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Make it possible to email you or talk to a live person when there is a problem. I got hit with a $99 unreturned equipment charge. All I needed was a way to email you with the UPS tracking #. NO way to do it on your web site. Sat on hold went through the phone prompts and finally got a HUMAN. After we were done he had me write down the returned equip. # because he could not send it in an email. That is crazy! Why can't we talk via Email? You are a communications company, why in this day and age do I need to use paper and pencil to keep track of something like that? This is not the first time I have had this kind of problem.

Status: Acknowledged

My Verizon box started intermittent beeping.  It turns out that the battery that provides battery backup in case of power outage needs replacement.  I called the service number on the Verizon box.


The computer dialog explains that the intermittent beep is to alert to battery replacement, and then asks if I would like to order one, giving the price.


All fine until now.  It then asks that I enter my 10 digit customer ID (as opposed, I suppose, to the 18 digit account number).


I'm standing in the basement!!!!  Of course I will have committed the 10 digit number to memory! As an alternative, the computer asks for the amount of last month's bill, to the penny.  I don't remember exactly?  How can that be?


If you are going to require a 10 digit account number, tell me at the BEGINNING of the dialog, not at the end.


All you have accomplished is make me feel like whoever designed this dialog is an idiot.

Status: Acknowledged

Upgrade home routers with GigE ports

Status: In Progress
by dmking79 on ‎03-30-2011 08:05 AM

Since higher bandwidth/more throughput was announced this morning (3/30), it would be nice if our home routers were upgraded to include GigE (gigabit ethernet) ports so all that lovely bandwidth doesn't get bottlenecked at the router and we can actually enjoy and use what we pay for.  

Weird concept, I know



And don't make this something insanely easy for new customers to get and make it nearly impossible for current subscribers to obtain.  I know there's no incentive for you to care about people who are already signed up, but it'd be nice if you pretended to care once in a while

Status: In Progress

service and support

Status: Acknowledged
by hwoolf3 on ‎07-04-2014 03:49 AM

The tie down bracket on my home holding the cable from the pole was pulled off by a falling tree branch.

My service was not interuppted.


I tried to use the on line suppoert chat but never got connected.

I then called the repair line on the telephone and I have been on hold for over one hour to report the problem.


It would be helpful if I could e mail or text the problem and wait for a response instead of waiting on hold for this period of time.


In the meantime I tied the cable up high enough so it would not be danmaged bya passing vehicle




Status: Acknowledged

Connect VoiceMail to VZCloud

Status: Acknowledged
by dubraE on ‎05-21-2014 09:00 AM



I have been a customer with Verizon for over a decade and I've always felt that I've had good customer service which is a reason that I don't Verizon being a little more expensive than some other carriers.  Recently,  I got a letter in the mail about a mandatory cut over to a new VoiceMail system that will require me to take a few steps and my voice messages will be deleted in 30 days of completing the transition. I was told that I could call a company if I wanted to have my messages saved.


Upon calling this company, they explained that fees for just 11-21 messages saved on a CD would cost me around $60! This seems crazy when a CD costs less than a dollar and shipping is minimal as well ($5-6). I have voice messages that are valuable to me - happy birthday wishes from relatives who are no longer with us, congratulations messages from when my daughter was born, even my barking dogs saying "hello" when I was on a trip for work. Verizon should really have considered connecting voice messages to the VZ cloud to allow customers to download their own audio files free of charge, which would be a much better service to customers, especially given the fact that the switch over is mandatory and members are already being inconvenienced a bit in the process. The audio files would be small, so it seems unlikely that Verizon would have space constraints in doing this. Instead, the work was outsourced and customers are having to either pay sort of crazy fees to hold on to their messages, playback the audio in a  speaker to speaker faschion, which will result in poor quality, or just lose those memories forever when Verizon deletes them. Yikes!


I hope these messages are read. It would be a great add for Verizon if customers could listen to/download their favorite memories off the VZ Cloud.


