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facebook page

Status: Acknowledged
by nbannon123 on ‎02-25-2011 05:19 PM

how about one facebook page for verizon, not an individual one for fios, wireless, business, etc

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by jweir77 on ‎02-22-2011 07:02 PM

Silly to offer this in Italian.  How about we get the English version?


Status: Acknowledged
unless you speak Italian... B-)

Remote Control Upgrade!

Status: Maybe Later
by rko316632 on ‎02-17-2011 05:52 PM

Ive read lots of suggestions regarding DVRs and the TV service, but no one have suggested a remote control suggestion.  When we press a button, only a select amount of buttons light up on the remote.  It would be great if Verzion came out with a remote where all buttons light up.  Different colors to represent different functions.  Blue for the numbers, red for the dvr playing options, Green for the volume/channel changers Purple for the menu items.  This would also improve the elderly's use of the remote control.  The Verizon instructional channel that tells how to use the remote is kinda long winded, and my gpa doesnt understand english anyway, but colors are a universal language!!

Status: Maybe Later
At the moment we are focused on turning all those gadgets into cool remote controls (we just ship a new remote model last year that made things easier to wrangle). As tablets get cheaper you gpa could be a remote control app in his native language or maybe one with giant buttons that are easy to read.

Missing features coming from Cox

Status: Acknowledged
by JBell on ‎02-17-2011 11:29 AM

Just had my Fios installed last Friday coming from Cox in Hampton Roads Virginia and there are a few things we have found that are changes in the wrong direction.


1. HD channels - this is obviously specific to our preferences but no E! and BBC in HD sucks - who wants to watch Top Gear in an SD letterbox?


2. Progress bar when FF through a recorded program. Fios just has a little arrow marker showing relative position through the show and a very subtle shading in the info bar that is meant to indicate progress. With Cox there was a nice progress bar , the start and end time (clock time) at either end, and your actual clock time on the progress bar indicating where you are in the recording.  Also, I like the 30sec skip but it provides absolutely no indication of progress through the recording.


3. Guide - I understand there are improvements to the guide coming up in the near future but the SD guide/menu really limits the information you can see. This is particulalry frustrating with the recorded content when you basically see the first 1-2 words of the title ... because there isn't enough room to actually provide the description.


4. Program search - seems like there are many unnecessary nested folders when I search for a just keeps going and I don't understand the purpose.


5. Can't set up a "series recording" based on key word.  For instance, I'd like to record every program that happens to have "triathlon" in the title. maybe I just haven't figured this out for Fios yet.


That's my list so far. No deal breakers but definitely steps back from what I was accustomed to with Cox. Hopefully the 1.9 software release will address some of these issues.

Status: Acknowledged

Don't have a better status to select with multiple ideas in one post...


More HD's on the way


Progress bar got a subtle re-design in the next version of software... hopefully you like it better


On item 3 there are two simple choices (bigger fonts / less info per page or vice versa) we continue to seek the right balance


Search is way killer... the nested folders are associated content... search for Kevin Bacon and get content he is in... then below see other actors / directors in the same show... and see what other content we have with those folks... Take a bit to play with because there is no way Cox has better search (especially after the upcoming upgrade). Can't even accept for one moment that search is a step back from Cox... it's based on Internet search engine tech...


#5 is a duplicate request


DVR playback options.

Status: Not Likely
by rko316632 on ‎02-16-2011 01:56 PM

It would be great if when watching a recorded show on the DVR and you are fast forwarding, then once you press Play to stop the fast forwarding, it rewinds itself 1 frame back, so you dont miss the first 5 seconds of when the show begins again.  Time Warner cable has had this feature for months.  Would be a great addition to software release 1.9

Status: Not Likely
1.9 is not getting any more features... that ship sailed last fall... this feature is very hard to get right and actually some customers don't like it...


Status: Acknowledged
by wiggy0504 on ‎02-16-2011 10:46 AM

Auto-pay should be a very simple process, although I am finding that it is not.  If it takes 2-3 months for auto-pay to go through, that information should be noted when the customer is creating their auto-pay account.  It should then also be noted on the bill that is sent to the customer. 


