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I was searching for help when the site was having difficulties earlier. I tried the online support and I got someone who first blamed my browser (which turned out to be false because the site was actually undergoing maintenance), then that individual asked for my login information. Sorry, not giving that to anyone, especially a non-US citizen. I switched to the phone and called for support, and got a very helpful person (Jamar) who ordered my additional equipment and made the account changes I wanted. I asked to be transferred to leave positive feedback, since I believe good service should be reported, but when I was transferred, the mailbox was full and I was disconnected. It's dis-service to the employees if we can't leave positive feedback, and a dis-service to the customers if we get support that deserves negative feedback but we can't provide it. How about a link that for feedback that gets back the employee's supervisors? Heck it doesn't have to be complicated. Just stick a smiley face on there with an image of an envelope and the word "feedback" .

NOTE: This feedback is different from site feedback. There's already a site feedback link.

Status: Acknowledged

I keep seeing great offers for new customers and while I expect slightly better deals for new customers it is still important to show current customers you value their business.  


I was recently informed by a Verizon chat Supervisor that only new customers can get the GigE router, even when problems arise due to the nearly decade old wireless support in the prior routers which is prone to interference.


Granted, I could purchase from here:


However, I would not need the GigE router if my current router supported the 5 GHz band and/or DECT.  When I presented my problem and solution to customer service I was informed that I could not swap my router out for the GigE router because only new customers are getting the GigE router.  It's not a matter of download/upload speed for the wired portion, it's a matter of the wireless connection of the prior versions sucks when there is any interference.


Additionally, customer service reps should be able to send out exact replacements for remotes, not just the 2 device remote.  Can you tell me why a supervisor needs to waste his/her time conversing with customers in order to inform them the 4 device remotes are no longer available as replacements and that I should contact customer service to get the correct replacement and/or possibly a credit for the purchase of a replacement.


Finally, why should I have to pay shipping for swapping out equipment because Verizon chooses not to allow one to swap equipment at a nearby Verizon B&M location.


So Verizon, you might want to slow your decent or completely reverse course otherwise you're verging on Comcast territory...but without the large customer base to remain afloat once that image problem takes hold.

Status: Acknowledged
I'm sorry for your recent frustrations in dealing with Verizon! We appreciate your feedback and I'll work to ensure it gets in front of the proper team within Verizon.

Name change to the account

Status: Accepted
by mariaelena on ‎07-02-2013 12:49 PM

We have had service with Verizon for years and the account has been in my husband's name.  Recently he passed away and I called to have a name change.  This change is treated as a termination of one account and start of a new service plan under the new name.  Even though I was told it would be seamless I lost Internet and Fios service for a few hours.  I even had a technician show up to install my "new Fios" when in fact I already had it.  Then I got a survey over the phone regarding the installation.  I believe there has to be a better way to just make a name change than to go through the process of a new account and a lot of unnecessary time and effort.

Status: Accepted

Since you only cover the battery for one year of my two year crontract I have to disconnect it now that its beeping. I really don't think someone should have to pay for a battery under the contract.

Status: Acknowledged

Verizon Customer Serivce IS HORRIBLE!!!!

Status: Acknowledged
by andrea218 on ‎05-21-2012 08:45 AM

Verizon needs to be able to look up verizon truck license plate numbers to connect to their cell phone. I was on hold for with verizon for 45 minutes because they didn't know what to do! I WILL NEVER BE A CUSTOMER OF VERIZON AFTER THIS EXPERIENCE. I talked to them about 3 mintues from the 45 minutes I was on hold. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE

Status: Acknowledged
I am so sorry- what a frustrating experience for you! I'll work to get this in front of the proper team within Verizon- it's a great suggestion.

Simplify process of removing services

Status: Acknowledged
by Stauder on ‎01-15-2014 09:23 AM

Soon-to-be-former verizon triple play client. 


2 years, the family never answered the house phone and only sporadically watched TV (very infrequently).


We mostly stream content from web sources like Amazon, Netflix, and others. We use mobile phones. For the last 3 months, we haven't even had a functional home phone.


After 2 years, we decided to drop the home phone and fios tv service.


This can't be done through my account on I was told by the chat service that I had to call 1-800 VERIZON.


Day 1: I call, and wait, and finally speak to someone who repeatedly trys to upsell me services that I just won't use. Finally, I convince that I shouldn't pay for services I don't use. He transfers me to someone else. Several minutes go by. I hang up. I have to go to work. I've already missed a meeting.


