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FIOS content

Status: Maybe Later
by Peter68 on ‎10-20-2010 05:19 PM

I would like to see some Caribbean TV programming such as CVM from Jamaica.  Thank you.

Status: Maybe Later
I have passed this suggestion to the lucky person that gets to find content like this for FiOS TV customers... What's on CVM... I've never seen it...

On Demand - FF and Rewind Options?

Status: Acknowledged
by PieintheSky on ‎10-20-2010 12:53 PM

Why do so many OnDemand shows block the ability to fast forward or rewind?  ie: Grey's Anatomy, Castle, etc

Status: Acknowledged
So we can't skip the commercials - per the content providers. We are working on enhancing the system... so you can fwd and rwd the content but not the ads...

STBs, Content, and Service Suggestions

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎10-19-2010 12:18 PM

I have to say that I'm very pleased overall with FiOS.  Signed up last Fall and the only issue that I've had was a failed STB.  Absolutely no outages, or need to reboot the box, which happened once a month with Comcast.


A few suggestions, or rather ideas, that would make FiOS absolutely ideal for my personal use:


1) There is a rather annoying, loud beeping sound that happens occassionally during commercials.  It happens on virtually every channel, whether HD or SD.


2) I would love to see enlarged hard drives on the STBs.  Holding only 20 hours of HD programming is borderline for our viewing and recording purposes.


3) Recently, when using the search feature in the guide and the DVR, I've been getting a message stating "Unable to retrieve Information" after typing/selecting the fourth character of a search.  The search then exits back to the guide of the DVR menu.


4) I generally have not been effected by the changing of the channel line-up on my package.  However, I now have noticed that the World Fishing Network is no longer available on my package, which was a channel that I had watched somewhat regularly since we got FiOS.  Now, I still believe that our channel line-up is very good compared to what I was previously getting, but I do find it alarming that channels are being taken away.  While I understand the business side of things, I can only think when these changes are made, that in the end, we are all going to be paying much, much more for television and internet than we ever have.


5) With all of that said, the only channels that we don't have that I'd like to see added to my package, and in the normal line-up, are FSC HD, FSC Plus HD, Gol TV HD, Bloomberg HD, and BBC America HD.


6) Any plans in the future, once nearly every channel originating from the US offers an HD channel, that there will be "HD Only" packages available, at a savings to the customer (either through price or through expanding offerings)?


7) Back to the subject of channel changes... one of the issues that I see frequently on message boards, and have experienced through the channel changes, is the lack of communication from Verizon to their customers.  It doesn't appear that Verizon customer service folks do a thorough enough job of explaining the 2-year price guarantee and what that actually means.  Your community message boards are filled with folks who are outraged at having channels taken away.  Many of these headaches down the road could be avoided by providing more and better communication early on in the process.  My own personal story is that when I signed up, I was told that new customers were to receive an HP Netbook.  I only signed up for TV and Internet, and only found out by calling a month after the service was installed that the Netbook offer only applied to those who had signed up for the Triple Play package.


8) When we had a faulty DVR, we had to await a replacement from Verizon to be sent via Fed Ex/UPS.  Why in the world could a tech not drop off a new box?  We had to wait three days to get our service back up and running.  Comcast would have had a tech out the following day to drop off, and, if needed, hook up a new box.


9) I hope that when my pricing guarantee is up next July, that I won't be in a position in which my bill increases substantially.  I'd like to see current customers offered the pricing/bundle/promotion opportunities that new customers receive. 

