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I think the widgets need some help.  My first suggestion is to make the first widget screen to come up when pressing the widget button is "my widgets"  I should not have to go through or look at the preset widgets that someone else has chosen, many of which I have no interest in.


As far as the types of widgets, I would like to see


lottery numbers

an internet browser (since it is on FiOs anyway)


instant messaging

check my Verizon bill (and be able to pay it)


well that is all I have at the moment.  My thought is if all of these things are available on a cell phone, why aren't they available on an integrated TV/internet/phone system?????


Status: Acknowledged
This post has multiple ideas... IMG 1.9 let's you select which Widgets show up in the first view you see... so In Progress Check you bill Already Exists email is in progress IM is interesting so we call it under review Internet browser is maybe later... it has taken years for mobile web to develop... perhaps you don't remember mobile web back in the day... but it was not so hot. Same problem for TV... no web site optimized to view / interact with on the TV.

WOW, what a concept

Status: Clarification Needed
by Technocrat on ‎02-15-2011 08:21 PM

How about the MULTI-BILLION $$$ company VERIZON, actually put up a couple of million to support a 24/7 TECHNICAL SUPPORT TEAM like Cablevision.

OMG you MUST be joking, Verizon, no live tech support after 10PM. **bleep**

Status: Clarification Needed
Can you clarify what type of problem you were having? For what type of service?

Ideas for Arabic Channel

Status: Acknowledged
by translator2 on ‎02-11-2011 06:20 PM

An earlier post mentioned that you were looking for which Arabic channels to include.


Here are some of my favorite ones when I used to have the Dish Network Arabic Package.




Abu Dhabi

Dubai Television (Dubai Satellite Channel)




Kuwait Channel


I think a really, really good Arabic package would have channels that would appeal to all of the major Arabic dialect groups (something from Egypt, something from Lebanon, something from the Gulf (Dubai, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia), something from Iraq) and then perhaps something from Syria.

Status: Acknowledged
There are lots of internationally sorted channels coming in the queue... not necessarily all of these.. but definitely some of them.

Not New but I am excited about it..

Status: Acknowledged
by aholic on ‎02-11-2011 11:05 AM

I am excited about your media manager...It needs a service pack or 2 or 3 but you know that already.

This featue is an awesome idea. I pray to God you get it to work right, I tried it for a day but had to go back to using my old Xbox (before the 360) for streaming.


Your idea would have replaced 2 pc's a dvd player and a Xbox.


When redesigning don't forget Xvid codecs. and AC3 codecs.


Also Is it possible to have Media Manager work on every box and not just the DVR box.

I have 4 boxes, 3 rooms have a regular box and 1 room has the cheaper DVR.

Media Manager was just picked up in that one room.  The other 3 rooms didn't get it.

Even in the 1st release if every room has to watch the same video or listen to the same audio that would be fine.


I had to rencode every Xvid I had and then it would stop right in the middle and say can't play this file any further.

Sycing was a big issue too...But i am sure you are working on that.


Keep up the great work...If you get this working right it will be a great selling point...

Get some ideas off VLC player...I am sure what you are trying to figure out VLC already can do it...

Enough of my 2 cents...


Xcied IN EP(Keep us posted or is there a link we can see how you guys are doing)...

I would be glad to be a Beta user...


Status: Acknowledged

There is no FIOS service in Bennington Community in Gaithersburg, MD. I know for sure that there is a huge customer base here and currently RCN service charges are much higher as they have no competition. Fibers are there in surrounding areas and for sure expanding here won't even be a huge capital expense. Can somebody wake up in Verizon Business Development or whatever department it is called?

Status: Acknowledged
Not specifically for your town or city, but we are finishing towns that already have FiOS ... building to more of the homes in them before starting new towns... just "eating what we have our plates" before going back to the buffet to get more.

Say NO Permanently to Adobe Flash

Status: New Idea
by jb1 on ‎12-15-2011 10:02 AM

I do not know if this forum is correct because every submission is for TV and related. It is like there is no other Verizon but the TV station Verizon.


My complaint is that SO MANY news stories I click on are NOT really news stories but videos.  Repeatedly I am asked


Flash is required to view this content. Please install the Adobe Flash Player


I WILL NEVER install Adobe Flash. There are SO MANY problems with it and with its security holes.  So, why not allow me to chech a box, NEVER ask me this question again.  The answer is ALWAYS going to be NO!!!!!!!!!! 


Even if I did click YES, I am at work.  The IT department (Information Technology) automatically blocks all loading of software, and BESIDES, automatically blocks all Flash from coming into the company because it is SO DANGEROUS.