Status: Acknowledged

Another level of Phone Support?

Status: Acknowledged
by BAnslow on ‎11-26-2013 07:59 AM

There should be another level of Phone Support that we can ask for if the original Tech person cannot deal with our Problems.


Yesterday I spent a while being taken through resetting my STB by the automated voice response system.


The actual problem I was reporting is in the new Firmware, nothing to do with the box itself, but it seems that I need to reset the box first to rule out it being a problem.


When I got through to a real person, the first thing he did, even though I told him it had just been done, was to Reset the STB again.


Then he told me it would be OK now, but if it was not then he would send me a replacement STB.

Well, it was not OK, but I knew that would be the case all along.


If there was a higher level of Support, then maybe I could explain what the problem with the firmware is, and they could add it to the next release.  Also, there would not be so many replacement STB's being shipped.


As it is, if I need to get this problem fixed, I need to go to back to the support board and hope I get someone who knows what I am talking about.


I should say at this point that I have been in the Electronics and Computer Software Design and implimentation for many years, and so I really do know what I am talking about.


Thanks for reading this,






Status: Acknowledged

Allow 75MB clients to get the new N routers without the upgrade fee.

Status: Acknowledged
by as2higpark ‎02-21-2013 11:22 AM - edited ‎02-21-2013 11:24 AM

I am a long standing FIOS customer and supporter, but I was disappointed to know that when I recently upgraded to the 75MB download speed, I was not able to get the new "N" router without a large upgrade fee.


The "G" router supports a Max of 54Mbps speed, so for wireless connections (for me 9 out of 10 possible devices), I am losing 30% of my speed right off the top.


When I asked a Fios sales person, they could not explain why customers who get the 150MB package get the "N" router free of charge, but the 75MB customers do not. We are both above the limit.


Please, someone from Verizon make this better and offer the new routers to customers who are losing speed without it.

Status: Acknowledged

Thanks, I understand your point. I will pass this on to the appropriate team. Keep posting.


Improve AMC HD Feed

Status: Acknowledged
by jd5000 on ‎07-28-2011 02:54 PM

AMC has some of the best new programming on television, but the Verizon FiOS feed is terrible.  The quality looks like YouTube, or worse.  A technician at my house confirmed today that the problem is with Verizon's satellite feed, not with anything in my home.  There are also numerous posts about this in the forums:


AMC is available in high quality on Comcast and from Apple.  Why not FiOS?

Status: Acknowledged
I've asked engineering to validate and then root cause these reports.

I think Verizon needs better record keeping on their part when it comes to what their customers actually have. I received a phone call from Verizon about a special offer to upgrade my internet to quantum. Sales person went into the whole sales pitch only to be told I already have it and actually have had it for awhile.

Not only was the call pointless, the saleman could have been calling someone else who actually didn't already have it.

Verizon shouldn't be calling people trying to sell things the customers already have.


Status: Acknowledged

Sounds simple, but apparently it's not. For example, in your instructions on setting up an email account with Outlook 2010, in Step 9 of 10, you state in the instructions to be sure that the SSL encryption box is checked for the pop3 server and for the outgoing server that the encryption type is specified as SSL. 


Unfortunately, your illustration does not have the box checked and encryption is specified as "none."


I lost a half an hour and my temper using the illustration to set up my account before I re-read everything and found the disconnect between the instructions and the illustration.


Why not hire an English major to read all of your instructions and and determine that the images actually match the instructions. Do not use an IT person for this.





