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Instead of free WiFi, Free LTE/3G

Status: Acknowledged
by xmnj on ‎02-01-2012 09:42 AM

Instead of giving the free WiFi access with FiOS internet bundles, which is pretty limited, how about offering free LTE/3G access.  Maybe allow a limit, such as 2 GB a month and offer the customer to buy the device outright.

Status: Acknowledged

Publish the port forwarding rules and requirements for customers to use the features they pay for! Don't tell us we must use the Verizon Buggy router. Every provider out there publishes the rules required to make their features work. Is it that the Verizon TV hardware is that unsecure it must be kept top secreat and proprietary?


It seems as if anytime I set port forwarding on my router for anything other than the Verizon default custom ports, all the Verizon custom ports go disabled. I added nothing that should conflict and only added the custom rule shown. Is it because the custome rule is also called an application? Any Ideas? I hate to keep reseting my router and or STB and DVRs to get these rules back. If Verizon is going to require these rules, they should at least allow the customer to enable disable the rules. Or is it that the smoke and mirrors disables the edit features on these? Any Ideas? Can I reset the router and manually add these back so the work? All these rules for remote DVR and CID have always been a pain, and never stay operating if anything is touched on the touchy router!



Status: Acknowledged

Ok, so I watched the fiber trunks being run down rt29 (which I live right off of), and into my local CoLo. I saw them being taken down to Culpeper. WHEN will we be able to get FIOS??


I'd like to see some page here that allows me to see the upgrade path for FIOS in my area. Because DSL, while nice (I'm literally 1000' away from my CoLo, I can step out in front of my lawn and EYEBALL the CoLo), is getting long in the tooth for us. We NEED FIOS.


Verizon, PLEASE provide some more contacts for us to speak with. Perhaps someone or a helpdesk of some kind that we can submit requests for FIOS so that you can get an idea of the areas requesting FIOS the most. AND THEN PLEASE ACT ON IT.




Thank you




Tim Burks

Status: Maybe Later
Maybe we'll build a web site like you requested to track where FiOS is available, but this site is a place where you can submit requests and get responses.

Import Verizon Cellphone contacts into Verizon residential WiFi account

Status: Acknowledged
by HarvardVegan on ‎06-18-2011 09:54 AM - last edited on ‎07-12-2011 08:28 AM by Admin Emeritus

Import Verizon Cellphone contacts into Verizon residential WiFi account


I would like to easily import my Verizon cellphone contacts (kept online) into my Verizon residential WiFi (e-mail) account, then add my several e-mail accounts to that set (several bump 5000, so I would need a 'bank' or storage potential over perhaps 15000, then have AI (artificial intelligence) sort through them and suggest duplicates (but allow me to clean them up and to keep them in one place - my Verizon e-mail account).

I don't want merely the option of copying one over the other, but rather some way of seeing them side-by-side and moving key information from the more robust records into one common record. 


[Also, why does the Verizon spellchecker NOT recogize these words: 'cellphone' and 'WiFi"?]

Status: Acknowledged

I was approached by a guy named Dave at Best Buy in Newark,he offered me phone and internet with comcast double play, I asked verizon to match it and they said no, phone and internet at comcast for 34.99 a month before tax's of course. Tell Verizon to change and match it before they loose customers.

Status: Acknowledged

Better internet service

Status: Acknowledged
by plazo on ‎11-10-2010 06:16 PM - last edited on ‎11-15-2010 11:59 AM by Admin Emeritus

I note with some disgust that a year after announcing Verizon Wifi hotspots for subscribers, Mac is still unsupported as are handheld devices like ipads, ipods, and wifi enabled cell phones.   Comcast, on the other hand is offering a similar deal to internet customers with no such limitations, proving it isn't a tech hurdle.


The elephant in the room is the fact that Verizon also  has a moile phone business which charges high rates for data access on the move; useful wifi access for internet customers away from their desks would cut in on that lucrative business. The conflict of intererest is hurting its other customers.  Unless the two business arms are separated, Verizon will always have a strong disincentive to offering quality, accessible wifi to its internet customers.  After many years avoiding Comcast (waiting for Fios that may never come?), I am finally considering the alternative attractive.  Comcast doesn't have a cell phone business that would be hurt by easy wifi access;  Verizon's "service" will always be little more than a sick joke.

Status: Acknowledged

Keep Hiring Competent Internet Technicians

Status: Acknowledged
by srctwin1 on ‎07-15-2012 10:48 AM - last edited on ‎07-20-2012 03:40 PM by Moderator

On July 15, 2012, I was having trouble connecting to WI-FI and an extremely patient and competent technican helped me.  I want to personally give Kudos to Katrina {edited for privacy}.  She was extremely helpful, patient and knowledgeable.  I continue to have great confidence in Verizon because of the extremely competent people that you hire to work for you.  KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK KATRINA!!!!

Status: Acknowledged

correct problems

Status: Acknowledged
by beetus on ‎05-05-2011 07:48 AM

Over the years I dreaded calling for tech support because I could not understand the technicians nor could they understand me. I was forced to call for assistance because of a problem. This time I chose to "chat" with the technicians, No more problem!! I could read their instructions and the problem was solved. No accent or dialect problems.(even though  I could not pronounce his name). I would suggest that we all start CHATTING.

Status: Acknowledged
there is also Twitter (@verizonsupport)... couldn't agree with you more... my fav for getting support is chat on and twitter...

