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by 101010 on ‎07-30-2013 06:08 AM

I recently had my internet service go out.


I downloaded the Verizon app on my smart phone to try to see if this was a general outage or specific to me. When I concluded it was just me, I tried to use the app to find a solution. An improvement idea here would be for the app to save its state as you move in and out of it because each time I came to it I had to re-navigate to the section of interest.


When I decided I need to contact verizon, I wanted to submit a form describing the problem but I couldn't. That would have been an improvement in my estimation.


Alternately, I would have liked a live chat but that service was unavailable for some reason.


I use the app to make a phone call to Verizon. I got into the automated system's internet troubleshooting section and was asked, "Do you connect to the internet with a wireless device." Indeed I do so I said, yes. This then took me into a script helping connect a wireless device but that was not my problem. There didn't seem to be a way to back out of that script. That would be a good improvement.


I said "agent" a few times and was told my wait time would be greater than 10 minutes. In the end it was 30 minutes. An improvement would have been to have more updates about how long the wait would be or to call me back when I was at the head of the queue.


The Verizon agent I spoke with was kind and helpful. They did have to ask for my information again. It would be an improvement if the account information pulled up by the automated system could be reused by the agent.


We determined a service call was needed. I was told the soonest available time was 5 days later. As this same problem had occurred to me 2 months prior and because I had needed to wait 3 days then, it would be an improvement to expedite this seemingly related repair request.


The agent asked if there were anything else they could help with and I said yes. During the last repair visit I had had two problems fixed - replace a broken DVR and restore internet service. The repairman replaced my black DVR with an older silver DVR that he said worked the same but had less storage. In practice I found that the silver box was much slower and had significantly less storage. So I asked the agent to please send along the original black model I had. I was told that according to the system, the silver and black DVRs have the same storage; that the black DVR was no longer available; the only way to get an improved DVR was to pay a $40 upgrade fee; that while my situation seemed to warrant a credit they couldn't handle that and I'd have to call back to a different part of customer service. An improvement here would have been to confirm that I had been downgraded and to apologize that the former level of service I had been receiving was simply no longer available.


I was given an all day window from 8am to 8pm for the repair but was told I'd be notified before the repair person arrived. I think an improvement would be to move to smaller time windows.


I received a text at 8:28am saying the repairman had been dispatched. I also received two other texts at 8:35am and 8:48am telling me the work was scheduled with instructions for canceling or rescheduling. I wasn't sure what all this meant but waited till about 9:30 to see if anyone arrived but with no luck. Then I absolutely had to leave for work. It would have been an improvement to provide a way for me to communicate with the repair person to understand better when they were coming.


At 1:19pm I got the "A Verizon Tech has been dispatched..." message again but did not go home since they had not arrived earlier. Then at 2:24pm I got a text that the repair request was closed. It would have been an improvement to let me know more clearly that the repair person was on the way so that I could have met them and asked some questions about the problem. Namely I was curious about the nature of the problem and why it was recurring.


After work, I verified the problem was fixed and went to to get any details about the repair but was told there were no repair requests associated with my account. It would be an improvement to get some more insight into what had happened.


The next day, I got an automated call from Verizon telling me the repair was done and that if I had any questions I should press - but the message cut out just then. It then picked up again and said to hear the menu again please press 8. I did and the message cut out in the same place again. I did this three times with the same result so was unable to determine what to press to get more info. I think this is just a bug and the improvement would be to fix it.


Finally I pressed 0 hoping that would get me to someone who could answer my questions but that just disconnected the call. It would be an improvement not to do that.


The question I had but was unable to ask was, can I have my account credited for this and the previous outage which totaled 9 days? It would be an improvement to automatically do this and send an email verifying it.


My internet service is back and so that's good. It was an unsatisfactory chore to get it repaired though and so I hope my feedback helps Verizon improve so that I and others do not need to experience it again.

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I have a hundred hours of shows on my DVR, and vios has been out for the last 8 days. I had an appointment today between 8am and 9pm to restore my service but its 8:09 PM and Im not hopeful.    The box won't boot withuot a signal from verison, so even though there is a TON of stuff I could be watching, its not possible.  There should be a way to access stored information on the DVR durring service outtages. 

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More Helpful Customer Service

Status: Acknowledged
by TexasTom ‎01-23-2014 11:11 AM - edited ‎01-23-2014 11:35 AM

I live in La Marque, TX and my Fios Internet has been down over a week. When I call all I get is "They are working on it" or "The entire area is down". Oh yeah my favorite is "Good news, your Internet will be back on within the hour". Oh no it won’t, I been getting emails from Verizon for the past eight days on the hour every hour stating that it will be back on within an hour! The only thing at this point I can depend on is another email stating my service will be restored within the hour. OK yes I am a little frustrated and frankly annoyed with the way Verizon is treating the situation. How about giving the customer more information than just “they are working on it” and give a realistic service restore time instead of hour by hour extensions which is nothing more than an empty promise. My internet being down cost me money since I telecommute several days a week. When it is down I have to drive to my office in Houston which is 60 miles one way.  So my advice to Verizon is to treat people with respect and not just another number. Tell us exactly what is going on when we call and give a realistic restore time. Is that asking too much?

