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Fox Soccer Channel has lost the rights to broadcast football (soccer) games from top European leagues La Liga (Spain) and Serie A (Italy). Al Jazeera Sports Network has won the rights to broadcast those games for the 2012-2013 seasons onward. They will broadcast the games on their sports channels beIN Sports 1 and beIN Sports 2 which are currently not part of your FiOS channel lineup. 


Unless Verizon adds these channels to their FiOS lineup, Verizon customers in North America will be unable to see any games from La Liga and Serie A. The games won't be available online through legal channels either. This means that Verizon customers will have no access to games from such high profile teams such as Real Madrid, Barcelona, AC Milan, etc. 


Please add beIN Sports 1 and beIN Sports 2 to the FiOS channel lineup. 

Status: Launched

It's Here! I'm overjoyed and you will be too! beIN sports is here!

Here are some of the details from our FiOS TV team:


beIN SPORT HD and beIN SPORT en Español HD are available today to FiOS TV customers in Florida, Texas, California and the Pittsburgh area, and will continue to launch in other FiOS TV markets in the coming days and weeks. All FiOS TV customers will have access to both channels by mid-April.


FiOS TV customers will find beIN SPORT HD on channel 598 and beIN SPORT en Español HD on channel 1598. beIN SPORT HD is included in the Ultimate HD package and beIN SPORT en Español is included with La Conexion and the Spanish-language TV package.


Find out the rest of the details here.




BBC America HD

Status: Launched
by Trendkill on ‎10-07-2010 09:40 AM

Would love to see BBC America HD. It's available on most other large providers.

Status: Launched


Status: Launched
by Thegr8lake on ‎08-14-2010 08:39 AM - last edited on ‎07-21-2011 12:42 PM by Admin Emeritus

Why doesn't FIOS offer Fox Soccer Channel and Fox SoccerChannel Plus in HD??


Status: Launched
Fox Soccer Channel launches this week for most of our customers. GOL TV is the next HD channel for soccer, but there will be other channels turned on before GOL TV is available.

Currenly there's no way AFAIK to hide unsubscribed channels in the guide and when hitting channel up/down - this is ridiculous.  Clearly Verizon removed this feature in order to advertise these additional channels in hopes of getting people to subscribe to them and spend more money.  Well all it does is **bleep** people off (see the forums), so please add this option. 


Yes, I know I can use Favorites to do something similar, but it's a pain to setup, and Favorites should be for my Favorites, not for "all the channels that I pay for".  There should be a single option, "Hide unsubscribed channels", and it should be selected by default.

Status: Launched

There is a way to set the guide to only show subscribed channels.


Use this link for details:


Using your remote use the following steps:

Menu -- Settings -- Television -- Last Viewed Guide State -- Enable (as checked)

then go to Guide -- Options -- Subscribed Channels

From this point when you click on the guide you should only see subscribed channels on the guide listing.


Please note, if STB is reset, you will need to follow steps again.



Status: Launched
by RAYRALLO on ‎11-26-2012 05:50 AM


Status: Launched
Hi All- Yesterday Verizon and AMC Networks reached a deal! That means there will be no disruption in your service and you'll be able to keep watching all your favorite shows! Thanks for sticking with us! -Heather

SEC Network launches in August 2014

Status: Launched
by MABama on ‎05-15-2013 02:30 PM

The SEC athletic conference and ESPN announced a 20-year agreement to carry a new television network and digital platform called the “SEC Network.”  The formal name is the “SEC ESPN Network.”  The Network will offer SEC sports and sports-related studio programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  More than 1,000 live events will be available in the first full year across the television Network and its digital extensions.  This will include approximately 45 football games, more than 100 men’s basketball games, 60 women’s basketball games and events from across all 21 SEC-sponsored sports.

I would like to see Verizon FIOS carry the SEC Network in all markets. 



Tennis Channel

Status: Launched
by adicecream on ‎09-04-2011 03:35 PM

FIOS just dropped Tennis Channel.  Therefore, I will drop FIOS.  Seems fair.


(Yes, I know Verizon and Cablevision and possibly other cable companies have an issue with which packages will cover TC.  I don't care.)

