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One can access their respective phone's call log but it is only able to provide 30 days of logged phone events.


I suggest that one should be able to export the Call Logs to a Comma Seperated Value (CSV) or Microsoft XLS formatted file.



Status: Maybe Later
We hope to make exporting call logs available in the future, but do want to clarify that your call log holds the last 100 calls and there is no time limit (like the 30 days you mention). The list begins populating once you log into your online Account Manager the first time. Perhaps, you had just logged in for the first time 30 days prior to reviewing your log?

Auto Notification Defaults

Status: Maybe Later
by ‎06-11-2013 06:21 AM - edited ‎06-11-2013 06:22 AM

These forums are a great resource and a wealth of suggestions, ideas, and solutions for many users.  However the response follow-up procedures may benefit from a little tweaking.


If my guess is  correct, the user must specifically establish profile preferences for response notifications and private messaging in the forums.   I further assume the default settings for new accounts are  all messaging and notifications set to "off" when the forum account is established. 


Since new users are unlikely to maintain a "watch" on  the  forums (at least initially), this means that new users with "hot" issues may be getting responses and suggestions, but remain unaware of them for a considerable period.  This creates frustration for both the user with the issue, and the responder with a possible solution for the issue.


I am therefore suggesting that user defaults on response notifications and perhaps private messaging be set to the "on" position as default.  It will also be necessary to supply some sort of disclaimer covering these settings when the user signs up for the forums.  I suspect that if these suggestions are implemented, the benefit to both users and responders will be significant

Status: Maybe Later
That is a really good idea. I will share this with those in a position to make changes to the forums.

Ability to record 4 shows at once

Status: Maybe Later
by on ‎10-07-2010 10:28 AM

AT&T's U-Verse has the ability to record 4 shows at once and I think Fios should have this too.  I know it would be some kind of equipment upgrade, but it's worth it.  There are a lot of times where I am recording 2 shows and watching something else and I am forced to watch one of the shows/movies I am dvr'ing even though I wanted to wait to watch it.  

Status: Maybe Later
We are just wrapping up the current DVR projects and beginning to define the next ones... I am expecting the silicon for the next round of DVR's to be 6 tuners... so that would be even better than your suggestion. Marked as Maybe Later only because we are at the very, very end of previous DVR project and very, very beginning of a new one... takes some time to get a new DVR built and shipped

Multi-room DVR is a great feature, but right now I can't use it.


Why?  Because the present cost of my internet and tv is so high from FiOS it's difficult to justify adding more cost.  In order to get the package I want, I  have to pay for the highest possible service.  The downside is that it's put my cost over $150 a month for cable and 2 hd dvrs.  That's a lot of money.  I can't justify more money spent on a service that's pretty common with dishes.  How can I get the service I'd like without adding additional fees?  How can FIOS service be more competative pricewise?  How do I get the "free liketime multi-dvr" package without having to beg a sales person?  


I am a early adopter of FIOS and absolutely love everything I get from a service quality standpoint, but the cost association is brutal.  Some of the optional services need to be bundled into these packages for existing customers in order to KEEP US customers.



Status: Maybe Later
There is a point where this will happen... not today, but maybe tomorrow or the day after... Also understand that your content purchases do not subsidize your equipment rentals... that's not permitted by the FCC.

Eliminate this rule, as  there is no reason to not allow notification on calls and also allow blocking capability.  


"You have requested to turn the Call Notification Always feature On, but currently the Incoming Call Block - Reject Calls from Certain Numbers feature is turned On. You may not have these two services On at the same time. Do you want to: Turn Call Notification Always Onand turn Incoming Call Block - Reject Calls from Certain Numbers Off?"

Status: Maybe Later
We are looking into removing this restriction in a future enhancement. Thanks for the suggestion.

Ultimate Call Filtering Option

Status: Maybe Later
by VZHelpMe on ‎07-12-2013 04:06 PM

Ability to have ALL CALLS go directly to voicemail without ringing the phone at all (not even the annoying 1/2 ring that disturbs your nap!).  But even more importantly, have the ability to enter up to 10 priority call numbers which WILL go through and actually ring unfiltered.  This would eliminate 99.9% of telemarketing annoyance as how many of them EVER have the nerve to leave you a voicemail!  I really only want to get up from dinner or favorite TV shows to answer calls from those I really care about.  Everyone else can leave me a voicemail or leave me alone!!

Status: Maybe Later
We don't currently have an exception list for the Call Forwarding feature. If you have the Do Not Disturb feature activated, you will not receive any calls on your phone. You can choose to send all callers directly to Voice Mail or to a prerecorded system greeting, “The party you are trying to reach is not accepting calls at this time.” If you choose the prerecorded option, you can create a list of up to 10 exceptions whose calls you would like to accept. Sorry it's not exactly what you are looking for. We'll look into making exceptions available on the voice mail option.

