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Get FiOS to customers who live, less than 5 blocks away from a node. Fill the holes.

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by ram130 on ‎02-25-2013 12:43 AM - last edited on ‎02-25-2013 02:47 PM by

I live in Manhattan at zip code 10026. I would love to get FiOS and get rid of Time Warner but I can't because Verizon has only wired my apartment building for HSI service. Which uses old technology such as DSL and lets not talk about TV. Now there are a lot of customers here that's been waiting for a change for a few years. Here's the catch, just a few blocks down, at zip code 10027, they have FiOS blazing. Why is there a small hole? It would be nice if customers were giving the options to initiate a small build out. Just to fill a one or two blocks out.


I love their LTE service on my phone, but to suffer, each day with TIme Warner Cable internet(13 down, 0.87 UP), slow, unreliable network for my business is hell. Please consider this, I'm sure there are others like me  with this small issue. Money talks. Let's make it happen!

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Show Customers Respect!

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by angryCustomer01 on ‎10-06-2011 12:04 PM

I just cancelled my order with Verizon.  Very disappointed, as I was looking very forward to having FIOS installed. I had a great setup with the 50/20mbps connection so was pretty excited.

The problem came, when not only did they miss their install date by over 3 days, is that they didn't even have the courtesy to notify me that it would not be installed. In fact, I had to call in at 3:50 (install time was 12-4) and inquire about my order.  Only at that time, was install was not going to happen today.  Now, when I contacted Verizon, they said, that it would be installed 2 days later, next day was going to be to do outside work, and the day after I MUST be home, because that was when install would take place.   Day of install... nothing. Yet, I get a call saying, they would like to "RESCHEDULE" for a new date, as they did not have anything in the computers for the install.  WTH!

I wish Verizon would appreciate their customers time. Much of my frustrations could have been handled if communication was taken place properly, and phone ops would do their job. 

Unfortunelty, now that I wished I had FIOS, I am cancelling my order and going back to Satellite/Cable, at least they treated me with respect and appreciated my business.  Enough rambling, I'll go start posting my FIOS experiences now on FB and forums.



Here is what I saw on the Order Info page regarding my move order that I arranged with Verizon for  my bundled internet and phone ("double play") services, and the problem is that it doesn't touch on the reconnection action:


My Service-Ready Date.gif

 I just see the word "disconnected" like a big red flag because it is not paired with a "reconnected" action.


Of course, one might say that "reconnection" is an implied step in a move of services from a current to a new address.


However, because of my bad experience with Verizon dropping the ball on a previous move requests I made, and failing to call me about the delay, I am not going to ever assume anything ever again when I put an order into Verizon.


Here's what the Order Info should actually state (as an example) to give the customer complete peace-of-mind:


My Service-Ready Date


Your Existing High Speed Internet (DSL) Enhanced Service

  • Disconnect Date and Time : Thursday, April 04, between 12 Noon and 4 PM
  • Reconnect Date and Time : Friday, April 05, between 8 AM and 12 Noon

Your Existing Freedom Essentials Phone Service

  • Disconnect Date and Time : Thursday, April 04, between 12 Noon and 4 PM
  • Reconnect Date and Time : Friday, April 05, between 8 AM and 12 Noon

Don't leave anything to misinterpretation or presumption.


You can replace the word "Existing" with "New" when appropriate.


I'd appreciate your response , Verizon. 


Thank you.



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Create a "Can I Get Faster Quantum" Waiting List.

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by ‎10-21-2012 08:21 AM - edited ‎10-21-2012 08:55 AM

Create a, "Can I Get Faster Quantum" Waiting List. Create a way to track who wants Quantum GPON speeds, meaning 150/65 or 300/65.


I believe the idea now is build it when the existing pipes fill up, we will upgrade then. Why not build it, and they will come? When FiOS was first rolled out, there was a Can I Get It list if I remember 2005, and your build out to complete certain areas first was based on who wanted FiOS.


Do you have a GPON or 150/65 - 300/65 waiting list for your different areas that have not been upgraded at the C/O?


Hearing to much to spend for upgrading a CO is the wrong answer. Hearing we are waiting to get more people on the waiting list would be much better, for your image and the customer. Not everyone may need the faster blazing speeds right now, but waiting until more people complain and can't get it, is not a good thing in my opinion.


I am sure there are people that have inquired about GPON in different locations, Verizon should be tracking the requests, not the bottle necks.

Status: Acknowledged

Fios on my street

Status: Acknowledged
by mcarter on ‎10-09-2012 06:22 AM

Fios is being run down my road, but it is stopping just a short distance from my house. There are at least 3 to 5 other houses that want Fios services that are beside me. I have entered my address into the future availability notification website, and I have spoken with a Verizon customer service representative. They said that it is up to the engineering department. Please forward this request to the engineering department. The Fios workers on our street said that it would be very simple for them to run the cable further down our road. I have been a customer with Fios for several years now at my previous address, and I would like to continue with your service in my new home. 

