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Need better internet in my area

Status: Acknowledged
by kevin84 on ‎10-17-2012 06:41 PM - last edited on ‎10-17-2012 07:24 PM by Moderator

i got idea u guys need to put Verizon in my area we got this  frontier DSL its fastest in my spot is 3mb down an cost $60 cable is only thing good but cost to much right now i got around 30mb an 7 up for $75 they got 100mb down but it cost $200 an 250 to install so if anyone from Verizon can help i live in pa an my zip is 17980 i am like 30 mins for Harrisburg an they got Verizon so plz help

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Update your website

Status: Acknowledged
by cdtterm on ‎03-25-2012 06:28 AM

So I suscribe to one of the faster FIOS internet packages (25Mbs), and there are some websites that load a lot faster than my old DSL (1Mbs) service.  With my old DSL account, ther Verizon homepage/account settings took forver to load compared to other web sites.


With the FIOS internet service, my download times for the Verizon website STILL have not improved.  I DREAD anytime that I have to log-into my account to review my account settings/update my services/pay my bills.  I would rather watch paint dry or my grass grow than to go to the VERIZON HOMEPAGE.


Please consider updating/revamping your website/servers to allow customers to access their accounts in less than 30 minutes!!!!

Status: Acknowledged
Sorry you're having a hard time with the Verizon website! Please take a look at the suggestion in the comments and create a post on the Forums ( for further help.

Lets bring this up again from 2009 pre ideas page.

Status: Clarification Needed
by ‎04-10-2011 04:50 PM - edited ‎04-10-2011 05:39 PM

Can't print channel lineup in numerical format from PDF or the lineup page. Hard to track what is there and what is not when they are not in order. Change to the channel lineup page and select numerical or alphabetical and then try to print it. Good luck! It only prints what is in the current window, and not what is in the scroll buffer. WHY? Attempt to print a side by side comparison in any format, good luck! I think this needs immediate attention. Look A to Z and try and figure out what is missing at your tier or the one you are considering. That is what I am going to do. How are we to compare without the PC? I think perhaps if people had it in black and white it may get looked at in more detail prior to agreeing to something you may or may not want. Perhaps I am being cynical, but I don't think so. Perhaps I will look at and sort my lineup and make a printable comparison of all three tiers. This post had Zero responses and then was locked. Am I missing something? Could be. I have before.:smileysad:

 files sorted 2 different ways: one my channel number, the other by channel name. The current procedure lists the channels in multiple columns, which is fine, except each column continues onto the next PAGE instead of to the next COLUMN on the SAME PAGE, which is the more logical way to organize it!


There have been improvements over the yers, but come one, make the print button print what is n the scroll buller and not one and a hal fpages of trash. Thank you


Here is a sample of what should be printable form the side by side comparisons. Or tattles from the channel lineup with the pretty little dot! Pardon the copywrite violations, but I had to give an example. The PDFs are nice. But make everything on your page work the way it should. Let me get a hard copy so I can actually sit down and compare apples to apples. See the attached PDF for Montgomery County Maryland. This is what is in the scroll buffer, why will not print.

Status: Clarification Needed

Can you please explain this concept of "printing"?


I think I read about the process of printing in history books... if I recall it has something to do with killing trees and feeding their processed remains into a machine... that machine uses this stuff called "ink" to put the things on see on my screen onto the dead trees...?  Is that correct?


JOKING!!! (kinda)


Let me see what I can do.


How important can it be?

Status: Acknowledged
by RalphTomaccio on ‎03-17-2012 02:37 PM

I received a booklet from Verizon in the mail today. To the right of my mailing address it says "In an effort to keep our customers updated about FIOS TV, we'd like to share some important documents with you for review". Well, that seems nice. Then I turn it over and look at the title on the other side and it says "Fios TV - 2011 Annual Customer Notification". What? How is something dated 2011 when it is now the middle of March 2012 keeping me updated about important information? It's already over a year old!


C'mon Verizon, how about either a little proof reading or getting this important stuff out in a timely matter? Please?

Status: Acknowledged

[Copying from " Email" forum]


I use my home computer to, among other things, host a mailing-list for a fan-club of a contemporary Russian poet. The total list of subscribers is about 40 people and messages are, on average, rare.


However, when a discussion picks up, the number of e-mails can briefly spike easily exceeding Verizon's "you must be spamming" threshold. Imagine: one person asks a question and two others respond. Both the question and the responses get sent to the list, so that's 3x40=120 e-mails. If the discussion gets any longer, the e-mail account gets suspended for several days for exceeding the quota...


I understand, why Verizon rate-limits the outgoing e-mail sending and don't object to it in principle. However, the current implementation has a major flaw. When the threshold is exceeded, instead of blocking all subsequent messages with a permanent error (5xx in SMTP-speak), the server ought to issue a temporary failure (4xx in SMTP-speak).