Last night at 12:15 right in the middle of a good program, my DVR reboots. OK I get to miss about 5-10 min of the program. I understand at times it is required to force a reboot, but why and when? How about a message that the STB needs rebooting, and let the customer do the reboot after the program?:smileymad:

Status: Under Review
not sure that was us; sometimes they do reboot on their own. If it was us please accept our apologies.

We recently switched to Fios from Xfinity and I have to say that I'm quite disappointed with the offerings for kids.  While you have the same offerings in terms of number channels available your "depth" of episodes that are offered in each channel is dismal in comparison to Xfinity. 


The biggest uproar in our household is that FIOS does NOT support the free Watch Disney app that allows you (with your own cable subscription credentials) to watch a variety of full episodes on Disney Junior, Disney XD and Disney Live shows.  There are 5 or 6 other cable providers that support this app- Xfinity included.  It seems like an easy way to suppliment what you lack in on demand offerings (in the Disney area anyway. 


PLEASE add this ASAP! 



Status: Acknowledged
Thanks so much for the input. This will be passed to the FiOS TV Programming group. Keep posting your ideas.

Put yourself in the shoes of any customers.  When your services are down and you're working and have responsibilities, would you appreciate being told that you have to wait and be around all day at home from 8AM-5PM for a tech to come to your house?  I don't personally know of anyone who honestly has the time or the patience for that and when that happens, I don't know which kind of inconvenience is worse: not having the services or having to sit home all day just for someone to come and repair the problem itself.  It's very inconsiderate and I'm not blaming these CSRs for only having access to all day appointments in their system.  It's poorly managed and I am sure that techs are on a schedule of locations.  There is no logical reason why we, customers, cannot be at least given a 4 hour time frame to work with.  Expecting customers to sit home and wait the whole day is unacceptable and unreasonable!   


And I find sometimes that when I request a time frame, the CSR will be put me on hold 3 times sometimes while instant messaging someone in the dispatch department only to find that I can't even get an answer to my question.  I don't know about you but my time is limited and valuable. 


Listen to your customers and please do something about this.  It's very unfair and just because we don't have the luxury of being able to quickly change providers doesn't give Verizon the right to take advantage like that.  Verizon is a good product and I don't dispute that in the least but from a customer service perspective, I feel like Verizon doesn't care by only giving customers all day appointment times. 

Status: Acknowledged

FiOS wireless settings shown with In Home Agent(Support) without parental controls pin.


Restrict access to this information at the TV STB/DVR. Make a PIN number entry required for this information.

Status: Acknowledged

For your poor customer service

Status: Acknowledged
by mac2012 on ‎09-09-2012 11:32 PM - last edited on ‎09-14-2012 02:44 PM by Moderator

*Keep your system up 24 hours a day so that those of us working days can actually get some help at night

*Use screen names and call back IDs so that we can talk to the same person when you inevitibly disconnect us

*Adjust your system so that your employees can actually read the notes left by others across the board

*When an employee says they will call someone back, hold them accountable when they do not

*Train your employees to follow through

Status: Acknowledged

Make core customers feel appreciated

Status: Acknowledged
by tjamestx on ‎01-26-2012 07:14 AM

I'm not sure this is where my idea and/or complaint should be placed but, I placed it here because Verizon dosen't make it clear where else this should be done.


I am a loyal Verizon customer. Every way I communicate whether it through the Internet, TV, Home phone, Cell phones, Business phones, it is through Verizon. I might add that I'm happy with the services.


What I'm not happy with is the customer service. For a month and a half now I've been trying to upgrade my home DVR to the new Motorola STB. I started by contacting Verizon Fios Customer Service. I was told I had to order it online and that I could do thatfrom the "My Verizon" page. I couldn't. I then re-contacted Verizon Fios Customer Service and asked what the website was. I was told I needed to order the STB from a Verizon Plus Store. I went to the Verizon Plus Store and was told I could only order it online. I asked for the website address in which I could make this order and was given the address. This address tells you it doesn't work anymore and options that take you to the new service ordering page at Verizon. I finally got fed up and called the Verizon new service phone number where, I finally got a hold of a Verizon employee that had great customer service sense. He told me I could order this box because they were out of stock from Motorola and wouldn't have any of the new STB's until March. He told me the website to order it didn't work because they were out of stock.


Here is my idea. Verizon tell you're employees to just be honest with your customer from the beginning! The last person I talked to realized I was a good customer, willing to PAY for what he gets and just needed to be told the truth.


Wake up Verizon, **bleep**-ing your customers especially, you're good customers is totally unnecessary. Think about your good customers (ones that exclusively use you and you only) and do your best to keep them, good customers.


I run a business myself and not only do my good customers get treated well they are given discounts for their loyal and exclusive business.


