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I was amazed to find out that now that the new DVRs are available and I have been a loyal customer for over 3 years, patiently waiting and signing up for the official lists to get the new DVR hardware, I win the right to pay VZ $39.99 just to use the new hardware!!! Hardware that I pay monthly for anyways!!! Why is there an upgrade fee for something that I lease? This is unbelievable that we get charged monthly (and I am sure when I upgrade, my grandfathered 12.99 will go up too) and we still have to pay for the actual upgrade? Especially those of us using 6416s which cannot take advantage of new features of the new IMG1.9 (ESata and other features).


VZ, can you explain this? I bet if I was a new customer, I would get the new DVR without a $39.99 fee.

Status: Acknowledged

If you have had your DVR for 3-4+ years.... then I have already acknowledged we need to see if there are other options...


But to many of the comments below... when you lease a car and next year or the year after they come out with a better one do you expect to get the new model for free?  And they are the same... your content purchases are separate from equipment charges by federal regulation (buying HBO doesn't subsidize your equipment).  In this comparison gas = content and the car = DVR.... 


So "under review" for customers that have had a box for 3-4+ years, but if you have had your DVR for less than 3 years, then "maybe later"... and I think the fee is fair (just like upgrading your leased car early).


New customers could get any one of the 3 available models just like an existing customers ordering a new DVR for their existing account. We have made this as fair as possible for new and existing customers. 


Option to purchase STB

Status: Acknowledged
by bstmstrxellos on ‎08-14-2012 07:14 PM

Please give us the option to purchase the Set Top Boxes from you so that we can decided if we would rather rent it per month or just pay a one time fee and not have to worry about rental increases.

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by yllekde on ‎06-22-2012 07:44 PM - last edited on ‎06-23-2012 06:08 AM by Moderator


Do you remember what happened to NETFLICKS when they got stupid and greedy???

Learn from their mistake!

Slow your roll.  


Status: Acknowledged

Here's a novel idea Verizon!  How about NOT charge customers extra money to "rent,"  a digital adapter and channel box when it is necessary for service.    Seems to me that when you pay for a service or products, you should not need to pay extra for things are that are part of that same service or product.  Where's the logic here!?



Status: Acknowledged

Savings for my loyalty

Status: Maybe Later
by Vwill on ‎05-09-2011 08:12 AM

Simply put, reward the customer for timely payment, months/years of loyalty, and referrals.  Maybe a point program towards On Demand purchases, or bill shrinkage. 

Status: Maybe Later
Please check out VZ Perks ( as our part of our continued efforts to say thank you to our existing customers... We are working on more options, but probably not a points based program.

Do I, as a Verizon Fios customer, have any voice at all?

Status: Acknowledged
by mktron82 on ‎01-18-2012 04:39 PM - last edited on ‎01-18-2012 04:47 PM by Moderator

I have had TV and internet service now for about a year and a half.  My experiences thus far have been very disappointing to say the least.  


I call this afternoon at 5PM during my JOB's working hours to ensure I got ahold of someone.  I understand Verizon operates under "banker's hours" and closes at 6PM.  Strange as other competitors don't offer that inconvenience.  I finally get a woman on the phone after 15 minutes of sitting on hold only to get nothing but attitude.  


She would not grant me access to my account.  Apparently, because I don't have my acct no# memorized or my home file cabinet here at work, providing my social security #, address, phone #'s, etc. just wasn't good enough.  With her "I could care less" attitude, I was FINALLY able to get her to help me after logging into my bank acct to tell her how much my last payment was.  Even after I did that, she said I was at the wrong dept and she couldn't help me!  She kept referring me to go online..Doesn't that take the service out of "customer service".  If online is where all the solutions to my problems are, then what's the point of even having anyone answer the phone at all??


Then, she transfers me.  Sitting on hold another 15 minutes, the next lady asks me if this is for service in NY...WHAT?  I asked her why as I reside in VA.  She said she was for NY accounts and therefore, she couldn't help me!  Mind you, this is after her giving me trouble to access my account.  A cable account shouldn't be harder to gain access to than my own bank account!  It's like Ft. Knox just to get access to some cable and internet usage.  Ridiculous... 


