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Payment due date in email, please

Status: Acknowledged
by user2244 on ‎02-26-2014 08:25 AM

Would it be possible to include the due date in the "Your Bill Is Now Ready" email that is sent monthly? It has the amount and the account number, but then I have to log in to find out by what date it is due. Even if it is the same date each month, I have too many other bill due dates to remember each one. Thanks.

Status: Acknowledged

Add favorite channels from the guide

Status: Acknowledged
by nyc615 on ‎02-09-2014 08:10 AM

I think the only way to add/remove favorites is if you go to settings and then to favorites.   You should be able to add or remove favorites while viewing in the guide. it would be so much easier

Status: Acknowledged
I don't want to see channel listings for channels i don't subscribe to, please remove from my guides
Status: Already Exists

New TV Guide is a bust

Status: Acknowledged
by tgoelz on ‎07-06-2011 01:43 PM

Sirs,  I came home from work and had to wait to find out you upgraded the TV Guide (if you want to call it an upgrade).  I personally think it is two step backward and closely resembles the Comcast TV Guide of a few years ago.   Not only is the TV Guide poor programming choice but it also does not hold to the "Favorites" when the box is turned off.  In these days of resources conservation, I think that leaving the box turned on is a waste of resources and not very green thinking.  I wonder who the "airhead" was that OK'ed this (so called) upgrade.  I feel with this new TV Guide you've really screwed up.

Status: Acknowledged

Please add UV support for Verizon STBs

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎03-27-2014 09:28 PM

I refuse to buy or even try out the first free on-demand video since I hate being restricted to a single service for videos I purchase or rent.  For those who don't know:


Works with many major streaming offerings except Verion Redbox Instant and Amazon Instant Video.
Supported steaming services:
Target Ticket
many more
Players exist for about any device: Windows PC, Macs, Roku, Apple TV, ipads, iPhones, Android, Windows phones, PS4, Xbox, various Blue Ray/ DVD players.. except of course Verion STBs.
I just bought a DVD/Blue ray DVD and it came with a UV code so now I can stream that movie on any platorm or service that supports UV.  Why can't this customer friendly service be available from Verizon STBs?
Status: Acknowledged

BBC America HD

Status: Launched
by Trendkill on ‎10-07-2010 09:40 AM

Would love to see BBC America HD. It's available on most other large providers.

Status: Launched

Enable PIP Picture in Picture Functionality

Status: Accepted
by Ktrain on ‎04-23-2011 05:47 AM

How long will we have to wait for Verizon FIOS to upgrade their existing clunky oversize "set top" boxes to allow Picture in PIcture (PIP)?  Since we are told the existing set top boxes cannot provide PIP, why not just offer us PIP hungry customers a different box, like the Scientific American's. 


Its high time for Verizon to not drop the ball on this one. If the existing boxes cannot handle such a simple function that Comcast customers in my area have had for years, I will be forced to switch to Comcast to resolve this. I bought a TV with PIP functionality deliberately, like so many others have. If the digital age involves rolling back technologies, why did we switch again?


I am forced  to presume Verizon FIOS wants me to rent yet another box and split the signal before it enters my set top box,, and live with SD and a limited channel lineup and no guide. Nope. Its like we are still in the stone age. Why is there a PIP button on my remote, anyways? 


Its also high time to abandon the name set top box.  If a single customer can get the set top box on top of the existing flat panel high definition TV, please post a picture so we can all get a good laugh. 



Status: Accepted
But not the 1990's definition of PIP... something more sophisticated... 1,2,3,4,5,6,7.... video windows on a screens... you pick which ones... just went to a design meeting today :smileyhappy: Please jack up the vote volume.... will help me in the cause.

Chapter fast-forward for On-Demand Movies

Status: Acknowledged
by JordyG on ‎02-04-2014 09:04 AM

It would be very helpful to easily fast-forward within movies that are On-Demand.  Simply adding the FiOS chapter approach from DVR recordings would work fine.  It is frustrating to start a movie, not finish it (ie., fell asleep, need to watch over the weekend, etc.), and then have to fast-forward, sometimes ah hour plus into the movie at the "2X" pace.


I understand that the traditional-network TV shows don't want to allow this (that's another topic altogether), but fixing the movies would be a step in the right direction for FiOS cusomers.  There is no reason why Comcast should have this as an advantage right now.  Might as well do it for Pay TV shows too (HBO, Showtime, etc.).