This would block any spam-bots just as effectively, but allow legitimate messages to be properly queued by the sender's computers for resending. The 5xx code signals a permanent error so instead of being queued, the innocent message is suddenly bounced.


A friend of mine is an RCN-subscriber and we know, that RCN implements rate-limiting exactly this way: if you are sending "too much", your messages will start being temporarily rejected for a while.

Status: Acknowledged

Default Security on install

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎09-03-2011 06:28 PM - last edited on ‎09-13-2011 01:56 PM by Admin Emeritus

It appears that all the FIOS installs around here are defaulting to WEP (weak) and all are being installed to the same channel (6). Are the install technicians trained on implementing WPA, or it's derivates? If not, that's a weak point that should be addressed.

Status: Acknowledged

Router Details

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎09-03-2011 04:36 AM

Allow for the option  to create a text, PDF or print out all of the Router settings so they can be easily re-entered if the router is reset to the factory settings.

Status: Acknowledged

Flag customers into categories

Status: Under Review
by Gold Contributor VII on ‎10-04-2010 10:59 AM

They assume that the customer is a complete technical **bleep** and doesn't understand the problem.


You need to flag customers into categories: (a) technology beginner; (b) technology medium; and (c) technology expert.  You can do this by asking the customer to rate themselves or by asking some questions that will easily tell in which category to place the customer.  Then when that customer identifies himself or herself by account or name, that category will pop up on the screen so the call center person doesn't ask an expert "did you plug in the modem?"

Status: Under Review

Email follow up after telephone calls

Status: Acknowledged
by Terri188 on ‎02-13-2012 07:14 PM

I returned a Verizon cable card in August 2011 because it did not work on my TV.  I have the UPS tracking sheet.  Despite 3 calls and almost 3 hours on the phone I will not get back, I still am being charged 3.99 a month for the card.  Is this just a sneaky way to make more money?  It would be a good idea to follow up with customer with a simple email stating what action will be taken as a result of the call.  When you call, you have no written proof that anything has transpired and it is very frustrating to keep starting at the beginning with each and every call.  I'm exasperated.

Status: Acknowledged
Thank you for the suggestion, Terri188. It looks like you will need a Verizon agent to review your account details. One will reach out to you via the private message system, or the email associated with your account.


Last time I checked Verizon is one of the largest TV, Internet, Phone, and IWreless providers.  Yet for some reason whenever they mess up our billing it take repaeated phone calls with the billing department, supervisors, retention people etc... to get incorrect charges fixed.  Often times one thing you are told on a call isn' t honoured the next time and the customer is never given confirmation of what they are told or promised.  Little verification of dates, cost that will be credited back, etc...


All this forces the customer to take detailed notes, request the billing person on the phone to take notes in "their system" all to track that yes we did talk to ... on abot... and were told there would be a credit of.....    The 3rd of 4th time you have to call back with notes for all the conversations is a pain.


We have asked several times to have the person on the phone e-mail, or send me some confirmation of anything we just discussed.  Each and everytime we are told: "Sorry I can't... our system doesn't have the ability to do that".  I find it hard to belive the largest ISP and wireless provider can't text or e-mail me a confirmation of something we discussed on the phone.  I imagine Verizon as a large company would rather not allow it's customers to have that record.  why would they volunteer to have a paper trail.


So my recommendation is Verizon should be a little more transparent and allow their "System" and customer service reps. the ability to send confirmations of conversations, claims, credits, or billing adjustments.   Somehow you can reach us just fine if you want money from us, but it's odd how Verizon can't contact me when they have screwed something up.

Status: Acknowledged

I think an incentive should be offered to customers who are constantly losing service.  I actually asked about it and was told those days are over and I should be thankful they came out to restore my service and also that I was not charged.  I am paying over $160 a month!!!  I think I should have been offered the special that is going on today and it should be offered to anyone else who has had services lost.

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by USN430 on ‎02-01-2011 03:05 PM

I would like to offer a postive response to the service I have received from Verizon.  Since changing all of my services to Verizon, I have NEVER had anything but GREAT service from Verizon.  Whether in my home or on the internet, Verizon's service representatives have ALWAYS fixed my problem, while being professional and courteous.  I'm sorry others have not been as fortunate!  Great Job Verizon!

Status: Acknowledged
Appreciate the love

Verizon has a history of doing some really strange things with my bill. They've signed me up for the wrong bundle, dropped me from their OneBill system without notice, and filed me under my first name instead of my last. One time, they even locked me out of the payment system -- I had to drive to the Verizon store in the next town over and convince them to take my money.


