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Make commercials and advertisements useful

Status: Acknowledged
by fttp4me on ‎01-13-2011 05:20 PM - last edited on ‎01-14-2011 11:33 AM by Admin Emeritus

I realize that most content that is free is subsidized by commercial advertisements.  Many networks restrict the ability to Fast Forward through commercials when watching On Demand.  If I am forced to watch commercials, how about inventing a system that can make me somewhat happier that I have to watch the commercials.


1) Allow me to create a category of things that I am interested in, then deliver only commercials that fit those categories.  I realize that might be difficult for the Big OTA networks where advertizers have paid big bucks to have their commercials aired, but perhaps its possible to customize commercials for the On Demand network shows or the cable networks.


2) Become the Google of TV advertisements.  Here's how:

First create interactive advertisements similar to how the HSN widget works.  By allowing me to directly order or interact with a commercial, the company knows that I have seen the ad (Similar to how companies track their ads on the Internet when people click on certain links).  Finally, if I order something directly through an interactive ad, Verizon gets paid a commission, and in return Verizon gives me reward points for my purchases that can be used to order On Demand movies. 


This creates a win-win-win scenario for everyone because:

A) Companies can better track how effective their advertisements are and can reach their target demographic better, because for example they don't need to decide which channels or what time of day to put their channels on, they simply choose a category for their ad, and that ad gets delivered to me regardless of which channel I am watching or the time of day that I am watching.


B)Verizon can earn additional revenue from this new style of advertizing,  and still keep the "tried and true" old method as well.  Particularly by being paid a commission for purchases made directly through FiOS TV.


C)The consumer wins because as much as I hate watching commercials, if I have to watch them it may as well be something that I am interested in, and I actually wouldn't mind watching a commercial for something I might need or want, be able to order it on the spot, and in return be rewarded with points (similar to credit cards) that can be used to order movies, get a channel free for a day--sorta like Free Previews but I can choose the channel I want to use it on; this would be particularly useful if a network is airing a program I want to watch, but I don't necessarily want to up my subscription for just a one time show. Points could even be reedemable for International calling minutes, Verizon Wireless minutes, adding extra Megabytes to a Verizon Wireless data plan, or for a gift card.  (I'd much rather cold hard cash or a credit on my Verizon bill, but we know that's not going to happen).  Also, don't copy the credit card companies where points expire, I get to use them when I want please.

Status: Acknowledged
Agree... and we are definitely chugging, but these are a big lift for technology and business folks... plus there's the whole thing of avoiding making it too annoying...


Status: Accepted
by Hackeynut on ‎01-13-2011 05:34 AM

One of the great features that Directv has that I have not seen with any other provider is the autotune feature.  Essentially it works as a "Set Reminder" but at the time of the program, it will actually change the channel for you.  This is a great feature for those of us who fall asleep to TV and would be a great feature to add.



Status: Accepted
Agree this is a nice feature. We'll put it on the roadmap.

As reported in several places (e.g., here and here), the FiOS screen saver that's displayed when the STB is rebooted (i.e., "Press Menu to watch FiOS...") causes lots of trouble for TiVo users.  When the STB goes into this mode, TiVo will end up recording hours/days/weeks of nothing but that screen saver, thereby missing all of the shows that the user wanted recorded.


The fix for this is simple.  When the screen saver is displayed, rather than ONLY allowing the Menu key to enable the STB again, also simply allow channel change requests to re-enable the STB and change the channel.  This way, when TiVo tries to change channels when the STB Is in this screen saver mode, the STB would honor the change channel command from TiVo, switch to the proper channel, and allow the users programs to be recorded - simple.


Verizon - this should be a simple, downloadable update to the STB.  Please consider making this change ASAP as this is a HUGE issue for TiVo users.  I recently came home from a week's vacation only to find out that all of our shows had not been recorded, and in their place there was DAYS worth of screen saver recorded, which I then had to go delete one by one.  VERY frustrating.



