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more quality in replacement parts

Status: Acknowledged
by chaddsford on ‎12-29-2012 06:06 PM

Wait time for Calls for a technician should not exceed 10 minutes.  Quality evalations after the call has ended should include wait time minutes.  With Verizon reducing available channels, customer service should also not be reduced.  Customers should have a voice in which channels are deleted.  All top boxes that are reconditioned should be subject to stringent quality checks for cracks or other damage.  Such damaged goods should not be sent to customers.

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Emailing the Customer

Status: Acknowledged
by Mysticinva50 on ‎12-27-2012 07:34 PM


Here is an Idea that you might want to consider....


Before you email a customer with a service alert...why dont you check to see if they even have that service.


Apparently the Battery in the Back Up Unit for Fios Digital Voice at my location needs to be replaced...

well ya know what ..I DONT CARE...I dont have FiOS Digital Voice...I dont have Voice AT ALL...and I dont fact...I am taking the battery what are you going to do....?

Clearly someone within the customer management area has no idea or is too lazy to cross reference the location against the phone records to see if the location has a phone service....but wait..lets just get the customer to buy a new battery....(Not sure why the battery should die either as it has never had to go onto Standby or ever be surprise...I DONT HAVE A PHONE)

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12 volt battery replacement

Status: Acknowledged
by aggravated2012 on ‎06-07-2012 08:52 AM

Please inform your customer service representatives that those of us who cannot afford the 14.99 service plan need not be sent to Lowe's, Home Depot, or Radio Shack for a 12 volt battery. Those stores do not carry the 12 volt battery required to turn off the blasted alarm on the Verizon unit. Instead, ALL SERVICE REPS SHOULD KNOW TO DIRECT CUSTOMERS TO WWW.FIOS.ASURION..COM WHERE THEY CAN BUY THE 12 VOLT BATTERY. Verizon really should support customers rather than sell, sell, sell.

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Fix the broken CID System that sends email from for every call.

Status: Acknowledged
by ‎01-30-2011 01:24 PM - edited ‎01-30-2011 01:27 PM


Multiple calls to support and know one knows what they are doing with this issue. These are Emails to a customers VZ ID not nessasarly their primary Email address. Always from not from


Fix the broken CID System that sends email from for every call. I was told this has nothing to do with the VCA software entries made by the user and must be fixed on Verizon's end. "It is a glitch in the system". OK FIX IT! ONCE AND FOR ALL! For Everyone. (ALL)


Status: Acknowledged

Paid Support Option

Status: Acknowledged
by janeb on ‎06-03-2012 06:36 PM

For those of us who are frustrated and unserved by first level support, perhaps we can bypass the wasted phone hours and uncooperative and insufficiently trained tech support by opting for paid support.  Some vendors offer a per instance option where I can pay a fee and get escalated support.  My ticket stays open until I say the problem is resolved.  Then I would not have to demand escalation from uncooperative supervisors, and waste countless hours with insufficiently trained techs going over the same screen sharing sessions, again and again, going in circles and wasting time. 


If the same error message shows on all my devices, iphone, tablet, etc., your tech will not find the problem by repeatedly screen sharing my desktop,  If I ask for escalation, the tech will not comply.  Even a supervisor will not cooperate until I get very angry and demand escalation. We would all be better off if I could escalate the problem myself. 


I have been through this useless cycle more times than I can count.  And one of the problems still persists, after months of phone calls. 

I would be willing to pay a fee for problem resolution.  Not a closed ticket after ticket, but actual problem resolution.   The ticket is not closed until I say the problem is fixed. 

Status: Acknowledged

Restore Gift Card Perks

Status: Acknowledged
by asm20850 on ‎06-11-2011 07:55 PM - last edited on ‎06-13-2011 12:55 PM by Admin Emeritus

The best "Verizon Perk" was the gift card program - with discounts on certain gift cards.  First, Verizon scaled this back by removing the no-fee Visa gift cards.  Now the whole program is gone.  This was a great benefit that I wish Verizon would restore.

Status: Acknowledged

The FIOS TV menu, under "Customer Service", "My Wireless Network", displays your SSID (Network Name) and network encryption key WITHOUT asking for any sort of password.  The information is freely displayed to anyone with access to your remote.


This completely defeats the purpose of having an encryption key on the wireless network if anyone with access to the remote can pull up your SSID and WEP/WPA key.


In my case, I run a proxy server with another wireless router behind the proxy.  Everyone connects to the wireless network behind the proxy server so that web filtering can occur as their are kids in the house.  The Verizon ActionTec router sits in front of the proxy with wireless enabled but the SSID hidden.  Some may say to turn off the wireless feature in front of the proxy and problem solved, but that's not the point.


