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World Call Idea

Status: Acknowledged
by BrooklynGuy on ‎07-07-2012 11:19 AM

I like to blab a lot with my international friends, but I don't want to spend more than 15 dollars a month which is what I pay with 500 Minute World Call. 

I wish there were a feature, that would disconnect me from a call once I have reached the 500 minute mark.  

Status: Acknowledged

After recently upgrading to Digital Voice, the getting started guide says to sign in to Account Manager at None of the suggested links appear on that page.


  IDEA: add Account Manager link on the home, as mentioned in the guide.


The guide also says to  Click the “New Voice Mail” link on the Home Page.


  IDEA: add New Voice Mail link on the home page, as mentioned in the guide.



Status: Acknowledged

let people go back to their old copper wire

Status: Acknowledged
by ElizH on ‎07-05-2012 09:07 PM

If Verizon had told me that I would not be allowed to go back to copper wire when I signed the 2-year FIOS contract, I would not have signed up for FIOS.  If you never switched to FIOS, Verizon isn't making you change from your copper wire service, but once you have FIOS, they refuse to let you go back to your copper wire service even if you pay for it out of pocket.  This was a post-contract condition that they implemented without informing their customers.  They never gave their customers that choice,  in a deceptive manner.  Unfortunately, there aren't any other providers in our area of New York, or else I would switch to them.  Frontier is willing but there aren't enough people in my neighborhood who want it.  If you live in an area where you lose power in a storm, you lose your landline after 8 hours when the expensive FIOS battery runs out.  That's useless.  Why even have a landline under those conditions?  I already switched cell providers because Verizon had no reasonable cost options for low-minute, low-data users.  I'm definitely going back to satellite TV, and as soon as I can find a landline service that will let me use the copper wires that have been hooked up to my house for the last 40 years, I'm switching landline and internet service.  I might be in the minority, but I'm telling everyone I know not to switch to FIOS unless they want to forever give up their copper wire service.  If other companies could hook up individual homes with copper wire, Verizon would lose alot of business.  They're losing me as soon as I can find another provider.  I wonder how many other people Verizon is willing to lose.

Status: Acknowledged

I have three FIOS digital voice lines in my home.  I activated the email notification feature so I am notified of the phone number, date and time of an incoming call.   The problem is that the email fails to tell me which of my three phone lines received the call.   I could be wrong but it sounds like a simple fix to add the number called to the email.

Status: Clarification Needed
If you have three separate lines each with their own mailboxes, your email should display the mailbox number. " A new message has arrived in your xxx-xxx-xxxx mailbox." If they are virtual numbers all depositing messages in one mailbox, there is technically no way to tell which number was called.

Emergency Forwarding

Status: Acknowledged
by johnnypowers on ‎07-02-2012 09:15 PM

How about allowing Analog customers a way to forward there calls from their landline phone to there cell phone service if the landline service goes down. You can add it to one of the prompts when you call using your cell phone to check for messages you may have missed while your analog service is down. This way we too can have our important calls sent to our cell phones. I had FiOs, and had to give it up because it is not offered in the Apartment complex I now live. If I am not mistaken, you can do this on the internet with FiOs. This and every other VOIP feature is not available to DSL members. Just a thought!

Status: Acknowledged

When System has failed

Status: Acknowledged
by DrJay on ‎07-01-2012 01:17 PM - last edited on ‎07-01-2012 02:05 PM by Moderator

When for any reason the FIOS SYSTEM fails there should be a simple email address to report failure just like a customer does when the power system fails.  A trouble ticket should be created and a timely reply made.  For two days going on 3 my phone has failed yet I do not have a repair ticket, spent a lot of time waiting on my cell phone and that is not cheap waiting for a FIOS Operator to answer only to receive the statement, "Can not help you call another number"  or NO ONE EVER ANSWERED.  That is not serving the customer.  Remember good old Dr. Deming said, "Please the Customer" FIOS could give a person a heart attack.


I'll give you my address because you will be required to write - my FIOS phone does not work.  I have also reported FIOS failure to help to the Commonwealth of Virginia.  Maybe I should also call a TV station "ON YOUR SIDE"  FIOS is not on my side.


{edited for privacy}


Status: Acknowledged

No Solicitation Announcement

Status: Maybe Later
by on ‎06-25-2012 06:55 PM

It looks like Verizon is seriously considering improving its Call Block feature.  Here is another idea about how this could be done.

I was looking up a number on one of the websites where people trace nuisance calls and I came across mention of a service that some companies, including Cisco, are providing to their customers.  It would be wonderful if Verizon would offer this.

Here is the description from PVT Telephone in New Mexico:

"No Solicitation

"The No Solicitation feature screens incoming calls between the hours of 9 am and 8 pm in your time zone. Callers hear an announcement similar to the following: “You have reached a number that does not accept solicitations. If you are a solicitor, please add this number to your do-not-call list and hang up now. Otherwise, please press 1 or stay on the line.” If the calling party is not on your priority list, they have the option of listening to the announcement or interrupting it by pressing 1 on their handset.

