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The FIOS TV menu, under "Customer Service", "My Wireless Network", displays your SSID (Network Name) and network encryption key WITHOUT asking for any sort of password.  The information is freely displayed to anyone with access to your remote.


This completely defeats the purpose of having an encryption key on the wireless network if anyone with access to the remote can pull up your SSID and WEP/WPA key.


In my case, I run a proxy server with another wireless router behind the proxy.  Everyone connects to the wireless network behind the proxy server so that web filtering can occur as their are kids in the house.  The Verizon ActionTec router sits in front of the proxy with wireless enabled but the SSID hidden.  Some may say to turn off the wireless feature in front of the proxy and problem solved, but that's not the point.


The point is Verizon should not be freely advertising your network security details via a widget on the FIOS TV service.  I have to supply a password to my FIOS router to have access to this information, why is this not the same on the TV?


Verizon obviously did not think this through.  I contacted Verizon via phone and was told there is no way to disable this.  Verizon says "your privacy is your right and our duty" so I would like to see Verizon address this immediately.  Seeking other ways to notify Verizon of this egregious gaffe in security, but for now this post is the first vehicle.

Status: Acknowledged

Increase Server Access Speed

Status: Acknowledged
by johnwcounts on ‎11-24-2012 06:59 PM

You seem to have very good upload and download speeds but the latent time incured to access the server to experiece those excellent upload and download speeds seems to be the most significate varible in your internet access.

Status: Acknowledged

I received an email today from Verizon that stated they will no longer offer Internet alone. You must buy a land line with it for another $26. Who uses land lines now days?


This is like my local grocer telling me I can only shop there if I also buy cloth dippers. Doesn't matter if I need them or not!


They are already overpriced. I can save $5/month by switching, and I am in the process of doing that.

Who in their right mind will pay $70/month for Internet if that's all they want?

Verizon appears to be money grubbing, ignorant, or maybe BOTH!



Status: Acknowledged

I've called Verizon tech support  on 4 separate occassions over the 2 months that I've been a customer trying to resolve this or that on e-mailing and downed phone lines.  Here's the problem, the representative asks for an alternative number to call you back on - like the one I'm using isn't good enough.  Then when the problem isn't solvable by their scripted solutions they disconnect and never call you back.  At first, as we were having a phone line issue, I thought it was coincidence and now I'm convinced that if they can't solve the problem and aren't willing to do anything more than read their screen they disconnect and NEVER call back.   But wait...didn't you tell me you'd call me back if we got disconnected????


I'm going to try again tomorrow and if I'm met with the same rude behavior then I'm done with Verizon.



In short my idea is this... actually pay for people who know what they are doing and know how to own a problem and see it through to solution.  I've used Verizon on and off for a decade and this is the one thing that has remained constant.

Status: Clarification Needed
Krayz, did your phone issue get resolved, If you are still experiencing issues,, Please send me your Account information so we can have a supervisor review

Default Security on install

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎09-03-2011 06:28 PM - last edited on ‎09-13-2011 01:56 PM by Admin Emeritus

It appears that all the FIOS installs around here are defaulting to WEP (weak) and all are being installed to the same channel (6). Are the install technicians trained on implementing WPA, or it's derivates? If not, that's a weak point that should be addressed.

Status: Acknowledged

all i wanted to do was to reset my router password and router name. no link on site. the help took over an hour and i dont think it worked. going back to cablevisin. they suk too but change is good

Status: Acknowledged

NXDOMAIN, account settings

Status: Acknowledged
by Almighty_Dollar on ‎08-26-2011 06:54 PM

Please retain NXDOMAIN preference in account settings instead of requiring the average user to jump through hoops... this will allow CS to make the account change as well.


hijacking NXDOMAIN with spammy "search" results is less than awesome


Status: Acknowledged

It would be great if I could turn off and turn back on access to my Fios internet and TV from my work internet so I could limt my kids' activities when I'm gone.  And it would be okay if the phone (landline) was turned off too since they all have cell phones in case they needed to make an emergency call.

Status: Already Exists

"Already exists" for TV: Using or mobile applications you can lock the TV using parental controls with one click of the button (kids will see black screen with a pad lock and can only watch TV if they have the PIN).


"Under review" for Internet

I would love FIOS services to be avaliable in this area. I am interested in all three products. FIOS TV, Internet and Digital Voice. I have heard of FIOS being available in one nyc housing development here in Brooklyn and another housing development being currently wired for FIOS. Do you guys have to get permission from the manager from each of the different developments or does the permission come from the city since the buildings are city owned. Anyone else who lives in NYC housing development buildings want FIOS to be available or is it already available for you? Thanks.

