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Remove inappropriate on-demand ads

Status: New Idea
by Silverheart on ‎07-21-2014 06:55 PM

Now that the channel guide has been updated, the bottom frame advertises on-demand movies. We find many of these ads inappropriate - as we don't want to see erotic or demonic movie ads - especially considering the kids.  We would like control over what we watch - including what is featured on this channel guide. This should be appropriate for the whole family. 


Improve Customer Service

Status: New Idea
by amby51 on ‎07-21-2014 10:28 AM

I recently cancelled my FiOS service after having service in several locations over the last 5 years because I have moved overseas.  The problem began with trying turn in my equipment before I actually left the country earlier this month.  The order to cancel (effective Jul 10) was set up with no problem and the agent handling it provided me with the nearest location to turn in my equipment.  However, when I got there, the people working in the store would not accept the equipment without an order number.  Since the agent handling my cancellation did not give me an order number, I had to call in again to get this number.  


Suggestion 1:  People working in the stores that are to receive equipment should be able to find the information related to that equipment and account without making the customer go through another phone call.  


After I made it through all the prompts and am on hold waiting for an available agent, another customer walks in and is told the same thing.  As I watch and wait for my call to be answered "in the order received" his call is answered, he received his order number, and completed turning in his equipment.  All while I am on hold.


Suggestion 2:  Actually answer calls in the order they are received.


After that was done, I thought I was home free.  When I received my electronic statement 2 days later on the 12th for another month's service, I thought there surely must be a delay in the system.  However, once I made it overseas and again had internet, I learned that my credit card used for auto pay was already charged for my next month's service on Jul 16.  


Suggestion 3:  Automatically stop auto pay when an account is cancelled.


Now, from another country, I am forced to try to get a refund for service that has not been rendered and should not have been charged in the first place.  Today, I am able to get through on chat to an agent.  She verifies that my service is cancelled as of Jul 10, and that a payment was credited to my account as of Jul 16.  She is NOT able to verify that my credit card that was just charged is actually going to be credited.  Further, she tells me that if the credit card or bank account is not linked to the auto pay account, I will be issued a check for my refund.  Which could take up to 60 days.  Why would it take 60 days for Verizon to give me my money back that they never had a reason to access to begin with?  This is in their error yet I have to wait for 60 days?  


Suggestion 4:  Agents should have the ability to verify the form in which a refund will be issued and the expected date for such a refund.  60 days is the wrong answer.

Greatful as I am for Verizon's new FIOS 1 news service in my region, it's just not right that, now, one second after I turn on my tv, the box automatically switches from the channel that I was last on to the channel Verizon wants me to start with - FIOS 1.


FIOS is great and beats cable.  But bit by bit, it's turning into an intrusion.  More and more I'll press a key like Guide, and FIOS will try to sell me something.


But automtically reverting to FIOS 1 everytime I turn on tv from the channel I was watching, is just one of those things that I'm sure seems like no big deal in the corporate boardroom - but really is a very big deal.  Every time I turn on the TV, Verizon reminds me that it is the master, not me the user.  Every time, I'm reminded the subtlety with which Verizon is increasingly trying to take control of my television.


It's not right.


Support playback of DVR recordings in iPad

Status: New Idea
by Birdy on ‎07-21-2014 06:03 AM
And allow a download of the recordings or of movies to iPad or other mobile device. This would be so convenient for traveling!


Status: New Idea
by ssbroadus on ‎07-21-2014 04:16 AM

I suggest Verizon create bundles that include wireless service. 

Please add this fantastic capability that comcast offers. No wifi lor late required can even watch in the subway... Etc...<br>

Update PDF Channel Listings

Status: Acknowledged
by sbhnet on ‎07-19-2014 06:57 PM

The channel listing for my area is over a year out of date.  If you're going to continue to provide a link to a pdf users can download, please update it more often and/or provide information as to when it will be updated.  Thanks!

Status: Acknowledged

I have a good example of what I am talking about in my title. If you go here


It says $5 a month upgrade from 50 mbps to 75 mbps upgrade and says limited time offer. Well I did qualify for this but now its expired, but if you click the upgrade for the $5 more  amonth upgrade the only offer it gives you is the first month free then $10 a month.

If the deals are expired REMOVE the webpages for the promos.



Status: Acknowledged

TV Features

Status: Acknowledged
by p-a-dave on ‎07-12-2014 02:14 PM

Verison, plese, please bring back the size function on the remote (# button)!!!  It made watching standard definition tv so much better.  now we get either black bars or a wide stretched screen that makes everything look too wide.

Status: Acknowledged
Please make In-Home Agent available as an app for the iPad, iPhone, and any other device as I am in need of assistive devices and besides I guarantee many of your other customers would appreciate it as well!
Status: Acknowledged

My FIoS died last Saturday - internet, TV, phone, all out. I tried the usual reboot of the router, no luck. I went outside to see if there was work being done.