Status: Launched

Provide current loyal customers with access to the latest equipment, not just new customers

Status: Launched
by transon on ‎01-29-2011 12:46 PM - last edited on ‎01-29-2011 01:30 PM by Moderator

My DVR is the old 80GB model. The new 500GB model has been available to "new" customers for some time now. Current customers can only get on a "someday" waiting list. Full story below. Incidentally, this is the worst treatment I get from any service I pay for from any vendor. If I could get fiber from anyone else, I'd dump Verizon.




Status: Launched
To be precise only new DVR customers had a chance to get a 500GB (new to FiOS or not was not the criteria). New customers were just as likely as existing customers to get the 500 GB DVR or the previous model. If an existing customer orders a new DVR (i.e. another one or their first one) then they are just as likely as a new customer to get or not get the 500GB DVR. Swapping an existing DVR for a new one required us to build code to manage the processes involved in moving boxes all over the place, it was not a slight to existing / loyal customers. And we needed to know about how many folks would swap (hence the registration), so we can buy enough new units to satisfy the demand. Now you can request an upgrade.

Title says it all.  Many sporting events run over the time in the guide and it would be nice to be able to extend the recording time on the DVR after a recording has started.  Currently I try to always modify the stop time for live events, but sometimes I forget and it is also a waste of the limited DVR space if not needed.  The only options at that point are to set up a manual recording or record the show following.

Status: Launched

the dvrs we have now just dont cut it! ,we need more recording space,and i dont mean 45 hours,the 20 hours we get now is pathetic when trying to record a lot of HD programs!

Status: Launched

Disable TV Pop-ups

Status: Launched
by Sworl on ‎01-04-2011 10:27 AM

Please don't add annoying pop-ups to my tv picture - or at the very least give me the option to disable them.  I don't care that CNN is available on Twitter (I already follow them) and if I want to go to Twitter, I will.  I don't need to be reminded, and I don't want to have to proactively cancel the pop-up.


Thank you.

Status: Launched

To be fair this is about to launch... getting update in the system now...

Is Fios TV considering adding TWC SN to their local channel lineup.  They will be the sole station for all Laker Basketball Home Games.  Please consider adding TWC SN.  I would be willing to pay a little extra for this service.

Status: Launched
Very happy to announce the channels have been launched today! Enjoy your basketball!

Fix the VOD Pause / Resume Mega-Bug

Status: Launched
by FlyerQ on ‎09-18-2012 06:10 AM

The problem


- Pausing VOD times out after approximately 5 minutes

- Stopping VOD provides highly unreliable results when you restart the video - frequently restarting at the beginning

- VOD Fast Forward is only 2x, so advancing to where FIOS lost your position can take 10's of minutes

- Bookmarks work unreliable as a work around

- Resuming the video from My Rentals works unreliable as a work around


Additional background


- Users have been reporting this bug for many months and Verizon employees have indicated a bug fix is coming - for many many months

- My experience is with a CHS435 receiver


The solution


- Make the pause time out at least 20 minutes - pause should consume no bandwidth, if it does it is a design problem

- Make resume *ROCK SOLID* - it should work.  We're talking about storing maybe 30 bytes!


A suggestion


- Consider streaming the video into MYDVR and then having the user play if from that location.  When the user pauses the stream continues, unless they select delete or discontinue download


Final thought


- This is an extremely annoying bug that needs to be addressed.  Many customers have complained and suffered from this bug.  The time has come to just fix it.

Status: Launched
So happy to let everyone know the VOD Pause/Resume Bug has been eliminated.

Deleting And/Or Managing Recordings from other STB's

Status: Launched
by ‎07-28-2010 03:32 PM - edited ‎08-30-2010 01:51 PM

The multiroom DVR is a great feature of Fios, but how about making it better by letting you delete recordings from the other boxes rather than just from the main DVR? It would also be nice to schedule recordings from the other boxes too, but at least start off by letting us delete recordings. Thanks.

Status: Launched

Enable external storage PLZ!!!!

Status: Launched
by Golbez on ‎09-02-2010 02:44 AM

Are we seeing this pushed back yet another year to 2010?  I remember when we were supposed to have it in 2008, and just think, once you enable this, you quiet all the people wanting bigger DVRs without replacing the ones you have deployed.... (Especially if you get it to work with USB 2.0 along with eSATA) :smileyhappy:

Status: Launched
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Have an Idea?
If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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