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Cartoon Network HD, Funimation HD,

Status: Already Exists
by HDGuy on ‎10-08-2010 07:06 AM - last edited on ‎10-25-2012 05:57 AM by Moderator

Since BBC-HD has already been asked for I'll as for some more. I have the Ultimate HD package and have little interest in sports, yet that seems to be all we're getting as far as new channels these days.


Cartoon Network HD has tons of new HD programing, the Brave and the Bold, Sym-Bionic Titan, etc.


Since Funimation switched over to HD, FIOS now streams the HD channel downconverted on the SD channel and it looks terrible. The resulting picture is either 4:3 letterboxed, or even worse, for 4:3 programming we have a postage stamp sized picture. It's virtually unwatchable. Please add them as a full HD channel ASAP.


Thanks for listening.

Status: Already Exists
Cartoon Network HD already exist. Funimation is Not Likely to return.

Grey out channels I do not receive

Status: Already Exists
by slash7 on ‎01-18-2013 08:16 AM

It is hard to remember all the channels I receive.


I would like the option to grey out the channels that are not part of my plan so that I don't have to browse channels, choose something, then find I don't get it. Also, make it impossible to record channels I do not get on the DVR.

Status: Already Exists
Try this: On your remote go to Menu -- Settings -- Television -- Last Viewed Guide State -- Enable (as checked) then go to Guide -- Options -- Subscribed Channels This ensures that everytime you click on 'Guide', you'll only see the subscribed channels on the guide listing. To go back to viewing 'All channels' on the guide, go to Guide -- Options -- 'All Channels'.

you know what i wish fios had?

a program such as "the cutting edge" which directv administers over at the dbstalk forums. they are constantly putting out new beta builds. it's kind of like being on the dev (or even canary) channel of chrome. and it's completely opt-in. it's always announced on the forums when a new build will be "in the stream" and a user can choose to manually force a reset during a specified time period. the time periods are always at way off peak hours such as 11pm - 2am est on a friday and saturday night.

you want the newest features and what not? and you're not afraid of some bugs? go ahead and reboot your box in the time window and bingo bango. you're good to go. if you don't like the beta, simple solution! you just reboot your box during normal hours when the latest national release candidate is back "in the stream."

oh my goodness, if only verizon would adopt such an idea!

Status: Already Exists

Test Track has existed since 2007. It has over 10,000 customers and we constantly run beta tests. Usually 3-4 per year.

It would be similar to email spam. In the call log, the owner could mark the caller as spam. Future calls from that phone number would ring straight to voicemail.


I am a bit disappointed with my upgrade to Fios Digital for not already having this feature.

Status: Already Exists
You can actually click on the name/telephone number on the call log and then click on 'Call Block' to have the number added to your call block list. You can do this from either your web account or FiOS TV. The calls will be totally rejected, however, and will not be deposited in voice mail. Most of those types of callers will not leave a message in voice mail anyway. We are hoping to increase how many numbers can be blocked in the future. Hope this is a good alternative.
I don't want to see channel listings for channels i don't subscribe to, please remove from my guides
Status: Already Exists

A nice feature to have would be to automatically go back a few seconds after fast forwarding through a commercial and hitting play.  I constantly have to rewind or hit the replay button when I fast forward through commercials on my DVR so I don't miss the beginning of a show.

Status: Already Exists
You can customize the duration of replay and skip - check out settings and let me know if the values available don't solve your problem?

Subscription Based On Demand

Status: Already Exists
by asm20850 on ‎09-19-2010 01:57 PM

Why doesn't Verizon offer a subscription-based On Demand service a la Netflix.  With Netflix rapidly expanding its streaming video library (not to mention online services and others, such as Amazon On Demand), Verizon would be a market leader in offering an option allowing customers to subscribe to a certain number of On Demand videos per month.  This would be a new revenue stream for Verizon and provide value added for subscribers.

Status: Already Exists
At risk of being wrong I am going to file this one as "Already Exists"... since there are more than 15,000 and growing On Demand titles available as part of FiOS TV subscription...

Here's an idea for Verizon.  So far in my session on MyVerizon I have been prompted to join paperless billing 3 times within the span of 2 minutes.  I said "No Thanks" every time.  Quit hassling me about it.  When I say no the 1st and 2nd time, I mean it.  It is such a nuisance. 


There are two reasons that I continue to say no thanks.  The first one is the fact that I do not trust your billing, and I need to review it on paper each month.  An electronic bill is too easy to dismiss and not pay attention to.  If you get your billing back in order, maybe I will consider it.  The second reason is because I need paper bills for tracking expenses.



Status: Already Exists

From the product manager:

"This customer could have been prompted to enroll 3 times. Once via the sweepstakes interstitial page, when they viewed their bill and when they made a 1-time payment. We want him to enroll which is why he is being offered the option so many times and all 3 offers work independently of each other. Not sure what he means by getting our billing back in order but he can print past 24 months bills from his online account for tracking expenses.