My last two bills stated "Do not send payment."  We will automatically debit the total amount due on your back account.  Your bank will pay on or after Jan. 11, 2001.  Obviously, we did not send payment.  Imagine my surprise when I opened up this months bill to find out that my last months payment was not debited from the checking account. 


The auto-pay system needs to be clarified more--and more importantly, the information should be accurate.  Again this months pill told me not to send a payment.  Imagine my surprise when I called today inquiring if payment had been received, to find out it hadn't. 


I'm not very happy about this service.  Along, with the fact, that I was transferred 3 times to find out in the end, I had to make the payment today. 

Status: Acknowledged

Search by Network

Status: Already Exists
by mwan333 on ‎02-14-2011 02:31 PM

Search by Network:

Sometimes i hear that a great show will be on XYZ network but i dont know what Fios channel that network is mapped to. So if i could search by netowork by typing in, for example, "DISCOVERY HD", it would be great. Or by the channel code as well.


Search 2 hours prior history tv guide:

Sometimes i want to know what was on in the last hour, but you cannot view the past in the tv guide. It would be great if at least we can scroll back by an hour or two.

Status: Already Exists
Search by network has existed since 2007... you can search by any keyword you could imagine... FiOS TV search uses Internet search engine technology. For the second idea... status would be something like "maybe later".

The cable company which used to provide service to me was able to show true local weather forecasts on the Weather Channel. Why can't FIOS do the same? I live 60 miles from New York City, but I can only view a forecast for Central Park? You can do better than that.


Also, could you please stop the incessant advertising for upcoming movies and adult-aged TV shows when the customer is reviewing On Demand options? Most of the time we're trying to find a show for the kids to watch, and some of those previews can be distrurbing.

Status: Already Exists

Identifying spam and eliminating it.

Status: Acknowledged
by Samson on ‎02-14-2011 08:49 AM

I have turned in spam to by forwarding it to a special Verizon email address. They just keep coming. I want to know why Verizon doesn't stop these jerks, particularly Zephyr Media, Inc. in Nevada. They seem to be the root cause. I have asked them nicely to stop and they won't. I have turned in over 100 emails to Verizon with little or no effect. Why?

Status: Acknowledged



Their are some accepted ideas on this forum page that need to be changed to a in progress status. Their are some accepted ideas on this forum page that got an accepted status awhle ago & nothing has changed.i posted an idea awhile ago & it got an accepted status on 10-26-10 & nothing has changed. it does not do much good to have this share your ideas forum page if nothing is going to change,improve or materialize. also a COMPLETED IDEA STATUS needs to be added to this forum that we know what ideas have been would be nice to know what ideas have been COMPLETED. as it is now it does not look like any ideas have been COMPLETED. a lot of ideas on this forum page that get an accepted status should only have an accepted status for a limited time then changed to a in progress status then once the in progress ideas have been COMPLETED then changed to a COMPLETED IDEA STATUS. THE END & FINAL RESULT.verizons goal should be to have  as many accepted & in progress ideas as possible be put into a COMPLETED IDEA STATUS. for example right now verizon has 85 ideas in progress. once these in progress ideas have been COMPLETED they will need to be changed to a COMPLETED IDEA STATUS.

Status: Acknowledged

I make no apologies for not changing some accepted ideas into "in progress", because they are not in progress... an accepted idea could take many months to move to "in progress".  Sorry that was not clear...  We may gather many "accepted" ideas into one project for a particular functional area... then change to "in progress".... so it could take several months just to gather up all the ideas.  It is not efficient in some cases to put the hood up on the section of software and make a minor change.


We have a "launched" status available... and today I am excited about putting that status against the ideas that we delivered for mobile apps. We do have the goal to put as many into accepted, in progress and launched...

Information when quoting. Add date and time of post or message being quoted.


Like for example

2/12/11 16:22 prisaz wrote:


Add this to all quotes please. This way when quoting someone, every one knows when it was said. Good idea?

Status: Acknowledged
Adding it to the list of ideas over at Lithium to see if we can get it implemented in the software. It's not a feature right now that I'm aware of.

My Ten Ideas to make FiOS TV and DVR way better.