Status: Acknowledged

We've noticed that many programs surprisingly do not even have Title Descriptions, far less things like Program Numbers and Genre Categories. Please include as much information about the programs as possible. Things like Titles, Episode Numbers, Season Numbers, Air Dates and Genre Categories should all be standard requirements for producing programs to be aired. It helps both viewers and producers when viewers are better able to identify programs they enjoy, as well as parents and educators identify programs that are either inappropriate or maybe somehow miss the mark.

Status: Acknowledged

Please add the channels that part of the Select HD plan to the Prime HD plan, i know this has been requested for the past like 5 years and nothing has changed, but thats just more of an indication that something needs to be done or you will continue to lose subscribers.


At the very least, Boomerang should be offered as it is an ad-free network, so if the subscriber fee for Select HD is enough to cover the cost for Boomerang, surely the extra money of Prime HD should be enough the have Boomerang as well (why should I pay even more with Extreme HD for something that is available to me for less?).


Likewise with BBC America, which has the same set up that it is available in Select HD and Extreme HD, but not Prime HD. It is a pretty basic channel to offer.


Finally, with FOX Soccer becoming FXX and Fox Movie Channel becoming FXM, those channels should also be offered in the Prime HD plan, as they will feature content in the way TNT-TBS-TCM does. So FX-FXX-FXM should be available in Prime HD just like the Turner networks are (and especially because in the case of FXX, shows like The League and Its Always Sunny... that used to air on FX will now be on FXX, so subscribers of FX will all want to see their shows).


Please correct these gross oversights as soon as possible, and please don't just let this request sit for another 5 years so people can continute to complain and/or leave your subscriber base. Thank you.

Status: Acknowledged

Realign Your Channel Lineup

Status: Acknowledged
by on ‎08-31-2013 12:48 AM

There are too many channels that are listed on the guide that makes no sense for them to be where they are at so my suggestion is that you realign them so that people can find those channels a lot easier. For example fx1 and fx2 should not be in two completely different areas where they should be right next to each other back to back. The same would also apply to the new fxx channel that is on the way which will be taking the place of fox soccer so that means that it will be located where the sports channels are. H2 should also not be before the history channel. Other channels that make no sense where they are at are the live well network in hd at channel 467 when the next channel is the live well network in sd at channel 468. Hd channels are supposed to be in the 500s or higher remember? There is also the matter of two boomerang networks that appear at channels 1724 and 1725 where they are the same definition and the same feed. Also if you are going to pursue this then how about removing gol tv english channel 313 from the guide since the feed was discontinued back in may? It is very misleading to continue to have it listed there because it makes new customers think all they have to do is press ok twice and they will have the channel available to them when it no longer exists on fios.


app needs enhancement

Status: Acknowledged
by e10 on ‎02-11-2014 07:32 AM

When looking at the TV listings on TV, you can see a description of the show.  For example, there might be a paragraph synopsis of a movie.


On the app, the first few words of that are shown, but not enough to actually understand anything.  "clicking" on that synopsis fragment does nothing.   How about making it so you can see if you're about to record something you want to record?

Status: Acknowledged

Make it possible to email you or talk to a live person when there is a problem. I got hit with a $99 unreturned equipment charge. All I needed was a way to email you with the UPS tracking #. NO way to do it on your web site. Sat on hold went through the phone prompts and finally got a HUMAN. After we were done he had me write down the returned equip. # because he could not send it in an email. That is crazy! Why can't we talk via Email? You are a communications company, why in this day and age do I need to use paper and pencil to keep track of something like that? This is not the first time I have had this kind of problem.

Status: Acknowledged

Back-Up recording on DVR

Status: Acknowledged
by jcerr54 on ‎12-03-2013 04:56 AM

I recently experienced losing all my saved movies and television episodes from my DVR. Everything was wiped out because of a faulty Set Top Box. Verizon could not restore them. My suggestion is that customers should be able to save their favorite recordings on their Verizon account (just like I am able to save all my contacts on my cell phone onto my Verizon Wireless account). I am so devastated to lose movies and episodes I love to watch over and over.

Status: Acknowledged

This is 2014 - why does the guide still have twice as many channels as it needs to because both SD and HD channels are now available???


Your box is smart enough to auto-detect what resolution to push to the TV - why can't it also filter out a version of the guide to only show HD channels for someone using an HD TV ... which is probably 95% of your customers at this point anyways.

Status: Acknowledged
Related to this idea, which allows you to see only the channels you are subscribed to:
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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