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Much too hard to get a PDF of a bill.

Status: Acknowledged
by a-ron on ‎09-05-2014 01:03 PM

First off, when a user signs up for paperless billing and creates a Verizon profile for the sake of dealing with said bill, they should have full access to all aspects of that bill.  If my bill is online, I should be able to see any and all information regarding that bills, including PDFs, printing, etc after the initial profile setup.  It should be an electronic version of my paper bill.  Nothing missing, no fewer options.  I didn't do anything "extra" after creating my profile because at the time, I didn't know I was missing out on any features and I was able to login, pay my bill, see how much I owed, etc.


HOWEVER, after I cancelled service (you will NOT take my net neutrality without a fight, sir), I needed a PDF of my final bill.  Couldn't get it.  Couldn't get a temporary pin emailed because, even though I had been emailed my bill for YEARS, the fact that it hadn't been verified, and remained verified for 30 days, meant I couldn't have a temporary pin emailed to me.  Getting a temporary pin sent to my mobile phone was not an option.  The only options were to have an automated service CALL my associated Verizon service number.  Only was a DSL number for which I did not have a phone.  OR we could trust in the good ole USPS to send me a temporary pin in a week or so.


Why is this process so RIDICULOUSLY archaic????  If I'm on the phone will Billing, they've asked me all the security questions, why can they not just TELL ME a temporary pin to get the silly "Full Access"?  Or... strike that.  Why do I not have full access when i first create my online profile?


#so #mad

Status: Acknowledged

Fix the extreme liberal biased Verizon Home Page

Status: New Idea
by foremanml on ‎09-03-2014 04:03 PM - last edited on ‎09-03-2014 07:04 PM by Moderator

The verizon home page wreaks of liberal biased media garbage. The news that is posted is appears to come straight from the pages of the National Enquire and Celebrity Magazines. Ther is no real world news or Happenings here. It appears that your company is afraid to post the reality of what is going on in the world. You will never learn anything useful from the celebrity gossip and glamor garbage posted on you home page. Why do you not look into some conservative real news and post that, so that people get a clue as to what is really happening in the world. Fox news would be a welcome source. The world is allready staurated with celebrity and sports garbage and oponions. It does nothing to motivate people to become well informed productive individules. Save the glam and freakshow happening for the tabloids. Your news {please keep it relevant}.

Verizon has had some of the absolute best coverage and service I've ever had regarding internet, tv, and wireless. I have noticed, however, that the FIOS footprint is not currently expanded into the Peach State, Georgia. It is my understanding that the most widely used service, though not by choice, is windstream. This company from all accounts I've heard is the epitome of a failure in service and quality. I know that although many things go into expansion decisions, a large customer base must be one of them. I am most undoubtedly sure that should Verizon's residential capacity, in all it's forms, expand into the Peach State, then the customer base therin would expand and multiply exponentially. I currently live where the service is offered and am at loss knowing that when I return to Georgia in the coming months, I will have to give up such a fantastic and excellent -well worth every penny- service of both quality and professionalism. I will certainly miss the option of true 75/35 FIOS Quantum Internet and FIOS TV Prime HD.

Status: Acknowledged

The whole purpose of feedback is to learn from your mistakes as well as acknowledge when you're on the right track. When you post on your site that you've received accolades for being the best in customer service that should mean something. It should also be an honest tally of EVERYONE you contacted for feedback.


However today I received an automated request for feedback regarding a 3 hour service call from yesterday. The system said they would be asking me three questions. I didn't record the call, so I'm paraphrasing here...


The first question is did our service rep solve the issue to your satisfaction. dial "1 for yes" and "2 for no" I dialed "2 for no".  I dialed "2 for no".


The second question asked me to rank my service on a scale from 1 to 10 with 10 being the highest and 1 being the lowest and to be sure to hit the # symbol afterword (once again paraphrasing...I forget how they actually put it). I dialed 1 for the lowest and typed # and the call hung up on me so I never got a 3rd question.


If you don't allow negative feedback, then your system of determining customer satisfaction is invalid and any mention of positive survey results should be taken off your site.


P.S. I'll qualify my answers in the comments since I don't want to waste people's time with the point I'm trying to make. You can call the hang up a glitch, but then I should have recieved a call back which I have not.

Status: Acknowledged

#1. You should list your job openings by state not city. It takes forever to find cities close to me. For instance i'm from New York. If i'm looking for a job in New York I have to scroll through a hundred cities just to see opening instead of just clicking on a New York button and leading me to all the jobs listed in New York.


Example: New York  "click on it"



                  white plains


Maybe even list the counties instead of this :



                   athens, georgia

                   a          , texas

                   a, california

                   albany, new york






Status: Acknowledged

Fix the refer a friend page offer

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎07-12-2014 12:26 PM

On the fios refer a friend page

it has an offer for a 50/25 internet upgrade however when you click on pricing offer and details it says 15/5.

When you have a friend of family member try to use this offer there is no way to accept the 50/25 upgrade without having to be charged for it.

All that is included is the 15/5. This is an error or typo that needs to be fixed.