Status: In Progress

Publish the port forwarding rules and requirements for customers to use the features they pay for! Don't tell us we must use the Verizon Buggy router. Every provider out there publishes the rules required to make their features work. Is it that the Verizon TV hardware is that unsecure it must be kept top secreat and proprietary?


It seems as if anytime I set port forwarding on my router for anything other than the Verizon default custom ports, all the Verizon custom ports go disabled. I added nothing that should conflict and only added the custom rule shown. Is it because the custome rule is also called an application? Any Ideas? I hate to keep reseting my router and or STB and DVRs to get these rules back. If Verizon is going to require these rules, they should at least allow the customer to enable disable the rules. Or is it that the smoke and mirrors disables the edit features on these? Any Ideas? Can I reset the router and manually add these back so the work? All these rules for remote DVR and CID have always been a pain, and never stay operating if anything is touched on the touchy router!



Status: Acknowledged

Ok, so I watched the fiber trunks being run down rt29 (which I live right off of), and into my local CoLo. I saw them being taken down to Culpeper. WHEN will we be able to get FIOS??


I'd like to see some page here that allows me to see the upgrade path for FIOS in my area. Because DSL, while nice (I'm literally 1000' away from my CoLo, I can step out in front of my lawn and EYEBALL the CoLo), is getting long in the tooth for us. We NEED FIOS.


Verizon, PLEASE provide some more contacts for us to speak with. Perhaps someone or a helpdesk of some kind that we can submit requests for FIOS so that you can get an idea of the areas requesting FIOS the most. AND THEN PLEASE ACT ON IT.




Thank you




Tim Burks

Status: Maybe Later
Maybe we'll build a web site like you requested to track where FiOS is available, but this site is a place where you can submit requests and get responses.

Data Cap info

Status: Acknowledged
by Gold Contributor VII ‎06-21-2013 05:48 PM - edited ‎06-21-2013 05:51 PM

As addressed on


there is a data cap.


My ideas are to:


#1 Stop Advertising that your Internet has no data caps.


#2 Tell users what the data cap is. For example 2 terabytes per month


#3 Provide the info so users will know how much data they used of their data cap.


#4 Tell user what happens if they go over their data cap.


Thank you

Status: Acknowledged

Instead of free WiFi, Free LTE/3G

Status: Acknowledged
by xmnj on ‎02-01-2012 09:42 AM

Instead of giving the free WiFi access with FiOS internet bundles, which is pretty limited, how about offering free LTE/3G access.  Maybe allow a limit, such as 2 GB a month and offer the customer to buy the device outright.

Status: Acknowledged

Import Verizon Cellphone contacts into Verizon residential WiFi account

Status: Acknowledged
by HarvardVegan on ‎06-18-2011 09:54 AM - last edited on ‎07-12-2011 08:28 AM by Admin Emeritus

Import Verizon Cellphone contacts into Verizon residential WiFi account


I would like to easily import my Verizon cellphone contacts (kept online) into my Verizon residential WiFi (e-mail) account, then add my several e-mail accounts to that set (several bump 5000, so I would need a 'bank' or storage potential over perhaps 15000, then have AI (artificial intelligence) sort through them and suggest duplicates (but allow me to clean them up and to keep them in one place - my Verizon e-mail account).

I don't want merely the option of copying one over the other, but rather some way of seeing them side-by-side and moving key information from the more robust records into one common record. 


[Also, why does the Verizon spellchecker NOT recogize these words: 'cellphone' and 'WiFi"?]

Status: Acknowledged

Better internet service

Status: Acknowledged
by plazo on ‎11-10-2010 06:16 PM - last edited on ‎11-15-2010 11:59 AM by Admin Emeritus

I note with some disgust that a year after announcing Verizon Wifi hotspots for subscribers, Mac is still unsupported as are handheld devices like ipads, ipods, and wifi enabled cell phones.   Comcast, on the other hand is offering a similar deal to internet customers with no such limitations, proving it isn't a tech hurdle.


The elephant in the room is the fact that Verizon also  has a moile phone business which charges high rates for data access on the move; useful wifi access for internet customers away from their desks would cut in on that lucrative business. The conflict of intererest is hurting its other customers.  Unless the two business arms are separated, Verizon will always have a strong disincentive to offering quality, accessible wifi to its internet customers.  After many years avoiding Comcast (waiting for Fios that may never come?), I am finally considering the alternative attractive.  Comcast doesn't have a cell phone business that would be hurt by easy wifi access;  Verizon's "service" will always be little more than a sick joke.

Status: Acknowledged
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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