I have FIOS' TV/Internet/Phone Packageand switched over from Comcast recently. I am discovering the many features FIOS offers through their plan. I find that some of the most interesting and most useful features are the ones that take advantage of collaboration between your phone and internet accounts, TV and Internet, and TV and Phone.

A few things that Comcast offered that I really liked that it seems Verizon should offer as well:

Digital Voice Mail Feature - While FIOS' Digital Voice offers some neat features like simultaneus ringing and listening to your v-mail from anywhere in the world by signing into your account, their was one feature I truly enjoyed with Comcast that FIOS does not seem to support. I used to have my young nephew call and leave messages (because kids just say the Darnest things or whatever Bill Cosby used to say). On Comcast, I could save these messages as digital WAV files in an instant, saving the message digitally for archiving into the future. Why not on FIOS? It will playback the messages after a few java applets get through, but no easy way to save. Your COMPETING with Xfinity, why not add this simple feature?

Text Messaging Using your Digital Voice Home #- Again with Comcast offering the ability to send and receive txt messages for a given period of time when you have this function/window active on your computer (Once the window is closed, I didn't see anyway to continue receiving any txts to your home#, although features could be set up to control this feature). This was useful because sometimes you don't want someone to have your cell# and be able to bother you with return txts in the future. Its a great tool for one-time txting where you just don't want to talk to this person via txting in the future! Why can I find no such functionality on FIOS?

I'm sure their are a list of features that FIOS DV offers that Xfinity does not, but I find little use for those features, as does the average consumer I would guess. So why not put some effort forth to make these features that Xfinity already offers available. They have a wide appeal and with FIOS' already existing advantages in pricing and Internet speeds, why allow the competition to have these abilities that may make the difference for some consumers when deciding on which service to choose?

Status: Maybe Later
We'll look into adding the ability to save voice mail messages right from the account screen. In the meantime, you can set up for email notification with the message attached as a WAV file so you could at least save it that way. We'll also look into the text messaging option. Thanks for taking the time to share your feedback.

It would be great if you were to add the functionality to turn off the Set top box via a sleep timer or Scheduled On/Off timer.


I like to fall asleep with the TV on, my TV has a sleep timer but when that goes off the STB continues to send audio to my theatre system which will often times wake me up when a loud commercial comes on.  (Theatre system doesn't have a sleep timer also)


Considering all of the great features FiOS has over comcast I'm surprised that the STB doesn't have this basic functionality.


Otherwise,.... Thanks for the great content, functionality, and service.  Top notch work!!!

Status: Maybe Later
Good idea. We will keep this in mind for the future. In the interim, I encourage my household to use the timer on the television.

Savings for my loyalty

Status: Maybe Later
by Vwill on ‎05-09-2011 08:12 AM

Simply put, reward the customer for timely payment, months/years of loyalty, and referrals.  Maybe a point program towards On Demand purchases, or bill shrinkage. 

Status: Maybe Later
Please check out VZ Perks ( as our part of our continued efforts to say thank you to our existing customers... We are working on more options, but probably not a points based program.

Verizon SoftPhone -- learn from Google Voice and other phone/software providers

Status: Maybe Later
by gwu888 on ‎04-13-2013 01:07 PM - last edited on ‎04-13-2013 01:15 PM by Moderator

I know Verizon has long been good at engineering -- I am very happy with most of engineer products from Verizon so far, except some of them. 


I wish I could, not far from today, I could download a SoftPhone software from Verizon website, or from my account, install my PC and iPhone, so that I can use my address book either in my PC or iPhone or even on Verizon account, to call anybody in the world. Today, I can do this only from the following combination: 1) my verizon home phone, 2) Google voice, 3) my iTalkBB phone 4) my iPhone softphone apps from a) Google voice, b) iTalkBB, c) Skype --- I believe verizon has the capability in doing those all!!!


The benefit I may be able to gain is to use only one phone number to dial out so my friends or customers will not need to think about dialing or texting me which numbers.


I can share with you that right now,  I don't give out my verizon phone number since the Verizon function is not rich enough  even though it has the great calling features today, such as "Simultenious Ring", "Forwarding" and" and "Follow Me".  I am using Google Voice virtual phone number to forward back to my Verizon home/Soho phone number to do it, this way, Google Voice has all of the "Simultenious Ring", "Forwarding" but not "Follow Me" function, but much more, such as text message, phone logs, especially SoftPhone on my PC, iPad and iPhone, no matter where I am, at home, in office or in a hotel in anywhere in the United States or out side the country, people on see my Google phone number, or only need to remember my google phone number. I hope Verizon can get into this tech world and do better than Google Voice. 


