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don't force automatic billing/payment on people that would rather pay manually from their bank accounts each month. I don't like auto billing. I prefer paying bills manually from my bank account. I have fios now with no phone and I was told I MUST do automatic payment. let us pay the way we want to pay. as long as you get your money that is what matters.

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Offer 1Gbps To Your Customers

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by on ‎08-10-2013 10:50 PM

I keep seeing reports where verizon's executives continue to say that if verizon customers wanted 1gbps internet speed made available to them they would have no problem making that happen if someone were to request it so here is that request. According to verizon's cpo and vp verizon is capable of offering 10gbps and while that may be too much for some there may be interest in that too. If google fiber can offer a internet package that is $70 for 1gbps and also offer another package where they have 1gbps internet speed plus cable tv for $120 then surely verizon can offer a similar type deal. They may not be a competitor right now but with their plan to expand to the east coast they are very likely to become a competitor real soon. $310 for 500mbps which is half the internet speed that google fiber offers to their customers but is four times the price is not reasonable for half the speed of what they have so i suggest you get with the program and actually offer a internet speed that will live up to what verizon has referred to as being the best that anyone could have. You do not want to be like blockbuster video who lost their customers to netflix because they failed to adapt to the times.

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FX online

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by ricecrispytreat on ‎01-14-2014 11:18 PM

Hey guys, I love that most of the time, when a site requires that I login with my TV provider, FiOS is accepted. Unfortunately, that is not the case for watching shows from FX online. Any chance FiOS could become a preferred provider for FX? Thanks!

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Netflix Super HD

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by AmitdDutta on ‎08-17-2013 09:57 PM

I am a netflix user. When can we get netflix super hd. Why verizon is not in the circle. I am paying verizon so much every month. Why cant we get the full utilization of the bandwidth. 

When Fios is planning to provide the facility?




Status: Acknowledged
You are not alone in this request. I currently have no news if this will be offered. If it is, it will definitely be announced in the forums. Thanks for sharing.

Verizon wifi issue

Status: Acknowledged
by kim1 on ‎06-20-2014 04:30 PM

On the Verizon wifi servus why is it that windows 8 users can not use the servus. Plese have this changed so we can have acess to this servus if our enternet plan allows us acess to this. Also can you work on adding some outdoor hotspot units thought town like near businesses so that users can have more hotspot spots enven neat collge campuses so that there is internet avalible to more people.

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Let good customers upgrade equipment --- for FREE

Status: Acknowledged
by ahc11 on ‎08-03-2012 09:23 PM - last edited on ‎08-04-2012 06:26 AM by Moderator

I've been a customer of fios for over 3 years. I've never been delinquent on a bill. I hardly call customer service for anything. I heard that there is a new fios router that is GigE and 802.11N, whereas my current router is 10/100 and 802.11G...


I called to speak with a csr and was told that she could not guarantee which router was sent from the garage and that it was the V3 that I wanted. She told me that if she could, she would... But instead to try the Verizon plus store near my house and that they would swap out my old 802.11G box for the new v3 --- and would do it for free. 


So I called the Verizon store near my place... They were nice and said that unfortunately they don't have these new v3 boxes yet and that I should try calling Verizon fios directly because they can help me. 


So I called. He person I spoke with told me I was mistaken and that I was given bad information. That they can only swap like equipment. 


Seems like each department is given different information...


Which brings me to my idea.


a) train all staff equally


B) allow your good customers... Those that have recommended your service to many many many people... Those that pay their bills. To upgrade to the latest equipment...


Why would you penalize EARLY ADOPTERS?

Why would you alienate the same people who help your NPS?


It doesn't make sense. You have a better chance of retaining me longer and having me remain a promoter much longer - which will lead to a higher ARPU.


But instead you risk losing a customer and converting me to a Detractor.


keep track of information

Status: Acknowledged
by longtime123 on ‎04-24-2014 05:34 AM
it would be great if tech support could keep track of the modem that they provide and if there was a way to keep all the information they get in one place. I am on the phone with them on a regular basis and it seems like I am speaking with someone for the first time and they can't seem to find all the issues that I had been calling about. it would also be great if they could keep my internet working
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Email or text warning on scheduled updates and internet down time

Status: Acknowledged
by slyry1 on ‎11-25-2013 07:34 PM - last edited on ‎11-26-2013 04:50 PM by Moderator

On Nov 6 at exactly midnight my internet shut down. Called verizon to find out the issue and they said it was an update that wont be ready until 1am. I patiently waited since i was close to finishing up but it was still down at 1am and called back. They said it would be as late as 5am to get up and running. What??


On a normal night, it's not a big deal but this day was not normal. Boss gave me an assignment earlier that day and I needed the internet to do research for a meeting in morning. Ended up having to go to my local Kinkos to use the internet which was 25 min away.


Had I known this update was scheduled by email or text in advance I could of planned accordingly. But in this case, I was in the process of competing my research, waited an hour in hopes it would be back online, then had to drive miles away to finish up another 30-45 min and head back home. Didn't get done until 330 and when I came home the internet was still down.


I'm paying for a service that I'm expecting to be accessible at all times. You can't just randomly do updates and think that just because it's midnight, no one is going to need it (or care). It wasn't an outage or something beyond your control as pointed out by customer service so really there's no excuse not to notify anyone that an update will occur that day, at midnight, and for a number of hours. I mean if you can mass email people about your goods and services, I don't see why you can't do so for things like this.


