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Add ShortsTV, the short film channel

Status: New Idea
by coopgirl on ‎02-01-2012 11:06 AM

The subject line says it all.  


Please add ShortsTV, the short film channel.  DIRECTV offers the channel.


These are the folks that show the Oscar Nominated shorts each year.  


Check out their website at


New Guide - Favorites Enhancement Tweak +

Status: New Idea
by custom on ‎01-17-2012 05:43 AM

Previous description:


The new feature that keeps the guide views set to Favorites is convenient — one less button press.


However, one problem that now arises is that, if the current channel is not a favorite, then there's no information on it when you bring up the guide.  To get it, you need to press the Favorites button to see the channel and then press it again to set the guide back to Favorites when you're done.  So, maybe the current channel can be a temporary addition to the Favorites list.


And one more thing:


Actually, any channel that you enter can be a temporary addition to the Favorites list, for the duration of the session.  You are entering it because you want to see that information.  Again, you shouldn't have to press the Favorites button, enter the channel again to see it, and then press the Favorites button again to set the guide back to Favorites when you're done.


Thanks (again).



Status: New Idea
by RDG on ‎01-08-2012 12:24 PM

I have been informed that FIOS will stop carrying WSYR TV in Syracuse NY effective 1/12. Glad I don't have a service contract with Verizon, as I will be switching providers on 1/13... 75 % of my TV viewing is on WSYR... :smileysad: 


Guide content not kept current

Status: New Idea
by BillKerr on ‎01-06-2012 07:27 AM

The guide content is often not current.  This is especially true with PBS programs during pledge time when they air some of the best programs.  It is also a problem when local stations change their schedule in response to community or political events.


DVR recording is severely affected since it is tied to the guide. Recording happens at the wrong time or the recording title is wrong.


The local newspapers and have updated content.  The EPG information received over an antenna is correct.  The FIOS on screen guide is wrong.  The content from Comcast was more current before I switched to FIOS. 


If the schedule appears correct in a newspaper printed yesterday why is the on screen guide today wrong.

Status: New Idea

Allow series recording from remote STBs

Status: New Idea
by on ‎01-06-2012 07:10 AM

It should be possible to program a series recording from any STB, not just from the DVR.

Status: New Idea

Provide a method to "order" your favorites so it would be easy to use the channel up/down button on the remote. That way it would be easy to keep an order to your favorite channels although they might not be sequential in the GUIDE. As an example, order NBC (HD), ABC (HD), CBS (HD),  FOX (HD), Local Programming, Sports Channel, PBS, etc. This would be equivalent to an old remote from off the air viewing.


On-Demand movies

Status: New Idea
by destinysmomm on ‎12-30-2011 04:44 PM

Will you please add The Sixth Sense (Bruce Willis) to the available on-demand movies? Currently it is only available for purchase as a flex-view, and all I want to do is be able to watch it on my home tv. This movie is over ten years old, and I can't think of any good reason that it shouldn't be available. Please!!!

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FIOS Triple Play

Status: New Idea
by SandraT7 on ‎12-29-2011 04:02 PM

Hey Verizon....You guys should bring FIOS to Lancaster,PA  and if you you do it'll result with the you guys getting your favorite customer to sign up for the FIOS Triple Play :smileyvery-happy:


Billing convenience fee!!!!!!

Status: New Idea
by njh2oskier on ‎12-29-2011 12:34 PM

Are you serious!!! 

You want to charge us for paying our bill?

You better,  

1. hire more people to go back to opening paper payments,

2. hire more people to log the paper payments,

3. pay more to mail my bill because I'll be signing back on to getting paper bills if I have pay postage to mail my payments (just 

              to make this whole deal more costly for your company),

4. wait for my bank to cash my paper check before you get my payment.

5. OR fire the genius that came up with this convenience fee plan!!!


One hot customer


WFLA /Tampa also on chopping block

Status: New Idea
by eLHFae on ‎12-27-2011 05:39 PM

I'm guessing that more than just two markets are being threatened with the loss of NBC programming.

All the comments regarding WJAR apply here and I doubt Verizon could survive without NBC and its affiliates.

But PLEASE Verizon, try to settle this contract issue quickly!  As another new Verizon subscriber, I too would have to consider alternatives if this becomes a reality.


More Emphasis on Fios Chinese: Cantonese, TVBe

Status: New Idea
by Daigor on ‎12-27-2011 03:54 PM


Hello Verizon,


I would like to make a suggestion an address the Chinese community regarding the international package. (Fios Chinese: Cantonese, TVBe). The monthly price for this one premium channel is $16.99 which I feel is outrageous considering that the majority of the other international packages come with at least 2 channels. Ex. Chinese (Mandarin) or Filipino. Some of the other international channels feature 2 or more channels and cost less than $16.99/month.


I also would like to mention that this single premium channel is not featured in HD. Charging customers for a single non HD program for $16.99/month is taken advantage of the large diverse Asian community who solely rely on this single channel as a form of entertainment.


My suggestion to Verizon is please add more channels to this package or lower the cost to justify having just one channel in the lineup. Thank you.