Status: Acknowledged
by SCARFACE on ‎02-08-2011 10:36 PM - last edited on ‎02-14-2011 10:44 AM by Admin Emeritus

I think FiOS is a great company you just have some problems that need fixing.  Also if any of these are duplicates I am sorry.


1.  When I first got my DVR I was able to Skip Forwards 2 minutes and Replay 2 minutes ago in the settings you disabled this, can you bring it back?  Let people pick whatever 1-5 minute increments they want..


2.  The ability to pause a DVR program and have it stay paused for an hour or longer.


3.  Stop getting letters in the mail saying we are dropping these HD channels and then you say at the end in an effort to offer you more HD channels that makes no sense.  You dropped Action Max HD - West, Thriller Max HD - West, TMC Xtra HD - West  and TMC HD - West with no explanation. Also you keep upgrading HD channels to higher Tier packages like Cars.TV
,Comedy.TV, ES.TV, Gospel Music Channel, Hallmark Movie Channel HD, MGM HD, My Destination.TV, Pets.TV, Recipe.TV and World Fishing Network.  Please stop moving channels to different TIERs I already pay $150 a month for three STB it is not fair.


4.  Start Adding more HD channels like the ones that have been listed already.


5.  Put a rating system on movies/ TV shows so people can avoid bad movies.  Either put someone in charge of rating them, I will gladly do the job for you or have a community rating system.  Have a number system 1-10 and let people vote or use IMDB/ Metacritic rating.


6.  Leave the ability to Fastforward and Rewind VOD programs, first we can then we can't and then we can etc..  Also make it more than just one FF speed/ Rewind Speed,  Comcast has had multiple speed on their VOD for years.  It takes forever to get back to where you were if you restart the show/movie.


7.  If a show gets pushed back due to Sporting event allow the DVR to compensate.


8.  While watching a DVR program allow the info bar to show upcoming shows of that program or movie as you are watching.


9. Allow people who are loyal customers to upgrade their DVR's to the 500 GB DVR if they want to with ease.  I was put on hold for 1 hour and 30 minutes then  a computer operator told me the office was closed and call back tomorrow this has happened twice to me.


10.  I don't know if this is possible but if you are watching a movie/ TV Show and you are half way through if you could delete the first half to make space or delete the whole program and let it record it again next time it is on from the point you stopped watching.



Status: Acknowledged
too many ideas in one post... so I will hit a couple (many are duplicates). #10 and 6 is not permissible by our content contracts. Can modify the video and can't let you skip commercials in On Demand. We are working on rewind / fast forward for the content, while removing them during the commercials (again not our choice). #2 will reduce the amount of content you can record. When you pause the show is being written to the disk... so more than 1 hour pause means less content to watch later. #7 is just not technically possible. The content providers are not going to send signals to devices that enable us to skip their commercials... but we have added the ability for you to modify the recording in progress extending the duration... #3 the alternative is to increase the price of the content package... every year content prices go up (it never goes down) and we push hard on the content providers to mitigate these increases, but they are not avoidable... #1 sure we can do that...

Search enhancements

Status: In Progress
by FlyGuyTX on ‎02-06-2011 06:21 AM
Former TiVo and DirecTV user. One feature I really miss is the ability to search using "show types". In particular, I used to have saved searches (that's another thing I miss!) for "season premiere" and "series premiere" so I could quickly scan the guide to see what new shows were coming up. Without this, it is too easy to forget to schedule a show I might want to record. There were lots of other options, like "first run" etc. Being able to narrow search results by various qualifiers would be very useful.
Status: In Progress
You should be happier with the next guide release... saved searches, more filters, auto complete on text entry, popular search terms, etc, etc... more new features than you can shake your remote control at...


Status: Already Exists
by DanaDzwonczyk on ‎02-04-2011 05:21 PM - last edited on ‎02-04-2011 05:32 PM by Moderator


Status: Already Exists
The standard is for our representatives to identify themselves when they answer calls. We apologize if this was not your experience.
Status: Acknowledged
Rule of thumb: more content costs more money... few to no content providers offer their warez for free to us / you.
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Have an Idea?
If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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