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Filipino On Demand (FOD) Channels

Status: Acknowledged
by Suber on ‎04-11-2011 03:44 PM

I live in Southeastern Virginia (Hampton Roads Area) where there is a very large Filipino community, mostly active and retired military.  We do not have access to FOD in this area.  However, I checked your website and found that Filipino On Demand is available in Richmond and its surrounding areas.  The other carriers, i.e.., Comcast, Cox and some others, offer FOD in this area.  Is it possible for this area to receive FOD, or other Filipino channels with FiOS TV??  In this area, Verizon only offers two Filipino channels, TFC and GMA Pinoy.  Your response will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

Status: Acknowledged
Tons more On Demand content is coming

New Channel

Status: Acknowledged
by Krofdorf on ‎04-07-2011 10:22 AM

I am of German decent and would like you to add German Kino Plus to your channel selections.. It is now offered by Dish Net Work but I would like to remain with Verizon. So please could you look into this. Thank you

I already subscribe to your other German channels

Status: Acknowledged

Fox Boston to Bristol County

Status: Acknowledged
by patsoxfan on ‎04-06-2011 07:39 AM

He been with fios for 3 years now and everything is great except I can not watch Fox Boston 25 in regular TV or HD

I know that in my town if you have comcast they show non-hd of this channel and am wondering why fios can not offer the same.

Status: Acknowledged

I just have 2 request. One simple, one maybe not so simple.


First Request: Reconfigure how to access the On Demand Premium Channels!


Why did FiOS make it so difficult to locate and/or navigate to the On Demand Premium Channels?

I had TWC and their OD Premium Channels preceded the actual Premium Channel. 


Ex: If HBO was on channel 401 then HBO On Demand was located on channel 400! No need to search for it, it was right there!!!


FiOS should have followed that navigation example, which would make the transition to FiOS from cable that much more simple and easy!!


It's hard enough after having cable for...well my entire life, to learn FiOS' new channel line up, now I have to search and navigate through a series of button pushes to find ONE on demand channel.


Or maybe at the very least, FiOS should move the On Demand Premium Channels selection to the 1st or 2nd spot on the list of the On Demand options.


Here's how to locate HBO On Demand in FiOS...for those of you newbie's:


Push the ON Demand button on your remote>Scroll to find then select Browse All>Scroll to find then select Premium Channels>Scroll to find then select HBO On Demand>Scroll to find then select your final HBO OD option, movies, series, etc> Scroll to make your selection. Voila!! See simple!?!?!


WHY so difficult for such a sought after feature? It took my wife and I the better part of a morning after my service was installed to find it. They promote that they have it (which is 1 of the primary reasons I made the switch) but don't tell how to find it in ANY documentation that the installer leaves you. We had to literally search it online!


Second Request: Local news: FiOS 1 local news is awful! Period! I understand that it's in it's infancy, but C'mon! I've seen better news broadcast from high school students, but you don't really expect much at that level!

For my dime I'd expect a better local broadcast. 


Don't know how Verizon could make this happen, but what if Verizon negotiated with TWC et al, to bring the local channel news 12 to FiOS for a monthly subscription fee?


The cable company's can't stop people from jumping ship, they might as well generate some revenue form those that did and are willing to pay for a familiar news source! I could care less, my wife on the other hand complained almost every day about her beloved news 12 (which doesn't even really cover our area, but whatever) until she found HLN. But I'd be willing to pay a marginal subscription fee for that channel to make her happy ....or quiet......which ever comes first :smileyhappy:


That's just my 2 cents.....which incidentally is all I have left after my first FiOS bill! Just kidding, but no seriously, it was a lot! Nevertheless, hopefully I WILL get what I pay for...unlike with cable!

Status: Acknowledged
More options to access VOD content in progress... including the virtual channel option that you referenced (which I personally find too difficult). I would suggest in the mean time you give our search feature a go... as it is based on Internet search engine technology and is quite good at tracking down content I want to see.

