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Busy line auto-callback

Status: Not Likely
by CrankyOldGuy on ‎03-07-2012 11:21 AM
I would like to give anyone who calls my line while I'm on another call the option to press a number code to have Verizon call me back for them as soon as I'm off the phone. The other available options just don't suit my needs. I think that "call waiting" is rude. It's the equivalent of saying "I think our current conversation is less important than this unknown call coming in. Please hold." I have an answering machine which is more convenient to me than voice mail. Therefore having busy line calls go to voice mail is an inconvenience. What I do now is have a busy greeting which is "Hello, this is (my name). I'm on the phone right now, please call me back later." followed by a minute or so of recorded busy signal. I'd like to have a busy greeting which says "Hello, this is (my name). I'm on the phone right now, but if you press (number code) and hang up, Verizon will call me back for you as soon as I'm off the phone.".
Status: Not Likely
Thank you for your suggestion. This is not technically feasible, and we don't have any plans for pursuing a feature of this kind. We did offer a Busy Redial feature where the caller could enter a code on their phone when they reached a busy number, and their phone would try the number for up to 30 minutes. However, due to very low interest, this feature is being grandfathered in June. If you subscribe to FiOS Digital Voice, missed calls are captured on the call log and you can look on your TV to see which calls you missed and click to dial them back. Although not ideal, at least call waiting will tell you who's calling so you know to call them back even if you always ignore it.

Fix the Caller ID

Status: Accepted
by ‎09-02-2010 03:21 PM - edited ‎09-02-2010 06:55 PM




Status: Accepted
Sounds like you are referencing call history... not caller ID... if that's what you mean... then accepted

Truth in Promises

Status: Already Exists
by supermomma on ‎05-20-2011 02:42 PM

I would love to actually have a transcript of what the rep on the phone is offering in order to have proof of what was discussed and what offers were made. I was convinced a year ago to switch over to Fios from another cable company. My first bill was hundreds over what the rep had promised me. I spent over an hour on the phone being bounced around the country to be repeatedly told that the state the person answering my call was in couldnt handle MAss billing issues. It took an hour of calling and bouncing before I finally got someone who could do something. She made the promisesright. Until we were offered a free 3 months of a premium channel because of waiting over 20 minutes for tech support... Free came in a bill with a high price tag, we were already getting a free promotion and couldnt have more than one,,,, funny we never asked for a free service, just waited on tech support hold line. I take a half an hour to be on hold and to speak to someone about this free service and air my grievances about the lack of standing behind what you say. He says to make it right, for all my suffering and frrustration, he will extend a credit for my 2nd year of service. I get a new bill this month and low and behold, my 2nd year is even higher than expected. I cant wait till my contract is up.... Get a gift card if I recommend FIOS and Verizon to friends.... How can I when all I get is the run around!!!! Cant wait till 2012 so I can cancel!!!!!

Status: Already Exists
We send email that confirms what you ordered / purchased.

There are some pretty basic security flaws with these forums, so I hope these posts are actually monitored by someone who can actually make a difference.

1. There is no straightforward way to change your password. You have to log out, then try to log back in by saying you forgot your password. This is the only apparent way to accomplish what should normally be an easy and obvious task. Even worse, you cannot change your security question once it has been set.


2. There is no way to change your username. Maybe it's too late/costly to change this now, but either way, this needless limitation reflects some shortsighted design decisions on someone's part.


3. There is no way to remove your account. Even after calling Customer Service all that happened is I got transferred around and eventually disconnected. Once someone is done with an online account, they should always have the ability to delete or at least permanently deactivate that account.

If any moderators actually see this post, could you please direct it to an admin so that (1) they realize they have some work to do and (2) they can delete my account for me? Thank you.

Status: Acknowledged

Verizon yahoo calendar

Status: Acknowledged
by progitty on ‎03-04-2012 05:55 AM

Critique:  Just like the calendar on my desk (which incidentally is more available, even if power fails) it is obviously  no better.


 To improve on it add another week or two on screen( going into the next month) so I can see at a glance a six week interval, automatically deleting prior weeks as they expire.  Reason is I schedule regularly one month to six weeks in advance as do many people.  I believe it would be more convenient for me and others, too.  Please run some tests on the idea in your office and if you agree with me then make it available.                

                                                Thank you.                                    Tom Rotunno

Status: Acknowledged

Provide More Up to Date Information on International Minutes Used

Status: Acknowledged
by MWalker on ‎05-15-2011 07:27 AM - last edited on ‎06-22-2011 02:03 PM by Admin Emeritus

I subscribe to Verizon's World Plan 300 in which I get 300 minutes of monthly international calling time.  The Verizon website has an indicator that shows how many minutes a subscriber has used so far each billing cycle, which is useful to make sure you don't run over the allowance and also so that you can get optimal use of the alloted minutes.


The problem is that the indicator is always 2 to 3 days behind the present, so it does not include calls made in the past 2 to 3 days.  This is obviously a system programming issue.  Verizon's electronic "bookkeeping" should be modified so that this indicator is accurate to within the past hour, if not up to the minute.



Status: Acknowledged

Verizon should allow customers to determine the email "SESSION TIME OUT" length.  We're tired of having to start over every time we abandon our email for 5-10 minutes.  Very frustrating and eats up OUR time too.  I'd understand when we are at a public location.  Heck even if we were at a public location all anyone would need to do is press the "OK" button and they'd be in. We are all responsible enough to determine the length of time we can 'idle' our email !!

Status: Acknowledged

New Parental Controls

Status: Acknowledged
by duganmr on ‎05-13-2011 05:09 AM

1)  Allow a timer for when the topbox is on/off to regulate time when kids can watch TV.  Yes, I know that I can do that with a wall-socket timer, but that is easily defeated.  This would be  a good thing for some of us parents too!


