to find new customers.  The list can go on and on.  But the reality is that these are the tasks and decisions that every business owner faces on a daily and weekly basis. 


That’s why companies like The Company Corporation are so important to small business owner -- whether you’re thinking about launching your dream, or you’ve already been working out of the family basement for a couple of years and you’re trying to grow your idea.


We are at it again – we found the following articles for you to help you run your small business better. 

VZ small_biz_info ICON.png


Free Webinar With Melinda Emerson (@SmallBizLady): Become A Twitter Ninja!

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VZ Webinar Series ICON.jpgIMG_Melinda_headshot.jpgWe’re excited and honored to have the brilliant Melinda Emerson be part of theVerizon Webinar Seriesthis coming Wednesday, October 10. Click here (or go to to register today for our live free webinar featuring Melinda on Oct. 10th as she shares tips on, “How to Become a Twitter Ninja.”


As the final installment of our celebration of National Women in Small Business Month, Melinda (@SmallBizLady) will walk us through some advanced techniques for using Twitter to grow your brand.


Recently, Forbes named Melinda the #1 woman for entrepreneurs to follow on Twitter. She hosts a weekly live Twitter chat at #Smallbizchat and is the bestselling author of Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months.


Melinda (ME) agreed to answer some mostly Twitter-related questions in advance of her presentation next week.


1.   What are your thoughts on organic growth versus paid follows?


ME: Organic growth is authentic growth. If you pay for followers or fans your will never be able to monetize your online influence. Take the time to build a real following; that’s the only way to build a lasting brand.


2.   What can someone expect as a reasonable time commitment to do it right, that is to employ all the tips and tricks effectively while building a presence and a following?

ME: It took me 18 months of steady work sharing valuable content online before I was noticed and taken seriously as a small business authority. Many of the other big names in social media have shared similar time frames. Social media marketing is a long-tail strategy. It is not going to start raining money in your business the minute you start using Twitter.


VZ Webinar Series ICON.jpgThis post is from Mark Adams, director of marketing for Verizon's small business team.



Did you know, according to U.S. Census data, women-owned small businesses have become the fastest growing segment within the small business community?  We know how important the small business community is to our American economy.


That’s why my team, the Verizon Small Business team, thought it was important to showcase women in small business as we approach October.  We want to celebrate the successes and contributions of women-owned businesses with the larger small business community. And, we want to share their stories.


We hope you’ll join us later, Wednesday, September 26th to hear three of these stories LIVE. 


Joining us for a panel discussion will be Linda Hollander, Debbie Sardone and Elizabeth Heins.  Each is a small business owner and entrepreneur.  Each paved her own path to success.  And each has her own story to tell, tips and insights to share with other small business owners. 


Register now at and join us live and ask your questions.  Then visit our Facebook page and share your story with us too.


Disaster.jpgYes, we wrote about this not too long ago, but this is important, particularly since September is National Preparedness Month.


We never know when a disaster will strike; small business owner in particularly need to have a plan in place to keep your business up and running.


Earlier today we issued a news release with a long list of helpful tips to help you be prepared, click on read more for some key ones specifically for small business owners.



VZ Webinar Series ICON.jpgThis post is by  Mark Adams, director of Verizon's small business marketing team.



Do you remember when you made that big decision to finally start your own business?  The excitement?  The venture into the great unknown?  But, above all else, it was that feeling that you just had to try it!


It all began with a dream, right?  I mean, no one starts a business without the power of a dream.  And once you get going, it's so much work, you have to know that underneath all the tough times, uncertainty and challenges, that the dream still lives inside of you.  But sometimes it just gets lost...


"Big Dreams for Small Business" is the theme behind tomorrow’s (Wednesday, September 12th) live, free webinar.  Our guest presenter, Deborah Franco, co-founder of Destiny Entertainment will discuss how important it is for small business owners to reconnect with their dreams. 


During the webinar Deborah will help you to discover ways to build the dream daily. 


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