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Teletoon Channels

Status: Acknowledged
by Narflar on ‎11-23-2010 03:37 PM

Would it be possible to get the canadian Teletoon networks?  If anything the Teletoon Retro?  There is nothing like it here in the states.

Status: Acknowledged
Not sure... will have to ask the team...

Cut your loses on the .tv channels and use the QAMs for the content people want.

Status: Acknowledged
We have an obligation to distribute the channels. And we honor our obligations.

ESPN Game Plan -- Do you have it or Not?

Status: Launched
by HuskerFan on ‎11-21-2010 06:12 AM

Here's an idea!  The next time you advertise to your customers that you provide ESPN Game Plan and you don't, you may want to post it on your website and on the ESPN Game Plan channel!  What a debacle.  Nabil, the "supervisor" informed me at 7:30 p.m. that it had been down all day and the technicians were working on it.  Really?  How long can it actually take to correct the problem when the live feed to our computer was right there, crystal clear?  Nabil the brain surgeon, said that he'd been checking it every hour.  How good of him.  When he told me there was nothing they could do, there was very little, if any, apologetic tone in his voice.  Quite honestly, Verizon just doesn't care whether their customers are satisfied or not.  We left Cox for Verizon a long time ago for this reason, it could happen again.

Status: Launched

Add Canadian Stations

Status: Acknowledged
by knicosia on ‎11-18-2010 10:12 AM

Those of us that live on the Canadian border in the Buffalo area, have grown up watching two Canadian tv stations.  When we signed up for Fios, we were told that a deal was in the works to add the Canadian stations to the Fios package within six months.  That was almost three years ago and they still haven't been added.  Please add the two main station to the Fios TV package:  CBC and CTV.  Thanks.

Status: Acknowledged

I appreciate that WTVR and WRLH have been added to our FIOS channel lineup.  Can we possibly get WWBT (NBC 12) added as well?  Many Fredericksburg residents feel more closely tied to the Richmond area than the metro DC area so this would be a popular addition.

Status: Acknowledged

I would love to ber able to watch a better Brazilian TV package, including soccer channel PFC International:

  • PFC Internacional :: Soccer Channels, Cable & Satellite Providers ...PFC Internacional - Live Soccer TV provides footy fans with extensive live ... -

    This channel is avaiable in several well known cable and satellite providers as Disk Network.

    Thanks for the attention,


    Status: Acknowledged
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    software update

    Status: Acknowledged
    by weelief on ‎11-12-2010 01:16 PM

    I'm thinking of going to DIRECT TV. When is IMG 1.9 be released and will it DVR memory

    Status: Acknowledged
    This is not exactly an idea... but 1.9 will enable increased DVR storage
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    Addition to FIOS HD Line-up?

    Status: Acknowledged
    by paulrburns on ‎11-11-2010 01:35 PM

    I'd love to be able to receive NECN HD. Are there any plans to add this to the FIOS offering?

    Status: Acknowledged

    NHK in HD

    Status: Acknowledged
    by CR on ‎11-10-2010 08:16 PM

    Sometime back the NHK content went to HD, but the Fios presentation stayed

    SD.  Worse yet, Fios chose not to letterbox, but to simply cut the sides of the

    picture off.  Quite often this results in the loss of the left and right parts of

    captions.  Sometimes it even ends up cutting off the person being interviewed.... ;^)


    My ideal would be to get NHK in HD, but at least letterbox it so we get to see the whole picture

    Status: Acknowledged

    Better Parental Controls

    Status: Clarification Needed
    by ziggurnaut on ‎11-09-2010 06:10 AM

    I am a recent convert from Comcast and am considering switching back due to the poor parental controls. I do not allow my kids to watch soft-core porn. As we all know, this type of programming runs all night on the premium channels. I don't have anything against it being on the air, but I want the ability to keep it away from my daughter. The rating on this programming, however, is TV-MA. That's the same rating as for Entourage and Real Time with BIll Maher. So I can't block one without blocking the other. This is a deal killer for me. Other cable companies rate soft core porn as "Adults Only." It's simple to block it in that case. Why doesn't FIOS do the same?


