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smtp outgoing server

I have a new HTC Incredible. I have set up my business POP3 mail account on the HTC. Incoming mail is received just fine. I know I cannot use my business SMTP server to send mail. My business uses as the e-mail server. Verizon said call Cox. Cox says outgoing is a Verizon server so call them. To get a Verizon tech, I waited on the telephone for 39 minutes and got a non-answer.


How do I set up the DROID to send e-mail and not use gMail?

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Re: smtp outgoing server

To send e-mail using another E-mail ISP other than Verizon,


While they say port 587 on that page, it does not have to be that port it has to use some port other than port 25.



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Re: smtp outgoing server

Hi! I can only speak on the email settings for Verizon which are and I would suggest you call COX back and talk to a different rep,

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Re: smtp outgoing server

Why do you say you can't use your business email as outgoing?  If you can use outlook express (not exchange servers) with your business email from your PC, then use the outgoing settings from your pc on your HTC as the outgoing.   The Droid is just like a PC and the internet connection from your pc to your company email is no different than the internet connection from the droid to your company pc....except it doesn't use wires.  :smileyhappy:

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Re: smtp outgoing server

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Found a pretty decent article on re: the email settings HERE

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Re: smtp outgoing server

Hey, this is great information.  Thanks for your help.

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Re: smtp outgoing server

-verizon outgoing server is


-outgoing port number is 25, else you can try 587


-if you wish to use some other email address as your outgoing server, you just need the name for the outgoing server and the associated port number


-all email service servers, in your case cox, HAVE an ougoing port server address and number. There is NO way that this information can not be provided to you by cox if you are a cox customer


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