The point is Verizon should not be freely advertising your network security details via a widget on the FIOS TV service.  I have to supply a password to my FIOS router to have access to this information, why is this not the same on the TV?


Verizon obviously did not think this through.  I contacted Verizon via phone and was told there is no way to disable this.  Verizon says "your privacy is your right and our duty" so I would like to see Verizon address this immediately.  Seeking other ways to notify Verizon of this egregious gaffe in security, but for now this post is the first vehicle.

Status: Acknowledged

I have been trying to pay my bill for 3 days. I started with trying to pay my bill online. It kept asking for my phone number. The only phone number I had was the one for verizon wireless which is my cell. I don't have a work # because I do private duty traveling nurse work. And I do not have a landline because I am never home and have unlimited minutes on my phone. So why can't this info be linked? It is after all the same company. So because I couldn't pay online I kept calling Fios and being bounced around from being hold. And repeatedly pressing the number 2 prompt because I didn't want to be transferred to verizon wireless. Because I made a complaint I was transferred to a gift certificate program through savology. And the person I originally talked to didn't solve my problem.

I appreciated the hand out but I needed to pay my bill. So I was transferred to bill matrix a couple times to pay my bill for a $3.50 charge. Which isnt breaking the bank but why should I have to pay to pay my bill. I talked to someone from online tech support who helped me register a new password which I could not obtain before via the internet because it was recognizing my # as a wireless and kept asking if I wanted to go to the verizon wireless site. No one that I talked to over the last few days was incredibly friendly or helpful. The online tech should of said she would look into it at least. She just sounded annoyed and told me it won't work you have to enter a landline". I don't have one. I am sure I am not the only one that has had issues with this. None of my friends have landlines. Maybe everyone that works for verizon has no clue what I am saying.

If I call FIOS or go on their website I should be able to enter the same number which I opened my account with (which is my cell). It seems like it would be an easy fix. I think I will change to cablevision next year when I move. I had an awful experience so far with verizon (first with a worker claiming he called me and I didnt answer when I was home and had no missed calls and fulls wireless bars, then when he did show up he smelled and scuffed up the walls with his equipment and kept saying opps. So he installed a faulty box that chirped everytime my husband and i watched anything on cable. This was an issue the worker was aware of and he said he could come back because that was his last box. I didnt want him back in my house so we got the box on our own. then this nonsense with paying my bill. I always pay my bills on time.) Someone should look into it. Doesnt seem like rocket science

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by bgood724 on ‎10-28-2011 07:15 AM

take verizon assumptive sales out of training its causing issues in alot of areas

Status: Acknowledged

When submitting a request vie the online e-mail support portal, I get a confirmation e-mail containing a tracking number.


Currently, the only important part is the tracking number and privacy statement. This is incomplete.


(About 80% of the message contains promotional content about the referral program and perks, which are really off-topic to the support request. Well, if marketing tells you to include this, I am OK with it, but don't leave out the important parts, see below)



The confirmation e-mail should include the entire submitted support request for my records and review.


This way I can re-read it and make sure there are no mistakes or ambiguities.


(Out of habit, I copied and pasted my request to a google doc before submission, but that should not be necessary.)

Status: Acknowledged

Password names and compatibility

Status: Acknowledged
by BoardSailor on ‎10-04-2011 10:17 AM - last edited on ‎10-06-2011 03:53 PM by Admin Emeritus

I have Verizon DSL Internet service, Verizon hard-line copper-wire telephone service, and Verizon Wireless service. To use these services, I need passwords for:

 Password to retrieve e-mail. Password must contain letters and numbers and be at least six alphanumic characters.
 Password to examine and change Verizon DSL services.
 Password to examine and change Verizon wireless services.
 Password to retrieve Wireless line voice mail.
 Password to retrieve hard-line voice mail. I think this cannot be more than six digits.


The same password is not used for all of these places because I have not identified an easy to remember password that is compatible with all of the destinations.  When responding to Verizon messages, I'm frustrated by my inability to quickly identify which of the password is required for access.  Verizon keeps sending me to "MyVerizon," but I suspect that I have two "MyVerizon" destinations.  Then there is also the confusion of versus  There has been some merging of these, but it is still very confusing.  I'm aware that Verizon DSL/hard-line and Verizon wireless are two different companies, but they need to do a better job of coordination.


I'd like to see messages from Verizon contain a clear indication of which or my accounts requires my attention, so I can quickly enter it with the appropriate password.

Status: Acknowledged

Lets bring this up again from 2009 pre ideas page.