Status: Acknowledged

fix your rewards program

Status: Acknowledged
by gippy on ‎05-01-2014 04:44 AM

Verizon has offered a prepaid credit card to many new members upon signing a 2 year agreement. Which is great and for that I say thanks. Generally the way this process works is you sign up and within 61 days of service your prepaid card will begin being processed. At some point during this 60 days you will receive a letter informing you of this including a link to along with a username and password you can enter to "Simply" check the status of your reward. However Verizon recently started a new rewards program and it seems somewhere along the line someone decided that should be for the new member rewards program and no longer the link for checking your status of your prepaid card. The page that use to be located at this link Was a simple username and password field for entering the supplied username and password to check your status. The new page located at this link details the new members rewards program along with a member sign in using your account username and password not the supplied password you receive in the email or letter for checking card status. Additionally when I tried to call the number for rewards support located on the rewards page it said the lines are currently closed even though according to the business hours next to the number it says they should have been open another 4 hours. My idea is to fix the rewards link or make another link perhaps and if you do already have a place that you can check the status then the letters and emails being sent out with instructions to simply go to and enter supplied username and password needs to be updated with the new password. Thanks for reading! 

Status: Acknowledged

Commercials in English

Status: Acknowledged
by saitlykitiz on ‎12-09-2013 08:33 PM

Contrary to popular belief amongst advertising agencies and the businesses that hire them, not everyone in California speaks Spanish. I suggest Verizon  put their Spanish commercials on Spanish networks, not on major and local tv stations.

Status: Acknowledged

I'd like to listen to my voicemails on the My Verizon web page but it requires you to have Java installed on your computer.  But Java is so vulnerable to attacks and exploits that I won't install it on any of our computers.  Recent security reports show that during the first six months of 2013, Java accounted for 4 out of the top 5 targeted vulnerabilities - and in aggregate the top five exploited vulnerabilities accounted for 95% of all attacks.  Attacks on zero-day vulnerabilities have increased a lot which is especially problematic because Oracle tends to be slow in pushing out security alerts and patches. 


Has Verizon considered changing to a non-Java based alternative?

Status: Acknowledged

Verizon sells their customer list to spammers....

Status: Acknowledged
by J_Thomas on ‎09-18-2013 09:59 AM - last edited on ‎09-20-2013 05:33 PM by Moderator

Verizon sells our contact information to people who want to send us ads. They send further information so that the advertisers can narrow their search to those who are most likely to buy, unless you opt out of that. In that case you get random ads.


There should be a substantial discount for customers who accept having their contact info given to spammers, and people who pay the regular price should not be subject to that.


Or, since Verizon management clearly feels you have the right to sell your customers to spammers, you could announce an auction. Let each customer make a bid to say how much he would pay to avoid Verizon spam, and the 50% who are willing to pay the most get to be spam-free for whatever they promised to pay, and the other 50% get spammed instead.


That way Verizon gets a sense of the market, while customers get what they are willing to pay for.



Status: Acknowledged

First, kudos for enabling the TLS 1.2 protoco! We should all set our browsers enabling this security protocol, which eliminates the BEAST vulnerability, et al.


However, the Verizon web site still has severe vulnerabilities that are easy to fix in server configuration.

See the following report for


The Verizon site uses the obsolete and proven-to-be insecure SSL 2.0 protocol. Simply remove that protocol from those accepted by each server.


The Verizon site is vulnerable to the BEAST attack. Either accept only the TLS 1.2 security protocol, or set the RC4 with SHA-128 (or greater) cipher as preferred by each server.


Enable and prefer Forward Secrecy.


Feedback would be appreciated by the suggestor.



Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by Obamacares on ‎07-31-2013 07:56 AM

Your home page used to have the dow jones index listed but now you just show thw nasdaq and the s&p 500? Please show the Dow Jones Index again!!

Status: Acknowledged
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Verizon Advertising

Status: Acknowledged
by Wes on ‎07-07-2013 08:18 AM - last edited on ‎07-12-2013 06:32 PM by Moderator

Verizon  - Can you stop advertising on sites including that are known to be offensive, indecent or objectionable even in their own terms of use statements?  By advertising on these sites you are funding obsensive, indecent and objectionable posts and/or comments; though your own terms of service doesn't condone this activity, but you are indirectly contributing to the problem. 


You agree that we are not liable for any content that is provided or posted by you or others. We have no duty to pre-screen your content or the content of others, but we have the right to refuse to post or to edit submitted content. You understand and acknowledge that by using Topix, you may be exposed to content that may be offensive, indecent or objectionable.




Status: Acknowledged

Fingerprint scanner

Status: Acknowledged
by Silver Contributor III on ‎06-14-2013 07:41 AM

I have a laptop with the fingerprint scanning feature for storing passwords and logging into websites.  This feature makes it easy to use complex passwords without having to write them down.  And there is no need to worry about who is looking over your shoulder when you log in. 


But... It doesn't work on  Verizon.  Since I believe this technology will become more prevalent, I would like to see Verizon modify their login process to accomodate this feature.  Hopefully, your technical department understands how it works and can figure out why it doesn't work with your site.

Status: Acknowledged
Your request is interesting. Not sure how this works, but I will mention this to the proper team.

Grammatical Error on your website

Status: Acknowledged
by KerryK on ‎05-09-2013 09:01 AM - last edited on ‎05-10-2013 05:24 PM by Moderator

There is a grammatical error on your website on the opening page. How about you proof your website by using people who actually know the difference between you're and your....And while we are at it, when someone has a suggestion like this, how about having an option for contacting us that isn't a bear to get through?

Status: Acknowledged
Thanks so much for the catch.
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