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Status: Acknowledged
by MrBillalso on ‎12-05-2013 12:06 PM

I just tried to make my payment on the December bill on-line (issued the 1st)  I was told that it would not be available for seven to ten days from the day it was issued.... Is that really smart business..

Status: Acknowledged

Really, I am paperless and on AutoPay, yet when I click "See My Bill" on the button in my monthly e-mail notice, I can't get in unless I request a new PIN?  Why?  Because I only have "limited access" under my current PIN, which I guess allows them to bill me, take my money, but does not allow me to access my bill.  How convenient for Verizon, but not so much for me.  When I call to get access, my only options are to receive a new PIN via a call to my home phone number (while I am at work) or to receive a PIN in the mail.  Again, neither option is convenient for me, nor does it make any sense if they are already billing me and taking my money.  So my idea is to only let people with full access sign up for paperless billing or AutoPay so that they can actually access and see their monthly bill.  I know, I must be a genius.

Status: Acknowledged

Online Account Access Lockout

Status: Acknowledged
by MPStudios on ‎08-24-2011 02:33 PM

I admittedly was late with my payment and as such my account was suspended.  My forgetfulness aside, having the option to still access my account information online and pay my bill should not be stopped. By locking a customer out of their account online you remove the convenience and ease of use for online payments. You offer the option to pay online as a free service, which I appreciate, but locking someone out of online access because of past due balance after only a few days doesn't make sense to me.


You're forcing me to not only make a call but then also charge me to pay my bill over the phone. If I had the option I would have just paid the past due bill online and went about my day. It may be a small inconvenience, yes, but if you are going to lock someone out for a past due payment I would say make it after a longer period of time or still allow a customer to if nothing else still have access to making an online payment even if not allowing "full" account access. Just a thought.


Thank you for you time.


Best Regards,

Major Latimer

Status: Acknowledged

Hello Verizon Online,


I do not understand why I can receive bills and make payments through my bank for my Verizon Wireless account, but not for my Online account.


Let me be clear - I do not want to sign up for automatic payments through you because I do not want you to have my banking information and I want to control my payments.


You are the only business that does not work with my bank. I find this extremely annoying, inconvienient, and rather hostile to me (your "customer").





Status: Acknowledged

Verizon, I feel like you're wasting my time with this nonsense.  I switched over to paper free billing and all I did was move from using Verizon's Bill Pay Vendor to paying my Verizon bill on line through my bank.  As a result of that, I automatically got removed from paper free billing.  I received a paper bill in the mail and I had to register for paper free billing all over again and for what reason?  This is fairly minor but if you ask me, that's dumb!  What does Verizon care if I pay my bill with Verizon's vendor or through my bank, as long as I am paying my bills on time?  I never heard of such a thing and none of my other vendors do this.  That's just a lack of common sense with customer service.  Can't that part of the system be fixed so it doesn't keep happening?


I shouldn't even be taken off paper billing unless I choose that myself.  Here I am doing my part to help the environment and to make my bill payments cheaper and more efficient and I get penalized just because I no longer want to use Verizon's Bill Pay vendor? 


And mind you, I keep emailing Verizon's customer service back and forth about this asking if I'm going to be thrown off paper free billing again and if I have to keep re-registering for that and nobody there can give me an answer.  I'm about to give up on that because it's a useless conversation that goes in circles.  All I get are these empty apologies for the inconvenience which don't mean anything if I can't even get a direct answer to a simple question.







Status: Acknowledged
I'm sorry for your frustrations! I'll make sure this gets brought to the attention of the proper team within Verizon.

Auto Pay fix

Status: Acknowledged
by vfantasi on ‎05-13-2013 05:54 AM

Perhaps Verizon DSL customers should also be able to VIEW and MODIFY Auto Pay online.  Currently, because DSL uses a phone line, Verizon customers are only able to ENROLL in Auto Pay because the phone line with a zero balance is the recognized account- not the internet service.  Using paperless billing compounds this problem because the on-line account number only reflects the zero balance phone, not the SEPARATE account number that reflects the internet service.  While it is possible to see that account payments have posted with Auto Pay to this second account once you realize there is a second accout!, any attempt to view/modify Auto Pay are met only with the prompt to ENROLL.

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by dshayden on ‎06-26-2012 10:54 AM

Most financial services or service companies are able to change a billing cycle - even Verizon Wireless.  But Verizon says it's impossible?  That is so ridiculous. Switching over to digital voice in a suite of virtually all Verizon Fios services moved my due date up 5 days - and there is nothing they can do about it.  I've paid my bill on the first of the month for 20 years. C'mon, Verizon.  That's really, really lame.  It can't be beyond your system's capability to adjust billing cycles - it just can't.

