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Status: Acknowledged
by RyanSteele on ‎07-03-2014 08:58 PM
Please add a screen saver to live TV... When pausing. DirecTV and Comcast both have had that for many years. It's a great protection, otherwise we must always turn it off when we step away.....
Status: Acknowledged

Verizon should implement email encryption protocols . . .

Status: Acknowledged
by Bolt ‎06-08-2014 08:12 AM - edited ‎06-08-2014 08:34 AM

Numerous news articles are reporting that Verizon emails are not encrypted and are thus insecure -- unlike those generated by such free email services as Gmail (by contrast, I pay a lot for a Verizon FiOS bundle).  For instance: .  Here is Google's own report showing Verizon's insecure email traffic: .  The problem appears to be that Verizon does not implement the TLS protocol, or make it optional for email users.  (Elsewhere it has been reported that at least some of Verizon's email servers do not offer the encrypted-password transmission option, which makes using email client software on non-secure wifi connections especially hazardous, and seems to be  an entirely unecessary risk that could be eliminated through implementation of password encryption).


Comcast, which  has had an apparently similar practice, promptly responded to the press generated by Google on this issue by announcing that it is beta testing TLS:  and here: .


I have not found any similar response from Verizon yet, unless I've missed it.  In this day, with the growing public awareness about the effect of government snooping on our privacy, I personally believe that any premier email provider should offer state-of-the-art access to those tools that are generally available elsewhere in the email market.


What do others think about this issue, and the desirability of Verizon acting promptly?

Status: Acknowledged

Can we split off the request for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 as there own threads.. They are 2 separate things supporting 2 different user bases, and no one seems to want to respond to the long running thread since it has already been acknowledged 2 years ago...


I can understand (although don't agree) with not supporting a windows phone app yet because the user base is still slow but growing, but the Windows 8 user base (which is mostly laptops, tablets and hybrids) has a larget user base of appx 120M...  Considering there have been about 200M iPads sold EVER, I think windows 8 marketshare is large enough to support a FiOS app..  Please Have this as a separate Windows 8 idea...

Status: Acknowledged

How about running Fiber lines in Powhatan, Va as we rank in the bottom 18% of the US for internet speed.

Fiber is the way to go, you have no idea how many jobs I have had to turn down because of my connection speed. I'd even pay to have you run them to my house. With upload speeds of 0.75 and download of 2.84 this is a disgrace. gives my service an "F"


Status: Acknowledged

Reduce cost for The Israeli Network

Status: Acknowledged
by bbloomen on ‎06-26-2014 06:52 AM

After doing some research, it has come to my attention that Verizon Fios customers are paying the highest monthly rates for any cable television provider.  While both Time Warner and Comcast charge $14.99 for this station, Verizon charges a full 25% more at $19.99.  This channel provides a great link to Israel with live television and sporting events.  However, to charge such a premium for a non-hd station seems foolish.


My recommendation is to charge the $14.99 a month, allowing for more subscribers to enjoy first run content from israel.

Status: Acknowledged

With the new software upgrade to STB.  I now have a very annoying BRIGHT RED ad banner on the bottom of my guide.  How do i remove it?


I have Interactive TV --> Disabled. I sure hope there is a setting to disable the the ad.  I know what services I have and don't need Verizon advertising for the Internet speed upgrade which I already have!  This is beyond exceptable and I may consider dropping my service if the bombardment of ads continues (especailly ads for services I already have!)

Status: Acknowledged

The Blaze News Channel.

Status: Acknowledged
by mattcut99 on ‎09-12-2012 01:25 PM

Please add the new Blaze News channel to your network.  

Status: Acknowledged
We can see many of your are interested in adding Blaze TV to the channel lineup. Please know that your request will be forwarded to the FiOS TV team. If they decide to consider it, I will post an update here on the thread. Thanks everyone!

I just joined the FIOS family and noticed that in one of the iOS applications, I could paste my password into FIOS Mobile. However, the paste action is disabled in My FIOS for iOS. I use a password manager LastPass and I can't type my very large random password very easily into the password box. Paste is required. Please enable the paste action for password boxes.

Status: Acknowledged

Info Bar Time Limit

Status: Acknowledged
by IrisGMessina on ‎07-16-2014 10:22 AM


   I recently upgraded to Extreme.   And have to admit it is not very extreme to me.   There is alot of lag time when using the smaller box in the rooms not marked Den or the main box.   The channel icons hardly show up.

