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Bring CatholicTV to Tampa Bay FiOS

Status: Acknowledged
by BDB1969 on ‎01-20-2011 06:49 PM

Currently I watch CatholicTV via your VOD.  I also need to log into the internet to watch their programing.  Please move CatholicTV from VOD only to it's own channel.  It can complement EWTN as only the 2nd Catholic Network.  Please!


Thank you,


Bernie Sarratea

Status: Acknowledged

        I use my computer to browse the web and send email. I use my cellphone to make phonecalls. And I use my TV to watch movies.

        I DO NOT want to watch a movie on my TV and switch to watching it on my computer or my cellphone!!!! Why does Verizon charge everyone for this Flex-View on movies nomatter if customers want it or not???

        Who in their right mind would want to switch from a HD/Dolby movie on a HD TV to a 1 1/2" cellphone screen??? This is bringing technology WAY overboard.

        I pay Verizon over $290 per month for a quadruple play and I don't feel as though I should have to pay for something I don't want of need for this pay-per-view option.

Status: Acknowledged
The content doesn't cost extra to watch it on other devices. Same price from when it was trapped on only one screen. Flex View was intended to add value. You can also watch content from channels like CNN, HBO on your computer and soon mobile device. More channels coming, like ESPN. I used it for video on the airplane when I traveled with my son. And I watch movies on the train commuting to work.

FiOS TV Content: College Sports Programming

Status: Acknowledged
by TBL on ‎11-23-2010 07:36 PM - last edited on ‎11-24-2010 11:34 AM by Admin Emeritus

I'd like to see more local (Western NY) sports programming.  We have 4 Div I colleges locally (Bonas, UB, Canisius, Niagara) and very little broadcasts of their sporting events.  Channel 1 displays that its for local sporting events, however, its hardly programming anything.  My main interest would be in St. Bonaventure men's basketball and UB football, however, would be interested in basketball with any of these programs.  Time Warner offers much more local sporting broadcasts.  Please consider.  Thank you.

Status: Acknowledged

ESPN Game Plan -- Do you have it or Not?

Status: Launched
by HuskerFan on ‎11-21-2010 06:12 AM

Here's an idea!  The next time you advertise to your customers that you provide ESPN Game Plan and you don't, you may want to post it on your website and on the ESPN Game Plan channel!  What a debacle.  Nabil, the "supervisor" informed me at 7:30 p.m. that it had been down all day and the technicians were working on it.  Really?  How long can it actually take to correct the problem when the live feed to our computer was right there, crystal clear?  Nabil the brain surgeon, said that he'd been checking it every hour.  How good of him.  When he told me there was nothing they could do, there was very little, if any, apologetic tone in his voice.  Quite honestly, Verizon just doesn't care whether their customers are satisfied or not.  We left Cox for Verizon a long time ago for this reason, it could happen again.

Status: Launched

I appreciate that WTVR and WRLH have been added to our FIOS channel lineup.  Can we possibly get WWBT (NBC 12) added as well?  Many Fredericksburg residents feel more closely tied to the Richmond area than the metro DC area so this would be a popular addition.

Status: Acknowledged

NBA League Pass Triple play

Status: Accepted
by longhorn23 on ‎10-25-2010 04:24 PM


Would like to see the NBA League Pass Triple Play (TV, broadband, and mobile) being offered on Verizon. Any idea if Verizon has this in the works? Well thanks for reading and looking into this idea. Appreciate it.

Status: Accepted
We too also want to make content accessible from computers and mobiles as well as the TV

I would like to see pay per view, for the NFL season. Either pay per view of a single game of any of the 32 teams, or a season pass for a specific chosen team out of all 32. Also with any other sports, soccer, basketball, hockey, single game pay per view.

Status: Maybe Later

Torn between two markets...

Status: Acknowledged
by cnj1981 on ‎10-18-2010 01:29 PM

I live in Plainsboro which is located in central New Jersey in the county of Middlesex. (one mile or so from the border of Mercer County which is part of the Philly DMA.) When I signed up for FiOS in January, I was told that the FiOS 1 news service would be available soon. It's not.... In fact, 10 months later, I'm disappointed that folks with FiOS who live just shy of 10 miles away can receive FiOS 1 news for NJ and I cannot still. I left Comcast, who carries News 12 NJ, for the amazing features of FiOS. I've spent months contacting your customer service, tech support, exchanged phone calls and emails with local tech support and recently spoke with your executive customer service who was unable to assist me unless I wanted to try my call again and speak to your executive tech support. 


I also live in an area which is roughly the same distance or so to Philadelphia and to New York City. I'm mapped out of the VHO 08 (Southern NJ/Philadelphia) receiving the line-up for VHO 07 based on my zip code and being part of NYC's DMA. 


I get commercials for car dealerships in and around Philly. I get local cable ads for news segments on Philly's CBS 3. In fact, even my weather channel and weatherscan provide me conditions for Center City and the Philly suburbs. I live 12 miles from Trenton yet Verizon only supports one WeatherStar per VHO. A rep on the telephone once told me it was designed that way and usually covers a broad area that would experience the same weather conditions.