Sure enough, there's a Verizon truck a few doors down, with a Verizon technician working on a neighbor's home. "So you're the reason my internet is down?" I ask him. "No, I'm just hooking someone up."


Hmmm. "So it's not possible that you made some mistake?


"No, it's not me." He drives away.


Two days later, Verizon sends out another tech to fix our outage, he comes and finds the was indeed caused by the tech who denied he could have caused it and didn't bother to check.


Thanks alot, buddy. If you had just considered the minute possibility that maybe, just maybe, you had made a mistake and went back up the pole to check and fix it, I wouldn't have had to wait for two days with no service and Verizon wouldn't have had to send another tech out to fix your dumb mistake.


Verizon, please train your techs not to be obstinate and overconfident when an obvious problem like this comes up, and to make an effort to fix problems they create. My outage could have been 5 minutes instead of two days, and you could have saved a second trip by another technician.

Status: Acknowledged

Verizon triple play

Status: Acknowledged
by billb59 on ‎07-15-2014 08:14 AM

Please offer the 79.99 triple play offer to current suscribers.


Status: Acknowledged

If the system is good enough to record from 10 TVs at once, why can't it store the TV id with the show and when a user wants to display recorded shows he has the option of choosing the TV id and only gets the shows that were recorded by that particular TV.  Putting all recorded shows into one big bucket meams the user has to look at all recorded shows and try to find his own.

I currently have FIOS with multi-room DVR and it works great.  Thanks

Status: Acknowledged

I work from home.  My services went out today (phone, internet and cable).   I called (888) 553-1555 and it ran me through an automated troubleshooting steps.  The first was to locate the battery backup box.  I went to the basement, where I have several boxes...fuse boxes, a solar panel box, an alarm box, etc.    I could not distinguish which was the Fios box because it does not say "VERIZON FIOS" anywhere on the box.


SUGGESTION !: Label the outside of the box with Verizon Fios name and logo


The automated instructions said to get a small appliance to plug in to test an outlet.  I brought one with me. It said to locate the battery NEXT to the Verizon Fios box, and that the battery is about the size of a brick.   Since none of the boxes in my basement had a battery outside it matching that description, I pushed "0" to be connected to a live person.  He identified the box for me and had me open the panel.  The battery was INSIDE the box, not outside as the automated recording had said.


SUGGESTION 2: Change the automated recording instructions to say the battery is INSIDE the box.


I also noticed the Verizon logo was inside the box.  It really should be outside the box.


The phone rep helped me get the unit working again, after about 10 minutes.  He was very nice, but said he was unable to offer me a statement credit for service outtage or my troubles or time away from work or the fact that I had to use my cell phone minutes for the troubleshooting call (since the Verizon home phone lines weren't working)


SUGGESTION 3: Have a more comprehensive inconvenience compensation program.  I was inconvenienced enough to warrant some kind of statement credit.


I asked the phone rep if he could supply feedback to make changes (the ones I made above).  After some hemming and hawing, he said he could not take feedback on my behalf, that I had to go to go to and select "Contact Us", and was about to get off the phone.


SUGGESTION 4: ALL phone repse should be willing and able to take feedback verbally from customers over the phone and send it up to management.


Considering the misinformation I had received so far, I asked the rep to stay on the phone with me until I located the propoer email.  He agreed.  I went to and select "Contact Us", which is an online self-help reference library, not a feedback form.  He told me to click another link, the "Idea Exchange", which was a user community forum to post ideas, which the rep said was monitored.  It was clunky.  I had to sign in, create a screen name, and list my level of services (which I wasn't familiar with so I asked the phone rep).  But, I got through and here I am posting this notice.


SUGGESTION 5:  Phone reps shouldn't just say to "go to the website" to give feedback. The website is too confusing.   Had I just gone to "contact us" without him, I probably never would have seen the "idea exchange", nor would I have known that it was monitored by anyone other than other users.  It would not have occurred to me that a communite forum would be a place to make a complaint.  So the phone reps should offer to stay with the customer until they get to the right place.


I then also asked the phone rep for the proper email address to send my suggestion, and he said he couldnt find it, and that they "must have changed" the way they take feedback.


SUGGESTION 6:  Phone reps should be able to take feedback themselves, and if not, they should be trained on the most current ways how to properly do so, not just generally refer customers to this confusing website.



Status: Acknowledged

#1. You should list your job openings by state not city. It takes forever to find cities close to me. For instance i'm from New York. If i'm looking for a job in New York I have to scroll through a hundred cities just to see opening instead of just clicking on a New York button and leading me to all the jobs listed in New York.


Example: New York  "click on it"



                  white plains


Maybe even list the counties instead of this :



                   athens, georgia

                   a          , texas

                   a, california

                   albany, new york






Status: Acknowledged
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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