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Outdoor wirless acess points

Status: Acknowledged
by kim1 on ‎03-23-2014 01:25 PM

Can you start working on a desing for a verizon fios outdoor acecess router for outside use such as for padio areas where wirless singal may be needed but a outdoor unit needs to be made to handle weather fluctiowashions wind, and rain. I would like to see such a union be avalible so i can expand my netwokr in more places so that fios users can have veru strong signals throught ther home and back yards.

Status: Acknowledged

However much I despise Comcast [after too many years under their thumb while they were the sole cable/broadband provider in the area] I am envious of the voice command features. In particular the ability to speak a channel name and it comes up. I'm sick & tired of having to try remember the numbers of Science, BBC America, the several PBS stations, SyFy, Lifetime, etc. Usually I just wind up scrubbing through the schedule to find the channel I'm looking for and slogging through that huge block of sports stations we do not have any use for makes it even worse. 


How about enabling the USB port on the DVR [limited to standard Human Interface options] so we could plug in a small wireless keyboard? It would be far less frustrating than the current hunt & peck way we have to enter text to search on - especially when the DVR decides to be unresponsive for ten seconds then fire off all your queued up button mashes at once.

Status: Acknowledged

I've been using FIOS servicves for well over a decade, and up until recently have been really happy with you..  But the fact is that it is insanely idiotic, stupid, ironic and perhaps ludicrous that you have a "Mobile App" actually called the FiOS Mobile app, which ONLY WORKS when connected to the FiOS Router!! The one place you don't need a mobile app is the ONLY place you can use it.. 


I mean if that's your logic, I may as well call XFINITY or DISH.. Much as I truly hate to say it, their DVR service and Mobile apps excel where you guys #FAIL Record more than 2 shows, watch shows or DVR anywhere etc..  


Further, I think the My FiOS app used to have the TV Listings and DVR Control but now it doesn't (hmm the app that lets you pay Verizon works anywhere.. the app that makes Verizon no money? only usable on a FiOS WiFi network.. 


Shame on you Verizon!!! 


When you introduced FTTP you promised us the future.. Yet it's the traditional Cable or Satellite companies who are excelling and giving customers what FiOS should already have!! I pay a fortune (just for Data & TV service) yet really not seeing where all my $$ is going..

Status: Acknowledged
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On the power back up box can you creat a newer version that give us the opetion to have up to 4 batteries on it and have a power outlit on it to conect our internet router to it so when we are doing something inportant our internet conection would not be interupted espechaly if it is just a small power serge or short blackout. This would help alot if you could desing such a unit or even one for a adic where we can place the box up there and have it wirlesly transmite the battery status to a panel that is near our router which would tell us on a digital display on curent charge, time remaning, as well as battery helth. ALso have it show this on my verizon account as well so i would know when i need to buy a replacment battery. Please see what you can do to make this as a opetion.

Status: Acknowledged

Please change your wirless router provider brand you use since the ones verizn provides is junk and never gves us control. Please change to linksys since they are yeares ahed of the ones you curently use. Pleae mae the change so that we can have better internet experinace and better control over our home networks including the ability to expand the wifi range or add more exuipment to the network where i do not need to run cables through the house.

Status: Acknowledged

Here's a great solution to block robocalls, and can be implemented by Verizon in their FiOS service, if they choose.

Status: Already Exists

Extra Buttons

Status: Acknowledged
by Computerguy63 on ‎12-29-2013 10:22 PM - last edited on ‎12-30-2013 06:53 PM by Moderator

While I am watching a TV show, there are oftentimes commercials that, If I find it interesting, have to go and search for the particular thing that the commercial has informed me about.  How about a button that, if pressed during the commercial, will automatically do a search for that show, or special, or even channel that that particular commercial was about.  .  It would. or could, at least give me an option to look for it.


I would also like a button that asks if I want to add or remove channels to my favorites automatically.


I also would like for the channels that I do not pay for, like sports or Spanish, to not be displayed at all.


Another button will take you from the standard channel you are watching to the HD counterpart.  And/or vice/versa.


Is there any money or perks for these ideas?


{edited for privacy}


Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by Dancher on ‎12-27-2013 07:03 PM
Why not create a widigit or channel that allows you to calibrate your tv settings (color, brightness,etc).....
Status: Acknowledged

Let's go Verizon--get a move on.


GPON out Apple Pie Ridge Road, Winchester, VA.  Easy, and you'll gain the whole ridge.  I know, not the most lucrative market, small, but don't forget us "little people."



