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The "Do Not Disturb" feature is just not flexible enough.  I really like the "No Solitation" feature offered by some, which gives solicitators a clear message to hang up, but allows other callers to press "1" to go ahead and ring through.  With "Do Not Disturb", the only options are to send ALL calls to Voicemail or to play the "Not accepting calls" message for everyone not on the call list.  I want to be able to receive voicemail from anyone NOT on my call list, and I can't do it. 


Modifying Do Not Disturb would solve the problem.  Make the call list able to be "On" or "Off".  Then allow either "Not accepting calls" message or Voicemail to be activated.  This way you have 4 options:  1)  Send ALL calls to Voicemail.  2) Send ALL calls the "Not accepting calls" message.  3) Allow call list to ring through and go to voicemail if not answered   4) Allow call list to ring through and play the "Not accepting calls" message if not answered.  I STILL want to be able to receive voicemail from someone not on my call list, and there's no way to do that right now.


Thank you.

Status: Maybe Later
Thanks for taking the time to share your ideas. We will consider your suggestions when we do our next round of enhancements.

Pay As You Go International Calling

Status: Acknowledged
by theoldhorse on ‎05-27-2014 11:55 AM

Rather than blocking international calling with Freedom Essentials Service, allow the customer the option of paying the old fashioned way -- add the charge to the monthly bill for the connect time for each call.  


Those of us who infrequently travel abroad, occasionally must make international calls to confirm reservations.  It makes no sense to the customer to add monthly international service to their calling plan for this purpose.  

Status: Acknowledged

Blocking Calls

Status: Acknowledged
by z-man543 on ‎11-02-2013 07:22 AM

It would be much more helpful if there was a simple key punch someone could use to automatically block the number of the last phone call.   Much like the keys used for identiy blocking, call back.  Then I would have to reenter the last phone number and write it down.  Then if necessary let us edit it on line should we accidently block the wrong number.

Status: Acknowledged

Voice mail/Call log display.

Status: Acknowledged
by MattBieneman on ‎01-17-2014 01:34 PM

This page:


would be a lot more useful if it showed the phone numbers that people are calling from in another column. The column for the Caller ID name is of marginal usefulness because many calls just show UNAVAILABLE or Unknown name. If you have to choose only one of these columns, the phone number would be better than the text.


Also, it would be great if the call log could be downloaded as a *.csv file. You could have a Download button, which would display fields to enter Start Date/time, Stop Date/time, or All, and then either download the file or email it. (Allowing the customer to select one of his own FIOS Internet email addresses.)



Status: Acknowledged

We just recently changed our phone number to a new unpublished number.  Since most numbers are recycled, you are at the mercy of whomever or whatever have the previous owners' information.  The previous owner of this number had multiple bad debts and apparently gave it out to everyone, their landscapng company,  and their dog.


You are only allowed to block 10 specific phone numbers and you cannot block numbers that are "unavailable".  Here's what I would like to see...


1.  Allow more than 10 numbers in the list.  I managed to fill that up a week after I enabled it.


2.  Allow blocking based upon the caller ID and not only the number.  I get lots of calls from "UNAVAILABE" with phone number "UNAVAILABLE".  Trust me, I don't want to talk to them.  I'd like to block all calls from "MONTANA", "UTAH", and "TEXAS".  I don't know anyone there and I don't want to hire them to reduce my credit card rate.


3.  Allow blocking of area codes or partial numbers. I want to be able to enter "(978) 685-????" or "(406) *" and limit my annoyance from these places.


4. Allow call notification and call blocking at the same time.

Status: Clarification Needed
Thanks for your suggestions. We had similar suggestions a few months ago and have added these to our list for possible enhancements in the future. I am confused about your #4 - allow call notification and call blocking at the same time. Could you expand on this please?

Fix Anonymouse Caller Rejection

Status: Duplicate
by on ‎02-15-2013 08:44 AM

Ever since switching from Vonage to VZ Digital Voice I have an increase in calls from private calls or unknown numbers even though I have incoming call block enabled.


If I purposely block my number it works but these other nusance calls from unknown number or private calls still get through.


If this is not fixed I may consider moving my phone back to Vonage.