Day 2: I call, and wait, and finally speak to someone who repeatedly tries to upsell me services that I just won't use. Finally, I convince that I shouldn't pay for services I don't use. He transfers me to someone else. This someone else, whose name I won't say here, also tries repeatedly to upsell me services I don't use. I start to get really frustrated. I yelll at him. He responds with "I have to try to get you to keep the services." Unreal. Finally, I get really frustrated and threaten that I'll drop verizon completely. He moves to silence, offering info only when I ask.


As I reflect on this, if verizon customer service had just done what I asked promptly, I would not be writing this.


I want to make verizon understand that dealing with their customer service is incredibly unpleasant. Verizon has a really good internet product but a really bad customer support experience. Why I cannot simply do these changes online is beyond me. I can do all sorts of online account changes for many other service providers. But for verizon, it's a two day ordeal. 


I really hope verizon understands that when someone matches their internet speed, they will be in trouble. Until then, I hope  I never have to speak to a verizon customer service representative again.

Status: Acknowledged

DLNA Not working on MI424WR (Rev. I)/IOS 4.19.36 Petition

Status: Acknowledged
by ‎12-07-2012 02:17 PM - edited ‎12-07-2012 02:39 PM
"Verizon Give us our router back. 

We have paid you up to $80 for the MI424WR Gen3I router. The latest software 4.19.36 router takes away our control and disables DLNA in our homes. "


Status: Acknowledged

Customer Service

Status: Acknowledged
by ANGELES on ‎06-08-2013 03:29 PM

Verizon should provide to every customer that call to VERIZON customer service telephone lines a tracking numbers or confirmation numbers as a proof that the inquire/complaint has being entry in the VERIZON system.  This will help the customer in case that he/she will not receive answer to their call.  It is very difficult to wait 15 minutes on line to speak with a customer service representative and at the end of the conversation receive no help at all. 

I am suggesting this because the Verizon representative that I spoke today told me that VERIZON do not have a confirmation or tracking number to give me.

Status: Acknowledged

I have a hundred hours of shows on my DVR, and vios has been out for the last 8 days. I had an appointment today between 8am and 9pm to restore my service but its 8:09 PM and Im not hopeful.    The box won't boot withuot a signal from verison, so even though there is a TON of stuff I could be watching, its not possible.  There should be a way to access stored information on the DVR durring service outtages. 

Status: Acknowledged

Credit Reporting

Status: Acknowledged
by PayingClient on ‎06-08-2014 11:00 AM

I have been a Verizon client that always pays bills on time.  I'm attempting to improve my personal credit history. 


My request to Verizon has been to report my positive payment history to credit bureaus.


Customer Service tells me to call Credit Reporting - who tell me that this has never been done therefore cannot be done.  They will only report deadbeats, not reliable clients.


I asked for the name of a manager or at least a department to whom I can write to make this request and was refused.  I was given a general address for In-House Recovery but was ignored.  Called back to Customer Service -  the rep doesn't know who their Verizon boss is nor has any directory to give me even the name of a position to which I could make my request.


As a reliably paying client I would appreciate the cooperation of Verizon to provide this service that could be implemented to serve and to protect positive relationships with existing clients.


Thank you

Status: Acknowledged

At 5:00 AM on a Saturday, we discovered we had neither telephone service or internet service when my husband got a call on his cell phone from work because he is on call during off-hours.  I called the 800-VERIZON number and WAITED ON HOLD FOR 1 HOUR AND 5 MINUTES before the Technical Support Agent took the call and proceeded to tell me that they were doing maintenance on those two services in my area and that it would be back up and available by 8:00 AM.


Why can't Verizon send out an email earlier in the week to the subscribers in the area that is getting the maintenance to let them know that which services will not be available and for approximately the length of time of the outage?  The banks and the credit cards we deal with always tell us ahead of time that their site is going to be down and then we obviously do not go into those sites during that time.


Or why can't Verizon have a recording that says "maintenance is being done in your area and service is expected to be back at approximately [give a time]".  In that way, callers would hear the message and then hang up without waiting endless minutes to have a Technical Support Agent say this.  Our electricity provider has a recording that states areas that they know there is an outage and this is helpful because customers know that they are aware of the situation and when they expect to have the service back. 


I think it is absurd that you would let a valued customer hold on the phone for 1 HOUR AND 5 MINUTES only to be told information that could have been told previously (in an email) or when they call (with a recorded statement) so that they do not wait on the phone.  Verizon could eliminate some of their calls by providing this kind of information in advance and therefore it would cut down on the calls coming in or the callers staying on the phone to talk to someone.


