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Here's and idea, stop overcharging your long time, loyal customers. This way you won't be forcing them to drop your services to get a better price. In almost every other business model long time and loyal customers get better pricing than new customers. Instaed you bend over your long term customers and rip them off.

The absorbitant fees you charge for your cable boxes, which you require to make your services work, are criminal. $40/month, forever, for equipment that cost Verizom less than a couple of hundred dollars is one of your biggest problems. And then, to top it off, you have to jump through hoops when you are made to return the equipment. Figuring that I have paid off the equipment 10 times over I should own it by now! Verizon was bainging us $240/month for what Cablevision is now cahrging $120/month. My advice to everyone, be cuthroat and dump your provider as soon as your initial term is up, it's the only way to keep from being robbed.


Notification of new service/addon

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by rrusin on ‎04-08-2014 02:34 PM

The notification section should include an automatic notice when any new service, feature, or add-on (i.e., sports station, pay for movie channel) is assigned to one's account.  Without this notice, you could be assigned an additional feature that you do not want and not know until your next bill. 

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Sounds simple, but apparently it's not. For example, in your instructions on setting up an email account with Outlook 2010, in Step 9 of 10, you state in the instructions to be sure that the SSL encryption box is checked for the pop3 server and for the outgoing server that the encryption type is specified as SSL. 


Unfortunately, your illustration does not have the box checked and encryption is specified as "none."


I lost a half an hour and my temper using the illustration to set up my account before I re-read everything and found the disconnect between the instructions and the illustration.


Why not hire an English major to read all of your instructions and and determine that the images actually match the instructions. Do not use an IT person for this.





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Auto Pay Section of the website

Status: Acknowledged
by SimmonsFam on ‎02-19-2014 12:06 PM



I had a frustrating experience over the past couple of months trying to enroll in Autopay.  The bulk of my frustration came ultimately from not being able to see that my enrollment had been completed and at what date the AutoPay would start kicking in.  After chatting with a rep this morning, it appears that all of this information is on file so it would be really great if the website could reflect these pieces of information once a person has gone through the sign up process.


That's all,





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Please consider adding additional response options to your trouble ticket messages. Right now, if a test shows service is working, but it is either partially working or only temporarily connected after a storm, computers generate a message, and I'm left with the option of dismissing a ticket or keeping it entirely open. Since there are businesses and residences on the same broken cables, time of technicians is always wasted when a temporary repair is made. If temporary repairs are made, and a bucket is required to string new permanent service, but there seems to be no way to address such a need, someone may have to wait for any restoration of their service while I'm running on a temporary cable.


I suggest adding one or more of these options:

Service is temporarily restored and permanent repair is still required

Service is partially restored and full repair is still required

Temporary service has failed and full repairs are now required


I would also appreciate such updates taking place on the online ticket reviews, particularly for buildings with multiple units where the first person responding may make repairs for others. Ultimately, I hope this can make your storm response far more efficient.

Status: Acknowledged

I got an email today notifying me that Verizon had received my monthly payment.  For me this email is a burden, not a service.  99% of the time my checks are received fine.  If I suspect a problem, I can look at my bank account. If Verizon realizes there is a problem, they call me.  So this is an email I don't need.  I cannot avoid reading it however, in case it contains some inportant information.  The person I talked to at Verizon suggested I put the email in my junk mail folder!!  That's nuts!!  I talked to three people on the phone to try to fix this and I was told (a) I can't opt out of this email or (b) I was already opted out of unnecessary emails.  I think this notification of payment receipt should be either (a) something I can opt out of or (b) classified as an unnecessary email.  Meanwhile I'm going to forward them all back to Verizon, and let someone there waste their time reading unnecessary emails.  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

Status: Acknowledged

Make it possible to email you or talk to a live person when there is a problem. I got hit with a $99 unreturned equipment charge. All I needed was a way to email you with the UPS tracking #. NO way to do it on your web site. Sat on hold went through the phone prompts and finally got a HUMAN. After we were done he had me write down the returned equip. # because he could not send it in an email. That is crazy! Why can't we talk via Email? You are a communications company, why in this day and age do I need to use paper and pencil to keep track of something like that? This is not the first time I have had this kind of problem.

Status: Acknowledged

More Helpful Customer Service

Status: Acknowledged
by TexasTom ‎01-23-2014 11:11 AM - edited ‎01-23-2014 11:35 AM

I live in La Marque, TX and my Fios Internet has been down over a week. When I call all I get is "They are working on it" or "The entire area is down". Oh yeah my favorite is "Good news, your Internet will be back on within the hour". Oh no it won’t, I been getting emails from Verizon for the past eight days on the hour every hour stating that it will be back on within an hour! The only thing at this point I can depend on is another email stating my service will be restored within the hour. OK yes I am a little frustrated and frankly annoyed with the way Verizon is treating the situation. How about giving the customer more information than just “they are working on it” and give a realistic service restore time instead of hour by hour extensions which is nothing more than an empty promise. My internet being down cost me money since I telecommute several days a week. When it is down I have to drive to my office in Houston which is 60 miles one way.  So my advice to Verizon is to treat people with respect and not just another number. Tell us exactly what is going on when we call and give a realistic restore time. Is that asking too much?