Status: Duplicate
We're very sorry for any inconvenience. Anonymous Call Rejection will block calls from parties who have blocked their number. However, 'private' calls (customers who have chosen not to list their numbers) and 'unknown' calls (number did not pass) do not fall into this anonymous category. You may want to register again for the national 'do not call list' just in case your recent change somehow changed your registry. Go to to register. That may help to cut down the number of calls you are receiving.

Digital Voice Call Blocking

Status: Duplicate
by TommyHG on ‎05-13-2013 06:19 AM

Two problems with call blocking in Digital Voice. 1) There should be a feature so you can dial a sequence of numbers (like *86 does to access vmail) and have the caller automatically added to the block list. It seems like unnecessary work to have to do it from the call log.  Which brings me to problem 2). We receive (several times a day) robo calls from 234567890. That's a nine-digit number that "add to call block" doesn't recognize as a valid number, so it won't let me add it.  System should be changed to allow blocking of any call, regardless of what number those robo morons dream up.

Status: Duplicate
We're looking at various options in regard to Call Blocking. Thanks for taking the time to share your input.

Block Calls Based On Community Vote

Status: Maybe Later
by fmaxwell on ‎04-10-2013 04:31 PM

Provide a means of blocking calls based on caller ID and community votes.  


For example, suppose I get a call from one of the lower-your-credit-card-interest-rate scams.  I should be able to flag that call after hanging up.  


Flagging could be done in one of two ways:


1.  For those who get e-mail notification of caller ID, provide a link in the message for "Report this call as fraud or scam."

2.  Provide a "star code" (e.g. *61, *92, etc.) to flag the last call as fraud/scam.


After enough users flag that number, calls from that number should be blocked for anyone who has enabled community-based blocking.  The fraud/scam caller should be dumped to a voice message that informs them that the Verizon subscriber has elected to block calls based on community feedback.  


Provide a means of requesting removal whereby the caller has to provide actual identifiation, contact information, etc.  That way, only legitimate callers, such as political campaigns, would request removal.


Details about how many votes, the time frame for the votes, how long the number stays on the phone-spam list, how to weight votes (e.g. Bob Smith, who continually flags numbers no one else does), etc. can be adjusted.


If you provided this feature, you would find a lot of very happy customers and probable no small amount of new business.



Status: Maybe Later
thanks for the suggestion. We'll consider it as we review various options for expanding call block.

Call Intercept was one of the greatest calling features Verizon ever put in place. Was Verizon pressured to remove this service?


For those of you who are unaware, this is the purpose beyond Call Intercept.




Call Intercept allows you to manage your calls by screening unidentified incoming calls. 

Call Intercept answers virtually all calls that do not provide a valid telephone number

(numbers that typically appear as “anonymous,” “private,” “out of area” or “unavailable” on

your Caller ID screen) before your phone rings.  Callers will be told that you do not accept

unidentified calls and will be asked to record their name.  If unidentified callers do not

record their name – or enter your override code – your phone will not ring.  This eliminates

interruptions from unidentified callers.  Recorded names allow you to hear who is calling. 

You then have several call-handing options.

*Must have Caller ID service.  Not available for business or rotary dial service.

How Call intercept works

Unidentified callers will hear the following announcement:

“The number you are calling has Call Intercept, a service that requires callers whose telephone

number does not appear on their Caller ID display to identify themselves before the call can

continue.  At the tone, please record your name or the company you represent and then press

the pound key or simply stay on the line”

              If callers have your override code, also referred to as your PIN (see Override/PIN Code

section), they must enter it during the announcement to be connected.

              If callers record their name, the call is connected.  You’ll hear ringing and callers hear:

“Thank you.  Please hold.”  They will then hear music until you choose how to handle the


              The ringing pattern you hear will be different from your existing ringing pattern and the

words, “Call intercept” along with the service number “1-800-527-7070”  will appear on

your Caller ID screen.

              When you answer, you’ll hear the recorded name and be given the following options:

when you press: Callers hear:

1 Accept call “Thank you. Please hold.”  Music, until

you answer the phone.

2 Decline the call “The person you are calling is not

available.  Thank you.  Good-bye.”

3 Refuse a sales call “The person you are calling does

not accept phone solicitations. 

Please add the name to your

Do Not Call list.  

Thank you.  Good-bye.”

4 Send to Verizon Home Voice Mail* “Connecting to an answering system.”

5 Hear who is calling again Music, until you answer or

make a choice.