After she tells me she can't help me, she tells me that she's going to transfer me AGAIN and after expressing the circles I was doing to get my issue resolved, she tells me that she will transfer me, but there's no way of her knowing where or who I will be transferred to???  REALLY?  ARE YOU KIDDING?!?!?!  


I was so put off by the previous reps lack of regard or care for my situation, treating me as if she could care less if Verizon lost me as a customer or the fact that I was not happy with the current situation, I started to explain my dissatisfaction of how this was being handled thus far to her.  In mid-sentence, the customer rep cuts me off by putting me on hold!  Leaves me there listening to that annoying music for another 20 min only to get transferred to a very nice gentleman.  


After talking with him and feeling, "Okay, there's some hope here", he reveals that he's only tech support and after 20 min of filling me with hope, can't do anything for me at all!  Why o' why would three reps send me in circles??  Why, as a customer to have to take so much time out of my life??  When o' when is Verizon going to reciprocate and meet my needs and requests??


At that point, the gentleman sent me to another dept, stating that they could definitely help me get my issue straightened out.  The lady, luck of the draw, was just as sour as the first!  I work in customer service and I was so shocked by the lack of courtesy and genuine care Verizon was offering to me, to say the least, I couldn't pick my jaw up off the floor!  She was rude, talking over me when I tried to explain to her my situation and when I asked to speak to a Manager, she tells me that she won't let me unless I tell her why.  WHAT?  I mean, WHATT???  Verizon, please Verizon tell me that this isn't the way you do business and expect to keep customers, right?!?!   As a customer, I have a right to speak to a manager, right?  Do I have any rights here at all???


She then tells me that she can't help me because my account has been suspended.  Uh, duhhh, that's why I'm calling!  Soo, at 6:16PM, she tells me to call this #800.483.1807.  How nice of her, right?!  NO!  I guess she just wanted to get me off the phone at that point so she gave me some bogus hope that I would get my issue resolved.  Wow, I call the no# and oh look at that, the office is CLOSED!  This is EXACTLY why I called at 5PM, took time out of my workday and ate into my employer's time so I could ensure that I got a hold of someone in time.  At no fault of my own, being transferred in this cluster of call centers and depts, I missed it and by the time I got to them, they were closed!


I am frankly disgusted by the service or lack thereof.  No one seems to care, or, at least act like it (for god's sake- customer service 101!), and Verizon wouldn't even bat an eye if I were to cancel.  


After spending 30 minutes trying to remember my login info to get on here, I was finally successful in doing so.  A shame it is that I have to go online to get good service, if that's what you call it.  All I can do is shake my head to you Verizon and say "shame"...Shame on you for hiring people that have crappy attitudes and are not well equipped to take calls or customer grievances, etc.  Shame on the trainers who failed in training these customer reps in providing excellent customer service.  


Do you strive to be average Verizon?  With all the buzz in the early stages about how wonderfully great Fios is, how cutting edge, I thought average wouldn't be good enough for you; not even great.  Exceptional is the word I'm seeking and I'm not only saddened and disappointed, but angered and distraught by how I've been treated and how you have painfully failed to live up to people's expectation.  Truly sad... 


Since no one seems to care, my ideas for improving service and retaining more customers is as follows:


1.  Be available AFTER people get off work; not just while they are working.  We lead busy lives...It's YOUR responsibility Verizon to go out of your way for your customers; NOT your customers constantly having to go out of their way for you.


2.  Better train call center reps so that they can at least "act" like they have a genuine interest in the customer's satisfaction and overall outlook on Verizon.  Acting like they care goes a LONNNG way.  If you want to retain customers at all, it is URGENT that this be addressed.  


3.  Get better organized.  When I call, I shouldn't have to give you my birth certificate # or some other crazy personal info to gain access to my account.  A simple phone #, SS# or 4 digit code, like what Comcast does, is sufficient.  Arguing with me that what I'm providing is not good enough and trying to convince me to go on the web site to address my issues is a LOSE/LOSE outcome for Verizon all around.  Ridiculous...(still shaking my head) 


4.  Shorter wait times or AT LEAST get XM radio as the on-hold music.  When I have to sit for 30 min to an hour+ on hold, that annoying whining music is dreadful.  If I have to wait that long, at least put on XM radio.