Guide Suggestion

Status: New Idea
by zagman76 on ‎12-26-2011 09:15 PM

Hello - I think a great feature for the Guide would be to have the ability to 'jump back' to the channel you are currently on.  This way, if you've scrolled several pages 'down' you could 'jump back' the the current channel, rather than having to scroll all the way back up.  Thanks!


Thoughts from a new customer

Status: New Idea
by rl22 on ‎12-26-2011 11:22 AM

Just switched from Time Warner.  Verizon customer service far superior, at a price that is 40% less.  Quick TV suggestions:


The program description that pops up on the bottom on the screen when changing channels is FAR too big.  Should be half as big and only include title and run time of show.  If you want more info, you should be able to hit INFO, not have it take up 1/3rd of screen as a default.


You should be able to set the GUIDE so that when you click it, only the channels you subscribe to pop up.  You shouldn't have to hit OPTIONS to do it everytime.  I know what the thinking is..."If they see a show they don't subscribe to and want the channel, they will call to order it.  Let them see what they are missing."    But for many, it is just annoying to go through channels you can;t get.  if I had the $$$, I would have gotten them already.


Move the News Channels closer to the Sports channels (both in 500's), and follow them up with Lifestyle channels.  I do think Time Warner's channel placement and layout is much more user friendly, and "sensible" than Verizon's. 





Status: New Idea
by nothappy100 on ‎12-18-2011 08:30 AM - last edited on ‎12-18-2011 10:14 AM by Moderator

Most recent case number, {edited for privacy}, requested internet services around July 2011, advised it required credit card number on account for just inter net. No problem, works for me auto draft monthly don’t have to deal with it. Gave my numbers and assumed it was all taken care of. Two months later received notice my bill past due. I called and found no account was set up. I again gave my numbers and assumed it was just a hiccup. Well it wasn’t, again two months and the letter arrives again. This time I requested a supervisor and explained the problem. So again I gave my numbers and hoped for the best. Now I get the automated phone notices and a letter. I guess when you achieve my level of chronic account mismanagement they step it up with phone calls. I decided the phone route doesn’t work so I went to my Verizon on line account to try the email approach. I went to the bottom of page and clicked contact. The page with several options popped up, I chose what I think must be contact by email. It said email so again I assumed. I clicked it and a small box requesting zip code popped up, and again I gave my numbers. I hit except, it paused and went right back to the contact page with all the varied ways to easily contact Verizon. I have no mad skills with a computer but this seems a straight forward way to email Verizon. So with my limitations in mind I tried again, it still didn’t work. After several further attempts I turned to my young rooky fireman to over see my next attempt. He, with more skills than I, was also baffled. On the contact page was a” phone” option, same thing back to main contact page. So is there any help, is this effort in vain? I guess my next choice is an AT&T mifi card, or with my view of the southern sky the dish. Dose anyone read these things, is Verizon interested?

Like the toots pop “we may never know”


Dear Verizon folks,

I have been a long-time CableCard user, even before I (happily) switched to FIOS service. I'd like to request something that I believe will both reduce load on your customer support representatives and frustration for those of us who are using CableCards with your service. 


Please add the ability to request a refresh of the conditional access information for CableCards to the Verizon In-Home Agent. I realize that it doesn't have direct LAN connectivity to the device in the manner that it does to your set-top boxes (e.g. via the MoCA link) but it obviously talks to your bank end operation support systems for other things, so this should not be impossible. 


By way of example, I recently needed a refresh of one of my devices equipped with a CableCard. I decided to try Live Chat. I entered all of my information (name, phone, etc) into the Live Chat page in order to open the session. When the first rep came online, he asked for all of that again. I also entered my question/request into that initial screen. It was apparent that the rep either couldn't see it or didn't look at it. The first rep also pasted a big block of text asking me to download and install the Verizon In-Home Agent, which I did, again. It was completely useless for purposes of requesting a refresh of a CableCard as they don't show up on the list of provisioned devices for the account. The first rep assured me I wouldn't have to provide all of my account information again to the next rep.


When I mentioned I had CableCards, he apologized, and told me he had to transfer the chat to another department. The estimated wait time was 26 minutes, but the other rep thankfully appeared sooner than that. Of course, he asked for all of my account/address information yet again. He was able to send the refresh messages to my CableCards and like the first rep was polite and helpful, but I was left wondering why I needed to do any of this. Apparently FIOS is supporting initial activation of CableCards via an online portal, so it seems to me that some of the back-end infrastructure is there. Please follow-through and allow existing customers to take advantage of it. 


Whether it's the In-Home Agent or a web page is immaterial. Please provide some mechanism for users to request an automated refresh if we have CableCards. 


Thank you. 


P.S. We CableCard users have generally had to expend an inordinate amount of time to use the navigation devices we prefer, and acknowledge that there are revenue imperatives that service providers may have that don't put this Federally-mandated functionality high on the priority list. I want to say that I don't assume any bad faith on the part of Verizon. On the contrary, FIOS is by far the most CableCard-friendly service out there on several levels. I know that building and maintaining operations support systems takes time and money, I'm just hoping you can throw an admittedly minority user population a bone with this small piece of functionality. Thank you for your consideration. 

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If you have a new idea to share, please search before posting. Many times someone else has already posted your idea and you can just vote there instead!
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