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What is wrong with email system?

Ever since Verizon forced this new interface / format on us, I've had nothing but problems accessing and managing email.  Can someone please get this problem resolved.  It was horrible at the end of last month, then better in January, and now horrible again.  I can log in and see my emails, but when I click on them to access, they won't load.  (System times out.)  Similarly, when I try to delete an email or forward, it's a 50-50 chance that it will happen.  It's taking me twice as long to access email, and I'm definitely considering another provider.....


Please revert to the "old days" of a couple of months ago!

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Re: What is wrong with email system?

My E mail is working fine!  I am using IE8 and Windows XP.  I have had some problems in the past.  Report your problem to "feedback" on E mail page.


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