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Filipino On Demand (FOD) Channels

Status: Acknowledged
by Suber on ‎04-11-2011 03:44 PM

I live in Southeastern Virginia (Hampton Roads Area) where there is a very large Filipino community, mostly active and retired military.  We do not have access to FOD in this area.  However, I checked your website and found that Filipino On Demand is available in Richmond and its surrounding areas.  The other carriers, i.e.., Comcast, Cox and some others, offer FOD in this area.  Is it possible for this area to receive FOD, or other Filipino channels with FiOS TV??  In this area, Verizon only offers two Filipino channels, TFC and GMA Pinoy.  Your response will be greatly appreciated.  Thank you in advance.

Status: Acknowledged
Tons more On Demand content is coming

Orlando stations for Davenport, fl

Status: Acknowledged
by fancy on ‎04-08-2011 01:01 PM

We live 3 miles from Disney in North Davenport, FL, yet we cannot receive any Orlando stations. When are you offering Orlando area, as the installer mentioned it might happen in April?

Status: Acknowledged

New Channel

Status: Acknowledged
by Krofdorf on ‎04-07-2011 10:22 AM

I am of German decent and would like you to add German Kino Plus to your channel selections.. It is now offered by Dish Net Work but I would like to remain with Verizon. So please could you look into this. Thank you

I already subscribe to your other German channels

Status: Acknowledged

Fox Boston to Bristol County

Status: Acknowledged
by patsoxfan on ‎04-06-2011 07:39 AM

He been with fios for 3 years now and everything is great except I can not watch Fox Boston 25 in regular TV or HD

I know that in my town if you have comcast they show non-hd of this channel and am wondering why fios can not offer the same.

Status: Acknowledged

Security Breach

Status: Acknowledged
by CheechF on ‎04-05-2011 04:34 PM - last edited on ‎05-05-2011 02:41 PM by Admin Emeritus

Verizon recently notified us that the security of our e-Mail address was violated, through their  arrangement with Epsilon. The message included guidance on how to protect ourselves from what was a Verizon screw-up, with no indication of what was being done. 


They seemed to pass the blame on Epsilon, but we never dealt with Epsilon. We hold Verizon responsible, since Epsilon was acting on Verizon's behalf. The message said nothing about corrective action.

Status: Acknowledged

Keep Favorite List as Default

Status: Acknowledged
by JMF74 on ‎05-21-2012 01:49 PM

I created a favorite channel list, but it is far too easy for the box to revert to the default list. For example, I really only ever watch HD channels, but setting it as the default is something I have to do constantly and really isn't worth the continual effort.

Status: Acknowledged

Provide eMTA router/modems like the Motorolas

Status: Acknowledged
by TigersRule on ‎04-02-2011 12:53 PM - last edited on ‎04-26-2011 09:59 AM by Admin Emeritus

Please offer the eMTA router/modem combo like Motorola makes or get Actiontec to provide a similar setup, which Comcast and Cox currently use.


I only need one landline phone in my house, and it would be nice to plug the phone directly into the RJ-11 jacks that come in the eMTA router/modems. I think most people would use this feature, as you could omit all the old RJ-11 jacks from your house.


Please seriously consider this.

Status: Acknowledged

Add Cox 4; shows Padres and other SD sports teams from San Diego as well as add KUSI,and other local San Diego news channels. This part of SW Riverside has many subscribers who have closer ties to San Diego than LA area.

Status: Not Likely
While we would certainly love to... betting Cox (a competitor) will not be keen on this idea.


Currently the Fios Baseball Widget will alert when the 9th inning starts, the score changes, there is a pitching change, etc.  These are all decent alerts but if Fios would add one alert millions of fantasy baseball players would sign up for MLB Extra Innings.


There needs to be an alert where you can choose up to 20 mlb players and the Fios Widget will alert you when they are coming up to bat.  MLB.TV had this feature, and I thought Fios would have it on its Widget.  Even though I prefer watching games on TV vs. online, I will probably switch back to MLB.TV next year if this upgrade is not implemented.






Hope this is in the works.



Status: Accepted
Probably for next season... but great addition.

I just have 2 request. One simple, one maybe not so simple.


First Request: Reconfigure how to access the On Demand Premium Channels!


Why did FiOS make it so difficult to locate and/or navigate to the On Demand Premium Channels?

I had TWC and their OD Premium Channels preceded the actual Premium Channel. 


Ex: If HBO was on channel 401 then HBO On Demand was located on channel 400! No need to search for it, it was right there!!!


FiOS should have followed that navigation example, which would make the transition to FiOS from cable that much more simple and easy!!


It's hard enough after having cable for...well my entire life, to learn FiOS' new channel line up, now I have to search and navigate through a series of button pushes to find ONE on demand channel.


Or maybe at the very least, FiOS should move the On Demand Premium Channels selection to the 1st or 2nd spot on the list of the On Demand options.


Here's how to locate HBO On Demand in FiOS...for those of you newbie's:


Push the ON Demand button on your remote>Scroll to find then select Browse All>Scroll to find then select Premium Channels>Scroll to find then select HBO On Demand>Scroll to find then select your final HBO OD option, movies, series, etc> Scroll to make your selection. Voila!! See simple!?!?!


WHY so difficult for such a sought after feature? It took my wife and I the better part of a morning after my service was installed to find it. They promote that they have it (which is 1 of the primary reasons I made the switch) but don't tell how to find it in ANY documentation that the installer leaves you. We had to literally search it online!


Second Request: Local news: FiOS 1 local news is awful! Period! I understand that it's in it's infancy, but C'mon! I've seen better news broadcast from high school students, but you don't really expect much at that level!

For my dime I'd expect a better local broadcast. 


Don't know how Verizon could make this happen, but what if Verizon negotiated with TWC et al, to bring the local channel news 12 to FiOS for a monthly subscription fee?


The cable company's can't stop people from jumping ship, they might as well generate some revenue form those that did and are willing to pay for a familiar news source! I could care less, my wife on the other hand complained almost every day about her beloved news 12 (which doesn't even really cover our area, but whatever) until she found HLN. But I'd be willing to pay a marginal subscription fee for that channel to make her happy ....or quiet......which ever comes first :smileyhappy:


That's just my 2 cents.....which incidentally is all I have left after my first FiOS bill! Just kidding, but no seriously, it was a lot! Nevertheless, hopefully I WILL get what I pay for...unlike with cable!

Status: Acknowledged
More options to access VOD content in progress... including the virtual channel option that you referenced (which I personally find too difficult). I would suggest in the mean time you give our search feature a go... as it is based on Internet search engine technology and is quite good at tracking down content I want to see.

User friendly - NOT

Status: Acknowledged
by deedeeleo on ‎03-23-2011 10:35 AM really need to make things a bit more user friendly. I recently switched from Comcast, just to save some bucks, and maybe I'm sorry. Comcast navigation was so much simpler...when I wanted an on demand TV program they were all in one spot, click and I was watching the show. For as much as I've scanned the tutorials, I've yet to discover the secret to getting a regular broadcast channel program on demand. And forget about trying to reset my password to gain access to my account. Please, this is not a fortune 500 endeavor here...every password combo I came up was deemed to be weak...I finally entered a vulgarity plus some like Flynn. And don't ask about my experience with Verizon Enterprise Center at work...

Status: Acknowledged
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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