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Status: Acknowledged
by yambag on ‎08-23-2010 06:17 AM

Please give us the ability to turn off the Message View pane, it is very annoying.

Status: Acknowledged

Change the Live Chat to say Wireless Live Chat more clearly perhaps in the heading. Also Provide a Residential upport Live Chat link on the Contact Us page. Users may not be aware that they must select Call Us to get a Live Support Chat.

Status: Already Exists

Add duration of the call in online calls log

Status: Already Exists
by Mugen on ‎07-31-2010 09:34 AM - last edited on ‎08-11-2010 06:20 PM by Admin Emeritus

I found the time duration helpful at times(from recalling conversations to simple accounting) in the past and am surprised it is not shown in the current calls log.



Status: Already Exists

Your marketroids should love it. You can collect marketing info on which offers fail to get an interest. Log the selections per user, and offer something else, that the user has not seen, and has not dismissed. Your customers will be happier, not seeing stuff they've already seen and don't want. Your marketroids gain valuable feedback on which offers flat out lose interest.

Status: Acknowledged

Happy Headlines

Status: Acknowledged
by katsalamon on ‎02-17-2011 10:10 AM

I hate going on to the internet everyday and the first thing I see is a father/mother who killed their kids or a someone who raped and killed and dismembered 3 people that were on a nice walk.  It depresses me first thing in the morning.

Why can't we have an option to have happy headlines when we sign on? Highlight good and positive things people did and do a story about that.

Thank you

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Under Review
by SJG on ‎12-30-2010 09:47 AM - last edited on ‎01-03-2011 11:34 AM by Admin Emeritus

This isn't exactly a new idea, but I guess by a stretch you could think of it as one.


I was browsing on the Online Backup & Sharing Plans page that you can access using the See All Plans link. The word "occasional" is misspelled. It's spelled "occational" twice on the page. As a tech writer, I'm particularly aware of the impact things like that have on the impression people have of your company.


Here's a link to a screenshot I took of the page.


Hope this helps.

Status: Under Review

Difficulty communicating with Verizon and Verizon Wireless

Status: Acknowledged
by BoardSailor on ‎12-26-2010 07:45 AM - last edited on ‎12-29-2010 07:25 PM by Admin Emeritus

I subscribe to Verizon DSL, Verizon  Wireless service as well as two telephone hard lines. Recently, I needed to contact repair service because both of my hardwire telephone lines had gone dead as had the telephones for other subscribers in my area. Fortunately, after a short outage, my Internet access via DSL again started working, but the various MyVerizon sites provided no easy and unambiguous way to report problems with my hard line telephone.  After much exploring, I did get to page for reporting problems, but it really did not provide appropriate alternatives; it provide instructions for testing my line. No way would it allow me to indicate that I knew the problem was not in my house other than to request a service call.  My problem was obviously a Verizon problem; no way four telephone lines go out at three residences simultaneously without it being a Verizon problem.


When phone service was restored 48 hours later, I went to cancel the repair requests that I had submitted.  That was easy enough for the telephone line associated with my DSL service, but I've yet to figure out how to do it for my second hardwired line. MyVerizon at seems to be locked onto my DSL line and will not let me even send an e-mail message to Verizon about my second line.  If Verizon wants me to save their technician a useless trip to my house, they need to provide a simple and logical way to communicate the status of my telephone status to their repair personnel even when repair personnel are swamped with service calls due to the rain.


Furthermore, I'd like a method to initiate call forward on my hardline telephone that does not require I make the request from my hardline telephone.  My cell telephone could of been a back up for those non-operational line, but I could not activate call forwarding because the line was non-operational. When the telephone lines went out the day before Christmas, I expected them to be out for some time, and sought (without success) a way to get them re-routed.


Finally, I've found dealing with Verizon very frustrating and time consuming in part because I subscribe to multiple Verizon services all of which seem to require different user names.   Although I now know that I've got to go to for wireless and for hardline (or is it, there is still the Internet versus dialing password problem. I need a and all-numeric PIN to change my voice mail on my hard-line.  The PIN to access MyVerizon on-line must be a combination of number and letters.  So I've got one password for Voice Mail and another for MyVerizon access.


Bottom line .. I understand why Verizon was not able to provide personalize support during the heavy rains, but it would be to Verizon's advantage to facilitate subscriber's ability to communicate status in the field to repair people.   It would have also been appropriate to have a web site / or bulletin board that clarified for subscribers the status of repairs to the equipment responsible for the neighborhood telephone outage.

Status: Acknowledged
I added the "website" category so this suggestion will be funnelled to the appropriate business group. Thank you for your suggestion and feedback!

I prefer contact via chat, specially when there is a billing question.

Why don't implement (like most of the sites) a CONTACT US with a direct link to the chat and not 7 additional clicks and data entry.

I have already signed in... why do you need me to re enter my contact information. Why so many clicks?

If FIOS is all about speed... should too.

Status: Already Exists
Here are links with all means to contact Verizon: The Chat link will load after the page is fully loaded.

This is so annoying it makes me sick.




Make it a link some where stop pushing it on evey page that comes up. You must say no how many times?


I'll answer that, EVERY TIME A NEW PAGE COMES UP! Sorry for yelling.

Status: Under Review
Ok we are checking into this

service and support

Status: Under Review
by billstanley on ‎08-24-2010 07:32 AM - last edited on ‎08-24-2010 02:47 PM by Employee Emeritus

Verizon Webmail's "basic" version had a link on the right side to view the source code to get the full header of an open E-mail.  The "rich" version did not have this link.  I do not know anyone who will investigate spam and phishing without the full header.  When Verizon changed its website several months ago, it deleted "basic".  Tech support supplied the old web address and I continued using "basic" to get full headers until Sunday, when Verizon changed the site again.  Now, neither "rich" nor "new email version" have the link.  ADD THE LINK TO BOTH OF THEM!!!!!  If there is any way to use "basic"?  If so, HOW?

Status: Under Review
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Provide search autocomplete for

Status: Acknowledged
by AutoComplete on ‎04-18-2011 01:17 AM - last edited on ‎04-18-2011 05:19 AM by Moderator

This is nowadays pretty basic on all search portals.


{edited for privacy}


Status: Acknowledged
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the subject really explains it, i understand verizon doesn't completely own verizonwireless but still you guys should just buy out vzw so the websites the same and change the facebook page to just "Verizon" not "Verizon Wireless" so you guys only have to communicate to us through one page

Status: Acknowledged
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Status: Not Likely
by nbannon123 on ‎03-20-2011 07:35 AM

When i type in it takes me to, when i type in, it take me to

is there even a if not why does the email have .net at the end?

Status: Not Likely
This is a fairly common complaint, and as Prisaz points out, each site is caching in your browser. This is not likely to change in the near future.
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I think it would be really simple if all of the websites was just all togethor like just or something like that because it was annoying how i had to make an account for and my verizon

Status: Not Likely
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Stop keeping user changes archived for the web pages

Status: Clarification Needed
by Gold Contributor VII on ‎12-02-2010 09:14 AM - last edited on ‎01-04-2011 12:15 PM by Admin Emeritus

Verizon keeps all users changes archived for their web pages!  This is a real waste of space and well benfits Verizon since people will order more space. 


You need to stop being so sleezy, please.

Status: Clarification Needed
Can you provide more details? Thanks.
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