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No Crystal Balls Needed: The Future Looks Incredibly Bright

by ‎05-24-2011 09:35 AM - edited ‎05-24-2011 10:06 AM


Products often get the star treatment in our industry, but quite frankly, the experiences you have with us are only as good as the network you are on.


As I like to tell my neighbors, Verizon’s networks help people stay connected with the people they care about while using a wide-range of digital devices including PCs, netbooks, TVs, cell phones and tablets.


But while the number of Internet-connected devices we use grows, we feel very confident that the way we’ve built and manage our enterprise, wireless and wireline networks will keep you and me motoring along smoothly.


During the recently concluded Telecommunications Industry Association summit in North Texas, our EVP and Chief Technology Officer Tony Melone discussed the importance of network evolution and innovation. Tony also talked about how Verizon is working to ensure customers are not left behind despite how fast the pace of technology changes.


Before a crowd of 700 technology leaders, Tony said our high-IQ networks are the hub of the wheel that's moving the industry forward.  Our networks are in fact the accelerant that will ensure that the “next big thing” – whatever it happens to be – becomes a reality.


He used the high-profile venue, and interviews with reporters, to also talk with confidence about Verizon’s FiOS and 4G LTE network, and the growing importance of cloud computing.


To deliver high-bandwidth content to HDTVs, PCs, tablets and other devices, we reinvented our wired network, Tony said.  In the last decade, we built the biggest, fastest fiber-optic network in the U.S. that today covers ...


Emphasizing the importance of mobility, Tony focused on our roll-out of the first large-scale 4G LTE network in the

U.S.– and one of the first in the world.  By the end of this year, we’ll provide LTE service in more than 175 markets. And over the next three years, we’ll blanket virtually the whole country, including all of the places where we provide 3G service today…and then some.


Our heightened focus on wireless broadband is not just for bragging rights. 


Customers can’t wait for the kind of speed and power that 4G LTE delivers.  Sales of our first LTE smartphone have been strong, and we’re on track to launch a total of 10 LTE devices by the middle of this year.


With LTE and other 4G technologies, we’re going to enable smart homes and smart offices, provide mobile health care and improve energy management.  For futurists, you only need to look right in front of you because these are things that people have talked about for years.  The reality is that they and other scenarios are now well within our grasp.



The number of sensors embedded in objects and linked to the Internet will grow from 4 billion today to 60 billion by the end of this decade.  The volume of data generated by this “Internet of Things” is expected to double every 18 months. 


And the migration of computing power into the proverbial cloud will help us turn all that information into intelligence that we can use to create new industries and revolutionize existing ones for your benefit.


As much as Verizon is an innovator, the underlying message is that no single company, and no single segment of the industry, can realize the full promise of the broadband era on its own.  So in the months ahead, look for more news from us about our collaborative work with multiple companies with whom we’ll forge partnerships in the dynamically growing Internet ecosystem.


The future looks bright, folks.  If you haven’t already, it’s time to break out your shades.

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Bob Elek

Manager - Media Relations

Photo of Maitreyi Krishnaswamy

Bob stays on top of developments and issues with Verizon’s Consumer and Mass Business segment from his home base in Florida. He has been involved with Fios since it was first being developed and deployed in 2004.

Alberto Canal

Photo of Alberto Canal

Alberto is in the public relations group. He loves to share tech, sustainability, feel-good, and random news of interest. A happy Fios quad play customer, he likes to use his family as guinea pigs.

Deidre Hart

Manager -- Media Relations

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Deidre is a member of the consumer PR team and loves to talk everything Fios and everything football. She’s also a happy Triple Play customer.

Phil Santoro

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Phil has been extolling the virtues of Fios ever since he had his Triple Play installed and can’t image how he ever managed without it. He writes about developing technologies that enable him to fuel his addiction to movies and sports whenever he wants, no matter where he is.

Caroline Wilson

Photo of Caroline

Caroline manages the Verizon Fios Google+ page, capturing the latest in entertainment, technology, sports and everything in between. She loves using social media and the written word to extend the Fios conversation.

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