   And specifically I am greatly missing the option we had before to pick how long we want the info bar to stay on the screen.   We had times of 10-20-30 seconds.  Please reconsider and bring that option back ASAP.

Status: Acknowledged

On Demand through cablecard/Tivo? Comcast has this now

Status: Acknowledged
by gbfraz ‎06-29-2014 09:26 PM - edited ‎06-29-2014 09:26 PM

I just came back to Verizon after 3 months of trying out Comcast.  In the end, it didnt work out but one thing I noticed that I didnt even realize was possible is that my Tivo which was using a Comcast cablecard, now had an icon for Comcast and accessing on demand services!  I was so glad to see this!  When I went back to Verizon (today), it was like before where I still dont seem to have access to any on demand services.  Is there any way to have this also like Comcast offers without using a Verizon owned box?  Sorry, I still love my Tivo and no other DVR or set top box compares to them, but I would really like to see this as well.  And if its not something thats possible already and just dont know how to yet, please give us this upgrade also!

Status: Acknowledged

Please add "FS2" Fox Sports 2 in HD

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-14-2013 11:11 AM

Please add "FS2" Fox Sports 2 in HD. It launches in 3 days!!! HURRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Status: Acknowledged

Allow Users to Salvage DVRContent

Status: Acknowledged
by locolou on ‎05-29-2014 11:41 AM

My HD DVR (QIP7232) appears to have a bad power supply, but there is no way to save a perfectly good hard drive with all of my recordings! As someone who works in the IT industry, this is infuriating! I understand the limits you must put on protected content, but why does that preclude you from allowing us to protect the content we have in the event of equipment failure, especially when the failed equipment is not the hard drive!

Status: Acknowledged
Have you tried the suggestion here about attaching an external drive?


Status: Not Likely
by animexsoldier on ‎02-15-2012 10:04 PM

You all are planning on dropping Funimation?  This is a very dumb move imo.  You have a ton of people that are Verizon Fios customers solely for this channel.  This is the only channel you are able to watch "real" anime and I along with alot of people from what I see just googleing "Fios to drop funumation"  came here mainly for that channel.  There are NO real anime channels beside this, how could the ratings possibly be that low.  This channel is no lie on at my house at least 8 hours a day.  This is the channel that runs even while I am on my pc not watching TV.  Go find another "actual" crappy channel to cut.  I can't imagine many people watch cartoon network anymore now that Adult Swim is filled with stupid shows a 4 year old could do a better job on and comedies that are the dumbest thing I have ever seen.  If you cut this channel Verizon I asure you, that you will lose ALOT of customers. 

Status: Not Likely
Unfortunately Funimation will not be coming back as part of the TV lineup. You can view some of the content in On Demand.

DVR Functionality

Status: Acknowledged
by AngryBlackMan on ‎06-04-2014 09:49 AM

First off, please DO NOT "ACKNOWLEDGE" this suggestion. Instead, please actually (at least) reply to this problem directly. An acknowledgement is as useless to me as windows asking "would you like to send us an error report".


installed a dvr expander to my set top box. everything was great until i noticed the default storage location changed to the expander. At the time, this didn't appear to be any sort of issue.


That is, untl the hard drive in my expander started making all kinds of unwanted, frustrating, deafening, loud noises as it churned and churned away at saving the live recording buffer (primarily).


I realize that the noise of the hard drive is not directly the fault of verizon. I get this. I'm a computer professional and understand where the boundaries lie.


However, there is a simple fix which would address the problem and give your customers more control and make everyone as happy as a clam.




Please have the software guys make it so that when the DVR detects an external hard drive, you are given the following new options for recording:


  • the choice of what medium (internal or external) by default to save new recordings to
  • a choice of where (int/ext) to save the live tv recording buffer
  • user selected option of changing the length of the live tv buffer (i'd prefer a 3 hour buffer instead of 1)
  • the ability to move recordings between mediums (in the same way that i can move stuff of my dvr into your cloud)

For the love of jeff, please neither ignore nor just "acknowledge" this post. please respond!

Status: Acknowledged

Netflix Open Connect

Status: Acknowledged
by bstmstrxellos on ‎01-08-2013 03:17 PM

Please join the newly announce Netflix Open Connect so that we can access the 3d content and "super HD" from Netflix.

Status: Acknowledged
We are happy to receive your idea. I currently do not have the answer to this one. I will pass this on to the appropriate team.
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Have an Idea?
If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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