Status: Clarification Needed
by ‎04-10-2011 04:50 PM - edited ‎04-10-2011 05:39 PM

Can't print channel lineup in numerical format from PDF or the lineup page. Hard to track what is there and what is not when they are not in order. Change to the channel lineup page and select numerical or alphabetical and then try to print it. Good luck! It only prints what is in the current window, and not what is in the scroll buffer. WHY? Attempt to print a side by side comparison in any format, good luck! I think this needs immediate attention. Look A to Z and try and figure out what is missing at your tier or the one you are considering. That is what I am going to do. How are we to compare without the PC? I think perhaps if people had it in black and white it may get looked at in more detail prior to agreeing to something you may or may not want. Perhaps I am being cynical, but I don't think so. Perhaps I will look at and sort my lineup and make a printable comparison of all three tiers. This post had Zero responses and then was locked. Am I missing something? Could be. I have before.:smileysad:

 files sorted 2 different ways: one my channel number, the other by channel name. The current procedure lists the channels in multiple columns, which is fine, except each column continues onto the next PAGE instead of to the next COLUMN on the SAME PAGE, which is the more logical way to organize it!


There have been improvements over the yers, but come one, make the print button print what is n the scroll buller and not one and a hal fpages of trash. Thank you


Here is a sample of what should be printable form the side by side comparisons. Or tattles from the channel lineup with the pretty little dot! Pardon the copywrite violations, but I had to give an example. The PDFs are nice. But make everything on your page work the way it should. Let me get a hard copy so I can actually sit down and compare apples to apples. See the attached PDF for Montgomery County Maryland. This is what is in the scroll buffer, why will not print.

Status: Clarification Needed

Can you please explain this concept of "printing"?


I think I read about the process of printing in history books... if I recall it has something to do with killing trees and feeding their processed remains into a machine... that machine uses this stuff called "ink" to put the things on see on my screen onto the dead trees...?  Is that correct?


JOKING!!! (kinda)


Let me see what I can do.

ok.......I may be a bit ignorant, but it would be very nice if I could clearly see each service I pay for and what the costs are.  I have been a customer for many years and it is really never easy trying to get information out of you. (VERIZON)  All i want to do is remove a few services, but it says I can't, IT'S NOT A VAILABLE, and gives me a number to call.  I call and am told to go online and compare my services, easily?, within MY VERIZON.  Thanks................ ok.  Maybe some other provider WOULD try to help me.

If I asked my doctor to cure my ills............he would not send me to a place that does not work.  HE WOULD SIT DOWN AND EXPLAIN TO ME UNTIL I UNDERSTOOD HOW TO CURE MY PROBLEM.



Status: Acknowledged

Content Availability & Expiration

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎10-30-2012 05:05 PM

Just a thought that through the IMG and on the FiOS TV ONLINE website, as well as an FAQ for users in the help and support section, you should do something similiar to Hulu.  I was browsing their site, and they have a great FAQ on their service, and it answers questions that could help customers avoid confusion and provide for a better experience.  knowledge is power and right now it kind of feels like it's a guessing game sometimes with regards to avaialability and expiration.


Here is the article if interested in seeing what I mean.


Here is an excerpt 


It's our goal to provide as much content as possible and to keep it all on our service as long as possible. However, what videos we post and how long we're able to keep them on Hulu depends on streaming clearances granted by our content partners. We work with them constantly to try to secure more, and they've been great about reaching into their vaults on our behalf.


In some cases, videos may expire from Hulu. Streaming clearances can be limited by any number of legal or business agreements that differ from video to video. An episode or movie may expire due to myriad reasons, including music clearances, impending DVD sales and syndication deals, among others. As videos are the heart of our business, we're always working to expand streaming clearances.


Whenever a video is about to expire, we do our best to provide information in advance to our users. "Heads up" about expirations are posted in the video description when you hover over a video's thumbnail image five days before it is removed from our site. You may also activate expiration updates for videos in your queue; when turned on, you'll receive an email alert seven days prior to a video's expiration date. You can also find general availability notes on the main page for many shows.




Status: Acknowledged

Update your website

Status: Acknowledged
by cdtterm on ‎03-25-2012 06:28 AM

So I suscribe to one of the faster FIOS internet packages (25Mbs), and there are some websites that load a lot faster than my old DSL (1Mbs) service.  With my old DSL account, ther Verizon homepage/account settings took forver to load compared to other web sites.


With the FIOS internet service, my download times for the Verizon website STILL have not improved.  I DREAD anytime that I have to log-into my account to review my account settings/update my services/pay my bills.  I would rather watch paint dry or my grass grow than to go to the VERIZON HOMEPAGE.


Please consider updating/revamping your website/servers to allow customers to access their accounts in less than 30 minutes!!!!

Status: Acknowledged
Sorry you're having a hard time with the Verizon website! Please take a look at the suggestion in the comments and create a post on the Forums ( for further help.
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