Status: Acknowledged
So many items in one submission... this tool definitely works best when there is 1 idea per post... but I will do my best here #1 - not sure what you are referencing? What channels? What commercials? I have never heard this beep, but doesn't mean it doesn't happen. -- Clarification Needed #2 - you'll be able to have as much storage as you want with support for external drives up to 2TB. The new app that supports this capability is in the cert lab now. -- In Progress #3 - haven't seen this one myself #4 - every time you see an athlete can a raise or an actor sign a multi-million dollar contract for a TV series... we all pay for that... it is an unfortunate fact that content costs go up just about every year... we agree that this is a sub-optimal situation and push hard to avoid these adjustments as much as possible... #5 - duplicate... adding HD soccer content is the most popular idea here #6 - not likely ... we don't charge more for the HD version of a channel... so not likely that we'll reduce the price when there is no SD #7 clarification needed ... we send emails / snail mail / voicemails, provide web portals (My Verizon), post blogs, pop messages onto the TV screen.. you should have gotten an email that confirmed what you ordered.. . just tell us how else we can share information.. Maybe we should think about singing telegrams as well :smileyhappy: #8 You can request someone come and install... as to why it took 3 days... I agree it should have been expedited through the mail... but most customers tell us they prefer the option over someone coming to their house #9 - duplicate...

Torn between two markets...

Status: Acknowledged
by cnj1981 on ‎10-18-2010 01:29 PM

I live in Plainsboro which is located in central New Jersey in the county of Middlesex. (one mile or so from the border of Mercer County which is part of the Philly DMA.) When I signed up for FiOS in January, I was told that the FiOS 1 news service would be available soon. It's not.... In fact, 10 months later, I'm disappointed that folks with FiOS who live just shy of 10 miles away can receive FiOS 1 news for NJ and I cannot still. I left Comcast, who carries News 12 NJ, for the amazing features of FiOS. I've spent months contacting your customer service, tech support, exchanged phone calls and emails with local tech support and recently spoke with your executive customer service who was unable to assist me unless I wanted to try my call again and speak to your executive tech support. 


I also live in an area which is roughly the same distance or so to Philadelphia and to New York City. I'm mapped out of the VHO 08 (Southern NJ/Philadelphia) receiving the line-up for VHO 07 based on my zip code and being part of NYC's DMA. 


I get commercials for car dealerships in and around Philly. I get local cable ads for news segments on Philly's CBS 3. In fact, even my weather channel and weatherscan provide me conditions for Center City and the Philly suburbs. I live 12 miles from Trenton yet Verizon only supports one WeatherStar per VHO. A rep on the telephone once told me it was designed that way and usually covers a broad area that would experience the same weather conditions.


Cable at least provided me relevant temperature and local information. When severe weather alerts occur, guess what I see on weatherscan or TWC? I see alerts for the immediate counties surrounding Philly. I have to rely on internet access to see my local forecast alerts via the NWS or wait for a NYC station to break in with their weather bulletins. Not all that reliable.... The weather widget doesn't populate warnings. The traffic widget populates incidents in places like the suburbs of NE Philly. Not my neck of the woods... I can't even get alerts for my county to dash across the screen. If there's a flash flood, at least I'll be able to watch FiOS until my apartment becomes an indoor swimming pool. 


Who designed the mapping for this area? I'm curious to see if anyone ever once considered the thoughts of scoping out what the competition has and why they offer what they offer for a reason. Again, being that we're so close to both major metropolitan areas, Comcast provides both NYC local channels (and their respective HD's) and Philadelphia local networks in SD. They also carry the around-the-clock News 12. 


The last conversation I had with a tech support rep was on a Saturday from a call center outside of Tampa. He explained to me that there's franchise and market restrictions, etc. I said, I'm fully aware of that and reminded him that because he's in Florida, he's not in NJ where FiOS sought and was granted an entire state-wide franchise. I also had to remind him that being that I'm on one hub which was designed for east-central/Northern NJ receives Verizon's own channel for news and yet it's not coming down my way. I also had to remind him several times that their biggest competitor here has provided both major metro areas and their local networks for years. 


A rep in June told me that the channels weren't available, he did not know where to refer me to and admitted that it might've been a simple oversight on Verizon's part. 


After 10 months of trying to contact someone that would give a **bleep** and would be willing to listen, I figure that I would post this letter here. It's worth writing it if anyone else has felt the same frustrations and has tried to seek answers to something that you would think normally would be so simple to resolve. 