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Status: Acknowledged
by McCloud on ‎11-06-2013 03:21 PM

I recently moved to a smaller residence and had extra equipment to turn in. When I placed the order for connection service at my new residence I was told I could turn in my extra cable boxes to the technician. Well, when he arrived to complete the order he told me he could not take the extra boxes and that I'd have to drop them off at the Verizon office in Columbia, MD. So I drove to Columbia office and was told if I dropped them there it would cost me $9.00 OR I could drive to UPS and drop them for free. Why couldn't I just have been told this to start with when I placed the order? Very frustrating and a waste of time due to no fault of my own. When I expressed my dissatisfaction and frustration to the Verizon office person all she said was "Oh, I'm sorry" Please fix this because I'm sure I'm not the only person who has gotten the run-around on how to return extra equipment. Thank you!

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I recently had FiOs installed at my home.  My appointment was for someone to install between 8am and 12 pm.  the tech did not show up at my house until 4:30pm. Starting at 11am i kept calling Verizon to see when someone would show up, because i was sick of waiting.  I called about 3 times between 11am and 4:30pm. each time i called no one could give me a time of when the tech would show up.  There should be some sort of communicatoin between verizon dispatch and the customer to let the customer know that the tech would be late.  How hard is that?  I was ready to reschedule my appointment, when the guy finally showed up.  Its unfair and poor customer service practice to let someone sit at home and have them waiting 8.5 hours.  THe tech was 4.5 hours late and no one was able to call me to tell me he was having problems at his previous install. this is poor practice and poor customer service

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Put offers in writing

Status: Already Exists
by keedinah on ‎02-01-2011 03:42 PM

I called in mid November to ask a question about my internet billing. Of course, the rep had to tell me about Verizon Fios, and wouldn't I like to switch over to this great service for a great price... yada, yada, yada. I listened to the pitch (making sure to write down everything she said) and since the price WAS good, I decided to place an order.


I asked this rep several times, "Now, I don't want any suprises when I get my bill. You're telling me that for all of these services, this will be the price I will pay?"


"Oh, yes ma'am. The prices I have quoted you include taxes so you will most certainly know what you'll be paying every month. The prices are good for 2 years, there's no installation charge, there's no deposit, and there's no contract."


Well, she got 4 out of 5 right.


When I got my first bill, it was $80 higher than the price I was quoted. I did bear in mind that this was my first bill and that I was probably paying for pro-rated services for December as well as January charges. But still, I thought it was probably a good idea to call and get a true understanding of what I'd been charged and confirm that after the initial bill, I would be paying the price I was told when I ordered the services.


Let me say that the rep I spoke with on 01/25/2011 was extremely sympathetic and did his best to try and rectify the situation. But I was also told that the price I was given for the services I ordered was not correct. He said that my monthly bill for the first 12 months would be approximately $33 more than I was told, and I could add a charge for the DVR to that for the second 12 (since it would no longer be free, which I already knew).


Needless to say, I was not happy. I am EXTREMELY UPSET that Verizon reps are lying, deceiving, and just perpetrating outright fraud to sell services. It's not right. I didn't call Verizon to order anything, I called to ask a question about a bill for an existing service. I was courteous enough to listen to the sales pitch, and since it sounded like a good deal I placed an order, TRUSTING that the information I was given was correct. Big mistake.


I expressed my frustration to the rep I spoke to on 01/25/2011 and he was able to apply a discount for 12 months which will bring me closer to the price I was told when I ordered the services. I pointed out that the price I was given was good for 24 months. He said that the system wouldn't allow him to apply the discount for more than 12 months. So basically, it looks like I will be stuck paying $33 more than the price I was originally told for the second 12 months (in addition to paying for the DVR if I decide to keep it, which I probably won't).


I think this confusion and frustration could be avoided if you put offers in writing. All I have are prices that I wrote down from the conversation I had with the rep when I placed the order. I'm sure Verizon has some record of the conversation I had with that rep, but I have no access to them to prove what I was told. If Verizon would send out letters (either by email or regular mail) verifying the services that have been ordered and for the prices that have been quoted, I think you'd have a much higher level of customer satisfaction with regard to billing issues.

Status: Already Exists
We provide a series of emails that provide offers in writing... did you not receive a single email? One of the emails is called "What's Next"... and it definitely provides a written document of what you ordered.

Record telesales conversations

Status: Acknowledged
by Altoidus on ‎10-23-2012 05:16 PM

You need to record and honor your telesales conversations.  Since the time day one, I have been misled by the person that sold me on the product and services that I signed up for.  My account was slammed and I was charged for items that I didn't agree to (Home Monitoring). 


Most of my issues were resolved except for the $500 giftcard that I signed up for.  I  was told that I could get the gift card and my employee discount.  However, I was recently told that my gift card was cancelled due to my employee discount.  Yet, the rewards department told me that if I would have waited to get the gift card and then signed up for my discount, I would have been fine.  This was not disclosed to me.


I was then offered a courtesy credit of $50 for the problem of the cancelled giftcard.  Yet, once again, I was lied to when told that a supervisor would call me back to fix this issue. 