See -- here I can only use my Verizon phone when I am physically at home, not I don't want to give this number out in case other people call me that I am not able to answer.


Thank yuo very much and hope you success!!!


{edited for privacy}



Status: Maybe Later
Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts with us. We'll consider your idea when evaluating enhancements in the future.

For those of us who enjoy re-runs, it is a lot more enjoyable to watch re-runs in the originally intended order, so sorting by original air date would be a great feature. 

Status: Maybe Later
I do not think the original air date is included in the program guide data available to the DVR today. A change would be required to enable this feature. it IS a good idea, so we will take it back and and see what it would take to implement this.

Do Not Disturb Update for FiOS Voice

Status: Maybe Later
by djmaloy on ‎11-06-2012 12:58 PM

Under the "Do Not Disturb" Options, you allow the customer to identify a list of phone numbers that will ring through ONLY if they select the system greeting.

It would be great if you could set it to calls being forward to Voicemail and still allow the customer to identify a white list of numbers that can get through..


Status: Maybe Later
We'll look into this option for a future enhancement.

Automatic DVR Time Shift

Status: Maybe Later
by RalphTomaccio on ‎12-11-2011 02:30 PM

How about a SMART DVR that will automatically adjust the recording time of a show that has been delayed, or may even start early, due to such prior events as sports games being televised that never end on time. As it stands now, we have to set the DVR to record one or two, or more, programs both before and after the desired program to make sure the one we want gets recorded.


Then, to view it, we have to fast forward through those unwanted programs to find the beginning of the one we really want to view.


Verizon's current level of experise should certainly allow for such a feature.

Status: Maybe Later
Actually, the first commenter is pretty close to the truth. In television broadcast today schedules are set well in advance. Our system downloads these schedules so you can plan your viewing. On the day of broadcast, if there are changes, for instance as a result of a late game, there is no signal in the broadcast that we receive that indictaes that. It might be possible to change the program listings and re-download them with updates, but today the system is not set up to do that. As a result, what you are asking for can not be done within the scope of the system today. we will be updating our method of schedule delivery in the next release cycle, which may allow us in the future to update more frequently. When this occurs, we may be able to provide the reasonable functionality you are asking for.

Making FIOS available for Xbox by itself.

Status: Maybe Later
by ShazamFTW on ‎03-29-2012 06:29 AM

So, long story short. I don't have a cable service right now. I don't watch enough TV to support it frankly. What I do have is a Hulu Plus account that streams through my XBox, and that does me just fine. But, I would like something better if it became available.


So I looked at FIOS, and I liked what I saw, but since I live in West Des Moines, the service as a whole isn't available. I really wouldn't want the whole package, I'd just like what's available through the XBox portion.


Have you folks considered putting together a small package that would be available just for XBox customers with no other aspects? (no home box or anything) Because I can't warrant dropping $80 a month for it when I could just go get cable if that's what I really wanted. Something like $20 / month for Xbox access would be perfect, but it doesn't appear that option exists.


Just a thought.

Status: Maybe Later

Suggestions for Do Not Disturb

Status: Maybe Later
by Tomcat0812 on ‎08-28-2012 01:44 PM

Do Not Disturb is a great product and we've had it for years. But with the upgrade to digital phone we have lost some features that were very useful. Here are some suggestions to make the digital version of Do Not Disturb better (at least I think it will)


1. Have more than 10 telephone numbers in the accepted list.


2. Have the rejected calls go straight to voice mail. Right now there is no way of knowing if someone who is not on the accepted list called and with a limited number of telephone numbers that you are allowed this makes it very problematic.


3. Have a code that you can give people that are not on your accepted list that would allow them to call thru to the home. This would be very helpful if you limit the number of telephone numbers that allowed in the accepted list.


The above suggestions are the way Do Not Disturb use to work and I would like to see it work that way again.


Thank You.

Status: Maybe Later

You can have the rejected calls go straight to vocie mail. Go to and sign in using your Verizon credentials. You can not only set up your DND parameters, you can listen to voice mail, view your call logs, and manage other features. There's a user guide available as well.  You can turn DND on/off from your FiOS TV once you have set up the exceptions.  Go to FiOS Digital Voice in the menu. 


We're sorry you don't find the 10 numbers sufficient - we'll consider increasing in a future enhancement. There is no code to get around the feature and we'll have to investigate if it's even feasible. Thanks for the suggestions.

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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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