Obviously, all of these situations were out of the ordinary and each of them required a (lengthy, painful) call to Verizon to straighten things out. Having such an unreliable billing system is a problem in and of itself, but more than anything I came to loathe the phone system itself. Allow me to explain.


I love the internet. I scoff at snail mail, I stream most of my TV shows and I use my smartphone for everything. But when I give Verizon a call, they're even more put out than I am that I'm using their phone system. "Have you heard of the internet?" they ask. "Turns out we're on it. And you should probably go to our website." Yes, I'm quite familiar with it, thanks.


Like many, many people, I'm calling because I have a problem that can't be solved online. There's no automated process to correct the weird things that have happened to my account, and I have absolutely zero faith in e-mailed support requests. (E-mailed requests often take days to get a reply and the response is generally inapplicable and unhelpful.) The only way I'm going to walk away from this happy is if I can speak with someone that can fix it for me then and there.


After taking some time to explain "the Web," the system will often start in on a sales pitch. "Get Red Zone! Because we know how much you love football!" This is unbelievably grating. I usually set the phone down and let it play out. I'm calling Verizon because they've made a mistake at my expense, and now they're trying to sell me something? I haven't even gotten to ask for a department yet -- it's not like I'm on hold and would be waiting around anyway. They're out-and-out wasting my time. Nevermind the fact that I have no interest in football.


Once I've gotten past the way-off-base sales pitch, I can finally start trying to navigate the menu system. The menu system isn't without its unprompted time-wasters either -- one of the up-front questions I regularly have to sit through is whether I'm trying to correct my entry in the phone book. Please, having to use the phone was anachronistic enough. Why would you assume that most of your callers are worried about the oh-so-antiquated phone book? You could easily make that a buried menu prompt to eat up less of my time.


If I manage to get to a department, the system assumes I've found who I want and forgets everything about me. Often times I'm not positive which department I need and I have to request that they transfer me. That's not a big deal, but I pretty much start from scratch, entering all of my information (phone number, etc) in again. When I get a new representative on the line, I have to re-explain what I'm calling about, sometimes for the third or fourth time in hopes of getting someone that says "Yup! I'm the person you need to speak with."


When I finally get to speak to a person, things tend to go relatively smoothly. They're normally helpful, but are often limited by the interface that's sitting in front of them. On three different occasions, I've had a representative tell me that they're not able to fix my problem (refund money, waive a weird charge, etc) because they don't have a button or checkbox for it on the GUI they're looking at. I know that's not their fault, but it's a silly limitation that ends up frustrating both of us.


All of this brings me to my suggestion: provide a web interface that lets me specify a department and describe my problem. Figure out who I'm supposed to be talking to and have *them* call *me* when they're free and after they've had a chance to pull up my account and review my problem description. does something similar and it's so painless that I describe it to friends and family even when they haven't had a problem with Amazon.


Neither of us want to be on that phone! Let me do as much of it on the internet as possible and I'll be truly grateful. Plus, if you call me, I won't have had 20 minutes on hold to stew and get snippy with representative to whom I'm assigned. : )


Thanks for reading all that!

Status: Acknowledged

Improved ways to notify customers of support options when they report a service outage

Status: Acknowledged
by ccl117 on ‎09-05-2012 05:32 AM - last edited on ‎09-08-2012 02:53 PM by Moderator

Greetings.  I am a current Verizon Triple Play customer (and have been for several years) and on 4 September 2012 all (phone, internet, TV) of my service suddenly went out.  The earliest Verizon could schedule a technician to come take a look at it was five days later on 8 September 2012.  In the interim though, I received an email from Verizon with web links for support to assist me with dealing with my service errors.


What I would like to point out is that when you are dealing with customers who have lost their land lines, television, and cable service due to a technical issue, and there is a week long lag time to sending out a technician to fix, sending them an email with web links for support after they just reported that their internet is completely out does not make them feel better about the situation.  In fact, it actually makes Verizon look like they don't understand the technical issues the customer just reported, or that they care.


My recommendation is that if a customer calls in to report that their internet is completely out (in addition to phones and TV), don't send them an email with web links for support.  It does not make any sense at all, and in the end puts Verizon in a more challenging customer service situation then just dealing with unreliable service and overbooked repair techs.

Status: Acknowledged

Option for electronic billing

Status: Acknowledged
by Toninmd on ‎08-28-2012 07:25 AM

I have chosen to protect the environment so I get paperless billing. Whenever I call Verizon, they ask me to put in my Customer ID number which can be located on the top right of the bill. Well guess what? I don't have a paper form of the bill because I get an email about my upcoming payment. Perhaps there can be an option for people that get emails to select 5 or something like that. I always have to hang-up and then sign on to my account to see the ID number and then call back in. Just a thought.

Status: Acknowledged
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