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Add more popular content to VOD

Status: Acknowledged
by garsham on ‎06-01-2011 07:59 PM

We just signed up for FIOS TV and noticed that our two favorite shows are not available on demand (Ghost Hunters on SyFy and Mythbusters on Discovery).  These were both available from our previous cable provider, so we were just wondering what determines what shows are available on demand?

Status: Acknowledged
which provider... in general the content is supposed to be the same.

This is another suggestion about this webpage.

I've had a lot of trouble posting anything to it,  I discovered that you now are prevented from posting a message unless you submit a category (see the area on the right).

Thanks to ornahp, a Moderator who posted about this. 


My suggestion is to include this instruction prominently right where the poster will see it, maybe above the posting window.  I'll bet there are people who have tried to post ideas and gave up, especially after seeing the line about how "a few functions were impacted, including the ability to post new ideas to the Idea Exchange."

Status: Acknowledged

Verizon jingle/song

Status: Acknowledged
by Kaeyoband on ‎05-31-2011 07:39 PM - last edited on ‎05-31-2011 08:00 PM by Moderator

The band Kaeyo has a song titled "We Are All One Under The Sun". The chorus is very catchy and goes "There's only my horizon". This should be changed to "My phones made by Verizon". Every time I hear the song I think of this idea and how great it would be. The tune is very commercial worthy. People will be singing this jingle all day! Go Kaeyo.





Status: Acknowledged

Add a Verizon Media Manager Board to the community. Since Flex View, and much of the Media features are being managed by the software, it seems only fitting to add a board for it. This would bring up more discussions, and perhaps promote its use. I know I have tried it, used it and ran into one issue or another. I believe there should be a place to highlight the product and support it. It is a PC software product and has postings buried here or there on the FiOS TV Technical Assistance board or elsewhere.

Status: Acknowledged

Internet phone conversations

Status: Acknowledged
by peterighos on ‎05-30-2011 10:31 AM - last edited on ‎06-17-2011 09:53 AM by Admin Emeritus

I want to be able to place and recieve incoming phone calls on my home p.c. I have verizon fios internet, t.v. and digital voice. Is there any way to make and recieve calls on my p.c. without using skype?

Status: Acknowledged

I want to express my sincere frustration over the number of games not available in HD through the NHL Centre Ice package as it relates specifically to my Verizon FIOS TV service.  I came over to FIOS in December of 2009 and much to my dismay the # of games being broadcast in HD vs. what I was getting via DirecTv was/still is surprisingly limited an not satisfactory at all.  Directv typically broadcast 7-8 out of every 10 games that were shown on a particular night in HD whereas thru FIOS, I typically get only 1-2 games per night - not counting the games on Versus or NHL network.  The only HD games I get thru FIOS are on channels 1473 and/or 1474.  There might be as many as 6-8 other games being shown that evening that are available in HD but for some unknown reason they are NOT being shown in HD by Verizon FIOS.  Frankly, I am sick and tired of complaing about this to customer service reps and supervisors and not getting an educated/straight answer as to why this is the case!  So much so that if this doesn't change I will not only not be puchasing the NHL centre ice package I will be looking to return to DirecTv for my television needs.  If this is a contractual issue between cable providers such as Verizon and either the NHL or more specifically the programming people of the NHL centre ice package then let me know that and I will voice my complaint/displeasure to them directly.  It boggles my mind though as to why DirecTv would have 80% of the exact same games shown in HD and Verizon FIOS is lucky to show 20% of the same games in HD.  This is a call to action and if I don't get a satisfactory reponse from someone involved with programming or management at Verizon FIOS I will be moving on to another provider ASAP.


Yours truly,


Nick Campano:smileymad:

Status: In Progress
They were not available to us until recently. They are being added to the network. DTV sources from a different place. You should be happier next season. (P.S. I am the exec responsible for FiOS TV products... so hopefully my response fulfills your call to action)

FIOS Mobile Remote

Status: Maybe Later
by menton11 on ‎05-26-2011 05:39 AM

Great idea!  FIOS lets you do loads of things through your cell phone.... except.... I have a Blackberry! 


Conspicuous by its absence is the #1 Phone sold in the US, the Blackberry.  Why are there a dozen phones listed as compatible, but no BB?  Does FIOS have plans to let BB users take advantage of this feature? 

Status: Maybe Later
While BB used to have the largest market share... Android is #1 as of this year. Android is growing. iOS is roughly flat. BB is shrinking. 29% for Android with 27% for iOS and Blackberry. Even with those market shares... iOS devices represent the bulk of usage by FiOS TV customers followed by Android (over 90%)... with very few customers and shrinking employing BB for DVR Manager. So if more customers use BB then we'll port more apps to the platform... if customers continue to reduce using the current FiOS apps we'll port less... this is the same for Windows Mobile... so not just Blackberry.

Busy line auto-callback

Status: Not Likely
by CrankyOldGuy on ‎03-07-2012 11:21 AM
I would like to give anyone who calls my line while I'm on another call the option to press a number code to have Verizon call me back for them as soon as I'm off the phone. The other available options just don't suit my needs. I think that "call waiting" is rude. It's the equivalent of saying "I think our current conversation is less important than this unknown call coming in. Please hold." I have an answering machine which is more convenient to me than voice mail. Therefore having busy line calls go to voice mail is an inconvenience. What I do now is have a busy greeting which is "Hello, this is (my name). I'm on the phone right now, please call me back later." followed by a minute or so of recorded busy signal. I'd like to have a busy greeting which says "Hello, this is (my name). I'm on the phone right now, but if you press (number code) and hang up, Verizon will call me back for you as soon as I'm off the phone.".
Status: Not Likely
Thank you for your suggestion. This is not technically feasible, and we don't have any plans for pursuing a feature of this kind. We did offer a Busy Redial feature where the caller could enter a code on their phone when they reached a busy number, and their phone would try the number for up to 30 minutes. However, due to very low interest, this feature is being grandfathered in June. If you subscribe to FiOS Digital Voice, missed calls are captured on the call log and you can look on your TV to see which calls you missed and click to dial them back. Although not ideal, at least call waiting will tell you who's calling so you know to call them back even if you always ignore it.