Consistently name FIOS apps to either start with Verizon or FIOS

Status: Accepted
by MGrace ‎03-10-2011 12:00 PM - edited ‎03-10-2011 12:01 PM

Maybe it's just me, but I always look in the wrong place in my alphabetically  sorted app screen on my android phone.  The FIOS Mobile Remote app and FIOS on Demand App are right next to each other in the "F" section, but the Verizon Fios DVR app is down with the V's for Verizon.  And don't forget the Media Manager APP or MyVerizon Mobile apps.





Status: Accepted
When you're right... you're right.


Status: Accepted
by MelHud on ‎03-10-2011 07:23 AM

On the detailed information page, with the light blue background and white front, would be easier to read with a larger font and in a darker color.

Status: Accepted
Assume you are testing 1.9?

Request WFMZ 69 HD in VHO8 SE PA

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-07-2011 07:30 PM

Please consider adding WFMZ HD 69 (now only on Ch15 SD) from Allentown, PA to the VHO8 (Southeast Pennsylvania) viewing area. This station also covers Bucks County, PA (north of Philadelphia). Many residents of Bucks County, PA like me, travel to Northern NJ to work, which is in their coverage area. WFMZ HD  provides local weather, traffic and news from Bucks County to Northern NJ.  VHO8 SE PA currently doesn't cover NE PA/Northern NJ/ NYC. But Trenton, NJ right across the river from Bucks County, receives both the Philadelphia and/ NYC stations which would be great to have them on VHO8. If that can't be done, at least have WFMZ HD. The channel slots do not overlap, and HD 515 is available in VHO8. WFMZ HD is an independent station in Allentown where FiOS is currently building out.  WFMZ HD would broaden your local HD coverage in VHO8 and view much better than the SD feed that exists now.


Thank you.



Status: Acknowledged

DVR Recordings - Build into Chapters

Status: Launched
by on ‎03-07-2011 06:11 PM

It would be nice if DVR recordings could be broken into chapters for advancing thru the content


...Realizing that advertisers probably wouldn't like skipping over an entire block, they need to accept the fact that people are already fast forwarding past the time they pay for.


Either break chapters around commercial blocks, or at the individual commercials.




PS.... "DVR" should be added to the spell check functionality of this web site :smileyhappy:

Status: Launched

It might seem like a good advertising gimmick to say that you pass channels through unaltered to customers, but from a customer perspective, we shouldn't have to worry about the varying saturation, brightness, etc. between content provider feeds.  They should be normalized at the VHO to give us consistent levels across channels.

Status: Not Likely
we are not permitted to make changes to the signals as described...but we do work with the content partners to make corrections on their end. What channels are offending in your opinion?

Advertising FiOS

Status: Already Exists
by yasminye on ‎03-03-2011 06:30 PM

Stop advertising FiOS in areas where it isn't available. We want it, we really do, but it's very frustrating to see advertisements and commercials lauding it over and over when we can't have it. It doesn't breed good favor with Verizon on the whole.

Status: Already Exists

Our Marketing department has a process in place that will advertise to qualified areas. If you are getting direct mail in error, please send me a personal message on the forum.


fios for local churches

Status: Already Exists
by jesus1me on ‎03-03-2011 05:38 AM - last edited on ‎03-07-2011 09:42 AM by Admin Emeritus

Lets see Verizon FIOS dicount ser vice to local churches in there local  community also have a customer appreciation day with a cookout etc... or maybe go toa local hospital with toys for sick children

Status: Already Exists
Several ideas in one post... so I go with VZ already does lots of charity. The Verizon Foundation donates dollars to support lots of non-profits. VZ employees donate thousands of hours volunteering for charity. I just walked by a book drive in my building's lobby yesterday. We also do things like sponsor customer TV viewing parties... see the Super Bowl parties from last month.

FIOS Remote App for Blackberry.

