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Add German Bundesliga Soccer

Status: Acknowledged
by heroman on ‎07-22-2014 05:14 AM

As the world now knows, the best soccer is played in Germany. When are you going to add Bundesliga soccer? I understand that Fox Sports is carrying it in 2015. Will you?

Status: Acknowledged

Remove inappropriate on-demand ads

Status: Acknowledged
by Silverheart on ‎07-21-2014 06:55 PM

Now that the channel guide has been updated, the bottom frame advertises on-demand movies. We find many of these ads inappropriate - as we don't want to see erotic or demonic movie ads - especially considering the kids.  We would like control over what we watch - including what is featured on this channel guide. This should be appropriate for the whole family. 

Status: Acknowledged

MHz Worldview channel

Status: Acknowledged
by jennjenjennjen on ‎07-17-2014 08:53 PM

Please add the MHz Worldview channel to my Verizon Local, Select, Preferred, Extreme and Ultimate lineups. Massachusetts (and Boston in particular) has a large multicultural population and this channel provides foreign language programs in a variety of languages from many different countries (including Irish language programs which would be very popular with the Irish diaspora in this area of the US). I suggest you add this to your programming before the competition does so and lures away a chunk of your immigrant demographic !   

Status: Acknowledged
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Status: Already Exists
by kellitampa on ‎07-17-2014 04:54 PM

It would be great if when you pressed guide you saw programming only for the channels you were subscribed to. I hate selecting a show to see that I am not subscribed to that plan.

Status: Already Exists
Please refer to the instructions here for seeing only the channels you are subscribed to:
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Family channel Canadian tv channel

Status: Acknowledged
by Seank on ‎07-17-2014 01:36 PM
I think The Family Channel Canada should be added to the international lineup.
Status: Acknowledged
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Stop raising the price of UFC PPV Events

Status: Acknowledged
by N_B on ‎06-28-2014 07:10 PM

Just found out that UFC 175 is now up to $62.99.   THAT IS INSANE!  It was already insane at $59.99.


Please don't increase the price.


Status: Acknowledged

Reduce cost for The Israeli Network

Status: Acknowledged
by bbloomen on ‎06-26-2014 06:52 AM

After doing some research, it has come to my attention that Verizon Fios customers are paying the highest monthly rates for any cable television provider.  While both Time Warner and Comcast charge $14.99 for this station, Verizon charges a full 25% more at $19.99.  This channel provides a great link to Israel with live television and sporting events.  However, to charge such a premium for a non-hd station seems foolish.


My recommendation is to charge the $14.99 a month, allowing for more subscribers to enjoy first run content from israel.

Status: Acknowledged

Add Hallmark HD

Status: Acknowledged
by dot256 on ‎06-25-2014 04:11 PM

Add the HD version of the regular Hallmark channel (240) to FIOS (as 740).


(On other ideas, FIOS customer support incorrectly lists the regular Hallmark channel as existing. The Hallmark Movie channel exists in HD, but the regular channel does not.)


Thank you.

Status: Acknowledged
That is correct, dot256. Currently the Hallmark channel is available in 3 forms, Hallmark channel (240), Hallmark movie channel (239), and Hallmark movie channel HD (739). There is currently no form of the Hallmark channel in HD. Hallmark channel (240) is available in the Preferred, Extreme and Ultimate package. Hallmark movie channel (239) is available in the Select, Preferred, and Ultimate package. Hallmark movie channel HD(739) is only available in the Ultimate package.

Doplar Radar Channel in Texas

Status: Acknowledged
by 847502 on ‎06-24-2014 03:43 PM

Thunderstorm season is back in Texas, and we don't have a way to track storms real time. The "news" stations sometimes show the weather (when it's severe enough), and the weather stations and app give us a tiny pixelated smudge that's worthless.


We need a station that's just a map. An animated doplar map updated in real time.

Status: Acknowledged

I recently got Verizon FIOS, including FX, and was hoping to catch up on the 2nd season of The Americans. I tried watching via Hulu+ but was told that my cable subscription does not allow access to the show. Same thing when I went to the FX website. So unless I want to view an illegal stream, I'll have to purchase the show via Amazon Instant Video or iTunes.

What gives Verizon? I PAY for FX but can't access one of the channel's top shows on line or on demand? I'm giving up my Hulu+ account because after 4+ years of being cable free, I was forced to buy a cable package so I could get faster FIOS internet - it would have cost me MORE to have just internet than getting your triple play package (under a 2 year contract, of course). 

This isn't about one TV show, the entire system is ridiculous, and why I dropped cable TV in the first place. Your business model is outdated and only exists because corrupt politicians allow cable companies to write the regulations of this "marketplace." 

I still have a couple of weeks left before I can cancel my FIOS and go back to my old provider. I'm starting to regret my deal with the devil. 



Status: Acknowledged

Currently, Northern Delaware is the only "eligible" part of the FIOS TV footprint that does not receive MASN2 in HD.


Northern Delaware is part of the Nationals and Orioles demo - and anytime both teams are playing at the same time, customers in Northern DE are forced to watch MASN2 in SD only.


Even Comcast in my area offers both MASN and MASN2 in Hi-Def. Please consider this before the end of the baseball season with both teams near the top of their division!


The NYC area receives 5-6 local sports channels in HD. Adding 1 more for Delaware shouldn't be a problem!

Status: Acknowledged

Free On Demand

Status: Acknowledged
by mariak on ‎06-22-2014 02:16 PM

You should really have more episodes available for the TV shows that are on the free on demand--the selection is really sparse.  Cablevision has many more selections of episodes within each selection, not just the most recent couple of episodes.

Status: Acknowledged

Quantum tv

Status: Acknowledged
by Cristal20028 on ‎06-20-2014 12:59 PM
It would be great if verzion added the ability to start over a program, for example if you turned to something you wanted to watch and it was about to go off or was at the middle of the show or movie you can press a button to start it from the beginning. I really hope you add this feature!!!!!!!!
Status: Acknowledged

New Channel Announcements

Status: Acknowledged
by EricTV827 on ‎06-13-2014 02:37 PM - last edited on ‎06-13-2014 03:03 PM by Moderator

The recent standard def channel additions like This-TV, Movies!, getTV are great. ANNOUNCE IT WHEN YOU'RE ADDING CHANNELS!!!!!!!!!!! Once a month I have to do a complete channel scan to see what new channels were added and put them in my Favorite channel category. At least print it on the bill. 




Status: Acknowledged

Get Rid of FIOS 1 News

Status: Acknowledged
by MJD0615 on ‎06-10-2014 06:42 PM

FIOS 1 NEWS is a cheap, amatuerish attempt at putting together a news channel.


It recycles the same news over and over...AND has some of the worst anchors I have ever seen.


Jennifer X Williams has no business being a sports anchor.  She is TERRIBLE.  The new, young "school girl" anchors (like Roxanna Hayes and Lorin Richardson) are awful too.  Sharon Song (the part-time Weather ancho)r always sounds like she has a bad head cold...


FIOS....spend some money and give us a REAL news channel.  Even Cablevision Channel 12 is light years ahead!

Status: Acknowledged
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Have an Idea?
If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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