I was searching for help when the site was having difficulties earlier. I tried the online support and I got someone who first blamed my browser (which turned out to be false because the site was actually undergoing maintenance), then that individual asked for my login information. Sorry, not giving that to anyone, especially a non-US citizen. I switched to the phone and called for support, and got a very helpful person (Jamar) who ordered my additional equipment and made the account changes I wanted. I asked to be transferred to leave positive feedback, since I believe good service should be reported, but when I was transferred, the mailbox was full and I was disconnected. It's dis-service to the employees if we can't leave positive feedback, and a dis-service to the customers if we get support that deserves negative feedback but we can't provide it. How about a link that for feedback that gets back the employee's supervisors? Heck it doesn't have to be complicated. Just stick a smiley face on there with an image of an envelope and the word "feedback" .

NOTE: This feedback is different from site feedback. There's already a site feedback link.

Status: Acknowledged

Simplify process of removing services

Status: Acknowledged
by Stauder on ‎01-15-2014 09:23 AM

Soon-to-be-former verizon triple play client. 


2 years, the family never answered the house phone and only sporadically watched TV (very infrequently).


We mostly stream content from web sources like Amazon, Netflix, and others. We use mobile phones. For the last 3 months, we haven't even had a functional home phone.


After 2 years, we decided to drop the home phone and fios tv service.


This can't be done through my account on I was told by the chat service that I had to call 1-800 VERIZON.


Day 1: I call, and wait, and finally speak to someone who repeatedly trys to upsell me services that I just won't use. Finally, I convince that I shouldn't pay for services I don't use. He transfers me to someone else. Several minutes go by. I hang up. I have to go to work. I've already missed a meeting.


Day 2: I call, and wait, and finally speak to someone who repeatedly tries to upsell me services that I just won't use. Finally, I convince that I shouldn't pay for services I don't use. He transfers me to someone else. This someone else, whose name I won't say here, also tries repeatedly to upsell me services I don't use. I start to get really frustrated. I yelll at him. He responds with "I have to try to get you to keep the services." Unreal. Finally, I get really frustrated and threaten that I'll drop verizon completely. He moves to silence, offering info only when I ask.


As I reflect on this, if verizon customer service had just done what I asked promptly, I would not be writing this.


I want to make verizon understand that dealing with their customer service is incredibly unpleasant. Verizon has a really good internet product but a really bad customer support experience. Why I cannot simply do these changes online is beyond me. I can do all sorts of online account changes for many other service providers. But for verizon, it's a two day ordeal. 


I really hope verizon understands that when someone matches their internet speed, they will be in trouble. Until then, I hope  I never have to speak to a verizon customer service representative again.

Status: Acknowledged

I need to change the name on my account to my married name.  It is understood that for my own security I need to provide proof of the name change.  I have done this many times already, and in almost all cases I am able to e-mail the required documentation, such as my marriage certificate.  For Verizon, I need to physically mail or fax the information.  In this day and age, this is an unnecessary inconvenience.  A piece of paper that I produce and send is not any more valid than an electronic document that I produce and send.  The other strange thing is that they said they needed to run a credit check, so my married name should be reported as part of the credit check.  Isn't that independent verification from a credit agency a sufficient indicator of the validity of the name change?  Please consider updating your process to offer more convenient options for your customers.

Status: Acknowledged

Why charge customers to replace worn equipment when we rent it from Verizon?

Status: Acknowledged
by strom1605 on ‎01-08-2014 07:59 AM - last edited on ‎01-10-2014 06:52 PM by Moderator

I recently noticed the change to Verizon policy requiring customers to pay for a replacement remote control ($14.95).  Why is there a charge to replace rented equipment?  The whole idea of renting is so the vendor remains the owner and responsible party to ensure equipment replacement.  Is the remote no longer a part of the charge paid monthly for each converter box?  Will Verizon be lowering the monthly box rental to recognize that remotes are now being sold separately?  You are charging bundle customers on average about $200 monthly or $2,400 per year.  Does it seem appropriate to charge $15 to replace worn out remotes?  If some customers were abusing the replacement policy, then address that issue directly by simply limiting the replacement cycle or requiring the return of the old remote.  Please explain the thinking on this matter.

Status: Acknowledged

My Verizon box started intermittent beeping.  It turns out that the battery that provides battery backup in case of power outage needs replacement.  I called the service number on the Verizon box.


The computer dialog explains that the intermittent beep is to alert to battery replacement, and then asks if I would like to order one, giving the price.


All fine until now.  It then asks that I enter my 10 digit customer ID (as opposed, I suppose, to the 18 digit account number).


I'm standing in the basement!!!!  Of course I will have committed the 10 digit number to memory! As an alternative, the computer asks for the amount of last month's bill, to the penny.  I don't remember exactly?  How can that be?


If you are going to require a 10 digit account number, tell me at the BEGINNING of the dialog, not at the end.


All you have accomplished is make me feel like whoever designed this dialog is an idiot.

Status: Acknowledged

Fix hardware and service cost when you renew

Status: Acknowledged
by melissa01 on ‎12-19-2013 07:33 PM - last edited on ‎12-20-2013 04:54 PM by Moderator

When a customer agrees to renew, they are doing that are a fixed service rate. Verizon should also fix the hardware rate for the term period, and only raise it on renewal.


Since you are locked into the service with penalties for cancelling, you need to know what your cost will be for the enture firm in advance. Either set top rates need to be fixed forf the term, or if Verizon raises hardware rates during your term, you should then have the option of ending your contract with no penalties.

Status: Acknowledged

Let's go Verizon--get a move on.


GPON out Apple Pie Ridge Road, Winchester, VA.  Easy, and you'll gain the whole ridge.  I know, not the most lucrative market, small, but don't forget us "little people."



Status: Acknowledged
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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