Status: Acknowledged

I was searching for help when the site was having difficulties earlier. I tried the online support and I got someone who first blamed my browser (which turned out to be false because the site was actually undergoing maintenance), then that individual asked for my login information. Sorry, not giving that to anyone, especially a non-US citizen. I switched to the phone and called for support, and got a very helpful person (Jamar) who ordered my additional equipment and made the account changes I wanted. I asked to be transferred to leave positive feedback, since I believe good service should be reported, but when I was transferred, the mailbox was full and I was disconnected. It's dis-service to the employees if we can't leave positive feedback, and a dis-service to the customers if we get support that deserves negative feedback but we can't provide it. How about a link that for feedback that gets back the employee's supervisors? Heck it doesn't have to be complicated. Just stick a smiley face on there with an image of an envelope and the word "feedback" .

NOTE: This feedback is different from site feedback. There's already a site feedback link.

Status: Acknowledged

The Actiontec routers have a USB port on them but it can only be used to provide internet access via a PC/Laptops' USB port. Allowing the USB port to also work with printers would be a great enhancement to the functionality of the router. By only allowing the USB port to be used for internet access, you are limiting the great functionality of the router.

Status: Acknowledged
Thank you for your note, I am passing this on to my team! Stay posted! -Chris

I just received a replacement router from Verizon (after 4yrs, my original router started failing). The Actiontec MI424WR.  This router has 2 USB ports that are currently unsupported.


Here is a quote from the User Manual


"The USB LEDs illuminate when the FiOS Router is connected to a device via one

of its USB ports. These ports are currently inoperational; they will be activated in
a future firmware update."


When Verizon Support was contacted about the firmware update, all they said was that they didn't know when an update would be available to support the USB ports.


Nearly every descent router available today has at least 1x USB port that could be used for Network Storage (external harddrives), thumb drive etc..


With the money that us customers spend on the Verizon service and the inability to use anything but Verizon supported hardware, it is a real shame that Verizon can send out out-dated hardware and expect their customers to be satisfied with it.


Verizon, please provide a firmware update to the Actiontec MI424WR Router beyond 40.19.36 that supports the 2x USB Ports.



Status: Acknowledged
Thank you so much for this post. I don't have the answer to this one, but I can pass it on the HSI/DSL team.

I keep seeing great offers for new customers and while I expect slightly better deals for new customers it is still important to show current customers you value their business.  


I was recently informed by a Verizon chat Supervisor that only new customers can get the GigE router, even when problems arise due to the nearly decade old wireless support in the prior routers which is prone to interference.


Granted, I could purchase from here:


However, I would not need the GigE router if my current router supported the 5 GHz band and/or DECT.  When I presented my problem and solution to customer service I was informed that I could not swap my router out for the GigE router because only new customers are getting the GigE router.  It's not a matter of download/upload speed for the wired portion, it's a matter of the wireless connection of the prior versions sucks when there is any interference.


Additionally, customer service reps should be able to send out exact replacements for remotes, not just the 2 device remote.  Can you tell me why a supervisor needs to waste his/her time conversing with customers in order to inform them the 4 device remotes are no longer available as replacements and that I should contact customer service to get the correct replacement and/or possibly a credit for the purchase of a replacement.


Finally, why should I have to pay shipping for swapping out equipment because Verizon chooses not to allow one to swap equipment at a nearby Verizon B&M location.


So Verizon, you might want to slow your decent or completely reverse course otherwise you're verging on Comcast territory...but without the large customer base to remain afloat once that image problem takes hold.

Status: Acknowledged
I'm sorry for your recent frustrations in dealing with Verizon! We appreciate your feedback and I'll work to ensure it gets in front of the proper team within Verizon.

Name change to the account

Status: Accepted
by mariaelena on ‎07-02-2013 12:49 PM

We have had service with Verizon for years and the account has been in my husband's name.  Recently he passed away and I called to have a name change.  This change is treated as a termination of one account and start of a new service plan under the new name.  Even though I was told it would be seamless I lost Internet and Fios service for a few hours.  I even had a technician show up to install my "new Fios" when in fact I already had it.  Then I got a survey over the phone regarding the installation.  I believe there has to be a better way to just make a name change than to go through the process of a new account and a lot of unnecessary time and effort.

Status: Accepted
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