Cable at least provided me relevant temperature and local information. When severe weather alerts occur, guess what I see on weatherscan or TWC? I see alerts for the immediate counties surrounding Philly. I have to rely on internet access to see my local forecast alerts via the NWS or wait for a NYC station to break in with their weather bulletins. Not all that reliable.... The weather widget doesn't populate warnings. The traffic widget populates incidents in places like the suburbs of NE Philly. Not my neck of the woods... I can't even get alerts for my county to dash across the screen. If there's a flash flood, at least I'll be able to watch FiOS until my apartment becomes an indoor swimming pool. 


Who designed the mapping for this area? I'm curious to see if anyone ever once considered the thoughts of scoping out what the competition has and why they offer what they offer for a reason. Again, being that we're so close to both major metropolitan areas, Comcast provides both NYC local channels (and their respective HD's) and Philadelphia local networks in SD. They also carry the around-the-clock News 12. 


The last conversation I had with a tech support rep was on a Saturday from a call center outside of Tampa. He explained to me that there's franchise and market restrictions, etc. I said, I'm fully aware of that and reminded him that because he's in Florida, he's not in NJ where FiOS sought and was granted an entire state-wide franchise. I also had to remind him that being that I'm on one hub which was designed for east-central/Northern NJ receives Verizon's own channel for news and yet it's not coming down my way. I also had to remind him several times that their biggest competitor here has provided both major metro areas and their local networks for years. 


A rep in June told me that the channels weren't available, he did not know where to refer me to and admitted that it might've been a simple oversight on Verizon's part. 


After 10 months of trying to contact someone that would give a **bleep** and would be willing to listen, I figure that I would post this letter here. It's worth writing it if anyone else has felt the same frustrations and has tried to seek answers to something that you would think normally would be so simple to resolve. 



So, Verizon, again I ask... why can't we receive the local channels for both major metro areas? why isn't FiOS1 news available here? why must I sit through local advertisements for business in Philly if I'm supposed to be New York only? To me it doesn't make sense. If I moved 2 miles to my west, I'd have both. I don't want to move 2 miles west. 






Status: Acknowledged

Adult Title

Status: Acknowledged
by sjspike on ‎10-18-2010 12:55 PM

Showing Adult title in the program is Ok but please put the name of the movie/ show in the program description so we have some idea what we are watching, some nights there are 25 Adult Title shows on and no idea what they are.

Status: Acknowledged

Fios TV Content

Status: Acknowledged
by Viper82 on ‎10-17-2010 06:32 AM

Every once and a while, the TV guide listing that your customers sign up for changes.  To help them look to see what channels they are currently singed up for, why not list them?  You list a few but you do not list all of them.  I have read recently how several customers have wanted the Hallmark channel added or wish to view MLB.  If these were shown to them in their plan and were changed, they could simply check their plan on your website to see the change.

Status: Acknowledged
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There are a few international channels available on Verizon Fios - from Latin America, Asia and Europe.  And that's great.


But none from Africa.




Don't tell me that there's no interest here!  The African diaspora is huge! 


I would be particularly interested in subscribing to Ghana Broadcasting Corporation Channels 1,2 or 3.  There are a number of private channels in Ghana as well.


And there are many other countries with TV channels in English which would be of interest! 


Nigeria, South Africa, Kenya, just to name a few!


 I'm not asking for a 'freebie'.  There would be a cost for a subscription I'm sure.  So can you quote a price? Do some market research? Let's get on with it! 

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Guide for "Digital Adapter" Channels?

Status: Acknowledged
by tarheelinva on ‎09-29-2014 06:14 AM

For some reason, Verizon has decided that channel numbers are all we need for our digital adapters (I have a DVR Quantum box, two slaves and two digital adapters) - Comcast has digital adapters and theirs show the logo and name of the channel in addition to the number - for example, Channel 4 shows the NBC logo and says NBC4, CNN shows it's logo and channel number, etc.  


IF you are not able or willing to upgrade this feature, given the $6/mo charge for these, it seems only fair to give us a Guide on PDF that we can at least print out as a reference - but the smarter solution is to add the logos and descriptors, because this is 2014 and paper is out.



Status: Acknowledged
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I am an alumnus of a SEC school but I live in VA.  I currently have Preferred which means I cannot get the SEC Network in my area and watch my school play.  Your decision to remove stations from Preferred if I upgrade to Extreme has put me in a Catch-22 position.  There are 3 stations my family watches quite a bit during November and December (ABC Family HD and the two Hallmark movie channels).  If I were to upgrade to Extreme so I can get SEC Network, I lose all three of those stations.  So I have to choose between my family's holiday movie watching desires and my desire to watch SEC football (both of which occur during the same timeframe so I cannot switch back and forth between plans at different times of the year).  The only way I can get all of them is to pay for everything, which I cannot afford.


Please consider changing the Extreme tier so it includes ALL of the Preferred channels PLUS the extra sports and other channels.  We should not have to choose to give up channels in a lower tier when we upgrade to a higher one.

Status: Acknowledged
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New tv channel

Status: Acknowledged
by Seank on ‎07-29-2014 08:35 PM
I think Discovery Kids India should be added to the international channels.
Status: Acknowledged
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Status: Already Exists
by kellitampa on ‎07-17-2014 04:54 PM

It would be great if when you pressed guide you saw programming only for the channels you were subscribed to. I hate selecting a show to see that I am not subscribed to that plan.

Status: Already Exists
Please refer to the instructions here for seeing only the channels you are subscribed to:
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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