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by Schnagel on ‎11-06-2011 05:13 AM

When will Hopedale, MA be added to the local programming channel so Town Meetings, etc. can be viewed from home.


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Quit over subscribing!

Status: New Idea
by marshg246 on ‎11-03-2011 05:01 PM

The FIOS service is so oversubscribed that our guide sometimes takes 30 seconds to show/move.  My wife askes me to switch back to DirecTV on a daily basis.  Either increase the capacity, or quit selling new customers!

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If we have Verizon Wireless and Fios Triple Play...

Status: New Idea
by MaxRossLinden on ‎11-02-2011 12:25 AM - last edited on ‎11-08-2011 05:55 PM by Moderator

I know this may never happen but I think we should get a couple of perks.

*$10 dollar Data plan for free. (You need to have the triple play for you to get it for free) 

*DVR Apps that are not only for smart phones... Ones that work like The Mobile IM App and/or Backup Assistant... And its a free downloadable app.

*Can recieve and send text messages on any box that you setup your Verizon mobile phone to. (It will be more useful when we get keyboards working for the boxes)

I can't really think of more perks, but I these are perks I would like and maybe other people.

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Add more features to Fios Internet

Status: New Idea
by masterchief75 ‎10-27-2011 12:11 AM - edited ‎10-27-2011 12:12 AM

Fios is insanely fast for american standards, considering that south korea is about to deploy 1 Gbps service nationwide next year, but I feel the speed is all it includes. With Roadrunner from time warner it included free virus software from computer associates and it also included free dial-up internet included. I had earthlink over time warner cable and that gave me 20 hours of free dial-up a month. I liked to use dial-up for the dreamcast to download game saves. It would be cool if Fios included verizon dial-up and virus scan.

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Verizon Fios Solicitation

Status: New Idea
by unasia on ‎10-26-2011 04:37 AM

Good Morning,  How many of you get tired of the solicitation phone calls to convert from you current cable provider to verizon fios?.I had one last evening and it was like being at an auction the price would go up and then back down. At the end of the conversation they hit you with activation fees that remained hidden until the final negotiation process, These cable people make us crazy. Why is it so difficult one service one fee is that too difficult?Its television, phone , and internet.  We are not trying to reshape the world..If u are frustrated trying to stay ahead of the cable TV internet and phone curve drop a note or 2.......Thanx 

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It would be very good to have a 'recycle bin' as on a PC to put recorded programs that are deleted.   There are times when something is deleted by mistake and it would be very helpful to be able to get it back.  The 'deleted' items in the recycle bin could be automatically deleted after some TBD number of days/weeks or it could be the users responsibility.   The 'recycle bin' could be part of the available DVR space.

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Update your products

Status: New Idea
by on ‎10-08-2011 04:27 PM

we need a wifi application for the mac there needs to be a update for the mac so it can support 10.7.1 lion im always on the go and only own a mac please speak to the product manager about this macs need to have wifi on the go having a wifi application or updating the wifi program to work with mac is very important.

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Speed up the new guide

Status: New Idea
by zoppi7 on ‎10-06-2011 02:25 PM

The new guide is much slower to scroll through and navigate.  I like the old one better and it is much slower than the old guide.

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BBC America in HD

Status: New Idea
by caelumcrow on ‎10-05-2011 11:18 AM

I would love to see BBC America in HD on FiOS.

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I quote from




I even had/have a ticket with Verizon to DELETE all my WEB Files.   Was supposed to be completed by 10/2 - it was not.  So I got online with Verizon and they stated the SERVER Team would finish up the removal on Monday 10/3.  Well it is now 10/4 and I still have 13MB of files in my Personal Web Space which means I will be charged $5 for being over 10MB





Hey, Verizon.


Here is an idea, stop making broken promises.


If you promisse to do something, you better do it on schedule.


Failure to do what you are saying you are going to do when you say you are going to do it, is not an option.


If you fail to do so:


#1 Users seriously might consider canceling service with you.


#2 Users will go to other ISPs.


#3 And they will complain about the bad/horrible customer service, which makes your ship sink ever more. ex: Users will tell other users not to bother to sign up with you and tell other users who have Verizon Service to cancel too.


Get with it now, before it is to late!!!



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Foxphilly29 in Sussex county, Delaware?

Status: New Idea
by sussexjay on ‎10-03-2011 11:49 AM

Foxphilly29 is severely needed in Sussex County, DE.  Never in my life, living at the beach, have I been unable to watch the eagles, until I got Verizon fios.   Many people from the Philly area live and vacation in southern DE, not to mention the locals that support Philly sports.  Kent County in Delaware has Fox21 Delmarva out of Salisbury MD., and Foxphilly29.  NCCO has just Foxphilly29.   We in Sussex county only have Fox21 Delamarva and again, Foxphilly29 is severely needed.

All of your competitors in my area, provides Foxphilly.

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I have one suggestion! Right now you guys in international programing packages offering Balkan package with two channels in that package (NTV Hayat and BN TV). These TV stations now sign deal with IPTV service called BosnaTV and they give them rights to offer these channels through their service together with other station from Bosnia in USA. I was wondering if you guys can get in touch with that company and get those channels in Balkan package and offer it to Verizon Fios customers. That company offering around 30 channels from Bosnia on Bosnian language. A lot of people getting it directly from that company but I think is little bit inconvenient for people that already have Fios in their home because you have to pay two bills for Fios and that company and you have to get one more receiver from them that you have to put somewhere around your or on you TV. I personally and most of my friends witch have Fios will like to get these channels from you guys directly so what I'm asking is can you please get in touch with these people and get us these channels in Balkan Package.


Here is some info about that company:

Name is "BosnaTV" web site is

Address is

350 N. LaSalle Street
10th Floor
Chicago, IL 60654
Fax: 1-312-380-4611
Phone: 1-800-771-0790

If I can help you in any way with these or to translate something please just let me know.

Thank you.


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When one/a person, adds Mac addresses into the MAC Address list. It works just fine.  However when you came back later in a new session with the Router, and add an extra one or more Mac addresses, the firmware deletes all the previously entered addresses and stores only the new ones added in this latest session.   Very Irritating.


Suggest that you fix the bug to not overwrite / clear all the existing Mac Addresses, AND/OR allow a long string of Mac addresses to be pasted into the add field, with addresses separated by another delimiter character, like space or '/'.  In this way one can maintain a list of valid Mac addresses in a notepad txt file and simply cut and past once.


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VOD Movie Search Function

Status: New Idea
by clasik1947 on ‎09-22-2011 08:19 AM

I couldn't figure out how to access the movie list in the right hand column after using the keyword search feature on VOD. It appears that tech support couldn't figure it out either. However, my wife "broke the code".


Once the movie title appears in the right-hand column, one must navigate to the last letter in any keyboard row. Then one must press the > button to access the specified movie. It was not intuitively obvious for one to do that. Recommend that Verizon add these instructions to the Search feature on VOD.


Also, when using "Browse All", one must scroll through many movies that are listed alphabetically. Recommend that Verizon program an alphanumerical list, i.e., 0-9 and A-Z, that would allow a user to jump directly to the title of the movie. For example, if one wants to find a movie with the first word "The...", one could select the letter "T" or "Pirates of the Caribbean", one could select the letter "P". This capability would certainly make finding movies much easier.


Have a great day!

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My viewing is contantly interrupted by displaying telephone numbers of noncalls.  Why not set up a contact methods whereby one can complain?

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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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