5.  Update the call centers so that each rep knows EXACTLY which #'s are to which depts and which extensions to transfer us customers to instead of sending us on a wild goose chase that we have no control of.  Sending to the wrong depts and then only to NOT be able to get assistance because your "closed" is not the right way to go about it at ALL!!


6.  Care...common sense (or not?) Care about your customers.  This is CRITICAL.  It's only a matter of time, if nothing changes, before you will be begging customers to come back once they've gotten tired of putting up with this lackluster service. 


7.  Don't "black list" me.  Just because my account is suspended doesn't mean you WILL NOT and CANNOT help me.  If I call to do my due diligence and pay my balance HELP ME!  What's so difficult about that, I don't know.  BUT, saying you can't help because I'm behind makes me feel like I'm outcasted or shunned.  Is that the way you, Verizon, intend to make your customers feel?  Tisk, tisk is all I can say about that... (still shaking my head)


8.  Do your due diligence... If I pay $404 to get my account caught up, why o' why do I have to wait 4-12 hours for service to be reinstated????  I did my need to do yours.


I could keep going, but do you really want me to?  Is this falling on deaf ears or are you turning a blind eye?  It wouldn't surprise me at all at this point...after the experiences I've had, nothing would.  Needless to say, the nails have been driven less customer for you to have to worry about Verizon after tomorrow.  

Status: Acknowledged
I'm so sorry you had such a terrible experience. If you still have a problem that has yet to be resolved, please create a post on the forums ( to see if one of your peers can help you. If they can't, one of our support techs may be able to. Good luck!

Email price changes on billing

Status: Acknowledged
by meeseman on ‎03-24-2012 02:06 PM

I just got surprised when my promotional price ended on my bundle.  Since consumers lead busy lives, it would be nice if Verizon emailed us the month before a price increase so we are prepared for it.  Getting hit between the eyes unexpectedly does not lead to greater customer satisfaction.  The consumer should be given options as to whether they want to continue the current package or negotiate dropping channels, etc to stay within a budget.


A simple email that states -  Don't forget!  Your bundle special ends in 30 days.  Please call Verizon if you want to change, upgrade or modify your current account.


That is what customer service is all about.

Status: Acknowledged
Thank you for your suggestion- I'll make sure this gets seen by the proper team within Verizon!

Renewing Contracts

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎05-10-2014 04:20 AM

Why not give customers the price for the renewed contract that  they agreed to on the phone and  received an E mail confirming.  Anything else one buys has a price tag and you pay the price on a tag.  Who would ever buy anything else that had only an estimated price.

When one agrees to a price they don't expect nor should it be higher when the bill comes. 

This practice makes for many unhappy customers.  This could be avoided by giving them an accurate price for the service when they renew their contract.

Status: Acknowledged

Eliminate duplicate CableCARD fees for same device

Status: Acknowledged
by godofpathos ‎09-28-2013 11:28 AM - edited ‎09-28-2013 11:29 AM

Not only does Verizon now charge double the amount its competitors like Comcast charge for CableCARD usage ($5 vs $2.50 per card), but Verizon also penalizes TiVo customers for using cablecards by double dipping on charges.  


FiOS subscribers who have the Series3 Tivo, the very first HD Tivo model, require two cablecards to operate the unit.  This model was made before the advent of multistream cards which deliver more than one channel simultaneously to the cable tuners. Thus, while people who have Series 4 (Premiere collection) and later (Series 5, Roamio collection) Tivos only require a single card to operate their DVR device, Series3 users need two cards because of the older technology.  


I love my Series3 unit because it is the only TiVo model with an OLED display with a clock and front pannel display which indicates which programs are currently recording. Moreover, I purchased a lifetime Tivo subscription for $500 on the unit which means I don't have to pay any monthly service fees.


Verizon should be able to support this device and provide me the 2 cable cards I need to operate it at the cost of only a single device like Comcast does. Instead, I am now being charged $10 per month to operate this device, QUADRUPLE what a Comcast customer would pay. Comcat provides the first card free of charge, and only charges a nominal fee for the second card if it is used in the same device.


