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Sync my email on computer and mobile devices

I am trying to figure out how to sync my email to my two computers, my Adndroid cell phone and my Samsung Galaxy Tab.  I am tires of deleting messages on four devices.  I found a place in the Q and A section but when I click on it the link does not work.  anyone have any advice?

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Re: Sync my email on computer and mobile devices

The problem is Verizon uses POP mail.  What you want to accomplish cannot be done with POP until Verizon decides to move to IMAP mail.  


In additon to Verizon email I also use GMAIL.  GMAIL does exactly what you want, you delete the mail on your PC or phone and it deletes it everywhere.



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Re: Sync my email on computer and mobile devices

One thing you can try is enabling the setting for deleting the messages from the server when you delete it from your device. This won't necessarily work 100% of the time (if device 2 pulls the message before you delete it from device 1), but it might be somewhat helpful.


I do definitely second jumpin68ny's Gmail suggestion though. You could even set up a Gmail account to pop your address, then imap to that account from your devices.

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Re: Sync my email on computer and mobile devices

There is no way verizon mail account will sync the mail on all devices meaning that the loaded mail has to be deleted separately from each device whcih is pretty annoying. However, I did find a way around it. I simply forward mail to other mail account that does sync with all the devices (i.e. yahoo, gmail etc.).


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