26 Hour OnDemand rentals

Status: Maybe Later
by Quirked on ‎09-08-2010 05:26 PM

When watching a single movie in two parts on sequential nights, it would be useful to have the extra time. The OnDemand controls could also react more quickly and the user interface for finding shows needs a major redesign.

Status: Maybe Later
Some rentals are going to 48 hours... however some are staying at 24 hours... this is up to the content provider

Video Playlist

Status: Accepted
by ‎09-08-2010 09:48 AM - edited ‎09-08-2010 10:01 AM

I did not do a whole lot of research on this, so I apologize if this has already been discussed (or is already available), but creating a video playlist would be neat.


the playlist can comprise of on-demand videos.  the customer, when selecting a video from om-demand, can select "add to video playlist", and then go to the playlist and press play.

Status: Accepted
We like that idea, and have discussed adding this feature when the time it right. Perfect thing for a snowy day in front of the TV catching up on the last few episodes of your favorite shows. Thanks for refreshing the idea!

Scrolling in the Channel Guide

Status: Acknowledged
by stevexbeef on ‎05-23-2011 11:01 AM

Something that doesn't bother me too much, but has bothered my wife and some of my friends is scrolling through the channels in the channel guide.  When you hit the down arrow on the remote, the channel numbers go up and vice versa.  It should be reversed so that when you scroll up or down, the channel numbers go up or down accordingly.

Status: Acknowledged
Isn't that the same thing a spreadsheet does on your computer... hold down arrow and the numbers go up? I don't think I have seen it any other way on just about any system.

customer preferences

Status: Acknowledged
by Danielle on ‎05-22-2011 08:42 PM

I am interested in suggesting to verizon to become a business practicing the art of offering customers preferrential treatment via technology. My first suggestion is to allow customers to program their televisions with channel line-ups per boxes by their own choices; meaning the customer's preferences are taken into personal consideration on their own television/cable connection. They choose the order instead of searching for their favorite channels.

My second suggestion is to allow more Internet access and activity to follow programming for customers. While online I can see what will be on and when to schedule what I would like to watch.

My third and very important requesting suggestion is for the customer's ability to sensor what their personal preference is as far as appropriate and inappropriate materials in their household. Just as when free television sensored inappropriate language and instead included a more appropriate word expressing similar meaning or sensoring nudity that was deemed inappropriate for audiences although the director and producer did not exclude in programming. This way it is interactive fun set by the customer so television and movies are not offending people and kept appropriate in the views of customers. People should have the say of what isn't appropriate in their own house and the ability to control sensoring of materials being feed into shows will allow this control to be maintained. Please consider these few requests.


Verizon customer

Status: Acknowledged
Multiple ideas... so difficult to address in this forum. First idea of picking your own channels is a duplicate. Online content discovery and scheduling exists ( For your 3rd suggestion we offer robust parental controls to manage what content is accessible... but I don't see tech being employed to modify the actual content itself due to business issues that would generate (i.e. our system cannot modify TV signals)... so we'll give that one a "maybe later" status.

Truth in Promises

Status: Already Exists
by supermomma on ‎05-20-2011 02:42 PM

I would love to actually have a transcript of what the rep on the phone is offering in order to have proof of what was discussed and what offers were made. I was convinced a year ago to switch over to Fios from another cable company. My first bill was hundreds over what the rep had promised me. I spent over an hour on the phone being bounced around the country to be repeatedly told that the state the person answering my call was in couldnt handle MAss billing issues. It took an hour of calling and bouncing before I finally got someone who could do something. She made the promisesright. Until we were offered a free 3 months of a premium channel because of waiting over 20 minutes for tech support... Free came in a bill with a high price tag, we were already getting a free promotion and couldnt have more than one,,,, funny we never asked for a free service, just waited on tech support hold line. I take a half an hour to be on hold and to speak to someone about this free service and air my grievances about the lack of standing behind what you say. He says to make it right, for all my suffering and frrustration, he will extend a credit for my 2nd year of service. I get a new bill this month and low and behold, my 2nd year is even higher than expected. I cant wait till my contract is up.... Get a gift card if I recommend FIOS and Verizon to friends.... How can I when all I get is the run around!!!! Cant wait till 2012 so I can cancel!!!!!

Status: Already Exists
We send email that confirms what you ordered / purchased.

How about more bookmarks!

Status: Accepted
by Kier on ‎09-04-2010 09:15 AM

I think we get about 8 or 10  maximum bookmarks, then it is full. Then I have to delete "less important" bookmarks to make room.


20 or 50 would be better. With a family of 4, they can rack up quickly with the current setup.

Status: Accepted
1-2 software releases away... but definitely

DVR - SD or HD recording choice

Status: Already Exists
by ‎09-03-2010 10:18 PM - edited ‎09-08-2010 10:35 AM

Please add a feature to the Series Recordings that will allow user selection to record each Series in HD (when available) or SD Only.


I would love to record everything in HD. BUT... Due to the lack of hard drive space available (currently) I am forced to record many programs in SD.  I would like to select which Series Recordings I want in SD or HD.


Thank you!

Status: Already Exists
Already exists indirectly.. you can set what channel a show records from... so you can pick the SD one... but I get you want to just set record SD as opposed to picking the channel... so we'll look for an opportunity to do that...
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Have an Idea?
If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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