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Email button

Status: Acknowledged
by Ron22012 on ‎12-17-2012 12:34 PM

Why not show the number of Email in your inbox.  Now you have to go to the Email box to see what Emails are there. If I only have one or two, will wait until later to check.

Status: Acknowledged

Make notaion of MOVE email to a folder

Status: Acknowledged
by capny on ‎11-20-2013 12:45 PM

I would like to have the capability to make a "notaion"   to a EMAIL I Move to folder of my choise.

Status: Acknowledged

fios e-mail

Status: Acknowledged
by larryinbushwick on ‎08-23-2013 08:10 AM

would you please move the log out on the e-mail to the center of the screen because anything over 100 % mag does not

appear.  the edge of screen is gone to us seniors,, with it logout,,,a zoom out becomes necessary.  thanks  larry

Status: Acknowledged
This will passed on the Email Development Team. We can't make any promises on the implementation of your request, but be assured they will take a look.

Fix typographical error in timeout screen

Status: Acknowledged
by Harlan on ‎10-31-2012 10:42 AM


"Remember me" does not work; timeout is not user-variable; the system is silly. 


To add insult to injury, the timeout message has typographical errors.


How about:   

       Your session has been de-activated.  Click Ok to re-activate.



Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by lecrammij on ‎03-06-2013 07:26 AM

I have over 10,000 emails in my Inbox.  I try to clean up the Inbox but the current method is cumbersome and requires hours of my time.  Needless to say it's like trying to bail out a sinking boat.  The only emails I want tokeep are the ones I read.  The ones I ignore are junk emails. It would be great if I could just say "delete all unread emails".  I can't understand why Verizon doesn't have these kinds of filters.  It has to cost Version a lot of money to maintain millions of  unneeded emails fom it's subscribers.

Status: Acknowledged
Now that's a lot of email! Be assured I am not trying to make light of your dilemma, but I just had a visual of a sinking ship with someone using a tea cup to bail water. A filter for Unread Emails would definitely be useful for you and anyone else with an overflowing inbox. Thanks for sharing your idea. I will inquire with the Mail team.

Email spam

Status: Clarification Needed
by Dwbbwd on ‎02-24-2013 11:50 AM
Automatically forward spam emails to spamdetectornotcaught. It takes a lot of time to forward each email separately.
Status: Clarification Needed
Could you elaborate more on your idea?

Verizon 3.0 and IE

Status: Acknowledged
by jimedB on ‎01-12-2012 11:11 AM

How come the people who designed the new Verizon 3.0 decided to omit all Microsoft internet explorer versions from being able to be used to sign in to your Email account? You have done some questionable things in the past but this one takes the cake. It took me 4 calls to CS (got hung up on once) and almost 5 hours before I was finally told that if I wished to sign in to check my Email I would need to download and install firefox browser. The tech then took over my computer and proceeded to change all kind of settings which will take many hours and days to get things back the way they were. Seems like what needed to be done was to put an announcement on the home page or send an Email to let your customers know that you were no longer going to be able to sign in using IE before the change to 3.0 took place. So much for good customer relations.

Status: Acknowledged

When logged into Verizon webmail ( ), if one has no activity for several minutes, a pop-up notice comes up stating "Session Expired".  If one then clicks "ok" in the bottom right corner of the pop-up, a new web page ( appears.


This should not happen.  if the session expires and the user hits "ok", then the login screen for Verizon webmail should come back up. 

Status: Acknowledged

Print options for emails

Status: Acknowledged
by Penny-L on ‎07-23-2012 07:28 AM

I just transferred from cable to FIOS.  One feature in cable internet that I miss is the option to choose print sizes before printing email messages.  This is important when incoming messages use a fine print size or colored fonts that are not as sharp for reading in print.  Any chance Verizon could add this?

Status: Acknowledged

Please add a link in the email notification of a voice message to delete the voice message instead of having to sign on to the website to do that. Much more convenient.

Status: Not Likely
Thanks so much for taking the time to post your idea. It is a great idea but is more complicated than it sounds because the email carries a static file whereas your online account manager links directly into backend systems to allow the changes. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Provide ability to change portal partner without disabling account

Status: Acknowledged

Change back to old way on Webmail....

Status: Acknowledged
by warrenhottie on ‎12-22-2011 05:44 PM - last edited on ‎12-22-2011 06:52 PM by Moderator

Configure Verizon Webmail back to where if you read a message it goes to the next message and automatically opens to where you can read it. Instead of going after you delete the read message, back to the list of complete emails that remain open. Whoever thought of this should be  fired! CHANGE IT BACK! I want somebody calling me back to assure that it will go back to the old way of doing that. Also still get a not supported method after signing into the Email & more overview pop up box that appears & you have to go back & hope it works the next time which still IS NOT FIXED! . And get somebody to reviews this and fix it



Status: Acknowledged

The title pretty much describes it all. I have an Android an was browsing the Android Market looking for FiOS apps and I came across the Verizon FiOS Digital Voice app. The app was incredible. It integrated with all of my contacts on my phone and it allowed me to do everything that I was able to do via PC. I'd love to see this on the iOS front. I have a couple mobile Apple devices (iPad, iPod Touch) and was disappointed not to see this. Additionally, if you guys do decide to implement this idea can it be integrated into the FiOS Mobile apps. I think it'd be much neater if everything was in one place. Currently you have to download a DVR manager app, and remote app. I don't think we should add on to this. Also I think My Verizon should be fully integrated into the FiOS Mobile apps instead of having to go to


Additionally, email integration would be cool to add into the Verizon mobile apps. Comcast has all of the features above and it's really neat.

Status: In Progress

Secure Email Link

Status: Acknowledged
by Evelyn98 on ‎12-19-2012 07:57 AM

When I log into MyVerizon, it appears I get a secure connection (https).   However, when I click on Email, it appears to go back to a non-secure connection (http).    Can we get a secure connection even for email?

Also, could we get a direct and secure link to our email?    I currently use: to go right into my email and would like to see a secure (https) equivalent.

Thank you

Status: Acknowledged

Primary email change

Status: Acknowledged
by NKreber on ‎12-17-2012 04:24 AM

Make a way to change your primary email address. Comcast does it I don't see why Verizon cannot.

Status: Acknowledged
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Have an Idea?
If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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