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NSA - Sharing Passwords

Status: Acknowledged
by MATruax on ‎08-06-2013 09:22 AM

Verizon please do not share my passwords with NSA.

Status: Acknowledged

I've just switched from Comcast a few weeks ago, and have discovered that YouTube, and apparently most things Google, is almost completely useless due to extended buffering times. This is a real problem for me and my family because we play musical instruments and use YouTube almost daily for practice and learning new songs. 


I talked to a support person and searched the internet for solutions, but there doesn't seem to be a clear reason why this happens. While the support guy was very helpful, he was unable to assist me in this particular matter and basically hinted that the problem was with Google not Verizon. That's ridiculous. Two weeks ago with Comcast, YouTube was just fine and it's just fine when I connect to it from my office. After much browsing, I have discoverd that changing your router's DNS servers to avoid the default Verizon server IP's fixes this's DEFINITELY a Verizon issue that might even cause me to switch back to Comcast because of the poor service and excuses for the cause. 


So, until Verizon fixes whatever it is they have going on wih Google; if you can't beat them, join them. Change your router default DNS servers to use Google's DNS servers ( and instead of Verizon. I LOVE FIOS Internet speeds, but getting to YouTube quickly and then not being able to actually see the content is a litle useless.With this DNS hack in place, YouTube works like a champ.

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks for your submission. The appropriate team has been notified. We will post further details as soon as we know more.

Bring Back MSN Premium

Status: Acknowledged
by MarkL on ‎01-03-2012 03:38 PM

So I just go the word that MSN Premium will stop being my ISP portal for my verizon/MSN email accounts, unless I pay more for MSN Premium.


I suppose this is because Verizon wants the ad space/revenue.  The only thing is when I went to log on, I get an error message that is not decipherable (may be user/password error, but who can tell????)


BRING BACK MY MSN for FREE.  I pay enough for the service that I do not deserve to be nickled and dimed like this.  

BAD IDEA.  The $2 fee to pay your bill didn't work, so let's try this!!!


Do you want to keep your MSN too?   Let's hear it!


Mark L


Status: Acknowledged

Bring FIOS to Egg Harbor Township NJ

Status: Acknowledged
by mwalker25 on ‎12-13-2013 07:00 AM

Comcast hasn't been the best around here, whenever storms comes we ALWAYS experience outages with the internet service around here. Bring FIOS here would be better for the community as a whole as we look to invest money with the better pricing plans of FIOS, maximum internet here is only 100MBPS and we could definitely use up to 500MBPS as we are of a new generation and are looking to advance technology with uses for servers etc....Big community and with the better option sof FIOS brings more money to you guys. We do experience internet outages at times and some of the fees comcast charges for internet is ridiculous for constant problems of the internet. We are always looking to expand and inovate technology of the future, I mean fiber optic is the next-gen of society! 

Status: Acknowledged

Protect wireless security settings

Status: Acknowledged
by Russff on ‎01-19-2013 04:01 PM

With the ability to check my wireless Security settings from my STB ("My Wireless Network")! Anyone who has a remote control can see my user name and password, meaning that anyone who comes into my house can easily get my security settings and do who knows what on my network.  The fact that this "feature" is not protected in any way (ie. parental controls password), is unbelievable.  I would like to see is function protected in some way or be able to be disabled completely.

Status: Acknowledged

Hey I have a real issue that happens once every few weeks.  I will be on a website related to my business refreshing the page and if I refresh too much it blocks me.  The only way to unblock myself is to break the lease on my IP address and get a new one. 


Why can't we just do this through the network settings without speaking to a fios rep???


The reason I bring this up is because I just spent nearly an hour speaking to 3 different representatives before one knew how to accomplish what I wanted.  One representative just now was so bad they made it so my internet went completely out and then suggested they send me a new router in the mail!!!


This is unnecessary and needs to be addressed. 

Status: Acknowledged
Definitely see how that could be an issue for you. I have alerted the proper team of your concern. Thanks for posting.

Upgrade home routers with GigE ports

Status: In Progress
by dmking79 on ‎03-30-2011 08:05 AM

Since higher bandwidth/more throughput was announced this morning (3/30), it would be nice if our home routers were upgraded to include GigE (gigabit ethernet) ports so all that lovely bandwidth doesn't get bottlenecked at the router and we can actually enjoy and use what we pay for.  