So, Verizon, again I ask... why can't we receive the local channels for both major metro areas? why isn't FiOS1 news available here? why must I sit through local advertisements for business in Philly if I'm supposed to be New York only? To me it doesn't make sense. If I moved 2 miles to my west, I'd have both. I don't want to move 2 miles west. 






Status: Acknowledged

Adult Title

Status: Acknowledged
by sjspike on ‎10-18-2010 12:55 PM

Showing Adult title in the program is Ok but please put the name of the movie/ show in the program description so we have some idea what we are watching, some nights there are 25 Adult Title shows on and no idea what they are.

Status: Acknowledged

Fios TV Content

Status: Acknowledged
by Viper82 on ‎10-17-2010 06:32 AM

Every once and a while, the TV guide listing that your customers sign up for changes.  To help them look to see what channels they are currently singed up for, why not list them?  You list a few but you do not list all of them.  I have read recently how several customers have wanted the Hallmark channel added or wish to view MLB.  If these were shown to them in their plan and were changed, they could simply check their plan on your website to see the change.

Status: Acknowledged

Compete with DirecTV NFL Ticket

Status: Maybe Later
by bdave68 on ‎10-16-2010 11:57 AM

I know DirecTV owns rights to the NFL ticket, causing people that want FIOS the headache of choosing watching their team at home or having to go out to see the games.   Most people I know that have the Ticket, myself included, have it because the team they root for is from another area, and that is the only way to see all of their games. 


What I suggest is to offer a "Hometown Package"  where you can get your local channels from a specific area.  For me, I'd want the Pittsburgh channels.  If you gave only the local channels, and it was a year round service, so you could keep up with other news items from the area, you would also get the games you are looking for.  I'd see the Steelers every week, and could keep up with local events.   I could also drop directv, and put all of my services with Verizon.  Seems like if it was only one cities local channels, the price could easily beat the nfl ticket, and a lot of people would get what they are really looking for.



Status: Maybe Later
Being a transplant myself I like the idea... there are lots of business issues to sort through... but I would like nothing more than to use our networks to chug content from here to there like you describe. And in the meantime... Red Zone is a good option.

Also add Fox and CW shows.  Include more shows from other major channels such as ABC, NBC & CBS.  Also provide HD VOD for all stations.

Status: Acknowledged

starz play fios tv online

Status: In Progress
by on ‎10-11-2010 10:10 PM

.why is starz play not available free for starz subscribers like hbo go and cinama go and epix.and why not included on fios tv online

Status: In Progress
We are working on this now and hope to have it ready early next year.

More HD requests

Status: Accepted
by on ‎10-08-2010 11:10 PM

Based on either seeing references to this on the SD stations or some internet information (which may or may not be accurate) I believe the following are available in HD and would like to see them added to the FiOS lineup here (Fitchburg, MA) if possible:


Local Station:  PBS - WENH - TV 11 HD (New Hampshire Public Television)





NECN HD (New England Cable News)

Style HD



There are others like BBC America HD, FUNimation HD, etc... but they have already been mentioned in other posts.


Status: Accepted

How about the NASA channel

Status: Accepted
by on ‎10-08-2010 07:42 PM

How about the NASA channel(s). That one is free and you do not have to fight over rights to air it. It has only been asked for like the past three years.

Status: Accepted
It is in the content queue, but lower priority
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TV Programming

Status: Under Review
by IISMIKE on ‎10-08-2010 02:50 PM

We live in Polk county Florida. Through Verizon TV we have programming for Tampa area. But Polk county is closer to Orlando Florida. So we prefer at least one local TV station programming so we can see local news. Please at at least one station from the Orlando area. My other option is to switch to Brighthouse that does offer Orlando Programming.

Status: Under Review
We'll have to investigate this one further. Similar to the situation in San Diego, it may be because we can't get a quality feed or we don't have the rights to do so.

