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Much too hard to get a PDF of a bill.

Status: Acknowledged
by a-ron on ‎09-05-2014 01:03 PM

First off, when a user signs up for paperless billing and creates a Verizon profile for the sake of dealing with said bill, they should have full access to all aspects of that bill.  If my bill is online, I should be able to see any and all information regarding that bills, including PDFs, printing, etc after the initial profile setup.  It should be an electronic version of my paper bill.  Nothing missing, no fewer options.  I didn't do anything "extra" after creating my profile because at the time, I didn't know I was missing out on any features and I was able to login, pay my bill, see how much I owed, etc.


HOWEVER, after I cancelled service (you will NOT take my net neutrality without a fight, sir), I needed a PDF of my final bill.  Couldn't get it.  Couldn't get a temporary pin emailed because, even though I had been emailed my bill for YEARS, the fact that it hadn't been verified, and remained verified for 30 days, meant I couldn't have a temporary pin emailed to me.  Getting a temporary pin sent to my mobile phone was not an option.  The only options were to have an automated service CALL my associated Verizon service number.  Only was a DSL number for which I did not have a phone.  OR we could trust in the good ole USPS to send me a temporary pin in a week or so.


Why is this process so RIDICULOUSLY archaic????  If I'm on the phone will Billing, they've asked me all the security questions, why can they not just TELL ME a temporary pin to get the silly "Full Access"?  Or... strike that.  Why do I not have full access when i first create my online profile?


#so #mad

Status: Acknowledged

Renewing Contracts

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎05-10-2014 04:20 AM

Why not give customers the price for the renewed contract that  they agreed to on the phone and  received an E mail confirming.  Anything else one buys has a price tag and you pay the price on a tag.  Who would ever buy anything else that had only an estimated price.

When one agrees to a price they don't expect nor should it be higher when the bill comes. 

This practice makes for many unhappy customers.  This could be avoided by giving them an accurate price for the service when they renew their contract.

Status: Acknowledged

Merge All Accounts

Status: New Idea
by ItMakesSense on ‎07-28-2014 01:20 PM

I have been a customer with verizon wireless for many years. I recently signed up with verizon fios television and internet. It's inconvenient to have two different online accounts for each of these services. I wish I would have been able to add on the residential services with my wireless account and combine them into one bill. 


$5 FEE for having fios but no home phone?

Status: Acknowledged
by macgig on ‎03-07-2014 06:11 AM

I ditched my home phone to save money since losing my job and unemployment income in December. And I learned you charge a $5 month fee to have fios with no land line.  you call it a surcharge. I call it a penalty.


they waived this "fee" for 2 years but really... don't charge customers money for not buying or having a service. I know of no other company that charges me money for NOT buying or having a product or service. this seems like an unfair business practice to me.  If I add a phone or any service, charge me for having it. but don't charge me for not having it.

Status: Acknowledged

Here's a novel idea Verizon!  How about NOT charge customers extra money to "rent,"  a digital adapter and channel box when it is necessary for service.    Seems to me that when you pay for a service or products, you should not need to pay extra for things are that are part of that same service or product.  Where's the logic here!?



Status: Acknowledged

don't force automatic billing/payment on people that would rather pay manually from their bank accounts each month. I don't like auto billing. I prefer paying bills manually from my bank account. I have fios now with no phone and I was told I MUST do automatic payment. let us pay the way we want to pay. as long as you get your money that is what matters.

Status: Acknowledged

Payment difficulty

Status: Acknowledged
by fireball12 on ‎07-02-2014 12:14 PM

You closed all of the payment offices without notifying anyone! That was a stupid mistake that caused me grief. Your Verizon Wireless Stores are open, but will not accept payment because it is a "sister" company-like I care! Paying by phone costs $3.50-understandable but not nice SINCE YOU CLOSED THE PAYMENT OFFICES WITHOUT NOTIFICATION. I have now registered online to make payments and have even enrolled in auto-pay, but here's a suggestion: LET PEOPLE KNOW BEFORE THEY ARE SURPRISED! You could have pulled the records of everyone who had paid at the local office/store and put in a billing insert or taken out advertising in national newpapers/magazines to let people know.


If I am charged a late fee for my bill you will have seen my last day of land-line, FIOS t.v. and FIOS internet, and I've been a customer since 1972. You are not the only company that can provide these services to me...have you heard of that little company based in Dallas, TX where I live? It's called AT&T. Maybe they would like to provide these services and accept my payments according to MY CONVENIENCE, if Verizon doesn't wish to do so...

Status: Acknowledged

Due date on paper billing

Status: Already Exists
by catladyjune14 on ‎06-10-2014 06:52 AM

I still get a paper bill (call me old fashioned).  Has anyone else noticed that there isn't a due date on the bill?  I'd be happy to pay my verizon bill, I'm just not sure when it's due; then I call to pay it over the phone and realze it's actually past due!  All I am saying is with all of the other information that is on the bill, throw the due date on there, too!

Status: Already Exists

Billing Changes Notificiation for Online

Status: Acknowledged
by MicheleS on ‎06-23-2014 09:56 AM

When receiving paperless billing, any notifications of future billing changes should be either in the email notice of the month's bill (preferably in red so it won't be missed), or somewhere on the top when you open up the current month's bill from the email link, highlighted in some way, either in a box, or in red, etc. 