This experience has left me paying more attention to the competitors offers.


Just a thought from a good and loyal customer who would just a-soon stay one.

Status: Acknowledged

automated telephone service

Status: Acknowledged
by Marlayna on ‎06-12-2013 12:03 PM

how about a better organized single main menu that doesnt have so many indirect options. today i got re routed 4 times because i chose bill pay... and the question i had had nothing to do with my payment of my bill. how about a button for billing... then different options.. like make a payment, questions, and or general help.

Status: Acknowledged
I agree that sometimes phone trees can be confusing. I will push your request on to the customer experience team. Thanks for the post.

I need to change the name on my account to my married name.  It is understood that for my own security I need to provide proof of the name change.  I have done this many times already, and in almost all cases I am able to e-mail the required documentation, such as my marriage certificate.  For Verizon, I need to physically mail or fax the information.  In this day and age, this is an unnecessary inconvenience.  A piece of paper that I produce and send is not any more valid than an electronic document that I produce and send.  The other strange thing is that they said they needed to run a credit check, so my married name should be reported as part of the credit check.  Isn't that independent verification from a credit agency a sufficient indicator of the validity of the name change?  Please consider updating your process to offer more convenient options for your customers.

Status: Acknowledged

Fios Quantum

Status: Acknowledged
by Hush on ‎03-20-2013 11:41 AM

I was told that Fios would cost no more than my DSl (and phone), and there were no installation charges.

They then billed me 60$ for Activation - which is throwing a switch. 

I objected, they relented.

I upgraded to 50/25 Quantum, but never got that speed Sometime 9, sometimes 17. They tried and tried.  Hours of tech support. A technician visit. Three remote sesions. Finally we plugged the new laptop into the ethernet and got 50mbps.  "Oh we don't garuntee wireless speeds of 50". 

How come the desktop PC doesn't get 50? 

No telling.  must be slow hardware.

No, the NIC is optimized at 100.  It's plugged into the same router.


Here's the Idea.


Tell people that 50/25 requires a direct ethernet connection.

Tell people Activation and Installation are different things.

Don't have the customer spend hours on a problem.

Status: Acknowledged
Glad to hear that you reached the the 50mps! I completely understand the need for more detailed information. Your suggestions are warranted and will be passed on to the appropriate team. Thanks for posting.
Verizon makes locating any phone numbers on the web sites so impossible I think it borders on illegal practices. Every time I want to find a phone number I have to navigate through more and more and more options and screens. Not only is the Verizon main webpage the most ridiculously cluttered and convoluted pile of useless junk I've ever seen. Anything of actual value is made to be the most difficult option to locate and use.<br><br>Get someone with a brain and intuition in to redesign the web page, and make the first priority customer service instead of your profits. Though this idea would be considered ludicrous I'm sure.<br><br>Shame on you verizon....<br><br>
Status: Acknowledged
I understand how frustrating this can be. I will share your concern with the support team. The number is 800-VERIZON (1-800-837-4966).

Sound problems with Cisco DVRs/STBs

Status: Acknowledged
by ‎07-17-2012 05:50 PM - edited ‎07-17-2012 07:10 PM
Please address the audio issues with Cisco HDMI since there are no hidden user adjustable settings for that hardware.


Note here HDMI likes and uses LPCM. AC-3 is dolby digital. There needs te be a handshake and conversion, and their lies the problem.



I suggested, and it has been brought to Verizon's attention is regards to the PCM, LPCM, and AC-3. And the Cisco not having the user adjustable hidden settings. They should be adjustable in the Settings under Audio, Auto, AC3, LPCM. Since they are not adjustable in a hidden menu with Cisco. But I believe the issues in HDMI is based on LPCM. I am not sure if this was posted as an idea for the Cisco hardware. But it is known that there is a hidden diagnostic menu on the Cisco, but no hidden user settings, such as found with the Motorola.



Interesting info RE: HDMI LPCM​ulation


Interesting Info regarding AC3 and Dolby digital. Now it looks as if the conflict stands with the HDMI standard being LPCM, and some media standard being Dolby. How is the STB or TV supposed to handle that. I have heard some have used a fiber cable to resolve the issue.


Interesting info RE: Dolby AC3 and HDMI conflict. Handshake issues.


I will bring this up in the ideas section. It had been discussed previously, but now seems to have become a larger issue.


#1 Resolve sound issues with CIsco Hardware.


Just fix the img or HDMI firmware. If that can not solve the issue, than provide manual settings.

Status: Acknowledged

I had excellent service by a technician the other day (visited the house to upgrade service). I've been struggling with this website for a while and cannot find an email to use to send feedback, your chat service is unavailable today, and when I was given a phone number by a human to leave feedback, the voice inbox was full. It's not so typical to receive very good service, and frankly I'm very frustrated that there's no way for me to provide it.

Status: Acknowledged
Thank you so much for the positive feedback! So sorry you were able to share the good news in a timely fashion. I will make sure that your idea is passed on.
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