    Please renew contract with RFDTV

    Status: Acknowledged
    by ‎11-05-2010 03:31 PM - edited ‎11-09-2010 11:57 AM

    Below is an email I received an email from the RFDTV CEO and sounds just awful.  Granted RFDTV is not the best programming but there are a few shows I do enjoy.  The cost is EXREMELY low and they claim Verizon would not accept the same existing contract... a ZERO percent increase!  Please continue to include RFDTV in our lineup.  It will not cost Verizon or any of it customers any more dollars.




    November 4, 2010

    To: All Verizon FiOS TV Customers

    Fm: Patrick Gottsch

    Re: RFD-TV Status on Verizon FiOS TV

    Thank you for responding to RFD-TV’s message to FiOS TV viewers of this channel. Please know that we would not bother you if this was not very, very important.

    Unfortunately, RFD-TV has a critical situation developing here with FiOS TV that needs to be brought to your attention. A program executive with Verizon FiOS TV notified RFD-TV that it was going to remove RFD-TV from the FiOS TV lineup “over the next two weeks”.

    For the past several months, RFD-TV has been working hard with executives of FiOS TV to renew and extend the original Affiliation Agreement that expired earlier this year, which had been the basis for their carriage of RFD-TV during the past 2 years. Unlike most other channels who are asking for rate hikes from their carriers when renewing, RFD-TV DID NOT ASK FOR ANY RATE HIKE WHATSOEVER, and in fact, simply offered to extend our original agreement under the same terms and conditions. RFD-TV does receive a small, monthly subscriber fee from FiOS TV (a few cents each month), which is very similar to the amount received under other long-term agreements that RFD-TV has in place with our other distributors including DIRECTV, DISH Network, Comcast, Cox, Time Warner, Suddenlink, Charter, Bresnan, Mediacom, and others.

    FiOS TV instead has chosen to play “hard ball” with RFD-TV, and is trying to force unreasonable terms for extending carriage for five more years, including demanding a 70% rate reduction, carriage for the next year for free, plus FiOS TV wants to move and limit RFD-TV into their Ultimate or Prime packages only, which would force many of FiOS TV customers to have to pay nearly $20 extra each month just to get RFD-TV. Please note that RFD-TV even offered to lower its rate to FiOS TV if they would only put RFD-TV in their most penetrated Ultimate package so that every FiOS TV customer could receive RFD-TV at no additional charge. FiOS TV flatly rejected our generous offer, telling us again to take their terms or be removed from all their systems nationwide, which leads us to where we are today.

    As an independent channel, it is difficult for RFD-TV to fight such unfair tactics, as we don’t have the leverage of a Fox, ESPN, or Discovery channel, which are owned by large media conglomerates and have the power of many channels being distributed by those carriers. RFD-TV has to depend on its audience to raise their voices and help convince companies like Verizon FiOS TV to carry this family-oriented channel. At this time, we ask that you do the following in order to help keep RFD-TV on FiOS TV:

    1. Send an e-mail and call the key decision maker at Verizon FiOS TV on this matter and tell him your personal thoughts on this matter. Please copy with any e-mail sent.

    2. Contact your local Verizon FiOS TV office and encourage them not to drop RFD-TV from their program lineup, and ask your friends and neighbors on FiOS TV to do the same.

    3. Spread this information and suggestions to others through your personal options (Facebook, Twitter, e-mail lists, etc.) and ask them to join in this effort.

    RFD-TV’s ratings continue to climb and now beat many of the other basic cable channels in both daytime and prime time periods. RFD-TV is the #1 cable network serving 50+ year-old viewers as a percentage of our audience, all of which is confirmed by Nielsen. RFD-TV is about to celebrate our 10th Anniversary on December 15, and we are proud of what we have been able to accomplish over the past decade.