Today, customers have the option to be notified when the bill is available to be viewed and paid via their mobile phone in addition to getting an email which might help missing the notice."

I (and many friends) have been using the on-demand Exercise TV videos for years and it was suddenly gone as of Dec 31, 2011.  I had no notice of this and do not see a replacement for it.  Are they working on getting a replacement?  Comcast had exercise TV at one point but they did replace with a new one when Exercise TV shut down.

Please let me know what will be done.  I expect many of your customers will leave if it is not replaced, and have seen many forums online confirming this. 

Thank you,

Status: Already Exists

There are Exercise Videos in  On Demand: Using your Remote:

Choose On Demand ___ Free & Premium __ TV Shows __ By Genre __ Health __  Healthi Nation  __  Exercise Sportskool.

You will see 3 options: Fitness, Yoga and Fun & Fit.

Exercise videos can be found in each section. Have fun! :womanvery-happy:

To the developers. Please remove the "Push Technology" from the viewer guide. When a user selects the TV guide, we are subjected to unwanted advertisement for "On Demand Now" specials, or to sign up for high speed internet. Very annoying addition to the latest software release. I already pay a substantial amount of money each month for your service. This type of "Push Technology" will not make me spend more. If this type of marketing continues, I'll go back to antenna TV with Red Box movie rentals. Truly annoying. Just read all the post on the Verizon forums about this subject. You need to have a switch to turn it off. Nice try to the new guy but you've failed as far as I'm concerned.

Skip to Front of Buffer

Status: Already Exists
by on ‎04-21-2011 07:05 AM

Whenever I want to rewind a full capacity buffer that has built up from a live show, it would be nice if there was an option to jump to the front of the buffer.  


As it is now in 1.9, I'm always having to use the trick play rewind to get to the beginning of the buffer and it takes a few minutes even at 8x.  For those instances where I want to go back as far as the buffer allows, why not add the option to jump the buffer? I was actually surprised this wasn't in 1.9 to begin with!   

Status: Already Exists
Watching DVR'ed content... up arrow. See chapters. Skip where ever you desire (jump with more precision than beginning / end). Recordings on the disk before 1.9 upgrade don't get thumbnails. Only recordings after upgrade get them.

Tornado warning

Status: Already Exists
by joefusion on ‎11-17-2010 09:53 AM

We had some bad weather possibly a tornado come through the area in the middle of the night with no way for the weather service to warn residents in those areas. As a recently retired fios tech I know the fios system is remotely addressable and can be sent commands to self check system. I think Verizon could utilize that unit to be a warning beacon at night when residents in bad weather areas are not watching tv or listening to the radio.

Status: Already Exists
FiOS TV support the emergency alert system as the mechanism for providing information to viewers about potentially dangerous weather among of possible scenarios


Status: Already Exists
by calledout on ‎04-22-2012 02:38 PM

With election time here and in the future many of us are bombarded by unknown and or unavailable telephone calls from 000-000-0000 all computer automatic dialer generated. Can there be a way for the customer to block these calls once they have answered the call and do not want to continue receiving them? Thanks............

Status: Already Exists
With FiOS Digital Voice, you can set up Anonymous Call Rejection by dialing *77 from your phone, from your online account manager, or from your FiOS TV. This feature rejects any call that displays as 'anonymous' on your callerID. You can also block up to 10 specific numbers using incoming call block from your account manager or TV. We are looking into expanding that number in a future enhancement.

Expand on demand

Status: Already Exists
by ter1chun ‎08-02-2010 05:19 AM - edited ‎08-30-2010 02:33 PM

I recently changed over from another provider.  I am shocked and dismayed by the paltry offering on demand.  We cannot get our favorite programs using the on demad features.  We used to be able to see Mad Men, and many other programs using on demand.  With verizon, everything must be recorded.  Your on demand feature is lousy at best.  I think you should look at how other providers operate and use that as your model.

Status: Already Exists
We certainly do have Mad Men along with 16,000 On Demand programs. Can you provide some additional details about your package, region, etc.? As for certain programs that are missing from the catalog, we can only showcase the titles we get from the content providers. In some cases, we may not get a show that may be available on the linear channel.

Make the boxes use less energy when they're off.

Status: Already Exists
by thefoxbox ‎03-28-2011 10:00 PM - edited ‎03-28-2011 10:03 PM

I know electronics generate heat, and that's understandable while they are being used.


I was watching an HD program on my HD receiver (no DVR; just a receiver) and that program ended about 3 hours ago and I turned it off right after that program ended. The box is still unbelievably warm. Even in the morning, the box will still be producing heat. Why? DirecTV boxes don't generate anywhere close to that much heat (even when they are on) unless they are the DVR boxes, so why should this thing? I don't want to have to run my A/C more just because of the heat a box generates... pretty sad, and sad for the environment, too.

Status: Already Exists
Our most recent boxes are much more green.. and we continue to put in new software to make them use less power
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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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