See Comcast CableCARD fees

I was previously a Cablevision customer where the cost of each CableCARD was merely $2 per month. See here: Cablevision CableCARD fees. When I switched to FiOS, my cable card fees QUADRUPLED because Optimum was kind enough to give me second CableCARD needed to operate my Series3 at no extra cost.


Not only has Verizon raised the price of each cablecard from $4 to $5 but they do not offer any concession for TiVo Series3 users. This is just really bad business practice. I can understand charging for additional cards if they are inserted and used to operate additional DVRs, but not $10 to operate a single machine. That is more expensive than the cost required for a single HD setup box from Verizon and violates the FCC mandate on CableCARDS.  If Verizon does not resolve this issue I will be filing a complaint with the FCC and suggest others do so as well as FiOS customers are being taken advantage of, since FiOS is essentially penalizing customers who choose to use third party hardware.

I would like to contact your corporate headquarters regarding this policy issue, but there is no link or e-mail address provided for such queries. The only contacts I can find is for customer support (residential) and investor relations.


Status: Acknowledged

Accepting Discover Card

Status: Maybe Later
by Discover on ‎01-08-2011 02:04 PM

Over the past several years I have recommended that the Discover Card be accepted as a method of payment in the Auto Pay System.  Verizon is the only company I interact with that does not have Discover as an option.  When will this be available?  Signed, Frustrated

Status: Maybe Later
We actually do accept Discover, but only in limited areas such as One Bill kiosks and Walled Garden. Our billing product manager has told me that they continually evaluate the payment options that we offer and will take your suggestion into consideration.

Grandfather existing customers regarding new hardware charges!

Status: Acknowledged
by ‎05-19-2012 10:13 AM - edited ‎05-19-2012 10:21 AM

Make your announcements about cost increases more clearly stated. Your CSRs go in circles too!


Now if you get that one more commitment before everything inceases wow!


Grandfather existing customers! Allow existing customers to make changes, and keep existing prices before the increase!


Verizon makes everyone pay to get rid of obsolete TV hardware. IE: QIP-6xxx that did not support 1.9 properly and will not support MPEG4 plans for their expansion and marketing! Regardless if your hardware is old or not. Verizon customer service just as everyone says, sucks.


Everything they say or do is written by lawyers, and read from a script. Not to mention they can't even read it right, because it sends them in circles too. Is it a $6 increase or $2 increase? It is $2 no wait it is $6. $6 is not going to make me go broke. But being nickle and dimed and strung along from one commitment contract to another just to get a good deal has me fed up!


I am strongly considering the termination fees, even after being with Verizon FiOS since launch. No one will give you a straight answer. I have been a strong supporter, but everything has gone down hill in the past 1-1/2 to 2 years. It has not gotten better but worse.


Read the items in red below. Everything I was told contradicts its self.


It was a pleasure to assist you. Your chat session has ended. Thank You.

Your chat ID number is xxxxxxxxxx. Please select Exit to close this window.

Print Copy to Clipboard Exit


A Verizon Service Representative will be with you shortly. Thank you.

Agent Jefferson has joined. (11:18:38)

Jefferson : Chat ID for this session is xxxxxxxxxx. (11:18:38)

Jefferson(11:18:43): Hello. Thank you for choosing Verizon and visiting our Verizon chat service. I would be happy to help you place your order.

For quality and security purposes, your session is recorded and may be monitored or reviewed. Please do not provide sensitive information such as social security, bank account or credit card numbers to the chat agent. May we view your account information, including the services you subscribe to, to assist you during this chat with respect to available Verizon products and services? You may deny us permission, which will have no effect on your current services. Under federal law, it is your right and our duty to protect your account information. May I have permission to review your account?


You(11:19:03): Yes. But make no changes.


Jefferson(11:19:28): Hello! How may I assist you today?


You(11:21:04): Does this statement mean that each box in my equipment bundle will increase $2 a month regardless of my current discount? Meaning my equipment bundle would go up $6 and not just $2?


You(11:21:06): Beginning July 15, 2012, the monthly rate for FiOS set top boxes, digital adapters, set top boxes in equipment packages and Multi-Room DVRs in equipment packages will increase approximately $2.00 per box. In NY/N-NJ/CT, only the monthly rate for digital adapters and set top boxes in equipment packages will increase approximately $2.00 per box.