Fios at my house

Status: Acknowledged
by Casen on ‎05-01-2011 02:06 PM

    I recently moved up to Andrews AFB, Md and was extremely interested in getting Fios at my house. Unfortunately, I was saddened to discover that Fios is not available at my house on base. I was disheartened even more when I learned that the newer houses on base (built within the last few year) do, infact , have Fios. I am not able to move into these newer houses, and would love to get Fios.

      How would I go about getting the cables run from the newer houses (which are about 200 feet behind my house) to the houses in my area?

Status: Acknowledged
There is really nothing you can do... we build where we can... there is probably an engineering reason or a restriction from the base as to why your residence doesn't have FiOS.

Verizon Homepage Offensive Advertising

Status: Acknowledged
by walnuthill on ‎04-30-2011 09:40 AM

I have been using this start page for my verizon account for many, many years. I have been very satified with its content until the past few months. The creepy animated photo of old men selling morgage refinance that is running on this page is offensive.  I have been trying to indure, in the hope the ad time would expire.  Please give me a option as a verizon customer of many many years to either remove or block this ad.  The homepage I am refering too is


Thank You


Status: Acknowledged

Stop Search Redirection

Status: Maybe Later
by JerseyFresh on ‎04-13-2011 04:54 PM

I have recently noticed that my URL entries are now being redirected to a Verizon search page. I am not the only one who does not want this. I have changed my DNS server to one of the top level DNS servers so I am not affected by this now, but there are many people who do not know how to do this even though its not hard. Maybe you could put a tutorial on the site directing how to go about changing this. I will post one on my site. Just a thought

Status: Maybe Later

The Calico Farms Community has been waiting for Broadband or DSL forever.  We get mobile broadband, but this gets very expensive.  Verizon has a tower about 2 miles from this community and I am sure they can leverage that tower to provide all their services to this community.  Most if not all residents would then use them for everything.  Most already use Verizon Wireless.  Why not get the landlines, cable, and most importantly the internet.  This is an opportunity for everyone to win.  If they do not believe me, come to community and I can promise you will get big commitments from Calico Farms and surrounding communities.  Come on Verizon, you have made a huge investment in the community by building a call center here.  Reach out and grab the majority of the market share by being there for everyone in the Midlands area.

Status: Maybe Later
Our focus for the near term is to build more homes in the communities we already serve.... before adding new communities...

cat6 will run faster from the main box to inside the home. also the newset router verizon is using needs to be updated to the latest version. to handle the 150/60 speeds. the customers are paying for the best, we should get the best. i know verizon can handle that.

Status: Acknowledged

Here's something that has come to mind for pretty much any company that still sells DSL today. While I'm sure Verizon will toss the idea away as it breaks established network managing policies, it would be pretty cool to see a company such as Verizon implement the ability for people to change speeds on the fly, even on residential accounts if they wished to have more speed, regardless of the equipment they are going through but still within the physical limits of the equipment (eg; DSL technology and sync rates, edge router profiles). In an area such as mine that has been rejected for first-stage FiOS built-outs, it would mean keeping the DSL network in some form of competitive positiion now that Cable is pretty much scooping up people left and right.


I've outlined my idea in my blog since it's pretty wordy, so here's the link to it if you want details on what I've got to share. It's simply an open thought to consider for the company for the DSL service while they hopefully consider expanding FiOS out to areas such as mine full of people willing to pay for it.


My Blog Entry (


So to wrap this idea up, yeah, I know it isn't practical and it's going to cause some headaches for anyone reading the idea, but it's about time we try something new and actually innovative. Many people I'm sure would love this ability, and as defined in the last section of my post, we would rather pay for a cheap, best effort service that has the occasional slow-down than to fork up a couple hundred thousand dollars just to get a service that can be delivered to us already through conventional means.

Status: Acknowledged

Why does it take an act of GOD to get your email transferred if you move????

Status: Under Review
by koksincerity75 on ‎03-23-2011 06:21 PM - last edited on ‎03-30-2011 03:29 PM by Admin Emeritus

It is not in the best interest of the customer to require technical support just because you relocate.  I had to call 7 times over a 24hr period to get my email transferred to my new account after moving into my first home.  After going thru the annoying prompts to only be connected to someone who then puts me on hold for 20 minutes is not increasing my loyalty to Verizon.  After my call was dropped, I called back for the 2nd time tonight only to be connected to someone who says they don't handle this but will transfer me to email tech support only to sit in silence for 10min before giving up.  Call number 3 I reached someone named Anthony and explained to him my frustration only to be put on hold again for about 20min before my call was again dropped.  Call number 4 I immediately asked for the manager.  This time I was helped after 41 minutes of reloading and registering for Verizon DSL (which was already installed on my computer since I ONLY MOVED).  Although the last tech seemed to help resolve the issue (still waiting out the 15min he told me I would have to wait before his manager could re-direct my email) I still never was allowed to speak to a manager.  Overall- this process needs to be much smoother and your focus on good customer service needs to be greatly improved on.  In this day and age no one can afford to be without email for 2 days because Verizon can't link one account with another in a smooth manner.  I take customer reviews very seriously when deciding which companies I will give my business to.  I can assure you- this experience with Verizon will be posted on every website I visit that allows customer reviews of Verizon. 

Status: Under Review
I apologize for the inconvenience you experienced in your move and transfer of emails. We will investigate this issue further and work to close the gap that caused the problem. Thank you for your candid feedback.
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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