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1. Right now if you try and play a 2nd show from the mrdvr on a different hd box it comes up with a message saying max hd playback reached and to stop the other room.  Since mostly everything is available in HD it would be better if the max capacity was 2 HD shows at the same time.  Increasing the capacity definitely would make the MRDVR more functional because currently if someone is watching soemthing your only option is to watch from the DVR which anyone with a family knows is not always possible.



2.  In the VOD some shows have an end date ( CBS, HBO, Showtime) and then other titles do not list the date which that title is available until.  It would be so much better if all titles in the VOD featured the end date.  Currently NBC, ABC do not offer this.  If its available on Fios TV Central site then why not include that in the VOD info and make it easy for everyone.

Status: Acknowledged
Maybe later to #1... requires a new and pretty expensive DVR... record 2 HD streams, play back 1 on the DVR and stream 1+ to other devices requires alot of horsepower (sounds like a server doesn't it?) Accepted to #2

Search enhancements

Status: In Progress
by FlyGuyTX on ‎02-06-2011 06:21 AM
Former TiVo and DirecTV user. One feature I really miss is the ability to search using "show types". In particular, I used to have saved searches (that's another thing I miss!) for "season premiere" and "series premiere" so I could quickly scan the guide to see what new shows were coming up. Without this, it is too easy to forget to schedule a show I might want to record. There were lots of other options, like "first run" etc. Being able to narrow search results by various qualifiers would be very useful.
Status: In Progress
You should be happier with the next guide release... saved searches, more filters, auto complete on text entry, popular search terms, etc, etc... more new features than you can shake your remote control at...

NECN HD, Please!

Status: Acknowledged
by Photoflash on ‎02-04-2011 04:24 PM

It's been a year since NECN (New England Cable News) began to broadcast in HD. 


Last August, your spokesperson, Philip Santoro, was quoted in the Boston Globe saying that Verizon is planning to add more HD channels and that will include NECN.  '"We are playing nice in this particular case," said Santoro.' 


Why isn't NECN HD available yet?  Are you not playing nicely enough?  Will you keep you word?


Thanks,  Photoflash

Status: Acknowledged
More HD is in progress... 2011 will see a few dozen added.

finish wiring the state

Status: Acknowledged
by vztech on ‎12-01-2011 07:10 PM - last edited on ‎12-01-2011 07:23 PM by Moderator

  This may sound silly ,but why not install Fios in towns that do not have it yet!!!


 Friends and family constantly ask when they can get it,and all I can tell them is I hope someday

 these towns already have verizon copper telephone service and only 1 town away is one of the first

towns in the state to be wired.


 So to whomever may read this please pass it up the line   Ringwood Needs Fios!!!!!!

Status: Acknowledged

The spam filter for outgoing e-mails needs to be fixed immediately.


It is blocking an ever increasing number of my e-mails.


It seems to eat "reply" e-mails including return-receipt-requested auto-replies with special vigor.


I just copied the contents of a message where I used "reply all" that was marked by the outgoing spam filter as spam to the same addresses from the "reply all" e-mail and that message sailed out without issue.


This has got to be fixed.


It's getting to the point where the e-mail service is unusable.

Status: Acknowledged

South Asia Hindi Package

Status: New Idea
by VzLion on ‎11-30-2011 10:38 AM

Verizon has been kind to allow me to try their South Asian Hindi Package a couple of times for free. Thanks.


But I wonder, whether $34.99 for that package is the correct price, I think it is very expensive.


Verizon should provide it for a cheaper price.

(Just to compare, Netflix comes for $10/month, which provides such a vast collection of streaming video, including some Bollywood stuff)


If reducing the cost is not an option, may be they can think of providing the individual channels (viz. Zee, Star, TVAsia, Sony) separately for a cheaper price say for $10 each. May be many customers might actually buy it, rather than just trying it for free, and then not buying it, after the promotion period.


While on the topic, may be Verizon can provide a Bollywood-On-Demand channel, where regularly movies/shows are added and  removed. I have seen that before from Comcast, and I loved it.


In addition, I would like to request Verizon to work with Willow TV, or ESPN or some other sports channel to provide Cricket. Again an On-Demand channel, where we can see archived games might also be interesting.


I will look forward to Verizon's response to my suggestions/requests.



My suggestion: increase upstream bandwidth for business plans. The new 150Mb/s downstream plan is nice, but I'd much rather see a 100Mb/s up and 100Mb/s down plan available instead.


-from Facebook

Status: Maybe Later
Presently 35M upload is the highest available upstream with 150M for the down.

only provide digital STB's

Status: Clarification Needed
by PJs on ‎11-30-2011 06:32 AM

Stop the practice of degrading the digital signal to analog. Everything is advertised as HD. The least package offered is claimed to be HD (Prime HD). Almost all tv's sold today are digital, virtually all stations transmit a digital signal. A digital signal brought all the way into my home, sent to an analog box to be degraded, then sent to my digital HD tv. If I want the signal the way it was delivered to my house, I have to pay extra. 

Thats like:  I bought this car that was advertised as 8 cylinders, but the dealer disabled two cylinders. I have to pay extra to get the 2 other cylinders active, as it was delivered to the dealer and as it is advertised.

Status: Clarification Needed
..."sent to an analog box to be degraded"... Our system is digital end to end. When you say 'analog box, I do not know what you are referring to. Can you help me understand?

Verizon Support Call back feature

Status: Acknowledged
by fttp4me on ‎01-29-2011 09:13 AM - last edited on ‎02-08-2011 01:12 PM by Admin Emeritus

Many times when calling Verizon the hold times can be extremely long.  In my opinion the customer who is completely out of service should have a higher priority than the customer who needs a simple question answered that can wait.  The problem is, I have no idea of knowing when I can call where I could get through to a support rep with minimal hold time. 