Status: Acknowledged
This type of use case will be addressed, but not ASAP (sorry). I'll talk to the dev teams and see what our options are on this one. Have you considered getting a Tivo with CableCARD, so you don't need a set top box?

DVR features

Status: Maybe Later
by Shrish on ‎12-26-2010 10:28 PM

If I press Record in DVR, it should start recording from that point onwards instead of when I changed the channel .   Now it is impossible to record snippets of my favorite shows.


Also,we should be able to change the title in DVR. I record Jay Leno show every day and it would be nice if I can edit the name to more meaningful

Status: Maybe Later
I am with Justin on this one... but we should find a way to get snipets use case as described... The simple pop-up gets in the way of "one click" record that many, many customers want... so perhaps it should be an option in double tap record (which brings up recording options)

Parental Controls Screen when programming is blocked needs to time out to a blank screen! When the TV is on and a program comes up that is blocked by parental controls, the notice comes up and stays up in the same place. Now this cannot be good for the screen, even with the improvements in display technology. This is a very big error on Verizon's part. Many complaints about the screen saver constantly showing in the same and not random places led to the ability to turn off the screen save. Now the parental controls block should have the same options or at least a time out to a blank screen.


Please add this to 1.9. Please.


An adjustable parental controls timer would be nice. You know unlock for x hours adjustable. I believe this had been asked for already.

Status: In Progress
Parental controls by time of day is in IMG 1.9... but we are no longer in a position to add other features to 1.9... the release is closed and getting staged to roll out.


Status: Maybe Later
by dalder on ‎12-19-2010 09:57 AM

Why no Fios yet? Portsmouth, VA 1 mile away has it. Verizon has not even approached Suffolk Town officials for permission to offer service. Is this the end of the line for Fios??

Status: Maybe Later
We are building to more homes in cities that already have FiOS... in 2010 we added tons and tons of new houses... once we finish what is on the plate... I am sure we'll announce additional build, but for now there are still lots of building to do in existing cities / towns.

Bridge MOCA to HDMI 1.4

Status: Not Likely
by chipchristian on ‎12-11-2010 10:16 AM

For future devices...  HDMI 1.4 supports Ethernet.  Would be cool if my future TV set and future Blu-Ray player could access the Internet via the STB.

Status: Not Likely
Widgets enable access to Internet content... or you can just hook your bluray player / TV directly to the home router to access the Internet... I would prefer to stay focused on IP-based approaches to solving this request as opposed to HDMI options

FIOS iPhone app

Status: Not Likely
by nativeray911 on ‎11-26-2010 09:02 AM - last edited on ‎12-03-2010 11:18 AM by Admin Emeritus

I love FIOS and the iPhone DVR app it works great. I also like the idea of the FIOS remote however I don't think its fair that it only works on the HD boxes. Please update so that it works with the non-HD boxes.

Status: Not Likely
The fact that the mobile remote app only works on DVR's and HD STB's is not because we were trying to block cool features... quite simply the SD boxes don't have the horsepower to do the trick... so they won't be getting the feature.

Some customers still on the old packages.

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎11-24-2010 06:49 PM

Perhaps it is time to reach out to those customers still on the old Essentials and Premier packages. There is a new line up this month for November 2010, and it looks like some of the channels may have been removed from those packages. Based on what they are paying month to month, it may help them to switch, even if there is a slight price increase. With the newer bundles, it may be that they are paying close to the cost of the newer packages. I know at one time there was a transition period offered for those customer to switch at the same price as new customers. It has been a long time, but I went from Premier to the older Extreme during that period. Let's do it again. Incentive to make the old stuff just go away.


Happier customers, and Verizon with upgraded customers.

