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Seems as though every time I go to list voicemail on stb, I get asked if I want to enable parental control. Should have a way to answer and then disable from asking again.

Status: Acknowledged
Thank you! I'll make sure your idea gets in front of the proper people within Verizon.

Pandora Widget Duplicate requests.

Status: Duplicate
by on ‎02-28-2011 06:49 PM

Please combine the duplicate requests for a Pandora Widget. Some are marked duplicate but not locked and some are locked. There are a total of 27 requests for this great idea. Can we total all the votes under one idea? Although some might be duplicate votes, I think they should all count because Pandora smokes under Tivo, which I gave up. Pandora Pandora Pandora!


Joe I know you like this one. The free version does not allow you to do as much and is partially supported through restrictions on the number of songs you can skip, thus promoting the various artist's music from the studio labels. Also has a commercial or two now and then if I recall. But there is a subscription version that allows the user to do so much more. Verizon would probably be able to get part of the subscription fee if it were available. More revenue, but I would not charge more than what the other providers charge for the subscription version. It may be regulated by Pandora and you would just get a cut.


baseball widget

Status: Acknowledged
by ourscreenname on ‎04-29-2013 11:29 AM

Up until near the end of April, the scoreboard on the baseball widget listed the days in reverse order. If you wanted to see the score from two days prior, you only needed to scroll through two days worth of scores. Somewhere around April 24, the scores began to be listed in calendar order. If, on May 1, you want to check a score from April 30, you will have to scroll through every day since the beginning of the season. Why can't the scores be kept in reverse order throughout the season? Most people will be looking for a fairly recent game, not the first few games of the season. I hope the reverse-order scoreboard can be reinstated even for the remainder of this year. Thanks.

Status: Acknowledged

NHL Widget

Status: New Idea
by searingxheretic on ‎10-27-2011 07:29 PM

Why is there no widget for NHL scores?  There is baseball, football, basketball, and even international soccer.  No NHL? 


Start over

Status: Acknowledged
by sansid on ‎12-13-2010 09:52 AM

Why doesn't verizon have a start program over feature?  This feature is really nice if a program has started and you missed the beginning ot it.

Status: Acknowledged
We are adding a link from the live show if that show is also available on demand... but we are primarily focused on just making it all available on demand on any screen... making Start Over a bit limited in scope compared to everything on demand on any screen... 2011 should be very interesting on this front...

The Weather Channel Widget

Status: Acknowledged
by FiOStech75 on ‎11-28-2012 04:03 PM - last edited on ‎11-29-2012 02:48 PM by Admin Emeritus

Since the change to Weatherbug to The Weather Channel default widget, TWC is not automatically picking up the customers location for the extended forecast. Its been a few weeks, I thought this would be fixed by now. It worked fine with Weatherbug. The initial screen on widgets does show the customers town, but NOT the extended forecast, comes up as Dallas TX. Further, you can go in and "edit location" but does not stick.


Also, under the SD OVERIDE, it would be nice if ZOOM was added along with Stretch. many people would prefer ZOOM (3X's hitting # (size) button) as default on all SD channels.


Why does resume not work on-demand after it stops? This continues on as a problem. People have to FF all the way through from the beginning.


Would be nice if eventually the DVR can hold folders for users, eg, my wifes whows go in her folder, the kids in theirs, I would get my own folder. The list used for EVERYONE gets so long.





Status: Acknowledged

YouTUBE and IHeartRadio widgets question

Status: New Idea
by Steve-In-RI on ‎11-07-2011 01:26 PM

I was wondering when you were going to update both the YouTUBE and I Heart Radio widgets to their latest versions?  The YouTUBE widget won't stream anything beyond 15 minutes, sometimes 10 minutes, on either of my set top boxes and it is very stressing when I'm trying to watch a video conference that's scheduled to be on for an hour or longer and it just stops and then doesn't return to the last place when restarted.  I can play the videos on YouTUBE on my computer and phone with no problems. And the I Heart Radio widget does not have the "create" button like it does in the new app for android phones so we can make our own radio stations.  Can you please update these widgets so we can use them optimally?  Maybe you can add the Pandora widget and the TuneIN Radio widget as well? Thanks. Steve

I haven't gotten a phone with a MWI light (is this supported)?


As an additional indicator, could the set top box show "# New Voicemail Messages" as a hovering box (similar to Caller ID) for the first 30~60 seconds or so when the STB is turned on?


I could actually see the STB power on process turning the TV into a control center, where it could start up the broadcast content in a split mode (like the split guide), TV content shrunk and a list of service status information including a count of unread emails, new voice mails, call log and possibly "new" twitter/facebook alerts.   This could stay up for as short or as long as the user wants.


...this could also be the place where up and coming DVR conflicts are shown.


This STB doesn't need to be fully functional to interact with each item, but could act as a trigger to pickup the phone to check voice mail, pickup a computer to check email, etc



Status: In Progress
A decent chunk of this post is in progress...

A widget for TwitchTV

Status: Acknowledged
by CactusSC2 on ‎11-13-2012 02:56 PM

Internet streaming is the latest way for non traditional competitive events, and specifically console and computer gaming, to be distributed to the masses.  TwitchTV is the premier streaming community online.  A TwitchTV widget would allow customers to be able to watch live professional gaming tournaments on the television without the need to hook their television to a computer.