    FiOS TV claims that they do not believe that many of their customers watch RFD-TV, or will miss this rural channel if it was removed from their mostly urban and suburban systems. We hope that RFD-TV can get your help to prove them wrong, and turn FiOS TV’s executives’ attitude around on this ill-advised decision that they are about to make.

    On behalf of everyone at RFD-TV, along with our 93 independent programmers, I thank you in advance for any support with Verizon FiOS TV that you and your friends/neighbors may provide for us at this time. We will keep you fully informed as more news becomes available during this crisis through another e-mail or scroll on RFD-TV.

    Again, please copy me on any emails sent to Verizon so we can keep it for our records, which helps prove the passion of RFD-TV’s audience.


    Patrick Gottsch

    Founder & President


    Status: Acknowledged
    Verizon does not comment on the details of contract negotiations, as we don’t want our customers to feel caught in the middle. However, we do want our customers to know that we’ve been negotiating with RFD in good faith for nearly a year. In that time, they have repeatedly rejected our fair and reasonable offers to keep the channel on the FiOS TV channel lineup. We hope to be able to continue offering the channel, and hope that RFD will agree to negotiate a fair contract that best serves our FiOS subscribers.

    Currently the Outdoor Channel is only available with the most expensive plan that includes all of the major sports channels. Without the "big money" sports programming (i.e.: NFL, MLB, etc.), couldn't this channel be available on the cheaper channel lineup plan? After all, The Outdoor Channel is something the entire family could find programming on of interest. It is not tailored for the "stick and ball" game fans whose players earn millions per year. Naturally those channels with those players need to make money every place they can to maintain their salaries....whatever. But, The Outdoor Channel offers shows about Conservation, Off-Road, Hunting, Fishing, Adventure etc - in other words sports any family member could do  and would be interested in. Mom, Dad and the kids are concerned with nature and its conservation, the adventure of the outdoors and many of us hunt, fish and off-road.

    So how about it? What about us poor "guys"? I shoot, fish and go off-roading in my Jeep - and I'm a girl!

    Status: Maybe Later
    We continue to look at the best ways to offer content that satisfies as many of our customers as possible, while taking our content partners desires into consideration (slightly less)
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    Have a station that lists all the games (with the announcing team) on a screen that actually lists the Fios channel it will be on rather than Game 1, 2, 3 ect (which doesn't help at all).  In this should be listed if the game is on Versus or a local channel, or the NHL network.... it's a mess trying to find a game, and it shouldn't be this difficult.  In addition some games are on two channels and it would be nice to list which is with each teams announcer (this would be a huge help when using the DVR, as if we have the choice it makes a HUGE difference to hear the game with our announcers.

    Status: Already Exists
    There are so many ways to find games... you can search for NHL or the team (type key word or click through categories), you can set your guide to "sports mode" and then all you'll see is the games in the guide (right arrow brings up mode selection), you can access the sport's widget and see the games schedule... The second portion of your idea is interesting... not sure where to get the info, but we can look into figuring out that one...

    Record Show from Advertisement

    Status: Accepted
    by bkkahrs on ‎10-26-2010 06:08 PM

    Ever watch an ad for a show you want to watch and then go to schedule it on your DVR? I'd like to see a "schedule this" button when TV show ads play to schedule a DVR recording directly from the playing advertisement.

    Status: Accepted
    Agree this would be sweet... maybe next year... if we can get the stars aligned on all the moving parts necessary... but we already have the "raw materials" in the software

    NBA League Pass Triple play

    Status: Accepted
    by longhorn23 on ‎10-25-2010 04:24 PM


    Would like to see the NBA League Pass Triple Play (TV, broadband, and mobile) being offered on Verizon. Any idea if Verizon has this in the works? Well thanks for reading and looking into this idea. Appreciate it.

    Status: Accepted
    We too also want to make content accessible from computers and mobiles as well as the TV
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    If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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