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This may have been asked but I couldn't find it. 


Just switched over from Comcast and was surprised that there is no way to delete a free rental selection from the "my rentals" in VOD menu.  The tech w/whom I was live-chatting said there "had" been one, but it was "removed".  Put it back, please.   Resume play, restart, add bookmark and rate this show aren't enough.  Need either a DELETE or CANCEL option, or both.   With four kids all vieing to watch shows, the rental list gets unmanageable.  Plus, if you have premium channels, there are just some shows you'd rather not have your kids know you were watching...


Status: Already Exists

Bring FiOS to the Pocono's (Canadensis, Monroe, etc.)

Status: Acknowledged
by ashcam on ‎01-23-2012 01:02 AM - last edited on ‎01-23-2012 03:39 PM by Moderator

I know that FiOS isn't available in my Pocono's area (Canadensis, PA) but it's EXTREMELY needed. There is only 1 cable internet company here, like a monopoly, and they charge high rates for poor service and worse of all they have bandwidth caps, the lowest caps I've ever seen. There are many people here who are crying for FiOS and will most likely switch to it if it were available due to the amazing service, packages and pricing. After running a Google search, I've seen residents requesting this since 2008, hopefully we can get it soon.

Status: Acknowledged

Add 3 min to Skip Button options

Status: Accepted
by Mugen on ‎07-31-2010 06:02 AM

Currently, we can program Skip button to skip 30 secs, 1 min or 5 mins. Most commericals periods are 3 mins so I suggest adding 3 min to that option list. This should be an easy change for Verizon and very helpful to customers who want to skip the commericals.

Status: Accepted

new channel guide format

Status: Already Exists
by tinytoescoo on ‎01-03-2012 07:51 PM

Please fix the channel guide MODE:  All Channels options to save the Guide Options selection.  Very annoying to have to select it every time I use the channel guide. - Thank You

Status: Already Exists

I hate the interactive icons

Status: Already Exists
by lmm on ‎01-02-2012 10:18 AM

I really hate the interactive icons on CNN, the shopping channels, and now on the History Channel. I have no desire to interact with my TV.  I find these icons really irritating, especially the new on on the History Channel that seems to just want me to buy stuff.  These icons also often cut off important parts of the TV picture, like people's faces. 


I do understand that others might like these interaction opportunities so why not compromise --- when I click Escape to close the icon I'd like it to stay closed and not come back on after the next commercial break. 



Status: Already Exists

Televise Broncos vs Patriots game

Status: Acknowledged
by ini on ‎12-15-2011 09:54 PM

hi verizon t.v , i think it would be a mistake not to televise the Broncos vs Patriots game as i think this will be the game that everyone will be looking forward to see. the ratings will be off the charts and it will be a shame if fans can't watch it .you only have one game scheduled for 4.15 i.e jets at eagles local but why have more than one televised games at 1p.m. i kindly ask the powers that be to listen to your viewers for once. i think if you were to honour my request and i believe there are a lot of us who would love to see this game would be more than happy to say verizon fios t.v is the best as they listen to what there viewers want.


Status: Acknowledged

Remote Control Unit Problems

Status: New Idea
by Awe-Inspiring-1 on ‎11-20-2011 10:17 AM

Verizon should have a listing of all TV Systems and other products by Product Code and Manufacturer that will not operate with Verizon Remote Control Units.  The list should include work arounds or solutions.  Also if Verizon is working on providing solutions and an estimated tiem when that might happen.


When I trid to set up my NEW Haier 24" Class 1080 60Hz HDTV Product Code L24B1180 I was able to get the on / off to work but I cound not get any control over the sound.  This was also true when I switched to a different Verizon Remote.


At one time the set turned off when I trid to use the sound control on the Remote.


Here is a on line chat that I had on the subjet with Verizon....


A Verizon Service Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you. Agent ......  has joined.

 : Chat ID for this session is 11201139790.

(00:34:45): My problem is that I can turn on and off my TV with the Verizon remote but I can not control the sound.

(00:35:20): you will need to re program the remote

(00:35:30): To program the TV code: 

(00:40:38): Code 1061 dose not work. I have a New Haier 24 inc 1080 TV and none of your codes work. I can get it to work with the TV power but that is it.

(00:41:53): in that case we will have to replace the remote

(00:43:00): Did that. I tried two button and four button Verizon remotes and none of them work.

(00:43:55): is this the first time with the issue?

(00:46:00): No. Verizon sent an identical verizon 2 button remote and that also failed. The Verizon box is new – it’s for HD.

(00:46:40): did it worked before?

(00:47:37): Never with the new Haier TV, only with others.

(00:48:02): in that case its a tv issue

(00:48:22): its not compatible

(00:50:05): I get that. Verizon is not keeping up with the latest technology. It’s not the TV it is Verizon. My Haier Remote works.  Maybe Verizon should send a Harmony Remote?

(00:50:45): im sorry for that

(00:50:50): is there anything else i can do for you?

(00:52:24): Can I program the AUX with the Verizon box to control the sound? No I do not have an AUX sound unit.

(00:53:59): ???

(00:54:04): is there anything else i can do for you?

(00:55:10): Send it up to one of your technical staff please.

(00:55:20): ok

(00:55:25): is there anything else i can do for you?

(00:56:28): You may have them respond to us at …..