Jefferson(11:21:57): Let me share the details with you.


Jefferson(11:22:17): Your price would go up by $2/month. Your existing discounts would remain there till Verizon is committed to it.


You(11:24:21): It is very confusing because it says per STB. I was told by another individual it would begin in May. My existing MRDVR equipment bundle I thought was for as long as I had the service?


You(11:24:50): MRDVR Bundle


Jefferson(11:25:15): I can understand that. It seems that you are currently having 1 MR DVR and 2 set top boxes?


You(11:25:23): Yes


You(11:26:00): From $33.95 to $35.95?


Jefferson(11:26:25): The current price of the bundle would be $33.99/month.


You(11:26:34): I mean $35.95 or $2 more


You(11:26:46): ok .99


Jefferson(11:27:37): The price would go up by $6/month since it would increase by $2/month/box.


You(11:29:34): So it would be $6 more, like I said. Not just $2 more. This would raise my total hardware cost to $39.99. So my discount I currently get would pretty much be eaten up by this increase.


Jefferson(11:31:09): I can understand that. Due to the cost of upgrading facilities with new technology and the rising costs of operating expenses, it is sometimes necessary for us to raise the price of products and services. I can understand your concern with the recent price increase. Please be assured that we strive to keep price increases to a minimum.


You(11:32:42): Ok so this increase makes everyone pay for Verizon to get rid of the QIP-6xxx series hardware and it really sucks. Just as I thought. Thank you for your time.

Your session is now closed.

Thank you, have a nice day.

Status: Acknowledged
Hey Prisaz- again, I'm so sorry for your frustration. We appreciate your suggestion and I'll make sure it gets in front of the proper team within Verizon.

$5 FEE for having fios but no home phone?

Status: Acknowledged
by macgig on ‎03-07-2014 06:11 AM

I ditched my home phone to save money since losing my job and unemployment income in December. And I learned you charge a $5 month fee to have fios with no land line.  you call it a surcharge. I call it a penalty.


they waived this "fee" for 2 years but really... don't charge customers money for not buying or having a service. I know of no other company that charges me money for NOT buying or having a product or service. this seems like an unfair business practice to me.  If I add a phone or any service, charge me for having it. but don't charge me for not having it.

Status: Acknowledged

DVR prices

Status: Acknowledged
by Blesson92 on ‎03-06-2013 08:47 PM

I think that DVR should be included with all sd set top boxes. We shouldn't have to pay extra for it and i find it weird that we have to pay for DVR every month. Its like saving videos on an external hard drive and watching a video on that as much as you want and deleting it whenever you want. Why is it something that we should pay an extra 17 dollars. If anything there should only be one charge for DVR, not a monthly charge.

Status: Acknowledged
I understand where you are coming from. I can take your question and suggestion to the group responsible for those type of decisions. So glad you are using Idea Exchange.

don't force automatic billing/payment on people that would rather pay manually from their bank accounts each month. I don't like auto billing. I prefer paying bills manually from my bank account. I have fios now with no phone and I was told I MUST do automatic payment. let us pay the way we want to pay. as long as you get your money that is what matters.

Status: Acknowledged

Here's an idea for Verizon.  So far in my session on MyVerizon I have been prompted to join paperless billing 3 times within the span of 2 minutes.  I said "No Thanks" every time.  Quit hassling me about it.  When I say no the 1st and 2nd time, I mean it.  It is such a nuisance. 


There are two reasons that I continue to say no thanks.  The first one is the fact that I do not trust your billing, and I need to review it on paper each month.  An electronic bill is too easy to dismiss and not pay attention to.  If you get your billing back in order, maybe I will consider it.  The second reason is because I need paper bills for tracking expenses.



Status: Already Exists

From the product manager:

"This customer could have been prompted to enroll 3 times. Once via the sweepstakes interstitial page, when they viewed their bill and when they made a 1-time payment. We want him to enroll which is why he is being offered the option so many times and all 3 offers work independently of each other. Not sure what he means by getting our billing back in order but he can print past 24 months bills from his online account for tracking expenses.


Today, customers have the option to be notified when the bill is available to be viewed and paid via their mobile phone in addition to getting an email which might help missing the notice."

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