Cartoon Network HD, Funimation HD,

Status: Already Exists
by HDGuy on ‎10-08-2010 07:06 AM - last edited on ‎10-25-2012 05:57 AM by Moderator

Since BBC-HD has already been asked for I'll as for some more. I have the Ultimate HD package and have little interest in sports, yet that seems to be all we're getting as far as new channels these days.


Cartoon Network HD has tons of new HD programing, the Brave and the Bold, Sym-Bionic Titan, etc.


Since Funimation switched over to HD, FIOS now streams the HD channel downconverted on the SD channel and it looks terrible. The resulting picture is either 4:3 letterboxed, or even worse, for 4:3 programming we have a postage stamp sized picture. It's virtually unwatchable. Please add them as a full HD channel ASAP.


Thanks for listening.

Status: Already Exists
Cartoon Network HD already exist. Funimation is Not Likely to return.

Add Repeater Station To Cable Lineup

Status: Acknowledged
by sweetbabylee on ‎10-08-2010 12:15 AM

In 2007 San Diego had a devastating fire that destroyed hundreds of homes.  In the early stages of the fire I was listening to accounts on the radio.  Being from San Diego, I quickly turned on the television to get information on the fires.  Living In Murrieta, California (Southwest Riverside County) there was no news on the literal fire storm as the only television stations on cable in our area are out of Los Angeles.  I knew the San Diego television stations were covering the fire continuously because a San Diego radio station that I could listen to was carrying the audio feed off and on. 


I contacted Verizon to see if there was anyway that they could provide a feed of any San Diego television station to our area.  They said that it was impossible to do.  Not having news coverage available regarding the fires just south of us, some areas less than 5 miles away, areas that we and our neighbors still consider home was a travesty.  Having friends and families homes going up in flames and nothing more than limited Los Angeles and National coverage just seemed like a peculiar lack of proper usage of our public airwaves. The fire proceeded to arguably become the worst fire In San Diego history.


Yet no local news from San Diego was being provided to us as residents of Southwest Riverside County.  The distance from San Diego to Southwest Riverside County (Temecula/Murrieta) is 51 miles.  The distance from Los Angeles to Southwest Riverside County (Temecula/Murrieta) is 84 miles.  Temecula resides on the Riverside County/San Diego County border yet our area is considered part of the Los Angeles market.  By far more people in this area commute to San Diego then Los Angeles and yet the area is considered part of the Los Angeles Market.  I can make no sense of this situation and have even mailed letters and e-mailed Verizon years ago with no responses.


Recently I discovered that there is a San Diego television station, KUSI Channel 51, that has a repeater in Murrieta.  I do not know how long it has been there, but the channel is not on the Verizon cable lineup.  I am really not claiming to be an expert in how a repeater station would be brought to the homes.  I would think, though, that it would be similar to how a low power broadcast channel would be added to the cable lineup.  We have KZSW-LP who is carried on Verizon whose signal was from here in Temecula.  I do not understand why something similar could not be done with the K12PO, KUSI's translator here in Murrieta. There are a few radio stations on the same hilltop as their tower, so  their may be some fiber available.


My wish would be that K12PO be added to the lineup so that we in Southwest Riverside County (or what I have always called Extreme North San Diego County) have access to San Diego news.  And if it were only the news broadcasts shown, that would be a great service to us transplanted San Diegans.

Status: Acknowledged
Changing back to acknowledged, based on Joe's acknowledgment of duplicate idea posted recently (and merged into this idea).


Status: Accepted
by on ‎10-07-2010 02:04 PM

In the Mid-Atlantic region, what ever happened to MASN2 HD since it was promised to us in July? The DC area got it in July by way of FiOS1 HD, and the rest of us in the region were told "it is coming". It never came.

Comcast Sportsnet DC+ will start showing games soon too. Even though the FiOS1 people will probably be taken care of again, will the rest of us be able to see these games in HD?

Status: Accepted
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