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Today the set top box have no known abilty to restrict the the set top box to only show HD if avaible or to only show your subscripted channels. Today you get a pop up saying "Press C to view in HD".

- I would like to have a setting that makes that automatically.


In the program guide you can press OPTION and selected my subcription but when you go to "TV mode" you have "all channels" and you can't change that.

- I would like to have a general setting which gives me ONLY my subscription unless I choose different.


Status: Already Exists

Greatful as I am for Verizon's new FIOS 1 news service in my region, it's just not right that, now, one second after I turn on my tv, the box automatically switches from the channel that I was last on to the channel Verizon wants me to start with - FIOS 1.


FIOS is great and beats cable.  But bit by bit, it's turning into an intrusion.  More and more I'll press a key like Guide, and FIOS will try to sell me something.


But automtically reverting to FIOS 1 everytime I turn on tv from the channel I was watching, is just one of those things that I'm sure seems like no big deal in the corporate boardroom - but really is a very big deal.  Every time I turn on the TV, Verizon reminds me that it is the master, not me the user.  Every time, I'm reminded the subtlety with which Verizon is increasingly trying to take control of my television.


It's not right.

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Status: Already Exists
by kellitampa on ‎07-17-2014 04:54 PM

It would be great if when you pressed guide you saw programming only for the channels you were subscribed to. I hate selecting a show to see that I am not subscribed to that plan.

Status: Already Exists
Please refer to the instructions here for seeing only the channels you are subscribed to:

Due date on paper billing

Status: Already Exists
by catladyjune14 on ‎06-10-2014 06:52 AM

I still get a paper bill (call me old fashioned).  Has anyone else noticed that there isn't a due date on the bill?  I'd be happy to pay my verizon bill, I'm just not sure when it's due; then I call to pay it over the phone and realze it's actually past due!  All I am saying is with all of the other information that is on the bill, throw the due date on there, too!

Status: Already Exists

Show only my Channels

Status: Already Exists
by mckinzey on ‎05-16-2014 07:25 AM

Why can't I hide the channels that I don't buy?

Status: Already Exists
To the developers. Please remove the "Push Technology" from the viewer guide. When a user selects the TV guide, we are subjected to unwanted advertisement for "On Demand Now" specials, or to sign up for high speed internet. Very annoying addition to the latest software release. I already pay a substantial amount of money each month for your service. This type of "Push Technology" will not make me spend more. If this type of marketing continues, I'll go back to antenna TV with Red Box movie rentals. Truly annoying. Just read all the post on the Verizon forums about this subject. You need to have a switch to turn it off. Nice try to the new guy but you've failed as far as I'm concerned.

Verizon has gone downhill

Status: Already Exists
by friartuck on ‎01-22-2014 03:58 PM

Every time I log into Verizon to get my emails, I get 10/15 ads including blocks from the verizon internet security suite telling me that the verizon site is not safe.  I understand that Verizon is making money with the ads but this is just annoying,  I am about ready to drop verizon and go elsewhere.

I run a business from my computer and do not need to block/close a million windows to get where I need to go.

Status: Already Exists

Here's a great solution to block robocalls, and can be implemented by Verizon in their FiOS service, if they choose.

Status: Already Exists

I had the ability with DirectTV to hide the SD channels when HD channels were available.  It was a global setting for the receiver.  I venture that most people don't want to see SD when they have HD available.

Status: Already Exists
I don't want to see channel listings for channels i don't subscribe to, please remove from my guides
Status: Already Exists

Email notification of voicemail

Status: Already Exists
by bemerson on ‎11-22-2013 07:16 AM - last edited on ‎11-22-2013 08:24 AM by Moderator

Just got my first email telling me I have a Digital Voicemail message. I contains a link, which is broken. Why not just send me an MP3 file with the voicemail and make this easy? I've included the email below with my number removed so you can check the link.


A new message has arrived in your 703-555-1212 mailbox.

Sender: "KAISERPERMANENT from "{edited for privacy}
Recipient: 703-555-1212
Type: Voicemail
Subject: 40 sec voice message

You may access your Verizon FiOS® Digital Voice online account manager by visiting


Please get rid of advertisements

Status: Already Exists
by kpkp88 on ‎11-21-2013 12:48 PM

I pay enough verizon fios that I should not have to wait for ads to load before seeing the guide and DVR.  It would be great to have an option to disable this.

Status: Already Exists

Battery Backup Beeping

Status: Already Exists
by Qak on ‎11-08-2013 08:32 PM


     My FIOS ONT just began beeping today, indicating that the backup battery needs to be replaced.  An excellent warning, I agree.  The problem I have is that now that I have ordered a replacement battery, which will arrive in 3 to 5 business days, there is apparently no way to turn off the warning beep (every 15 minutes.)  The "Silence Alarm" button only works for a short while. 

     Why should we have to listen to this beep after we have done what we can to correct it?  Customer service was no help, he said I could "try unplugging the ONT, opening it up, disconnecting the battery for a few minutes, then reassemble and plug it back in." 

     After telling me this, he went on to say "This probably won't work, the beeping is there for your protection because if the battery should fail and leak, you'll be responsible for any damage to the equipment."   So my idea is a way to disable the beeping until the new battery arrives.  Think about it

Status: Already Exists
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Filter unsubscribed channels

Status: Already Exists
by ChillnHoneypop on ‎09-26-2013 05:43 PM

In my home we have basic HD channels, we hardly watch TV to begin with. When I'm currently in the menu visualizing what calls my attention, I do see a title of a movie or whatever, I select and get your not subscribed to this channel contact Verizon to order.  Why can't I just see the channels that Im subscribed and I don't scroll looking which networks I want to watch. I am mostly positive that people search of what's worth there time to watch.


I called technical support in how to set that option, he stated there is no possible way to set up, except program the favorites. Yet again not what I was looking for. Verizon your smart get a program code to filter inscribed channels. You have hundreds of channel and it takes time to search something, and I loose the interest.


Correct your channel lineups

Status: Already Exists
by lh75023 on ‎09-16-2013 08:40 PM

A couple of weeks ago, I tried to watch ESPN Classic.  I received a dialog box stating I wasn't subscribed.  Having Ultimate HD, which had included this channel, I followed the instructions to call to have my boxes refreshed.  After going through that, no change.  I was redirected to customer service.  The CSR told me (after about 10 minutes of checking) that several sports channels had been moved to a different package.  I told the CSR that the Verizon website indicated that ESPN Classic is part of the Ultimate HD package, and that I had received no communication regarding a change.


Your website still shows that ESPN Classic is part of Ultimate HD.


So, either correct your web site channel lineups, or fix your packaging software!

Status: Already Exists

ESPN Classic is a part of the Ultimate HD Package. When it says "you are not subscribed," hit "OK." Learn More or Subscribe will be shown. Choose Subscribe. You will be asked to activate Sports Pass at No charge if you are a Ultimate customer. Follow the process. It will take a few minutes for all of the channels to come in, but this should work. Thanks for inquiring.





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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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