I just received my bill, and it has increased.  I was told that I received notice in April's billing but I would only have seen that on the printed version.  If my billing is identical every month, there is no reason I would be checking the PDF version of a paper bill every month, so therefore it is missed.


My suggestion, respectfully, is that Verizon should adjust all paper-oriented billing notices to be reflected "at-a-glance" if one is paying online.  That would be more consistent with why people choose to do this online - to not only save paper, but for time-efficiency.

Status: Acknowledged

Option to purchase STB

Status: Acknowledged
by bstmstrxellos on ‎08-14-2012 07:14 PM

Please give us the option to purchase the Set Top Boxes from you so that we can decided if we would rather rent it per month or just pay a one time fee and not have to worry about rental increases.

Status: Acknowledged

*bill reminders

Status: Acknowledged
by johnwa19 on ‎05-27-2014 09:59 AM

I would be more interested in being told when my payment is posted and less reminders that it is due. I also would appreciate a notice when you are going to raise my bill instead of finding out the hard way. Most companies do that.

Status: Acknowledged

Eliminate duplicate CableCARD fees for same device

Status: Acknowledged
by godofpathos ‎09-28-2013 11:28 AM - edited ‎09-28-2013 11:29 AM

Not only does Verizon now charge double the amount its competitors like Comcast charge for CableCARD usage ($5 vs $2.50 per card), but Verizon also penalizes TiVo customers for using cablecards by double dipping on charges.  


FiOS subscribers who have the Series3 Tivo, the very first HD Tivo model, require two cablecards to operate the unit.  This model was made before the advent of multistream cards which deliver more than one channel simultaneously to the cable tuners. Thus, while people who have Series 4 (Premiere collection) and later (Series 5, Roamio collection) Tivos only require a single card to operate their DVR device, Series3 users need two cards because of the older technology.  


I love my Series3 unit because it is the only TiVo model with an OLED display with a clock and front pannel display which indicates which programs are currently recording. Moreover, I purchased a lifetime Tivo subscription for $500 on the unit which means I don't have to pay any monthly service fees.


Verizon should be able to support this device and provide me the 2 cable cards I need to operate it at the cost of only a single device like Comcast does. Instead, I am now being charged $10 per month to operate this device, QUADRUPLE what a Comcast customer would pay. Comcat provides the first card free of charge, and only charges a nominal fee for the second card if it is used in the same device.


See Comcast CableCARD fees

I was previously a Cablevision customer where the cost of each CableCARD was merely $2 per month. See here: Cablevision CableCARD fees. When I switched to FiOS, my cable card fees QUADRUPLED because Optimum was kind enough to give me second CableCARD needed to operate my Series3 at no extra cost.


Not only has Verizon raised the price of each cablecard from $4 to $5 but they do not offer any concession for TiVo Series3 users. This is just really bad business practice. I can understand charging for additional cards if they are inserted and used to operate additional DVRs, but not $10 to operate a single machine. That is more expensive than the cost required for a single HD setup box from Verizon and violates the FCC mandate on CableCARDS.  If Verizon does not resolve this issue I will be filing a complaint with the FCC and suggest others do so as well as FiOS customers are being taken advantage of, since FiOS is essentially penalizing customers who choose to use third party hardware.

I would like to contact your corporate headquarters regarding this policy issue, but there is no link or e-mail address provided for such queries. The only contacts I can find is for customer support (residential) and investor relations.


Status: Acknowledged

I was amazed to find out that now that the new DVRs are available and I have been a loyal customer for over 3 years, patiently waiting and signing up for the official lists to get the new DVR hardware, I win the right to pay VZ $39.99 just to use the new hardware!!! Hardware that I pay monthly for anyways!!! Why is there an upgrade fee for something that I lease? This is unbelievable that we get charged monthly (and I am sure when I upgrade, my grandfathered 12.99 will go up too) and we still have to pay for the actual upgrade? Especially those of us using 6416s which cannot take advantage of new features of the new IMG1.9 (ESata and other features).


VZ, can you explain this? I bet if I was a new customer, I would get the new DVR without a $39.99 fee.

Status: Acknowledged

If you have had your DVR for 3-4+ years.... then I have already acknowledged we need to see if there are other options...


But to many of the comments below... when you lease a car and next year or the year after they come out with a better one do you expect to get the new model for free?  And they are the same... your content purchases are separate from equipment charges by federal regulation (buying HBO doesn't subsidize your equipment).  In this comparison gas = content and the car = DVR.... 


So "under review" for customers that have had a box for 3-4+ years, but if you have had your DVR for less than 3 years, then "maybe later"... and I think the fee is fair (just like upgrading your leased car early).


New customers could get any one of the 3 available models just like an existing customers ordering a new DVR for their existing account. We have made this as fair as possible for new and existing customers. 


Novel idea

Status: Acknowledged
by Ricky1191 on ‎08-07-2014 12:34 PM

Here's a novel idea that seems to continually escape Verizon programmers. When you change the subscribers account number, how about you also transfer over the auto bill paying information so that the subscriber doesn't find out the following month that the bill is overdue!!!  This is the second time this has happened, so it is obvious that Verizon doesn't learn from their own mistakes.

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by yllekde on ‎06-22-2012 07:44 PM - last edited on ‎06-23-2012 06:08 AM by Moderator


Do you remember what happened to NETFLICKS when they got stupid and greedy???

Learn from their mistake!

Slow your roll.  


Status: Acknowledged
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