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Maybe Later
by on ‎11-12-2010 02:44 PM






Status: Maybe Later

Features for sharing between DVR's

Status: Acknowledged
by osiris on ‎11-08-2010 05:45 AM

A lot of these requests may be already implemented and coming in IMG 1.9, but there is no concrete information (or feature list) for 1.9, so I'll go ahead and post the requests.  Also, since it sounds like a lot of regions of the country don't yet have IMG 1.8 on their set-top boxes, can a complete roll-out of IMG 1.9 really be expected this calendar year?


Can you post a list of new features and bug fixes for each recent firmware update?  I'm in the software industry, and posting that information goes a long way to make customers feel comfortable that things are being done to help them out.


Now, on to the feature requests:


1) If I attach an eSata drive in 1.9, will programs only be saved to that drive, or will the internal hard drive still be used until it is full?

2) If I later disconnect the eSata drive, and connect a new one, will I be able to swap out to the old eSata drive to view recordings stored on that?  Or move the eSata drive to another DVR in the house and still view the recordings stored on it?


3) Can I pause live TV on one DVR and resume it on another?

4) Can I start recording on one DVR, turn off the DVR, go to another DVR and resume the recording (while the recording is still in progress)?

5) Can I view the recording schedule for the entire network from one DVR?  Can I schedule recordings for other DVR's in the network? i.e. is there a single "master" recording schedule for all the DVR's on the network?

6) Can two DVR's watch a recorded program at the same time (at different start times)?

7) Will the Fios DVR iPhone app be updated to allow connections/management of multiple DVR's?



Status: Acknowledged
So much here... my best guess as a status is "acknowledged"... Release notes - Already Exist (see 1.8 is the current release notes post. Sorry they are not written for software developers rather mere mortals... nonetheless you should find them useful. internet and external drive is one logical volume item 2 I have to ask the development team. part b of item 2 I am pretty certain is no... recordings are locked to the recording device. Multi-room DVR can let you remotely access content on another DVR's eSATA drive. item 3 is no item 4 is no item 5 is no... but is interesting item 6 is yes in 1.9 item 7 is "under review"

Smaller controller (STB) boxes

Status: Maybe Later
by sylstafford on ‎10-28-2010 12:13 PM

I am a reluctant Comcast customer.  I would like to change to FIOS but will not use the large boxes required by FIOS -- too big and clunky.  Also, Comcast has given me 3 std STB's and a HD STB for free each month.  I hope this feedback gets thru to the FIOS product management and marketing teams.

Status: Maybe Later
Our next step is to enable a wide variety of device you can just go to the store and buy act as set top boxes... so then you can have exactly what you want (other than the free part)

DTV Listings in Guide

Status: Not Likely
by Donnnie on ‎10-24-2010 02:44 PM

The one nice thing about DirectTV was that their STB came with an ANT IN coax jack, so any local digital programing information picked up by your external antenna would be incorporated into the GUIDE. I do miss that function.

Status: Not Likely

Fix the audio drop-outs

Status: Acknowledged
by Hellstorm on ‎10-22-2010 03:23 PM

I'm trying to watch The Office right now on The CW, and the audio drop-outs are making it impossible to follow the dialogue. I've been noticing occasional drop-outs for a while now, but it's just unbearable now.


What's worse, when I try to use closed captioning to follow dialogue during a movie, half the time they're out of sync!


Status: Acknowledged
Have you contacted Verizon Support...? I am thinking this might be your pad's installation... or maybe a less than happy device...

Option to turn off non HD content

Status: Already Exists
by jkratsa on ‎10-20-2010 05:53 AM

I have an HD tv in my room and I want an option in the settings to turn off non HD content on both channel scrolling and in the on demand menu. I can't tell you how many times I've ordered a movie in standard def by accident! You should promote me from TAM to Idea Executive!



Jason Kratsa

Status: Already Exists
For your channels... select "HD" as your favorites (it is a pre-set favorites list) and make sure you have "flip by favorites" turned on in preferences... ta-da! You'll never see a SD channel... The version of software we are rolling out put SD / HD as one entry in On Demand... you pick watch SD or watch HD.
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Have an Idea?
If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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