Weird concept, I know



And don't make this something insanely easy for new customers to get and make it nearly impossible for current subscribers to obtain.  I know there's no incentive for you to care about people who are already signed up, but it'd be nice if you pretended to care once in a while

Status: In Progress

Allow 75MB clients to get the new N routers without the upgrade fee.

Status: Acknowledged
by as2higpark ‎02-21-2013 11:22 AM - edited ‎02-21-2013 11:24 AM

I am a long standing FIOS customer and supporter, but I was disappointed to know that when I recently upgraded to the 75MB download speed, I was not able to get the new "N" router without a large upgrade fee.


The "G" router supports a Max of 54Mbps speed, so for wireless connections (for me 9 out of 10 possible devices), I am losing 30% of my speed right off the top.


When I asked a Fios sales person, they could not explain why customers who get the 150MB package get the "N" router free of charge, but the 75MB customers do not. We are both above the limit.


Please, someone from Verizon make this better and offer the new routers to customers who are losing speed without it.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks, I understand your point. I will pass this on to the appropriate team. Keep posting.


Stand alone DSL

Status: Acknowledged
by fastNsimple on ‎01-19-2014 04:15 PM

Dear Verizon:

Please accept this:  residential landline is almost dead.  DSL remains very useful.  Bring back stand alone DSL before all your customers leave your landlines and DSL to the dust.

Status: Acknowledged

Bring FiOS service to Brookhaven Town on Long Island, NY

Status: Acknowledged
by Mikey1091 on ‎11-23-2013 05:48 PM - last edited on ‎11-29-2013 07:47 PM by Moderator

I, as well as many others including the Town's own Supervisor and other eladers, would like to see Verizon offer it's amazing FiOS triple play service here in Brookhaven Town out on Long Island in the state on New York.  For too long, Brookhaven has had only Cablevision, who have recently been charging us insane prices for their own triple play services.  In fact, I had to drop my TV service down to the most basic plan Cablevision allowed in order to keep the triple plays ervice because our bill was in excess of $280 a month, and this is entirely unacceptable.  We need completition here in Brookhaven, and our town leaders have repeatedly asked for Verizon to complete it's fiber optic lines in Brookhaven and to begin offering FiOS service.  The last time town leaders asked Verizon to do this, it was published in Newsday, and also on a few other local news sites, to no avail.  This has been a continuing issue for years now.  I and many others would like to see it resloved so we can finally have some competition here.  because there is none, Cablevision is free to charge us whatever they wish, and it simply isn't fair and shouldn't be allowed to continue.  Please do something about this!

Status: Acknowledged

No Digital Direct Marketing! Disgraceful.

Status: Acknowledged
by NoAds on ‎05-15-2013 02:41 PM

The last I checked, FiOS is a paid monthly service. Marketing your customers to advertisers is a violation of customer trust and indicates the arrogant disregard and contempt you have for customers that PAY for your service. FiOS is a product. An arguably good product that I invest considerable funds in. To SELL me to advertisers is disgraceful.


When a service is FREE, that service commonly finances itself via advertising revenue (think Google, Facebook etc.). When you don't pay for a product or service, YOU are the product. However I PAY for FiOS. It is completely unacceptable for Verizon to even entertain further monetizing a service that I ALREADY PAY FOR, by sharing demographical data so that I can be exploited by voracious advertisers. Disgraceful. Here are some excerpts of the email I received today:



Verizon won't share any information that identifies you personally with advertisers as part of this program.

What information are we talking about?
The program will use:

  • Your postal address
  • Certain information about your Verizon products and services (such as broadband and video service features), and
  • Interests and demographics information provided to us by other companies (such as gender, age range, sports fan, frequent diner, or pet owner)"

Postal address is not personally identifiable? Plus gender and age range?


"You will receive ads whether you choose to participate or not"


Actually, no I won't, because I know how to avoid your schemes. But's it's sad because most people do not. Being subjected to advertising and sharing of customer data for a paid service is petty and insulting.


"Your privacy is important."




I'm guessing there was no copy editing on this email as it is filled with contradictions. This program has no merit and only succeeds in violating customer trust and loyalty. You all should be ashamed. Deeply, deeply ashamed.




Full email text below:


Dear Valued Verizon Customer, 

Verizon participates in a program that helps advertisers provide you with online ads that may be more interesting to you.