All I ask is that you record your conversations and honor what was promised!

Status: Acknowledged

When an appointment confirmation Email is sent, there is a link to reschedule or confirm. When confirming an appointment it would be nice to have an acknowledgment that the appointment has been confirmed. Perhaps another Email saying the appointment has been confirmed.

Status: Acknowledged

welcome package

Status: Acknowledged
by irenepham on ‎01-29-2013 05:58 PM

You should include the new phone number when you send an email confirming that the new phone service is set up. I cannot find anyplace anywhere in any of your emails or on the website what my new phone number is. That is very discouraging.

Status: Acknowledged

Ditch TechWizard.exe

Status: Acknowledged
by philip82 on ‎11-21-2010 10:21 AM

After installation, the techie insisted that he had to plug a memory stick into my PC and run a program called "techwizard.exe".  In itself bad enough - I wonder to how many virus infected home PCs all over NY this stick was attached before. But then "techwizard.exe" goes on and pops up a UAC dialog, asking for admin rights ?!?? 


I did a full forensics of the PC after the techie left ... the main reason for the admin rights seems to be so that you can drop completely unnecessary and certainly unwanted bookmarks to "" into the browser settings for Administrator and All-Users.


Basic connectivity checks can be done by simply surfing to a Verizon web page, without requiring admin rights, and certainly without requiring yet another EXE from yet another potentially infected memory stick.  If something doesn't work right, _then_ you can bring out the diagnostics tools etc, but ideally they should then also be accompanied by a techie who knows how to use them.


Status: Acknowledged

Do what you say you are going to do

Status: Acknowledged
by dbueras on ‎01-12-2013 03:57 PM

Please try and keep your word when you say someone will be at your home to install or fix something.  I ordered the high speed internet and telephone with you.   I do not have a working jack in my home because there is a down verizon wire hanging from the pole into my back yard.  After 3 ticket #'s and no one showing up at my home, I have cancelled the phone and internet service because it will not work without a working jack and once again today, I have a ticket number, stayed home all day again and of course no one shows up.  Do you care that there is a down wire going across a pool where there are kids that go in the back yard?  Obviously not.  Once again a 4th ticket # has been issued and I have to stay at home all day again on Monday a work day.   Verizon may have more customers if you even pretended to care about people.

Status: Acknowledged

Gonna dig a trench through my yard?

Status: Acknowledged
by Condorr on ‎12-13-2012 03:05 PM

First of all, if there's any chance you need to dig, which in itself means you are going to send a surveyer out to my house before installation, I think you should be making that clear during the process of making the installation appointment. I was not happy to find a bunch of flags in my yard, one of them only a foot from my basement window, and a letter on my doorstep that looks more like an invitation to a timeshare presentation than anything I should care about. If it wasn't in a Verizon bag, it would have gone in the trash without being read. There's a sleazy vibe there. I was really surpised when I gound that it was legit, that Verizon was in fact behind this.


After getting the unofficial scoop from the receptionist at "Advanced Utilities Construction Company LLC", whoever that is, I called Verizon to get the real information, only THEN to be informed that my target installation date, a vacation day now 8 days away, has "been delayed". And I should be expecting a call from the Verizon engineering department to schedule a time to come dig up my yard. You know, that phone call should have happened by now. I shouldn't be having to call YOU to find out the details behind a crummy form letter left on my doorstep by your lackeys. Now it seems I'm going to have to schedule another appointment BEFORE the installation - again, a little heads up during the online signup process would be easy, and the right thing to do.


I am excited to try out your services, they sound great, and I've been looking for an excuse togive Comcast the boot. But this is a horrible start - if this is how communication and service is handled by Verizon, I think I'm making a mistake. If the quality of my installation experience doesn't ramp up to acceptable levels pretty quickly, you're going to lose a customer before you even get me. And under the circumstances, I should have been a very easy sell.

Status: Acknowledged

Process Improvement of FIOS Installation

Status: Acknowledged
by Barq on ‎12-01-2012 10:56 AM

Cable installation was delayed because the Verizon Instructional Letter and OneCall process failed.  Instructions to homeowner should be modified with more explicit directives. PECO had not come out to mark where the lines were, though Comcast did.  Our in-ground propane tank provider, AmeriGas, is not part of the OneCall process since they're not a public utility.  So they had not come out to paint their lines.  None of this was learned until NetLink came to dig.  PECO came out later at 8 pm to mark their lines, but too late for NetLink your subcontractor.  Wouldn't have mattered. Amerigas couldn't come out until the next business day. So NetLink will have incurred twice the cost of installation and the customer's installation was delayed too late to watch the Pac 12 Championships. Not really THAT important, in the scheme of things.


Your instructional letter to the customer should add 2 bullet points:  "If no one has come to paint the lines 24 hrs prior to installation, call us."  and "If you have utilities not included in One Call (give examples.  How would we have known?), you are responsible for contacting them directly.

Status: Acknowledged
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