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by EvaB on ‎08-02-2014 08:16 AM

Hello there.  I live in the Tampa Bay area in Florida, and have been a Verizon customer for at least a dozen years.  Over those years, I have had problems with Verizon equipment in the house going 'bad'.  The Tampa Bay area is the lightning capital of the U.S. (if not the world).  I have also lived in NY state, and it's obvious to me that in Tampa Bay, we have a much greater problem with power surges.  I think Verizon equipment is going 'bad' because of this.  I protect my equipment with surge protectors.  I think that Verizon could save a lot of money on technical support and replaing of 'bad' hardware if they simply added a surge protector on the Verizon box outside the house, and they shouldn't charge customers for this additional equipment in states/counties where there is a high incidence of lightning strikes and power surges.  Thanks for letting me provide my suggestions.  I am a software developer/problem solver by nature so I have an infinite number of ideas for simple soutions.

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For reasons that are not appropriate for this forum, I contact Verizon on a fairly frequent basis. With each call, I spend an inordinate amount of time navigating through the auto attendant and wind up  receive a message "we are attempting to connect you to the last agent you spoke with". The timeout waiting for "the last agent" is six minutes.


To date I can only think of one out of approximately fifteen calls where it would have been helpful to speak with the last agent.


On the surface it is a good idea to try to maintain continuity of service by connecting your callers to the last agent they spoke with. However, in practice, I have never successfully been connected to the last agent. So what this attempt at continuity of service actually provides is a waste of your customers time.


On to my suggestion… Add a choice to the auto attendant that allows the caller to DECIDE if they would like to be connected to the last agent instead of making the decision for your customers.


Status: Acknowledged

Does Verizon have any plans to take advantage of the RVU technology.  This ultimately eliminates the requirement for STBs for every TV in the home.


The RVU Alliance exists to further the adoption and acceptance of the RVU protocol, a communications protocol, built substantially upon the pre-existing Digital Living Network Alliance (DLNA) standards. The RVU protocol is intended to solve the problems inherent in viewing live or recorded digital media remotely across a Home network. For example, an RVU compliant TV will be able to view music, photos & video from an RVU compliant media server. The RVU protocol specifically can deal with the passing of broadcast video coming from a Multichannel video programming distributor through a residential gateway or dedicated media server to other consumer electronic devices in the home. The RVU protocol includes a pixel-accurate Remote User Interface (RUI) technology that allows the media server to fully control the client user experience.

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The above (in subject line) was great and allowed us to search all sports on by day. Almost all of the other categories (Action, Children, etc) have this. The first two folders used to be &quot;Sports on Television&quot; and &quot;Sports on Demand&quot; but now &quot;on Television&quot; is gone during the last year. I am sure it was a decision but....why? Thanks, KW<br><br><br><br>
Status: Acknowledged

Keep On Demand trailers/ads clean

Status: Acknowledged
by aharvey on ‎08-13-2014 11:19 AM

Many times while I am browsing the On Demand options for my 4 year old an age-inappropriate ad/trailer will be running. The most recent example is for The Other Woman. While I was looking for a Disney Jr. show "let's kick him in the balls" blared out of the tv.


Is there any way Verizon can keep the On Demand trailers to a PG / all ages appropriateness level? We've seen trailers for horror movies, trailers with violence, etc. and they are not things I want my daughter subjected to but I have no way of blocking these.


Thanks for considering,

A. H.

Status: Acknowledged

I, like so many other viewers, love watching movies on Verizon FiOS.  Would it be possible to have another line added to the "Cast" information?  I like seeing the actors before (and often during) watching the movie.  Its fun to try to match a name to an actor that we are not totally familiar with. With only two lines we often don't get to see a good representation of the cast.  Also, would it be possible to have whoever is writing the synopses to be a little bit more familiar with movies and actors?  Often the names listed in the cast will be some minor actors with A-list actors omitted.  No cinephile would make that error.   Of course, if the writer had that additonal line available, it would be an easier task.


One more pet peeve....Samuel L. Jackson is not Sam Jackson, William H. Macy is not William Macy, Mary Kay Place is not Mary Place.  These are just some examples.   Once again, if the person assigned to publishing the Info screens loved movies, they would never make these faux pas.

