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Edit online content properly

Status: Acknowledged
by Bethwoods on ‎09-03-2014 11:34 AM

Calling all copy editors!! It is really embarrassing to read content on your pages with so many words that are not spelled correctly, grammar that is wrong, and typos everywhere. 

Latest example - Kim K releases her own risky photos. Honestly?? I think you mean risque. 

I can't believe you do not have college educated staffers who could copy edit your online content. What you have online is so sloppy and unprofessional. Step it up if you want educated people to use your page.


Status: Acknowledged

FiOS Mobile app for MAC

Status: New Idea
by ksegura86 on ‎09-02-2014 03:01 PM

There should be a FiOS mobile app version available for desktop for MAC. Optimum has an app and the channels are live not just recorded. I believe an app would be best instead of having to go to everytime we wish to watch tv online and not all the networks have live streaming. 

FIOS is making a big deal out of Upload and Download speeds and how they should be equal.  To me it's ver hypocritical that something like that is only for FIOS and not all Verizon internet products.  DSL should also be allowed to upload and download at the max speed capable for a user's system.

Status: Acknowledged

Enable Ethernet on VMS so i dont need to use your router. I want to get rid for you router and you upgrade to a wireless AC router. But I dont want to need  to have to have you router pluged  in for you settop boxes.

Status: Acknowledged
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Status: Acknowledged
by A_User on ‎08-26-2014 07:31 AM

Please bring FIOS to ENGLEWOOD/TEANECK/TENAFLY NJ.  Every town in the county has had FIOS for several years except those areas coming out of the Englewood CO. Really, you'd think a city like Englewood with a population over 27,000 (not to mention another 15,000 in parts of Teaneck and Tenafly) is not exactly a backwater.

Status: Acknowledged

Verizon has had some of the absolute best coverage and service I've ever had regarding internet, tv, and wireless. I have noticed, however, that the FIOS footprint is not currently expanded into the Peach State, Georgia. It is my understanding that the most widely used service, though not by choice, is windstream. This company from all accounts I've heard is the epitome of a failure in service and quality. I know that although many things go into expansion decisions, a large customer base must be one of them. I am most undoubtedly sure that should Verizon's residential capacity, in all it's forms, expand into the Peach State, then the customer base therin would expand and multiply exponentially. I currently live where the service is offered and am at loss knowing that when I return to Georgia in the coming months, I will have to give up such a fantastic and excellent -well worth every penny- service of both quality and professionalism. I will certainly miss the option of true 75/35 FIOS Quantum Internet and FIOS TV Prime HD.

Status: Acknowledged

Verizon has cancelled the free web personal space it used to provide for its customers to create and maintain personal websites, forcing their customers to move their website to a new web host.  This cancellation is effective sometime in September 2014.   This forces verizon customers to move their Verizon personal website (whose personal website url address starts off with "") to a new web host, and it will change the url address of the verizon customer's website.  Web Surfers clicking on that personal website link wherever it is already linked to on the net will get an error message instead of being able to see that website.  It's only fair for verizon to set up URL forwarding so that if a person clicks on the no-longer-operational verizon personal website address, a web surfer will automatically be redirected to the verizon customer's new webpage at its new host.  Will Verizon please do this?  Again, It's only fair . . .  Please set up URL forwarding for the cancelled verizon websites and email all verizon customers with instructions on how to provide their new website's URL to you to accomplish this.  If Verizon doesn't want to provide url forwarding for free, I would be willing to pay for it, but we need your help verizon!!.  A verizon customer can't set up URL forwarding from Verizon pages without it!!!  Thank you in advance for doing the right thing to minimize the harm you're causing by cancelling a service you promised to provide when we signed up with you.

Status: Acknowledged

Google Fiber updated their TOS at the end of 2013 to allow personal servers on residential internet without any extra fees or any extra service needed. FiOS has the speed and the bandwidth to support it as well, but it's currently not allowed under the Terms of Service. I'm looking to change the TOS to allow servers to be hosted through FiOS internet.

