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Labeling of Devices

Status: Acknowledged
by EvaB on ‎08-02-2014 07:48 AM

Hello there.  Over the years, I have had to make many calls to Verizon for FIOS support.  Verizon personnel have always been very patient, and helpful.  The problem is, at our house, we have 9 'boxes'.  By 'boxes', I mean things like four set-top boxes, one router 'box', one network extender 'box', one battery backup 'box', one 'box' in the garage, one 'box' outside the house.  None of these is labelled.  The other day when I called technical support because my TV and internet/WIFI were not working, they asked me to look for some lights on the router, and I was mistakenly looking at the lights on the network extender.  The specific lights, like WAN or LAN are called the same thing on both 'boxes' and it was by chance that we figured out that I was looking at the wrong thing.  Why not label each 'box' in plain sight with the correct terminology.  It will save everyone a lot of hassle, and save you customer support time.  Thanks for letting me provide my suggestion.

Status: Acknowledged

Fix your web site

Status: Acknowledged
by JWK on ‎08-11-2014 06:36 PM - last edited on ‎08-11-2014 07:59 PM by Moderator

Your security people are making it very difficult to sign on with an automated password helper (like Roboform).  Increasingly sites like yours are eliminating the ability fore these tools to work or the ability to cut and paste passwords.  This like  security that keep increasing password complexity and length, forget the human factors that go into good security.  In this case I am using very strong passwords, but cannot possibly remember them all.  Your approach is forcing me to go back to unsecure passwords if you expect me to have to remember them and type them in every time.  What happened to one simple sign on screen that enables an addin to put the password and ID in for me???  You now have multiple screens to sing on and have inhimbited the ability for the password tool to insert the password into the screen for me.  This stops me every time I use this.


Please fix.  Your supposed security actually makes this less secure, and my choices are:


1. Use a stupid easy to remember password so I can remember and manually enter it every time (remember I have dozen of web sites, so I am not focused only on Verizon); or

2. Revert back to paper billing which will cost you more money as I mainly use this site to access my bill.


Above all, teach your security  to think about human factors and not follow their associates in the industry that continually invest these stupid things that actually make the world less secure.  Why not have 100 digit passwrods and make the users stand on their head when they enter them....  Really come on.  A simpler sign on please!!!!

Status: Acknowledged

Esata was supported on my old Motorola 7232 DVR and by enabling an external drive, I had over 200hrs of HD recording possible. With all of the wonderful TV channels and programming available, it was required so that I could record several entire series so that I would have something to watch over the summer.Now with the VMS1100, I only have 150 hours of HD recording.  With 5 people in the house, there just isn't enough. I only have about 5 hours of TV time for me per week, can't really justify more than that, and we record about 20.  Even with us deleting the things we watch, there is not enough storage for the other series that I save for the summer. And it'stotally unfair for Verizon to require that I pay another $10/month just to get 200 hours. Like I said before, I had over 200 - actually about 375 hours because I was using a 2TB external drive.

Please enable the eSata support.

Status: Acknowledged

verizon area

Status: New Idea
by brandonc388 on ‎08-17-2014 05:35 PM

i had verizon til i moved to a better apt and now that i have moved we cant get verizon in this area and now have to deal with a horrible comcast!!! Verizon PLEASE get tv and internet service to the 23075 Zip code this is painful dealing with a crappy internet,tv, and Customer serive that comcast brings to the table. Help a grateful old customer to return to you.

This has been very aggravating since Optimum has this functionality built in. 


Verizon finally put in a "block by date and time" which is quite useful because we have young children and we want to set a block so the kids aren't getting up early in the morning to watch TV without parental permission.  (I mean sneaking out of bed at 5am to watch TV unsupervised until a parent gets up)


With Optimum - if I set up a time restrcition I could unblocked the TV (to let the kids watch or for me to watch the news as I'm getting ready for work) and the system would automatically re-set the block so the next morning the kids would be faced with a locked TV, unless a parent unblocks it again.


With FIOS - if I unblock the TV, you have to remember to re-enable the block or else the TV stayed unblocked.  So, that means I unblock the 5am to 7am timeslot to watch the early news for 10 minutes...I forget to re-enable the block...I have a kid on the couch the next morning watching cartoons at 5am.