Status: Acknowledged

Verizon has cancelled the free web personal space it used to provide for its customers to create and maintain personal websites, forcing their customers to move their website to a new web host.  This cancellation is effective sometime in September 2014.   This forces verizon customers to move their Verizon personal website (whose personal website url address starts off with "") to a new web host, and it will change the url address of the verizon customer's website.  Web Surfers clicking on that personal website link wherever it is already linked to on the net will get an error message instead of being able to see that website.  It's only fair for verizon to set up URL forwarding so that if a person clicks on the no-longer-operational verizon personal website address, a web surfer will automatically be redirected to the verizon customer's new webpage at its new host.  Will Verizon please do this?  Again, It's only fair . . .  Please set up URL forwarding for the cancelled verizon websites and email all verizon customers with instructions on how to provide their new website's URL to you to accomplish this.  If Verizon doesn't want to provide url forwarding for free, I would be willing to pay for it, but we need your help verizon!!.  A verizon customer can't set up URL forwarding from Verizon pages without it!!!  Thank you in advance for doing the right thing to minimize the harm you're causing by cancelling a service you promised to provide when we signed up with you.

Status: Acknowledged

Google Fiber updated their TOS at the end of 2013 to allow personal servers on residential internet without any extra fees or any extra service needed. FiOS has the speed and the bandwidth to support it as well, but it's currently not allowed under the Terms of Service. I'm looking to change the TOS to allow servers to be hosted through FiOS internet.

Status: Acknowledged

We recently rented an HD Set Top Box to add to our guest room to see how your interface differs from TIVO. Like TIVO you list all the channels so if you have to keep sifting through a bunch of dead channels, you have to either manually eliminate them in TIVO or add them to a Favorites channel from the set top box from Verizon.


I was wondering how difficult it would be to add a couple more filters such as preset channels which correlates to the packaged you currently have. In our case it would be the Select HD pacakage so only about 100 channels should be in that filter. You could also allow presets for the other packages and this could be a great way for consumers to see what they were missing.


I'm not a programmer so I have no idea how much work it would take to create these presets and if they could be upgraded when Verizon upgrades their channel list one a year. Probably not since you have grandfathered package system. Hmmm. Well, I still like the idea, but not sure if it's a good fit with the way Verizon currently deals with past and present package deals. Personally, I think grandfather has some advantages, but you can never upgrade without losing something and that seems counter intuitive.


Anyhow I might have already answered my own question here, but maybe I'm still offering food for thought in how packaged deals could be better maintained. Why not give everyone the same package and thus create a habitual consistent good value by keeping what works and eliminating what doesn't work. Instead of grandfather accounts, you focus on annually updating a fresh and vibrant channel listing that people will value. if everyone has the same packages, then you could create channel package listings as standard filters for the DVR and HD set top boxes.

Status: Acknowledged

I really wish that we could skip over those messages that your automated line speaks when we call your tech support line.  There are some of us out there who don't like to call the tech support line unless we really have a problem, and by that time we have exhausted all the troubleshooting steps that we could think on our own.  Your automated line thinks we are all stupid and tells us to repeat everything we just did to try and correct it... Some of us may need it, but some of us DON'T!!  We would appreciate it if the computer, and possibly, some of your techs, don't make us feel even more stupid, and allow us to skip over it.   Just connect us to someone that can help us with our problems.  This, of course, is the reason why you exist, is it not?!? 

Status: Acknowledged
Hi, I subscribe to fox soccer plus, at $15 per month extra, for the Australian AFL football coverage.

This channel is available in HD on other providers. Can you please add it in HD.

Or at the very least, please stop letterboxing the picture and improve the picture quality. By letterboxing an already 16x9 picture you are squashing it. Plus it looks like it has been recorded on a VCR. Really poor picture.

I love the coverage but for $15 a month I expect HD or at least a passable SD picture.

Status: Acknowledged

Esata was supported on my old Motorola 7232 DVR and by enabling an external drive, I had over 200hrs of HD recording possible. With all of the wonderful TV channels and programming available, it was required so that I could record several entire series so that I would have something to watch over the summer.Now with the VMS1100, I only have 150 hours of HD recording.  With 5 people in the house, there just isn't enough. I only have about 5 hours of TV time for me per week, can't really justify more than that, and we record about 20.  Even with us deleting the things we watch, there is not enough storage for the other series that I save for the summer. And it'stotally unfair for Verizon to require that I pay another $10/month just to get 200 hours. Like I said before, I had over 200 - actually about 375 hours because I was using a 2TB external drive.