Thus what I would like is a feature where I can do the following:

A)Nonessential support - Text message Verizon to call me back -- So I could text "FiOSTV repair" to Verizon and someone in the FiOSTV repair department will call me back sometime by the end of the day (or I could specify upto what time they can call back, e.g 11pm), same goes for other departments, I could text "Billing" if I have a billing question, "Sales" to place an order, etc.


B)Essential support - When I call Verizon, if the hold time goes past 2 minutes, I get prompted to enter my callback number and can hang up but I keep my place in the queue so my phone rings when the rep has gotten to my call.  This way I don't have to eat up my cellphone minutes, or keep my ear pegged to the phone.


I know some support is given via e-mail or chat, but the few times that I've used it was completely useless and I ended up having to call and speak to a live person to get my issue resolved.  So in those cases where I need to speak to a live person it would be handy if there was a way to make it happen without having to wait on hold for more than 2 mins.  Most people would say hire more support reps, but I understand that doesn't always make business sense if there are times when employees are idle, so an automatic call back system can solve many problems.  In addition it could actually increase revenue for Verizon because I wonder how many people have called Verizon wanting to order a service and have given up because they were on hold too long and simply buy from Verizon's competitors.  I know of at least 1 case where someone wanted to order FiOS but couldn't get through so they just stayed with the cable company. Yes, they could've ordered online but they had a question they wanted answered before signing up, and since they got tired of holding, they just gave up on it.

Status: Acknowledged

Win 7 Media Center streams via Media Manager

Status: Maybe Later
by JimmyL on ‎11-27-2011 05:12 PM

Why can't MS Windows 7 Media Center content be integrated with Media Manager?  I want to steam Netflix subscription content via Media Manager to TV's on my home network. I shouldn't have to add a Roku box to make this happen.

Status: Maybe Later
we are working with Microsoft on things like bringing video services to xBox, so this sort of thing may happen in the future.

We have indoor plumbing. When can we get modern phone/internet/tv service?

Status: Not Likely
by splashroy on ‎01-26-2011 11:43 AM - last edited on ‎01-28-2011 08:44 AM by Admin Emeritus

We live in Los Angeles County, CA, in an area of 21+ custom built homes that have been around for decades. It used to be an AT&T service area, but quite while ago was taken over by Verizon. Last year many (not all) of the old decrepid phone lines were replaced on the street. However, they were replaced with the OLD copper a special order price of $9,000.00. The linemen told us they had to wait until that special order came in to even install since they dont make those wires regularly anymore.  They also informed us that Verizon could have spent $900.00.. Nine HUNDRED vs nine THOUSAND...if they had installed FiOS !  The main FiOS lines run right past our street & homes..but you installed the crap lines instead! WHY?

A mile away is a military base/airport..they have it. Homes a mile away..they have it. Why not us??

Going to the availability link, and typing in our addresses, just tells us our address doesnt exist!  WHY?

We do have indoor plumbing in our homes..we do have modern amenities..we are in the 21st Century here too.

Every day we are bombarded with Verizon mail, internet ads, tv ads about Verizon service in our area..but youve refused to include us.  I know it doesnt take that long to install FiOs.

I dont want to hear 'its coming soon'. Last year you could have run the newest lines..instead you replaced our lines with the old fashioned crap.


Please don't label this as 'acknowleged'...I'd like a live rep to contact us and explain to us how this is allowed to occur and when it can be remedied. Reps reading from a script via twitter or chat are not acceptable.


I would like someone to tell us exactly WHEN this will be rectified and when ALL services can be installed in our small area...not just basic landline phone service.  Since Verizon skipped us when doing everyone else, it behooves you to correct the problem.


Thank you.

Status: Not Likely

analytical info for DVR

Status: Accepted
by newtp on ‎01-26-2011 09:09 AM

would love to get analytical info on shows being recorded. I see there is a "what's hot" tab for live tv but would love to see "what's hot" being recorded so I can find new shows to record. I see there is a "Top Recorded" on the DVR page online but it's mainly spanish shows :-/.

Status: Accepted
May take a few software releases... but this is a great idea to add to What's Hot! Most popular live, on demand and then recorded... I dig it.

Flex view

Status: New Idea
by cwd34 on ‎11-25-2011 03:53 PM - last edited on ‎11-25-2011 04:02 PM by Moderator

When you are in Flex View to preview a movie you should be able to order from right there after or during the preview.  You shouldn't have to exit out of Flex View option and then go into the other place to actually order it.  Get someone interested and then make the search around to find a place to buy it.    I don;t like Verzion.  Would not reccommend, Nothing special about it.  I'm not sure of what the excitment was about fios.  It's just basic over priced TV.    CS is below average also.  Hopefully they will not be around for long.



Status: Maybe Later
by egreenfield on ‎01-22-2011 09:21 AM

Very new FIOS customer after being with comcast over 15 years.  I have the FIOS Prime HD and I'm disappointed that a couple of chanels that I had with comcast are not in that lineup. They are Style, OWN, and the Cooking Chanel.  I really don't want to upgrade to the next tier pricing for 15.00 plus a month just for 3 chanels.  You all really should consider adding them to the lineup even at the lowest tier.

Status: Maybe Later
Adding addition channels to the package will make it more expensive... hence why they are not included...

It would be nice to be given a free OnDemand movie credit periodically for loyal customers.  Comcast used to attach a free movie credit in the bill periodically for loyal customers.

Status: Not Likely
Not because we don't want to do it... but because it is not permitted by the content owners (we have tried). We do regularly provide channels for free for a weekend or a week...
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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