What is Verizon's Digital Direct Marketing Program?
The program will use information about the area where you live, your Verizon products and services, and your interests and demographics to determine whether you fit into an audience an advertiser is trying to reach.

Verizon won't share any information that identifies you personally with advertisers as part of this program.

What information are we talking about?
The program will use:

  • Your postal address
  • Certain information about your Verizon products and services (such as broadband and video service features), and
  • Interests and demographics information provided to us by other companies (such as gender, age range, sports fan, frequent diner, or pet owner)

What does this mean for you?
Certain ads you'll see while browsing the Internet may be sent to you based on this information so that these ads may be of more interest. National brands and local businesses will be able to tailor their online offers, coupons, and other incentives to specific audiences.

What are my choices?
You will receive ads whether you choose to participate or not. But, under this program, the ads you see may be more relevant to you. If you do not want to participate in this program, please let us know by clicking here. Please note that you will need your User ID and Password to access the opt-out page.

How does Verizon protect my privacy?
Your privacy is important. Verizon's privacy policy describes how we collect and use data and how we protect your personal information. You can learn about Verizon's ad practiceshere.

For answers to Frequently Asked Questions, click here.

Thank you for choosing Verizon. We look forward to serving you.


Your Verizon Team


Status: Acknowledged

Thank you for your comment. We feel this program is a valuable addition for our customers. This program provides Verizon customers with added relevancy in the ads they currently see without sharing any private information with advertisers. In fact, this program does not increase the amount of ads customers will see while browsing the Internet.


If you do not wish to participate in this program, you can click the link below or type the address into your web browser. You will need your Verizon Username and Password to update your preferences.


For more details about this program you can access our FAQ page by clicking on the link below.


Thanks for using Idea Exchange.

 With the technology that fios uses(networking the router with the set top boxes) there should be a lot more data capabilities, at least with the 500G DVR. A simple application and an installed web cam is all you need to video chat. I mean, imagine watching TV and a message pops up in the corner "video chat request from John Doe-Accept or Deny" All you guys have to do is utilize the technology you already have. You guys waste your time with all of those useless widgets! How about expanding it, more like an app store and having way more variety there for the consumer. Have a home page with apps when you turn on your TV. I can choose fios TV or Pandora or Netflix, etc. Oh BTW, why is there no Netflix widget? How a bout an internet browser? Give us more data interaction with the TV so fios can really set itself above the competitors!

Status: Acknowledged
That would be pretty cool... I think? As long I as I could I could set up a Do not disturb when watching my favorite shows. Happy to hear you want FiOS to be above the competitors. I will pass your ideas on to the proper teams. Keep the ideas coming.

I just received a replacement router from Verizon (after 4yrs, my original router started failing). The Actiontec MI424WR.  This router has 2 USB ports that are currently unsupported.


Here is a quote from the User Manual


"The USB LEDs illuminate when the FiOS Router is connected to a device via one

of its USB ports. These ports are currently inoperational; they will be activated in
a future firmware update."


When Verizon Support was contacted about the firmware update, all they said was that they didn't know when an update would be available to support the USB ports.


Nearly every descent router available today has at least 1x USB port that could be used for Network Storage (external harddrives), thumb drive etc..


With the money that us customers spend on the Verizon service and the inability to use anything but Verizon supported hardware, it is a real shame that Verizon can send out out-dated hardware and expect their customers to be satisfied with it.


Verizon, please provide a firmware update to the Actiontec MI424WR Router beyond 40.19.36 that supports the 2x USB Ports.



Status: Acknowledged
Thank you so much for this post. I don't have the answer to this one, but I can pass it on the HSI/DSL team.

wi-fi 801.11ac modem/router

Status: Acknowledged
by ellen112 on ‎07-28-2013 06:33 AM

hi everyone ,

                 what verizon needs is to make available the new wi-fi 801.11ac modem/routers . fios is giving us great internet speed but verizon isn't making available the equipment to use that capability to the fullest . 


                  we need verizon to give us a 801.11ac dual band modem/router or better . there are plenty available on the market ( though i haven't found one yet that has the coaxial hook up) . verizon should be ready to upgrade the system as new equipment becomes available in the market .


                  i'll buy my own if verizon can tell me how to use the cat6 cables for internet instead of the coaxial cable .

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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