Please enable the eSata support.

Status: Acknowledged

I realize this issue was brought up last year, but the names of packages have changed since then and I thought I'd add a couple more suggestions.


I think I understand the frustration people have voiced about losing channels between packages. When cable first was introduced there really wasn't a lot of choice. I remember the only packages was basic cable or premium channels such as HBO and Showtime.  Over time the amount of networks has increased and with the advent of Dish Networks have increased the value of certain networks based on their demand.


I don't think it's unreasonable for customers to assume when they upgrade to the next tier of service that they retain the channels they started with. What I don't know is what channels that were added that caused the need to eliminate channels to compensate to cost of the upgrade package. 


As of May 2104 the difference between the Select HD and the Preferred HD (formerly called Prime) is 50 new channels and 12 eliminated channels.


Among the eliminated channels, BBC America and Boomerang which many have voiced a concern about. My question, are there any new channels added that equal the cost of these two networks? From the list of the additional channels when upgrading to Preferred HD there seems to be more sports, government news sites and specialty networks such as Comedy Central and SyFy Channel. I think most customers want the added specialty networks, but Select HD went from zero sports and government news sites to three instances of C-Span and half a dozen sports networks. All great additions, but do we need to lose Boomerang and BBC America in the process?


Unique stations like BBC America offer some of the most innovative programming in the world so treating it like a throwaway network while adding more duplicate networks doesn't seem equitable. However I have no knowledge of how network agreements work. I would assume you have 3 versions of C-Spans because that's they way they are bundled for the market. All I know is that bumping up to Extreme HD just to get back BBC America and Boomerang doesn't make any sense when I'm be asked to pay for over 200 channels I really don't want.


If I had one more pitch, it would be to separate sports from basic entertainment packages and use it like an al carte addition. That would eliminate around 8 networks from the Preferred HD package.  Lets say that bundle costs $5 to $10 then Preferred HD should get more programming unless returning of the 12 eliminated stations uses up that savings. Sports fans can pay the extra $5 to $10 for Preferred HD plus sports. If you haven't guessed I'm not really a sports fan, but I don't think of this suggestion as penalizing sports fans. I'm just saying to go from zero sports with Select HD to adding 8 sports related networks with Preferred HD. Sports is clearly taking up the lion's share of additional programming. If you're not into sports, you're in the situation of losing what you like in lieu of what you don't. If most sports fans aren't into the specialty networks like Animal Planet or Oxygen, they should be able to get this sports package with the Select HD package which would end up saving them money.

Status: Acknowledged


Status: Acknowledged
by velvmex on ‎07-31-2014 09:05 PM

You ask us to choose an idea category, but you do not have the DVR or fast forward feature in your list!!


?  This idea exchange requires at least one idea category for each idea.  What the heck is this response????? I will have to pick another category just so this can go through? !


When you fast forward through a commerical and stop at the point that you "think " the commercial is over, you inevitably go past it and into the show.  Then you have to reverse to not miss a part of the show.  In Florida, the company "Brighthouse"  has a feature that works much better!  You fast forward until your show reappears and then back tracks to the end of the commercial ! You never have to go back and forth to get to the right spot, OR watch more of the commercial than you want to!  After all, isn't that the purpose of a fast forward feature on a DVR?????  I am sure this is no major adjustment for FIOS and it's technology capacity!  So, what do you think?

Status: Acknowledged

Weather link on homepage

Status: Acknowledged
by Unit87 on ‎08-15-2014 07:23 AM

I switched from Comcast.  They have a really convenient local weather link right above the greeting.  It's extremely useful.  Maybe I use it more than others because I'm a motorcyclist, but having a weather forecast seems pretty basic to me.  Knowing what the weekend will be like, or being able to see links to the beach, or use zip codes to see weather in other parts of the nation and world is really useful to me.

With the link on my homepage, I didn't have to go through the additional steps of logging onto The Weather Channel.  It's a great service.


Also, they just upgraded their email app.  It is really much more sophisticated than what you are offering.  Fewer clicks, more offerings, less cludgey.  Maybe you've got an upgrade in the works.  I'll be glad to see it.


Thanks for bringing FiOS into the neighborhood.

Status: Acknowledged
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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