"You can add up to 25 directory numbers (505, 505-7XX, or 505-7xx-xxxx). Only incoming calls from these numbers are allowed to connect directly, with no announcement.

"You may review and modify the priority caller list by pressing a predefined number combination on your keypad."

And Cisco's very long and detailed description of their service is here: 

Click on No Solicitation Announcement.

Election season seems to have started today and I am on the verge of turning off my ringer for the duration.

Status: Maybe Later
Great suggestion. We'll look into it for a future enhancement.
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Status: Acknowledged
by tjmetric on ‎06-23-2012 07:17 AM

Please provide a list of phone handsets that work with your system

Status: Acknowledged

I'm not sure if this issue has been previously addressed. One of the useful features for Fios Digital Voice is "Call Blocking", in order to deal with telemarketers. The problem with using FIOS's call blocking feature is that it can only be used with a full telephone # (10 digits). This method is obsolete. Telemarketers now have access to hundreds of  phone #s. What is needed is a type of wildcarding where you can specify just the area code, or first 6 digits for call blocking. This would stop the telemarketers from getting through. I don't see why this would be so hard for Verizon to do. The idea of having to input 10 digits for each phone # for Call Blocking is past its time, and not keeping up with technology, which should not be the case for FIOS. .  

Status: Maybe Later
We will certainly look into your suggestion.

Home phone service

Status: Not Likely
by suzq2012 on ‎06-07-2012 01:35 PM

   I wish when someone calls me from my own area code I could just call them back without having to put in the area code.  This causes a pretty big hassle since instead of just returning the call have to look up the number or memorize the number on the screen so that you can input the area code..... seems so easy to just be able to reply  like one would on other calls.

Status: Not Likely
Unfortunately, 10-digit dialing is needed because the same 7 digit number can exist in multiple area codes within your area. There are some other options to make callbacks easier. You might want to consider purchasing a phone set that does last number redial or use *69 (included in FiOS Digital Voice; has a per use charge on traditional landline). Some phones will also let you pull up the number in your CallerID log where you can click to dial. With FiOS Digital Voice you can even choose a number from your telephone call log from your FiOS TV and the system will automatically dial the number and ring your phone . Then you just pick up your phone to be connected. Hope these options are helpful.

Provide repair service for voice phone outage sooner than 4 day

Status: Acknowledged
by DG12 on ‎05-30-2012 04:42 PM - last edited on ‎06-28-2012 03:27 PM by Moderator

We currently have FIOS , including voice.


A problem occured yesterday when the phone rings almost once or not at all and then voice mail intercepts.



We are told that the next service appointments is Sunday, 4 days from now!



We will not be able to receive calls for the next FOUR DAYS!!

Status: Acknowledged

Turn off Locate Me Announcement Feature

Status: Maybe Later
by kes601 on ‎05-30-2012 04:28 AM

When I have Locate Me on, there is no need to tell the caller you are trying to locate me until after the initial 4 rings at my house.  I would like to have the ability to turn this automated message on/off.


Something like this:


Locate Me: On or Off


If Locate Me On:

  • Automated Announcement Before First Ring: On or Off
  • Automated Announcement Before Trying Second Phone: On or Off
Status: Maybe Later
Thanks for the suggestion. We'll look into it in the next round of enhancements.

I was called the other day by someone purporting to be from Microsoft support, advising me that my PC was badly infected. The call was a phishing scam. Because the caller ID was suppressed, there was no way to take action on this caller.  Verizon (and the Telco industry in general) should provide a standard *nn callback number for reporting the last incoming call as potential criminal activity. To get an idea of how common this is, and how long it has been going on, see the Microsoft Answers search results on this page. If the calls originate with the Verizon network, Verizon should be able to determine the caller and assist in shutting these criminals down. If they originate outside the Verizon network, I'm sure there's a protocol for determining the caller's ID since the CALEA act probably requires the mechanism.


Status: Acknowledged

Caller ID for IOS and Mac

Status: Maybe Later
by joelw135 on ‎05-22-2012 02:06 PM

I just transferred from Comcast and will be loosing two great features. Caller ID for my Mac desktop and caller ID for my iPhone, iPad.  I find these very necessary for a productive day.  I don't want my calls forwarded, but I do want to see who calls my home when I am away, giving me the choice to call back or not.

Status: Maybe Later
Although we don't have a ClrID app for your desktop, with FiOS Digital Voice you do have a call log where you can at least see who has called. You can access the log from your online Account Manager at or from your FiOS TV. When you're home you can even click to initiate a call from your FDV line. We are working on getting a FiOS Digital Voice app for your iphone. It's currently only available for Droids. We appreciate your coming to Verizon despite losing the CallerID function and apologize for the inconvenience. We don't currently plan to make that type of application available. Thanks for your feedback.
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