My wife has asked me several times to dump FIOS because of this lack of funcationality.  It is that important to us.  (Please keep all the comments about my kids not listening to me to yourself...I know I'm not the only one that has this issue).  Technology should be able to do this for us.  And Optimum (and I assume other Cable companies) figured this out years ago.  I've lodged suggestsions via the customer support phone line many many times.  I am hoping by posting it here there will be more traction and maybe others will suggest/support this upgrade.  Every 3 months or so my wife


Thanks to anyone who contributes to the post or helps gain some clairty aound this issue.  After this gets solved then I'd love to get some clarity as to why I can't watch any live TV channel (any channel, not the select 75) or access my DVR from my mobile devices when they are connected to my FIOS router....  I seem to be awfullly needy today...

Fox Soccer Channel has lost the rights to broadcast football (soccer) games from top European leagues La Liga (Spain) and Serie A (Italy). Al Jazeera Sports Network has won the rights to broadcast those games for the 2012-2013 seasons onward. They will broadcast the games on their sports channels beIN Sports 1 and beIN Sports 2 which are currently not part of your FiOS channel lineup. 


Unless Verizon adds these channels to their FiOS lineup, Verizon customers in North America will be unable to see any games from La Liga and Serie A. The games won't be available online through legal channels either. This means that Verizon customers will have no access to games from such high profile teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, etc. 


Please add beIN Sports 1 and beIN Sports 2 to the FiOS channel lineup. 

Status: Launched

It's Here! I'm overjoyed and you will be too! beIN sports is here!

Here are some of the details from our FiOS TV team:


beIN SPORT HD and beIN SPORT en Español HD are available today to FiOS TV customers in Florida, Texas, California and the Pittsburgh area, and will continue to launch in other FiOS TV markets in the coming days and weeks. All FiOS TV customers will have access to both channels by mid-April.


FiOS TV customers will find beIN SPORT HD on channel 598 and beIN SPORT en Español HD on channel 1598. beIN SPORT HD is included in the Ultimate HD package and beIN SPORT en Español is included with La Conexion and the Spanish-language TV package.


Find out the rest of the details here.




Vacation home price pain.

Status: Acknowledged
by jeffrodude on ‎08-05-2014 12:40 PM

Why not allow customers to add a second home to the bundle at a reasoonable rate. I have a weekend place and need internet service only but have to pay through the nose for either internet or TV bundles. Directv offers that, if you have a second dish, they only charge you for the extra reciever for TV service. Please offer something like that for TV and or internet to us loyal customers.

Status: Acknowledged

I realize this issue was brought up last year, but the names of packages have changed since then and I thought I'd add a couple more suggestions.


I think I understand the frustration people have voiced about losing channels between packages. When cable first was introduced there really wasn't a lot of choice. I remember the only packages was basic cable or premium channels such as HBO and Showtime.  Over time the amount of networks has increased and with the advent of Dish Networks have increased the value of certain networks based on their demand.


I don't think it's unreasonable for customers to assume when they upgrade to the next tier of service that they retain the channels they started with. What I don't know is what channels that were added that caused the need to eliminate channels to compensate to cost of the upgrade package. 


As of May 2104 the difference between the Select HD and the Preferred HD (formerly called Prime) is 50 new channels and 12 eliminated channels.


Among the eliminated channels, BBC America and Boomerang which many have voiced a concern about. My question, are there any new channels added that equal the cost of these two networks? From the list of the additional channels when upgrading to Preferred HD there seems to be more sports, government news sites and specialty networks such as Comedy Central and SyFy Channel. I think most customers want the added specialty networks, but Select HD went from zero sports and government news sites to three instances of C-Span and half a dozen sports networks. All great additions, but do we need to lose Boomerang and BBC America in the process?


Unique stations like BBC America offer some of the most innovative programming in the world so treating it like a throwaway network while adding more duplicate networks doesn't seem equitable. However I have no knowledge of how network agreements work. I would assume you have 3 versions of C-Spans because that's they way they are bundled for the market. All I know is that bumping up to Extreme HD just to get back BBC America and Boomerang doesn't make any sense when I'm be asked to pay for over 200 channels I really don't want.


If I had one more pitch, it would be to separate sports from basic entertainment packages and use it like an al carte addition. That would eliminate around 8 networks from the Preferred HD package.  Lets say that bundle costs $5 to $10 then Preferred HD should get more programming unless returning of the 12 eliminated stations uses up that savings. Sports fans can pay the extra $5 to $10 for Preferred HD plus sports. If you haven't guessed I'm not really a sports fan, but I don't think of this suggestion as penalizing sports fans. I'm just saying to go from zero sports with Select HD to adding 8 sports related networks with Preferred HD. Sports is clearly taking up the lion's share of additional programming. If you're not into sports, you're in the situation of losing what you like in lieu of what you don't. If most sports fans aren't into the specialty networks like Animal Planet or Oxygen, they should be able to get this sports package with the Select HD package which would end up saving them money.