(00:56:48): sure



Expand Verizon FiOs to Navarre, Fl

Status: New Idea
by Jon_Jr on ‎10-19-2011 05:48 PM

To start things off, I am a second year sophomore in college. So, to put it straight forward I know almost nothing about business. What I can say about myself to where I can give myself some credentials is that I graduated high school a year earlier than my class because of my grades.





                 - I live in a rural area that is monopolized by AT&T. I have also live here for ten years. And over these ten years I've heard over hundreds of high school students, middle school, and yes even elementary students firmly say that AT&T needs to be kicked out of Navarre by Verizon. There are roughly 40 - 50K people who live in this city, and we are absolutely SICK of AT&T and their LIES. From family that have been die hard customers of Verizon I firmly believe Navarre would greatly appreciate a Company that actually cares about their customers and gives good service rates. Verizon would strike gold (in my opinion) by moving into the Navarre region. Not only would Verizon have civilian backing, but also Military, Corporation, and Schools all happy to upgrade to an amazing company like Verizon. I've talked with several managers with the businesses that I have worked at over the past two summers (mostly hotels) and the biggest complaints from their customers are the internet is too slow. Heck, even the minimum residential FiO package would be better than anything AT&T has to offer.


- So to put things straight: Please try expanding business into the Navarre and Pan Handle region. Everyone would greatly appreciate the freshness provided over the stink that AT&T produces.


- If and when anyone reads this, thank you for reading, considering, and commenting. I appreciate the opportunity to speak out.



tv online

Status: New Idea
by on ‎10-08-2011 12:58 PM

add stars and nba league pass to the fios tv lineup dish network comcast and xfinity already have them 

New Guide defaults to 720p - make sure to change it to 1080i and adjust your aspect ratio accordingly


There should be a 'set up your new guide' tutorial or assisted setup process for furture market upgrades that makes you go through it the first time the box is turned on after the update.


After doing these things - the guide and picture is crystal clear again, I do not see any fuzzy white hard to read text.

Status: Acknowledged
There is a wizard that pop's up on after the upgrade that walks you through the config... did you not see that?

I know Verizon was deploying Fios all around eastern Massachusetts since 2007, but they didn't bring Fios into Brookline and boston. They skipped around them, and did all the surrounding towns. Its now 2011, and the town of Brookline is still without Fios. I want Verizon to add Fios to Brookline, Massachusetts as soon as possible. If not this year, when?

Status: Maybe Later
We are currently focused on finishing the towns/cities that already have FiOS... after we get that done... we'll see what comes next.

Watch Verizon TV from a Mobile app

Status: Already Exists
by piratepanda on ‎07-27-2011 03:22 PM

Many TV providers have a mobile app so that they can watch there TV on the go when not at home. Verizon Fios does not. It would be appreciated if you could have app so that we could watch our TV on the go please and thank you.

Status: Already Exists
Not for all the content... but there is HBO Go, Watch ESPN and soon CNN apps that let you watch content on mobile devices in and out of your home. More on the way.


Status: Acknowledged
by MaryBeth on ‎07-06-2011 07:22 PM

   PLEASE stop "improving" your TV and Internet services.


The new TV MENU takes much longer to load and scan.  It is harder to read and much too slow since fewer selections are shown at one time.  Please either change it back to the one of yesterday or give an option for the individual to change his back.  I really dislike the new menu.   :smileymad:


In your defense, Verizon did acknowledge its mistake in changing the TV SEARCH menu from the full alphabet design to the telephone format...and REVERTED to the original.  Thank you.


The new changes to the FIOS Verizon page on the Internet takes longer to load.  Not only does it take longer for the home page to load, but also you have added more steps to get to e-mail, thereby making the entire  time expended much more.  What a pain!!!!



The old quote is, "If it 'ain't' broken, don't fix it."

Status: Acknowledged
Sorry you dislike the new guide... over 100+ customers helped us define and test it. In general we have gotten very positive responses to the new IMG. There is no way to allow you to continue to use the previous version. Some folks have told me it was a mistake to change the default text entry option to alph keyboard... so I guess it's all about perspective.

Here is a few ideas to ponder.

Status: Acknowledged
by vtxman06 on ‎07-06-2011 03:00 PM

I have to agree with other posters about the picking of channels, If I don't want them I shouldn't be paying for them.  The new menu that came on today. Really is this supposed to be better? It's harder to read and just as bad to navigate through. I have 20/20 vision and large screen TV and I have to really look to see what it says. Please change it back or make it an option to change back to. Back to the channel bundles offered, how about instead of listing all the channels you have in the entire network why not have you show only the channels you ( the customer) has in there package. This would be great that way we won't have to waste time and hunt through all the channels to see if we can watch them and then have to save them to a favorites section.  Some people work nights and when we get home in the early morning out of the 20 channels that I actually watch 90% of them are paid programming for products or married with children. Come on people this is 2011 it cannot be that hard to take off a 20yo show and put something newer on. Your product is good or you would not have as many customers but with technology it can be better and as new options come online people may chose them over large bills with little options.

Status: Acknowledged
IMG 1.9 let's you set channels to "subscribed only".


Status: Acknowledged
by scocoh on ‎05-13-2011 01:02 PM

IS Howard TV ever coming to FIOS?

Status: Acknowledged
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