2) If I block a channel, I don't want to see it in the guide.  This capability is offered for the 'adult' channels, why not other blocked channels?  The Dish network does this.

Status: Acknowledged
suggestion 1 is in IMG 1.9... and we have been working the second one... but don't have it assigned to a software release currently.

Verizon Cable Remote Panoramic Video Camera

Status: Acknowledged
by daforest on ‎03-01-2012 07:33 AM - last edited on ‎03-01-2012 03:05 PM by Moderator


I have been a long time customer and openly expressive about how impressed I am with your services. This being said, there are not many times when I will vocalize a concept or idea that I have to your marketing staff, but today, I was lucky enough to have our heavenly father, Jesus Christ, give me the most impressive idea I think you will ever hear. A Verizon Cable remote with an HD Optimized Laser Accurate Panoramic Thermal Video Camera TM. Yes, you read that correctly.

Picture this:

It's late one night, you've been watching a marathon of your favorite television show, Finding Bigfoot, on Animal Planet and you start to doze off. The trouble is, you live in the middle of the city and the living room, where your 21" Flat-Screen Samsung sits, is mere feet from the road and easily visible in the dark of night. "But it's been in this room for years", you whisper to yourself, "Why would someone take it tonight?", you ask. Ofcourse, you give it no more thought and being tired you and decide it's time for bed.

Cut to:

You've gone to bed, but John Doe, from next door has just started his night. You hear some noises coming from downstairs (you live in a two story house) but you blow it off as natural house noises; creaks and thumps are something you're used to having lived in this 70 year old house for over half a decade. An hour passes, you're still sleeping. Good for you. John Doe is in the process of stealing your 21". What now? Oh wait, you have left your cable remote sitting on the column shaped pedestal strategically placed in the middle of the room. Did you do that on purpose? Of course you DID! You're cable remote is a custom built Verzion HD Optimized Laser Accurate Panoramic Thermal Video Camera TM., that lasts 8 months on two double "AA" batteries. You have nothing to worry about. You'll tell the Police that you have video footage of a thief breaking into your house and stealing your 21", and remind them, as you do ever week, that you'll need it back before 7:30PM EST when the new episode of Finding Bigfoot airs.

You've done it again, Verizon. Not only have you provided superior lightning speed internet and first-class cable services, you've saved a man, who has continually neglected his home security system, from losing the only thing that matters in his life. The trust he places in your Verzion HD Optimized Laser Accurate Panoramic Thermal Video Camera TM. has far surpasses any trust he could ever place in another company.

You've outdone yourself Verizon. I think I speak for everyone that uses your services; You're that best in the business and we thank you.

Status: Acknowledged

payment option

Status: Acknowledged
by braceyfamily on ‎05-11-2011 08:07 PM

It'll be nice if you could make your pymt just about anywhere. Instead of just the usual online, pay-by-phone, or mail in a check....setup like kiosks somewhere that is covenient for customers quick pay..insert your cash or card(pay-n-go). Everything else is starting to be convienent why not our paymnt options

Status: Acknowledged

There are many developers waiting for the release for the Widget SDK. However, the only way currently to check on the release is to check the web site.


Can an email notification request be created where we can signup for an announcement email when the SDK is ready for downloading?

Status: Already Exists
When the SDK is available we will send emails. We are still a bit away from that release... Hoping the next release of the SDK is more friendly for general distribution. If you have a specific app you want to development send me a PM...

forwarding E mail

Status: Maybe Later
by on ‎08-15-2010 05:50 AM

I woyuld like  have the ability to forward an entire E mail  message as an attachment.  Comcast has this and I found it the one thing I liked about Comcast.

Status: Maybe Later
This would be an enhancement to the application. We will assess it vis a vis other customer driven enhancements.

DVR - Needs more features...

Status: In Progress
by on ‎08-14-2010 05:32 PM

1. The DVR will continually rerecord episodes (that I delete) that air again.  The DVR needs a (TiVo) style history.  Even the Comcast DVR has a Recorded History now.  The same episode should not rerecord unless explicitly told to do so in a 15 to 30 day period.


2. Another addition needed would be a screen that shows all of the future recordings that will not record due whatever reason such as Priority.


3. When record "First Run Only" is selected, another feature needed is record the next airing if it is missed due to other programs having higher record priority.



Status: In Progress
Item #1 is in IMG 1.9. I also believe we have cared for item 2 in 1.9... and we have the last idea in the queue for a future release (been suggested a bunch of times)

So yea, I would definitely love some of that hot hot FIOS action in my area. Really getting tired of ATT and their garbage. Unfortuanently, as Comcast is really my only other option (really isn't an option) in my area, I'm kinda stuck. So bring it Verizon. I think its time you put the speed back into the Motor City.

Status: Not Likely
Never say never... but not any time soon.

How do I start this?  Ok.


I was a brighthouse customer.  Being a brighthouse customer, I had access to wifi hotspots that brighthouse had installed all over the place here where I live.  Since I had a brighthouse account, I was able to log into those hotspots using my account login/password combo and utilize these brighthouse owned hotspots.


Now I have Verizon and all of the hotspots that they say you can connect to actually belong to businesses so unless I want to walk from the marina to downlown to access a spot, I am out of luck.


Why can't verizon install some hotspots that we can actually use.  Wifi hotspots was a big selling point right up until the time when I found out that they are only listing hotspots that I could have used for free anyway because the business has it set up for my use.


Big deal.  Put some connections on the telephone poles like brighthouse or however they are doing it.  You can even charge those people without an account for time usage like brighthouse does.


How disappointing to find out that this big selling point was really nothing more than something I could have accessed anyway. 

Status: Acknowledged
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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