*You must subscribe to Verizon Home Voice Mail service to hear option  4 . If no one answers the phone, the

caller is connected to your Verizon Home Voice Mail (HVM) service or your answering machine.  If you do not

have either HVM or an answering machine, callers will hear: “The person you are calling is not available at

this time.  Thank you.  Good-bye.”

Unidentified long distance callers reaching Call Intercept will pay their normal rates for a

completed call.


I strong urge VERIZON to bring back this service!  The only reason that they would have abandoned this service is because of pressure from the companies who were unable to get through! I want this type of protection from Harassment  for Digital Voice!


If Anyone Else Agrees please tell Verizon to bring back CALL INTERCEPT!!!!

Status: Maybe Later
Thanks for the suggestion. We'll consider for the future.

There's a flaw with Fios telephone service. If the power goes out for a long time, you eventually won't be able to use your home phone anymore. Last year when Superstorm Sandy hit my area, I had no power for 7 days. Thank god there was no fire or any major emergency needed. What are you suppose to do when the backup battery runs of juice? They say if you push the emergency button, you will get extra 2 hours of battery. That is kind of pointless when every second during an emergency counts. I would have to run into my garage to push the button and then run to my telephone to dial 911.


If my telephone line was connected back to the old way, I would still be able to hear the dial tone. Now, its connected to Fios thing and backup battery only last about 6 to 8 hours.

Status: Acknowledged

I'm not sure if this issue has been previously addressed. One of the useful features for Fios Digital Voice is "Call Blocking", in order to deal with telemarketers. The problem with using FIOS's call blocking feature is that it can only be used with a full telephone # (10 digits). This method is obsolete. Telemarketers now have access to hundreds of  phone #s. What is needed is a type of wildcarding where you can specify just the area code, or first 6 digits for call blocking. This would stop the telemarketers from getting through. I don't see why this would be so hard for Verizon to do. The idea of having to input 10 digits for each phone # for Call Blocking is past its time, and not keeping up with technology, which should not be the case for FIOS. .  

Status: Maybe Later
We will certainly look into your suggestion.

for your customers that also use the Digital Voice mail alert notifications in our emails, would be great if we had a option

at the time we delete our voice mails/call logs,  that it would also delete the message from the online new message and call logs or visa versa.

it's double duty as it is now to delete the voice messages and call logs.  Thank You. 



Status: Acknowledged

I enable "do not disturb" on my Fios Digital Voice phone line and I then can add up to 12 phone numbers that will be "unblocked" which means they can get around "do not disturb" and ring my phone.


I do this to keep telemarketers from being able to bother me. Caller ID is no good for that purpose because it still allows telemarketers to ring my phone, interrupt me, and make me run to the caller ID to see who is calling.


In effect, I am creating a "whitelist" and only phones whose numbers are on that whitelist are able to disturb me by ringing my Verizon Digital Voice phone.


The problem is that I am only allowed to enter up to 12 phone numbers on the "unblocked" list.


Please increase that maximum from 12 to a much higher number. 100 would be more like it and more than that would be even better.



Status: Maybe Later
Thanks for your suggestion. We have this one on our list of enhancements planned for next year. Probably won't be 100 but will be expanded as much as we can.

Caller ID Idea

Status: Duplicate
by Good-Buddy on ‎10-18-2013 07:16 AM

I have Fios Digital Voice.  With the Fios Phone Book I can sync my names with different mail service programs, with the phone book in the cloud why can't it sync my names input with Fios caller ID to have Caller ID come up on my screen, TV and Phone, with my input names for cell phones instead of showing the state.  That would be a good add on for Digital voice. 

Status: Duplicate
Thanks for your submission. We are looking at this for a future enhancement

There is no way to report a phone outage online if the Verizon Troubleshooter does not work.


The following statement on the website is a lie:


"To create a new repair request, simply select the link below to begin troubleshooting. If the Verizon Troubleshooter cannot resolve your issue, you will be given an opportunity to create a repair ticket or contact our technical support team. who work to resolve the trouble with your service."


Why does Verizon publish such a statement if it doesn't work, if it is untrue?


Solve this problem!!  Your IT department should have no problem inserting logic into your Troubleshooter application that presents a contact form if no results are returned by your Troubleshooter.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for your input. It will be shared with the proper team.
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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