Status: Maybe Later
by Peppy6900 on ‎02-26-2011 02:53 PM

I really love the mobile remote app that is available for the iphone and android platforms, however there is nothing for my blackberry...yet.  Is there something in the works for the blackberry?  I know you have your remote dvr app for blackberry, so one would think?

Status: Maybe Later
Requires a complete re-design for BB's... because so few of the models are touch screen and the ones that are touch screen have pretty volumes.

Remember Channel Favorites setting

Status: Acknowledged
by Josephj11 on ‎06-23-2012 10:10 AM

When I press the "Guide" button on my remote,  the guide displays "All Channels".


Then, when I press the heart "Favorites" button, it displays "Favorites 1".


The problem is that I always want it to display "Favorites 1" by default (the last favorites setting I used).


Until your latest update (around 1 week ago), this worked fine.  It remembered whatever favorites setting was used last and displayed that.  Now, I get "All Channels" all the time and have to do extra work of pressing the "Favorites" button.  This is annoying.


This is a regression, not an improvement.  Please fix it.

Status: Acknowledged

Remote Control Upgrade!

Status: Maybe Later
by rko316632 on ‎02-17-2011 05:52 PM

Ive read lots of suggestions regarding DVRs and the TV service, but no one have suggested a remote control suggestion.  When we press a button, only a select amount of buttons light up on the remote.  It would be great if Verzion came out with a remote where all buttons light up.  Different colors to represent different functions.  Blue for the numbers, red for the dvr playing options, Green for the volume/channel changers Purple for the menu items.  This would also improve the elderly's use of the remote control.  The Verizon instructional channel that tells how to use the remote is kinda long winded, and my gpa doesnt understand english anyway, but colors are a universal language!!

Status: Maybe Later
At the moment we are focused on turning all those gadgets into cool remote controls (we just ship a new remote model last year that made things easier to wrangle). As tablets get cheaper you gpa could be a remote control app in his native language or maybe one with giant buttons that are easy to read.

Missing features coming from Cox

Status: Acknowledged
by JBell on ‎02-17-2011 11:29 AM

Just had my Fios installed last Friday coming from Cox in Hampton Roads Virginia and there are a few things we have found that are changes in the wrong direction.


1. HD channels - this is obviously specific to our preferences but no E! and BBC in HD sucks - who wants to watch Top Gear in an SD letterbox?


2. Progress bar when FF through a recorded program. Fios just has a little arrow marker showing relative position through the show and a very subtle shading in the info bar that is meant to indicate progress. With Cox there was a nice progress bar , the start and end time (clock time) at either end, and your actual clock time on the progress bar indicating where you are in the recording.  Also, I like the 30sec skip but it provides absolutely no indication of progress through the recording.


3. Guide - I understand there are improvements to the guide coming up in the near future but the SD guide/menu really limits the information you can see. This is particulalry frustrating with the recorded content when you basically see the first 1-2 words of the title ... because there isn't enough room to actually provide the description.


4. Program search - seems like there are many unnecessary nested folders when I search for a just keeps going and I don't understand the purpose.


5. Can't set up a "series recording" based on key word.  For instance, I'd like to record every program that happens to have "triathlon" in the title. maybe I just haven't figured this out for Fios yet.


That's my list so far. No deal breakers but definitely steps back from what I was accustomed to with Cox. Hopefully the 1.9 software release will address some of these issues.

Status: Acknowledged

Don't have a better status to select with multiple ideas in one post...


More HD's on the way


Progress bar got a subtle re-design in the next version of software... hopefully you like it better


On item 3 there are two simple choices (bigger fonts / less info per page or vice versa) we continue to seek the right balance


Search is way killer... the nested folders are associated content... search for Kevin Bacon and get content he is in... then below see other actors / directors in the same show... and see what other content we have with those folks... Take a bit to play with because there is no way Cox has better search (especially after the upcoming upgrade). Can't even accept for one moment that search is a step back from Cox... it's based on Internet search engine tech...


#5 is a duplicate request

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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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