Status: Acknowledged

Free On Demand

Status: Acknowledged
by mariak on ‎06-22-2014 02:16 PM

You should really have more episodes available for the TV shows that are on the free on demand--the selection is really sparse.  Cablevision has many more selections of episodes within each selection, not just the most recent couple of episodes.

Status: Acknowledged

VMS 1100 Expanability

Status: Acknowledged
by sbd1965 on ‎06-01-2014 01:16 AM

WHY...would you create a nearly perfect device and not make it expandable?  I'd literally get two of the devices Monday (the service has been offered to me), but doing so would reduce my current recording capacity, which is now augmented by an eSATA 3TB drive.  


Are there plans to activate the eSATA port(s)?  If so, when? I'd consider going a couple months without it, but in the long-term, what's the point to having TWELVE tuners, but diminished storage capabilities.  I just don't get who would have made such a decision.  It makes absolutely no sense to offer such an advanced device and then cripple it for the folks who would be your target audience.


I, for one, will stick with my two tuner DVR that allows me to set and manage my storage needs.  Such a shame.



Status: Acknowledged

TV Features

Status: Acknowledged
by p-a-dave on ‎07-12-2014 02:14 PM

Verison, plese, please bring back the size function on the remote (# button)!!!  It made watching standard definition tv so much better.  now we get either black bars or a wide stretched screen that makes everything look too wide.

Status: Acknowledged

Remote Search Categories

Status: Acknowledged
by psu72 on ‎08-03-2014 11:52 AM

I currently have TV, Internet, and Phone with Verizon.  Every time I use the remote I want to switch back to Comcast.  The "Search" function is useless, particularly by category.  If you choose "sports" you get everything except sports.  Why can't it list all the baseball games or football games like the Comcast search function?  Instead Verizon lists movies, arm wrestling, poker tournaments, and olympic curling from 2000.  It seems like a small problem but the general search function for specific shows or titles is equally difficult to use and terrible in its logic (if you don't type the word "the" in front of a title it won't find it).  As we approach football season I'll be looking at any favorable Comcast options.

Status: Acknowledged
NBC now owns the rights to the Barclays Premier League (England's top flight and arguably the most competitive league in the world) soccer matches. NBC will be airing ALL the Premier League matches this year across their channels (NBC, NBC Sports Network, NBC Premier League Extra Time and NBC Live Sports Extra). They will be airing multiple games at the same time on TV channel NBC Premier League Extra Time and all games on their NBC Live Sports Extra (an ap).<br><br>We need Verizon Fios to support both channels in order for us users to see all the games. This would be a huge competitive advantage for Fios.<br><br>Season starts August 17 and lasts until May. 388 total games. We need Verizon to sign up for both channels.
Status: Acknowledged
You are not alone. Currently, I don't have any information on the addition of these channels. As soon as there is more to share this thread will be updated. Thanks for your interest.

Verizon Fios service

Status: Acknowledged
by Huntsvilhawk on ‎08-15-2014 11:43 AM
Bring fios to Houston,Texas,I can give you 4.5 million reasons to say. The third largest city in the US.
Status: Acknowledged

Fix Parental Control Loopholes!

Status: Acknowledged
by mccormicksl on ‎08-01-2014 11:46 AM

Please fix the Parental Control loopholes! I have researched this on your website and it is a problem that people have been asking Verizon to fix for at least 5 years. 


First, let me say that relying on tv-ratings or age level to decide appropriateness of a show is not sufficient.  Parents need the ability to block individual shows based on their judgement of the appropriateness of the show for their children. Currently, there is no ability to block an individual show.  So, if I allow G-rated shows but block PG and up, but I do not want my children watching some of these G-rated shows because I have decided they are not of value, or they are incorrectly rated G, I am forced to block the whole channel.  Secondly, there is no ability to block free on demand titles.  So, if I block a channel because of the aforementioned issue, there is nothing keeping my children from just going to free On Demand to watch those same shows from the network of the channel that I blocked.  There should be a master parental control for ALL On Demand watching, not just for paid titles.  There should be a parental control for individual shows.  This cannot be a hard problem to fix! I do not understand why, after years of postings on message boards, and I am sure many phone calls, that Verizon has not fixed this problem.

Status: Acknowledged
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