Status: Acknowledged

Payment due Date

Status: Not Likely
by amroll on ‎04-17-2013 01:26 PM

With all the technology that Verizon has, I would think they could find a way to change my payment due date from the end of the month to the beginning of the month when I pay my bills and my checks come in.  When I requested this, customer service told me it was mpossible to change my due date unless I changed my telephone number.  This is a great inconvenience to me, and I would change service if the building I live in was not rewired for Verizon.

Status: Not Likely
Sorry for the inconvenience. The customer service representative was correct. I will pass your concern and request for due date changes on to the billing team. Thanks so much for using Idea Exchange.

Adding A New Fee to Pay On-Line

Status: Launched
by dacutus1 on ‎09-17-2010 12:02 PM

Here is a Great New Idea for Verizon. Don't include the new fee for a third party vendor that you are about to impose on those who  wish to pay On-Line.  Obviously, it is an attempt to force the Auto Pay function for OL bill pay.  It's a great idea for those who wish to use it and is clearly a useful tool for those who don't want the hassle or worry of having to pay the bill each month. (Out of mind, Out of sight!) But some people (like me) don't want companies to have open access to their bank acct., not even for a monthly bill deduction.

Last time I checked, most companies were trying to make it easier to pay OL. This may be easier for some, but more complicated for those not wishing to use AutoPay. Now our choice is to do your AutoPay or pay a Vendor fee or go back to the stone age and slomo mail a check each month to avoid the $3.50 fee. I'm new to the Verizon ViOS system and am so far not impressed with what I see. Unlike with Bright House, there is no Movies ON Demand as such, MOD means PPV movies and some free ones ON Demand. But not Premium channels On-Demand. Nor can one start a show over without 1st having recorded it on the DVR. Now we complicate the OL Bill Pay Function by saying go AutoPay or pay a fee. Again, Bright House OL BillPay is still free.  Maybe my decision to switch to FiOS wasn't such a good one after all. I'm re-thinking that decision real hard and I hope I'm not alone.

DW (dacutus1)


Status: Launched

This has been changed and there is no longer a plan to move forward with this fee.



Status: Acknowledged
by luvol88 on ‎04-29-2011 08:02 AM - last edited on ‎05-25-2011 09:43 AM by Admin Emeritus

Would love to go into paperless billing, however, would only consider it if Verizon would pass on the savings of paper, printing and postage to their customers. As customers switch to paperless, mainly for environmental reasons, I don't see Verizon reducing their rates due to the savings mentioned above.

Status: Acknowledged

Billing convenience fee!!!!!!

Status: New Idea
by njh2oskier on ‎12-29-2011 12:34 PM

Are you serious!!! 

You want to charge us for paying our bill?

You better,  

1. hire more people to go back to opening paper payments,

2. hire more people to log the paper payments,

3. pay more to mail my bill because I'll be signing back on to getting paper bills if I have pay postage to mail my payments (just 

              to make this whole deal more costly for your company),

4. wait for my bank to cash my paper check before you get my payment.

5. OR fire the genius that came up with this convenience fee plan!!!


One hot customer


split out ESPN as an opt-out option

Status: Acknowledged
by cjbjr on ‎02-21-2013 03:50 AM

For help with its massive NFL rights bill and likely re-upping with the NBA, ESPN can continue to count on hefty per-subscriber fees that look to cross the monthly $7 mark in 2017. Based on distribution in 100 million homes, that $7 amount would give it an annual take of about $8.4 billion in affiliate fees alone within five years.

The Sport-specific channels are great and not really expensive. its ESPN and that family of channels that are the killer. currently $5 per month and projected to go up even more.  We should be able to choose to get rid of just that group of channels - all they ever show is NFL anyway and does anyone even watch ESPNU, Classic, News or ESPN2?
Status: Acknowledged
You appear to have a keen business mind. Those are some BIG numbers. Your idea sounds like an "opt" out of Sports plan. I will submit your suggestion to the appropriate team. Thanks so much for participating in Idea Exchange.

The latest version of the Verizon web site is a step backwards.  There was always an option of "multiple phones" that would allow a user with more than one home phone line to pay all Verizion bills with one click.  That option has been removed, and it now necessary to click on each phone line separately and to pay it and then go on to the next phone line, etc., etc.  I expect that each new version of a web site  is an improvement of the previous version, not one with removed functionality,  The Verzion automated 'chat' function does not even recognize the words' multiple phones' or multiple lines'.  And what was the Verizon customer service person's solution?  Pay bills directly with the bank, not with Verizon. 

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by johnwa19 on ‎01-17-2013 06:16 PM

You notify us when a payment is due but not when it is posted. It would be convenient for the paperless ustomer.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks for the suggestion. I will pass this on to the Billing team.


Military Discount for Land Line Services.

Status: Under Review
by MAH on ‎10-11-2010 11:03 AM

You offer a military discount for wireless accounts, How about offering a military discount for land line services?

Status: Under Review
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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