 I expect to receive an email or a phone call from Verizon to discuss the experience I had as it would totally unnecessary for me to spend 1 HOUR AND 5 MINUTES on hold at 5:00 in the morning.  I could have spent that time sleeping for the upcoming busy day I had.

Status: Acknowledged
Your frustration is completely understood. I will share your experience with the Support and Service team.

Last night at 12:15 right in the middle of a good program, my DVR reboots. OK I get to miss about 5-10 min of the program. I understand at times it is required to force a reboot, but why and when? How about a message that the STB needs rebooting, and let the customer do the reboot after the program?:smileymad:

Status: Under Review
not sure that was us; sometimes they do reboot on their own. If it was us please accept our apologies.

Put yourself in the shoes of any customers.  When your services are down and you're working and have responsibilities, would you appreciate being told that you have to wait and be around all day at home from 8AM-5PM for a tech to come to your house?  I don't personally know of anyone who honestly has the time or the patience for that and when that happens, I don't know which kind of inconvenience is worse: not having the services or having to sit home all day just for someone to come and repair the problem itself.  It's very inconsiderate and I'm not blaming these CSRs for only having access to all day appointments in their system.  It's poorly managed and I am sure that techs are on a schedule of locations.  There is no logical reason why we, customers, cannot be at least given a 4 hour time frame to work with.  Expecting customers to sit home and wait the whole day is unacceptable and unreasonable!   


And I find sometimes that when I request a time frame, the CSR will be put me on hold 3 times sometimes while instant messaging someone in the dispatch department only to find that I can't even get an answer to my question.  I don't know about you but my time is limited and valuable. 


Listen to your customers and please do something about this.  It's very unfair and just because we don't have the luxury of being able to quickly change providers doesn't give Verizon the right to take advantage like that.  Verizon is a good product and I don't dispute that in the least but from a customer service perspective, I feel like Verizon doesn't care by only giving customers all day appointment times. 

Status: Acknowledged

Fix hardware and service cost when you renew

Status: Acknowledged
by melissa01 on ‎12-19-2013 07:33 PM - last edited on ‎12-20-2013 04:54 PM by Moderator

When a customer agrees to renew, they are doing that are a fixed service rate. Verizon should also fix the hardware rate for the term period, and only raise it on renewal.


Since you are locked into the service with penalties for cancelling, you need to know what your cost will be for the enture firm in advance. Either set top rates need to be fixed forf the term, or if Verizon raises hardware rates during your term, you should then have the option of ending your contract with no penalties.

Status: Acknowledged

Make core customers feel appreciated

Status: Acknowledged
by tjamestx on ‎01-26-2012 07:14 AM

I'm not sure this is where my idea and/or complaint should be placed but, I placed it here because Verizon dosen't make it clear where else this should be done.


I am a loyal Verizon customer. Every way I communicate whether it through the Internet, TV, Home phone, Cell phones, Business phones, it is through Verizon. I might add that I'm happy with the services.


What I'm not happy with is the customer service. For a month and a half now I've been trying to upgrade my home DVR to the new Motorola STB. I started by contacting Verizon Fios Customer Service. I was told I had to order it online and that I could do thatfrom the "My Verizon" page. I couldn't. I then re-contacted Verizon Fios Customer Service and asked what the website was. I was told I needed to order the STB from a Verizon Plus Store. I went to the Verizon Plus Store and was told I could only order it online. I asked for the website address in which I could make this order and was given the address. This address tells you it doesn't work anymore and options that take you to the new service ordering page at Verizon. I finally got fed up and called the Verizon new service phone number where, I finally got a hold of a Verizon employee that had great customer service sense. He told me I could order this box because they were out of stock from Motorola and wouldn't have any of the new STB's until March. He told me the website to order it didn't work because they were out of stock.


Here is my idea. Verizon tell you're employees to just be honest with your customer from the beginning! The last person I talked to realized I was a good customer, willing to PAY for what he gets and just needed to be told the truth.


Wake up Verizon, **bleep**-ing your customers especially, you're good customers is totally unnecessary. Think about your good customers (ones that exclusively use you and you only) and do your best to keep them, good customers.


I run a business myself and not only do my good customers get treated well they are given discounts for their loyal and exclusive business.


This experience has left me paying more attention to the competitors offers.


Just a thought from a good and loyal customer who would just a-soon stay one.

Status: Acknowledged
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