SO, just stop driving me crazy with that hated Flash demand to install Flash.


Video Chat

Status: In Progress
by John45Tpa on ‎02-09-2011 06:05 PM - last edited on ‎02-14-2011 10:31 AM by Admin Emeritus

Since Fios is such a huge company and offers a lot of useful services and features,it really surprises me that they haven't come up with the idea of video communication using your existing TV. When you receive a call, see and talk to the person over your TV. Seems pretty obvious since they already have a service that lets you see the caller ID on your TV. Why not take it one step further?

Status: In Progress
Cisco Umi was demonstrated at Verizon's booth during the Consumer Electronics Show... it's pretty hot...

I am a translator and I currently subscribe to five Fios international channel packages (Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Italian). I would like to subscribe to several more (specifically Chinese, Russian, Arabic and Japanese). Would Verizon consider offering a discount for people who purchase multiple channels/packages or perhaps a megapackage of all the channels for a monthly flat rate (~$150.00 - $200.00)? That would be terrific!


Also, are there any plans to add some more Arabic channels (Dish Network has a more extensive package)?


Status: Maybe Later
Perhaps... if enough folks would buy the combo packages (we do for sports and movies when purchased together)... but the flat piece probably not... each channel costs money... And there are plans to add Arabic channels...

Bring some Spanish programs like Ecuavisa, Teleamazonas the ecuadorian channels for my dad. If you bring those my dad will cancel his Dish Network account.


-Bryan on Facebook


(While this is similar to a comment on a previous idea, it was never pulled out as its own separate idea. And since it was left on FB, pulling it out on its own now.)


Status: Acknowledged
Lots of spanish language content on its way

1. Right now if you try and play a 2nd show from the mrdvr on a different hd box it comes up with a message saying max hd playback reached and to stop the other room.  Since mostly everything is available in HD it would be better if the max capacity was 2 HD shows at the same time.  Increasing the capacity definitely would make the MRDVR more functional because currently if someone is watching soemthing your only option is to watch from the DVR which anyone with a family knows is not always possible.



2.  In the VOD some shows have an end date ( CBS, HBO, Showtime) and then other titles do not list the date which that title is available until.  It would be so much better if all titles in the VOD featured the end date.  Currently NBC, ABC do not offer this.  If its available on Fios TV Central site then why not include that in the VOD info and make it easy for everyone.

Status: Acknowledged
Maybe later to #1... requires a new and pretty expensive DVR... record 2 HD streams, play back 1 on the DVR and stream 1+ to other devices requires alot of horsepower (sounds like a server doesn't it?) Accepted to #2

Search enhancements

Status: In Progress
by FlyGuyTX on ‎02-06-2011 06:21 AM
Former TiVo and DirecTV user. One feature I really miss is the ability to search using "show types". In particular, I used to have saved searches (that's another thing I miss!) for "season premiere" and "series premiere" so I could quickly scan the guide to see what new shows were coming up. Without this, it is too easy to forget to schedule a show I might want to record. There were lots of other options, like "first run" etc. Being able to narrow search results by various qualifiers would be very useful.
Status: In Progress
You should be happier with the next guide release... saved searches, more filters, auto complete on text entry, popular search terms, etc, etc... more new features than you can shake your remote control at...

NECN HD, Please!

Status: Acknowledged
by Photoflash on ‎02-04-2011 04:24 PM

It's been a year since NECN (New England Cable News) began to broadcast in HD. 


Last August, your spokesperson, Philip Santoro, was quoted in the Boston Globe saying that Verizon is planning to add more HD channels and that will include NECN.  '"We are playing nice in this particular case," said Santoro.' 


Why isn't NECN HD available yet?  Are you not playing nicely enough?  Will you keep you word?


Thanks,  Photoflash

Status: Acknowledged
More HD is in progress... 2011 will see a few dozen added.

The spam filter for outgoing e-mails needs to be fixed immediately.


It is blocking an ever increasing number of my e-mails.


It seems to eat "reply" e-mails including return-receipt-requested auto-replies with special vigor.


I just copied the contents of a message where I used "reply all" that was marked by the outgoing spam filter as spam to the same addresses from the "reply all" e-mail and that message sailed out without issue.


This has got to be fixed.


It's getting to the point where the e-mail service is unusable.

Status: Acknowledged

Achiving emails

Status: Acknowledged
by tommydroid on ‎12-08-2011 01:06 PM

Since there is a limit to how many emails are kept by Verizon, is there a way to better archive or delete old emails?  Simple option to archive or delete emails older than say 180 days.....

Status: Acknowledged
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Have an Idea?
If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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