Status: Acknowledged

Weather link on homepage

Status: Acknowledged
by Unit87 on ‎08-15-2014 07:23 AM

I switched from Comcast.  They have a really convenient local weather link right above the greeting.  It's extremely useful.  Maybe I use it more than others because I'm a motorcyclist, but having a weather forecast seems pretty basic to me.  Knowing what the weekend will be like, or being able to see links to the beach, or use zip codes to see weather in other parts of the nation and world is really useful to me.

With the link on my homepage, I didn't have to go through the additional steps of logging onto The Weather Channel.  It's a great service.


Also, they just upgraded their email app.  It is really much more sophisticated than what you are offering.  Fewer clicks, more offerings, less cludgey.  Maybe you've got an upgrade in the works.  I'll be glad to see it.


Thanks for bringing FiOS into the neighborhood.

Status: Acknowledged

Vacation home price pain.

Status: Acknowledged
by jeffrodude on ‎08-05-2014 12:40 PM

Why not allow customers to add a second home to the bundle at a reasoonable rate. I have a weekend place and need internet service only but have to pay through the nose for either internet or TV bundles. Directv offers that, if you have a second dish, they only charge you for the extra reciever for TV service. Please offer something like that for TV and or internet to us loyal customers.

Status: Acknowledged

5ghz Router

Status: Acknowledged
by Baldwin on ‎08-01-2014 10:37 AM
Need to have a 5ghz router option!

Additional Ideas: Specific IP badwidth management and targeted wifi 'wormholes' to maintain a strong consistent signal to electronics opposed to a simple degrading radial degree.

I just submitted this to verizon who directed me here:

Verizon should make a page dedicated to where people can show off their Internet speed they are getting at their house with FIOS. Would help promote why to choose verizon over competitors..maybe.

I pay for 75mbps and I'm actually getting 75mbps now I used a new router and ran into my Verizon router. The Verizon issued router can only get as high as 50mbps download using a 2.4ghz wifi channel but consistently is around 35mbps download via wifi. According to Verizon Tech, the only way to get the full 75mbps that we pay for is to have a hardwire to the router. In attempts to regain the huge loss of mbps over wifi, I hooked up a Netgear N600 basic 2.4/5ghz router to my FiOS router and thereafter i did consistently get 50mbps on 2.4ghz via wifi...then when I switched it to the 5ghz channel my wifi speed skyrocketed to consist 75mbps download and 35mbps upload.

Verizon may want to give customers an upgrade router option so they can obtain the speed they are paying for. Pretty simple actually...Only a small production cost increase, which just like anything else these days, we are charged for the "upgraded option". resulting in nothing but increased customer satisfaction and increases profits.

For most non-tech customers, providing this will induce a perceived increased internet speed for same price increasing customer happiness and referrals. It's a win/win senario for just have to give a little to gain a lot.

Happy Customers = Better Reviews = Increased Marketshare = More Money.
Status: Acknowledged

Merge All Accounts

Status: New Idea
by ItMakesSense on ‎07-28-2014 01:20 PM

I have been a customer with verizon wireless for many years. I recently signed up with verizon fios television and internet. It's inconvenient to have two different online accounts for each of these services. I wish I would have been able to add on the residential services with my wireless account and combine them into one bill. 


Can you have more internet speed testing locations since the closes is in Los Angals which is like 4 houers away. It is better if there was placed closer such as Riverside, CA so that when testing it would not have to send the info as far. Also this would help reduce sever load as well so that there is not too much stress on one location. Please see if they can do this soon so I can haver better accuracy in results.

Status: Acknowledged

Inprovments to intnet speed and qulity

Status: Acknowledged
by kim1 on ‎07-22-2014 12:58 AM

I hear that upload speeds are now going to be matched with download speeds however I think you could do things better such as making a 25mbps as the lowest tear on internet speed and make a 750mbps speed avalible as well as a add on opetions for hier uplaad speeds if the user needs more upload bandwith then download bandwith. Also can you please stat work on a 802.11 ac wifi router capable of supporting 1gbps on wifi and more than 4 enthernet ports.

Status: Acknowledged
Please make In-Home Agent available as an app for the iPad, iPhone, and any other device as I am in need of assistive devices and besides I guarantee many of your other customers would appreciate it as well!
Status: Acknowledged
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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