Status: Acknowledged

Minor issue with Widgets in new IMG

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎01-10-2012 04:55 PM

I could go on and on about the new IMG.  Personally, on my HDTV, it looks great (although I'm not seeing the "sliding" type of animation in the guide like Verizon is showing off on their Info channel or a setting to turn it on/off).  On a SDTV not so much (and I think that is where a lot of the complaints are probably coming from about contrast, blurriness and legibility).


So rather dwell on that and rehash topics that already exist, I thought I would point out a minor issue I'm seeing with the new IMG that I don't recall seeing reported.  In the previous IMG if I opened up widgets it would show me the last widget I was viewing...  so... if I navigated over to the weather widget and was looking at that and then exited,  next time I brought up widgets I would again be looking at the weather widget front and center.  This was rather nice given that there isn't a truly "local forecast" Weather Channel offered on FiOS.  But with the new IMG it doesn't remember what I was looking at...  so I get the not very helpful "FiOS TV Widgets" manager thing and then in order to see the weather I have to arrow over four times.


Also... the widgets seem to be distorted now on the HDTV (last time I checked the Sun and Moon were not ovals).  The Weather widget also looks more like the previous IMG color/design.


I hope it will be possible to restore the last Widget memory at some point in the future and would also be cool if the widgets could be updated with the newer IMG look to remove the stretching effect/distortion.  I'd also mention it would be helpful if the widget included a text description.  A "snow" graphic is nice... but what does that mean?  A dusting?  A blizzard?  1-3 inches?  Those are VERY different things.  BUT...  I mentioned that in the past (and Verizon seemed to like the idea) so hopefully that is already something in the works.

Status: Acknowledged

The FIOS TV menu, under "Customer Service", "My Wireless Network", displays your SSID (Network Name) and network encryption key WITHOUT asking for any sort of password.  The information is freely displayed to anyone with access to your remote.


This completely defeats the purpose of having an encryption key on the wireless network if anyone with access to the remote can pull up your SSID and WEP/WPA key.


In my case, I run a proxy server with another wireless router behind the proxy.  Everyone connects to the wireless network behind the proxy server so that web filtering can occur as their are kids in the house.  The Verizon ActionTec router sits in front of the proxy with wireless enabled but the SSID hidden.  Some may say to turn off the wireless feature in front of the proxy and problem solved, but that's not the point.


The point is Verizon should not be freely advertising your network security details via a widget on the FIOS TV service.  I have to supply a password to my FIOS router to have access to this information, why is this not the same on the TV?


Verizon obviously did not think this through.  I contacted Verizon via phone and was told there is no way to disable this.  Verizon says "your privacy is your right and our duty" so I would like to see Verizon address this immediately.  Seeking other ways to notify Verizon of this egregious gaffe in security, but for now this post is the first vehicle.

Status: Acknowledged

YouTube through Fios TV

Status: Acknowledged
by Trusgift on ‎10-04-2012 12:35 PM

I am very, very disappointed to learn, after switching from DirecTV, where I had easy access to all of YouTube on my TV through the remote, that one not only has to run YouTube through the "Media Manager" for Fios, but that I couldn't run it AT ALL because I have a Mac!  Why can't Fios offer the same access as DirecTV??  Fail!


WeatherBug Improvement Idea

Status: Accepted
by on ‎10-07-2010 11:07 AM

Include a text weather forecast description with some useful information.  "Rain" can mean anything from a light mist to heavy downpours.  "Snow" can mean anything from a flurry to a blizzard.   It does nothing to help with planning if you know it will snow but don't know if the "Snow" forecasted is going to be a light dusting or a couple feet.

Status: Accepted

Just updating Maitreyi's status to match her comment :smileyhappy:


Skype & other interactive widgets

Status: Accepted
by glyde23 on ‎10-05-2010 05:22 AM

I noticed that many new TVs are coming out with widgets similar to what FIOS has to offer.  For example, Panasonic has a Skype widget.


Since the FIOS box already has a USB input, why not add Skype to the Widgets lineup?  The customer could then plug in their camera into the USB input in order to get video.


Furthermore, perhaps allowing the customers to play games and interact more with other FIOS customers across the country.

Status: Accepted
For clarity I am rolling with an "accepted" status for video conferencing, games and interact with other FiOS customers... the partners are not clear for us at the moment.. but the functions certainly are clear enough

Overlay Widgets on Screen Instead of Having to Leave Program

Status: Acknowledged
by epie ‎09-10-2012 05:54 PM - edited ‎09-10-2012 05:56 PM



It would be nice if when you called up certain widgets they either slid out from the side of the screen or overlaid the screen at the top or bottom of the program you are watching. Widgets like weather, fantasy football, and facebook, are great examples of widgets that could benefit from this type of action.  Having to leave or pause a television program to click several buttons to call up a new screen to look at these widgets is not very user friendly in my opinion. It is much easier to go to my iPad or iPhone and is the reason why I don't really use Fios widgets.  I think Verizon is missing the boat here.




Status: Acknowledged
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Have an Idea?
If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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