Status: Acknowledged

Smaller Digital adapter

Status: Acknowledged
by freakout212 on ‎11-16-2013 06:41 PM

When will Verizon be offering a smaller Digital adapter? The current model Motorola DCT-700 Digital Adapter is very large and slow. When I had Comcast I had a smaller digital adapter that was quick that also had a extra IR sensor so you could mount the adapter in back. It was sooo nice. All Verizon has is this big thing. Come on Verizon MAN UP!!!!!!

Status: Acknowledged

Suggestion 1:  Remove the 1.5 TB firmware limitation for the e-Sata add on drive.  While I uderstand that this is likely for two reasons - digital contrant protection and indexing speed of large storage units - both of these can be addressed with the appropriate software/firmware changes, enabling a home user to have multiple TB's of stored DVR playback.This is especially a limiting factor in recording HD programming.


Suggestion 2:  Influence Motorola to rid itself of the e-Sata interface and replace it with Apple's Thunderbolt interface.  3 Gbps unidirectional versus 10 Gbps bi-directional.


These two suggestions would allow me to watch my HD football games in one room, my wife to watch the LIfetime channel in another room, and the kids to watch Disney channel recordings in yet a third and fourth room.


Just saying - in the land of the free - these are very limiting factors.

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by ramon1 on ‎11-01-2013 08:01 AM

I have an IPAD and can watch FIOS tv.  PROBLEMS ARE:

1.  The volume (although turned to max) is very low usisng FIOS..when using SLING BOX, volume is appropriate

2.  The Bookmarks for channels have no explanation to set up or do not work

3.  The tiled channels on the LIVE TV page one should be allowed to arrange in preference order to make selections easier


look at the set up for SLING BOX....much easier to use 

Status: Acknowledged

I am a Verizon business phone customer. On my toll-free line, recently someone or some entity has been leaving messages on my voicemail which use up my entire message allowance time, preventing me from getting any more messages until I clear the voicemail. Mostly the calls come in the early morning hours, but sometimes during the day. This is highly problematic, since it is difficult to keep a constant vigil on my voicemail, and I'm losing business calls (meaning considerable money).

 I contacted Verizon's "harrassing calls" department and was told that these types of calls cannot be blocked, especially if their origin is overseas. The first woman I spoke to did not seem too sympathetic to my plight. She said I would have to get the police involved to have it investigated. The next guy I spoke to was more sympathetic, but also said there was not a lot that could be done.

 If there was an option on the voicemail allowing me to limit incoming messages to specific time allowances, say, one minute,  this would alleviate this problem greatly. The calls, I've been told, come in under "spoof" numbers, so it is difficult to tell who's doing it. Their messages leave a noise which sounds something like a fax machine, though different. Some are possibly from overseas, but it's hard to tell since they're spoofed.

 If I were Verizon management, I would take this suggestion seriously, in order to keep customers like me happy. I have been a happy Verizon customer over many years (also use your cell phone service), so please look into adopting time limit options for voicemail messages. As a multi-billion dollar company, and in this day of technology, it should be a simple thing to incorporate. I have several business phone lines, but may eliminate my toll-free line if this problem does not get resolved, which means Verizon loses money.

 Thank you for allowing me to express this idea to you.

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Clarification Needed
by Ben2004 on ‎10-09-2013 07:01 PM

Have you guys thought about expanding your market to vehicles for Wi-Fi hotspots or to be able to pick up a Verizon network to be able to do different things with the computers that are in most new vehicles... Or something similar?


My suggestion for FIOS is to be able to have an on/off option to view the TV video/audio while in the FIOS menus. 


Specifically, as a new FIOS user, I find it frustrating that I can't get to the DVR without having to watch what is being broadcast in the small preview window while in the FIOS menu system. For example, yesterday I was using the DVR to record a 1:00 football game.  I came home at 2:00 and wanted to watch the game from the beginning.  However, the game was being recorded and on the active channel.  Therefore, when navigating the menus, I was forced to watch and listen to the broadcast.  Obviously, this spoiled the results.  I guess for the foreseeable future, I will have to mute the TV and cover the right side of the screen to avoid these spoilers. 


Am I doing something wrong, because I can't find a menu option to turn on/off the small TV preview while in the menus?  Any suggestions on how to handle sporting events, reality TV, etc. would be appreciated.

Status: Acknowledged
Since you are recording, one suggestion might be to immediately press the dvr button. This brings up the dvr menu. From there pick the currently recording show ans selct "play from the beginning. As for the sound. Hit mute. Your idea will be passed on the the appropriate team, but in the meantime this may help.
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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