Wasted a lot of time and money that I didn't think I should have and it would have been better spent on my actual presentation. I honestly feel I should be compensated for having to travel and use an internet service elsewhere, especially when I'm paying good money to "supposedly" have it at home.


Was a major inconvenience.


Status: Acknowledged

Request for Moca 2.0 for the Next Generation of Actiontec Routers

Status: Acknowledged
by NYCFiosBoy ‎01-24-2013 10:04 AM - edited ‎01-24-2013 10:19 AM

The latest router for Verizon Fios is the Actiontec MI424WR 3rd Generation Rev. I,

according to the specs, it has only Moca 1.0/1.1 capabilities with "theoretical" 175 Mbps, when actual at home tests have been at 80 mbps. You cannot get GigE (Gigabit) speeds through Rev. I Moca interface, only through "normal" cabling it can be achieved. Moca 2.0 has been released since June 15th, 2010. Right now Verizon is almost 3 years behind in Moca technology. So please make the next Actiontec router have Moca 2.0 capabilities that will more than quadruple our current Moca speeds to 400 Mbit/s and 800 Mbit/s net throughputs throughout our home network, so that you will have more loyal/satisfied customers who like to manage and enhance their own home network.


For those who have no idea what Moca is, it is the ability to set up an additional actiontec router where you havea coaxial wall outlet to pl...


This is a guide for those who want to extend their ethernet/wireless network with the current Moca 1.0/1.1 con...


Thank you.


Status: Acknowledged
Thank you so much for your idea. I will be sure to submit your suggestion to the appropriate team.

Create a Hub

Status: Acknowledged
by jonvi on ‎06-09-2014 03:06 PM

I am using the word "HUB" as I am not familiar with the correct terminology.  I have had 3 Verizon technicians tell me now that my biggest issue with such a slow DSL speed is because the "hub" for this area is so far away. Decent speed will never be received because of this.  I live out in the country where internet choices are not the best and I have tried them all.  Homes are popping up all over the place out here and still we cannot receive reliable internet service.  What are the chances that Verizon could add a "hub" closer to this cluster of customers to improve our service at least a little bit?

Status: Acknowledged

Bring verizon users a 802.11 ac wifi router

Status: Acknowledged
by kim1 on ‎10-04-2013 07:32 PM

Can you get your enginers to come ut with a 802.11 ac wifi router and use the linysis brand sicne the curent ones are just junk. This would allow us to have other items such as powerline adapters and wifi range expanshion kits of the same brand allowing us to expand out netwrok as needed which would help alot so we are not having to put holes in walls to run netwrok wiring to expand the network or dealing with a 3rd part equipment that may or may not work.

Status: Acknowledged

Net Neutrality

Status: Acknowledged
by Raedy2Go on ‎09-09-2013 08:06 PM - last edited on ‎04-30-2014 12:58 PM by Moderator

Verizon, please be aware that I will be dropping you should you continue to pursue your lawsuit against Net nuetrality.

Status: Acknowledged

Bring Back MSN Premium

Status: Acknowledged
by MarkL on ‎01-03-2012 03:38 PM

So I just go the word that MSN Premium will stop being my ISP portal for my verizon/MSN email accounts, unless I pay more for MSN Premium.


I suppose this is because Verizon wants the ad space/revenue.  The only thing is when I went to log on, I get an error message that is not decipherable (may be user/password error, but who can tell????)


BRING BACK MY MSN for FREE.  I pay enough for the service that I do not deserve to be nickled and dimed like this.  

BAD IDEA.  The $2 fee to pay your bill didn't work, so let's try this!!!


Do you want to keep your MSN too?   Let's hear it!


Mark L


Status: Acknowledged

I recently came from Comcast where as a customer I could watch TV episodes of my favorite shows online with limited advertising. Now you offer "clips" of the TV shows I watch, not full episodes available on the Internet. I should be able to see the TV episodes I see on TV on the Internet. I want less advertising on my Internet service-I pay you for service not advertisements, and have already opted out on Direct Marketing on your site. When I clicked on an episode offeed on my home page "news" section today, I HAD to watch 2-1/2 minutes of advertising repeatedly starting at the beginning and all throughout the episode. LIMIT the advertising or eliminate it, I pay you to see TV & dont want to be required to see 2-1/2 min of advertising at a time. I don't watch it, go to another tab to do something else, so it is ineffective. Comcast does not do this, they have you beat there. WE DO NOT WANT TO SIT THRU ADS TO SEE SERVICE WE PAY FOR. Make more TV episodes available with less advertising, both on our "home" Internet page & when watching content thru your Internet service. If there is a way to eliminate "forced" advertising, please tell me. Much as MSN does-if you subscribe to their email service, they remove the ads. Forced ads that are not watched are ineffective and only create a bad impression of your services.

Status: Acknowledged
Your idea for less advertising has already been suggested. You can vote here:

Internet Security

Status: Acknowledged
by Dillon on ‎05-01-2014 02:39 PM

Provide Internet Security, Antivirus and Firewall software (Norton for example) as part of the service costs.  


I am a new Verizon customer and just switched from Comcast.  They give you the opportunity to download Norton Internet Security Suite as part of their service fee.  I suspect this reduces their risk, saves them time and money with support calls and probably wins them customers too.  It seems to me it makes positive business sense with a positive ROI for giving this to customers that sign up for your ISP service.  

Status: Acknowledged
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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